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Dakota J Dawson Jan 2018
Smile with a touch
Growl an innate hunger
Climb the pillar

To see
At the cropped top
Lies the crown

Thorny and sublime
Creation bows
Zeus sings

Cries of Osiris
Echo his name
Pulling away the enchantment

Veils tear
Truth gleaming fourth
Constricted scrawls on papyrus

He is here
Setting us free
Throwing down shackles

The sun has risen
Nero has sung
Peter languishes in torment

First a laugh
Another kiss
A second betrayal

True to the construct
Doom is here
Armageddon begins
Rod Watson May 2016
My days are counting down
I am almost done can't mess up now
These years have flew by From Freshman To Senior
But I ask myself have I been a great leader

Have I made a difference over these years
Have I helped those I love heal all of their tears
I ask myself as these last days fall
Did I really stand proud and tall

Did I do what was right
Corrected all my wrongs
I am about to be rewarded for these twelve years
that lasted so so long

As these last days are falling
I can finally say
I can be free at last from
Ole L and E
This is about the last days of high school as i am about to graduate on May 26 I now how 8 days left  

LE Stands for Liberty Eylau My High School

— The End —