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Mari Oct 17
We believe they
are true friends
until that day comes,
when you really need them.
and they won't be there, of course.
When she hold
His heart

She chopped it
Into edible pieces
Pour Jack Daniel
Lit 2 Cigars
One for her
One for
Her new lover
Genre: Dark Humor
Theme: Unholy
Styling C. Bukowski
seldom Aug 3
you see
now this time
i had to leave
i had to leave the
memories ive made
as one
by one
i couldn't trust
as everybody
turned their back
on me,
or tugged me down
into a trap
i was trapped
now i'm free
We must not forget,
The path which here lead,
All the thorne on the bed,
And all the wishes which are dead.

We must not forget the suffering on the way,
Or to encourage you what people used to say
Also not to forget people on the way, who betray.

We must not forget all the learning and experience.
With all the success some of the failure.
That made a big change to our behavior.
ShadowSpy Jul 15
Did I forget?
Did I let go?
Wasnt I there when you needed me most?
All those promises
Each and every one
I followed my heart and didn't run
Did you forget?
Did you let go?
You weren't there when I needed you most
All those promises
Each and every one
You followed what?
I saw you run
I scratched your back,
You stabbed mine.
Never still in a million years,
Will I play into your fears.
once i was a hunter
now i"m the prey
surrounded by traitors
coloured with grey
filled with cries
even the rivers are salty here
i'm with dark allies
searching light with fear
bad vibe, bad envirnonment,whipping life
My eyes meet the day
at half past noon,
My morning tea is replaced
by a spiked blue lagoon.
By evening I’m drowning
In a glass of Chardonnay,
While reasoning with my heart
to meet my brain halfway.
As the clock strikes quarter past seven,
The mixologist in me whips up a brandy Manhattan.
I welcome the dawn
With a tequila sunrise,
And sleep off the hangover in multiple cries.
But that’s before I met myself,
And witnessed the most potent form of love.
So I let the bottles burn to ash,
And indulged in a whole lot of self love.
Riya May 9
I don't get why
all the time
when I say nice things
the words betray me
and attack me.
was I too much
I don't get why
my words have to mean so much
when sometimes
they don't..
mean anything.. at all.
they just read too much..
I can't help
but ruin everything.
it's a cycle.
nice words
can mean everything
to someone.. I guess.
I don't get why
I have to be
the one to blame..
I wasn't speaking
in code.. was I?
did I say something nice
to just be nice? yes.
now is that such a crime..
I didn't ask for the reaction..
but blame is still put on me.

nice words
I love you.. i guess.
I hope you guys can relate..
Nova Apr 30
You were just a plot twist;
One I didn’t see coming.
It was that moment that I realized-
How could I think you loved me?

I didn’t suspect you;
If anything, I trusted.
I realize now my view of you
Didn’t do you justice.

One so light, the other dark-
Could I ever trust again?
I can’t believe that long ago
I considered you a friend.

If you had kept your feelings close
I wouldn’t be here now.
For better or for worse, I guess,
From innocence I rouse.
This is my overly dramatic self writing a poem about a fictional character- again. Hehe. This time it’s about Gavin from Fablehaven.
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