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Priya Gaikwad Sep 17
Once I told you a story,
A story about a boy who betrayed me,
You heard my story, every word,
Startled, shocked,
And years later,
You did the same thing to me,
What does that make us?
What does that make you?
A ruthless *******?
What does that make me?
An imbecile idiotic girl?
Mari Sep 15
You put the blame,
spoilt my name.
I was surrounded with the
people who hate,
but still, I had my fate
that you would
love me
like you did before.
You never did.
The Vault Aug 30
We are not friends
We are nothing
But you can't seem to take the hint
That I don't like you
You did me *****
You threw me to the dogs
But you seem to think
I still like your guts
Coming over
Spreading lies
Acting like everything is alright
Sorry chicky
But you are just as **** in and out
I don't give second chances
You had your chance
I am doing better now
So get the hint.
tytrack Aug 18
Have you ever felt like,
regretting yourself
after all the hard work
you've done,
sacrificing more than enough,
in return
wishing they could treat you special,
they all ended up treating you
not more than a
no,not even friend.
they call themselves friend
but they act like none.
at the end it's just
me,myself and i
my so called friends didn't betray me. they betrayed my hard work and sacrifice
Here comes the friend who calls, to use me.
Here comes the friend who plans, to ditch me.
Here comes the friend who messages, to lie.

You don’t matter no more
For I no longer want be hurt any more.
So take your pain
that you wrap as presents,
Because I no longer want it no more.

Don’t you keep calling me babe any more
Don’t keep calling me your best friend any more
For it no longer means anything no more.

Because these words
are just labels that mean nothing anymore.

Nothing matters anymore
No one understand me no more
So leave me
Desert me
Lie to me
Ditch me
Use me
Betray me
It no longer matters to me anymore.
“It’s becoming tougher to love you every time you hurt me. It’s becoming tougher to trust you every time you betray me. It’s becoming tougher to be vulnerable every time you exploit me. It’s becoming tougher to lend you my heart when it feels like an open wound in your hand. You taunt me every opportunity you find, brag about my flaws occasionally, criticize and act cold at times. I am tired of visiting the restroom as though it is my sanctuary during occasions, shedding tears and walk out numbing my heart. We ought to be encouraging, loving and supporting one another and not pushing the other down to rise. But the heartaches are becoming often and old wounds are being reopened. It’s becoming tiring to experience it over and over again. I guess for it to not hurt anymore, it shouldn’t matter anymore.”
Cassia Jun 2
My loyalty is earned
So betray it and see me
Slip out of your fingers, love
Like the rain that lucked into your hands
Have you guys seen the politics on here recently? Should I bother doing the same, or would I break the internet...?
sian May 27
Whether it be that small moment that you end up silently questioning for years,
Or that huge wake up call where true colours are revealed,
where you’re left feeling like somebody ripped your heart from your chest,
the fact is,

Betrayal is inevitable
Darryl M May 8
She’s never felt real love.
Always been surrounded by jerks.
Every guy plays with her heart,
Coz it is too exposed,
She wears it on her sleeves.

Don’t mistaken me for a book keeper,
It ain’t your numbers I want,
It’s you.
Just you.
It has always been you.

Betrayal, you’ve been through.
Betrayed, you’ve been.
But betray, I shall not.

How can I be a star, playing your heart?
Ankita Gupta Apr 23
Home is a funny word, a funny feeling!

It's funny to the extent that I laugh at the naiveness of those who believe in it's façade of being permanent.
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