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Zivah Oct 2020
I guess I could live and let live, but I'm not, I'm going to let every little thing build up against you until I am the one who lights the match in the gasoline soaked house you built from lies, broken trust, and self-pity.

Like I told you earlier, strangers to you can appear the way you want them. You stabbed me and pretended to come to my aid, and when i ask why you respond with "i dont remember"

The reason I can see through your haze is that I am the same type of person in a way but i don't tell too many secrets because you never know if they might remember them or not, you have to tell them little things, so they think you trust them, but I don't betray friends and I always have an endgame plan for every one of my friendships. I am almost to my Zugzwang.

So, don't get too comfortable, it's not over until I say it is.
Tired of being stabbed by those whom I love most, I’m done, it’s time I grow up and find friends who are adults
Zack Ripley Jul 12
I could have said a million things
in a million different ways.
All of which would have made you stay
a million more days.
But when the time came,
I thought about the future,
and I could never say with confidence
that my feelings would stay the same.
In the end, I couldn't let my fears
break my heart or yours.
Not when there's a million other doors
to open and explore.
maria Jun 24
told me you love me
then betrayed me with someone else
what do you want me to say?
coming back
saying you're sorry
expecting me to forgive you;
never felt so hurt
idiot me,
still here
I can't live without you
written on June 24, 2021
Harshel Mar 29
I have my wounds to show
Savoring these as more grow
When i asked the rising sun
It shredded it's dark light to run
Avoiding my soon to come dread
But the moons crept saying not fret
All of them revealing your brew
I have started to forget you
As that night memories all of which flew
My hands reach for the door
Exhausted, just another day.

We never fight.

The smell of your perfume still lingers in the air.
Just as the day you left me.

Did you always seem to hate me?

I daydream as I fall into the couch
The life we would've had.

All alone again.

Did I betray us?
Not even a goodbye.

We never fought.

I sleep in an all too familiar place reminding myself clearly.
Out of spite.

Just like that I'm out of excuses.

fanfic made me sad hello
Emma Pratt Feb 3
the only way you can hate, is to love
hate is love
betrayal is trust
we were one

the words, like fire in my mouth
left scars
to keep you, i had to lose myself

but was i holding onto you
like a child that grips their teddy bear
to save them from the never ending darkness
or were you holding onto me
like a child clenching a bag with a fish
wondering what will happen if you shake it

and just like that child's foolish hope of the teddy bear protecting them
it's all just pretend
an illusion that we wrap around our hearts to shield from feeling

your words have become cobwebs of lies stuck to the walls of my mind
hands that hold my head below the surface of the lake
the lake made by the darkest parts of my mind

the soft and gentle hands that once held mine are now calloused and cold
they no longer create
they destroy

it was never supposed to be like this

i squeeze the teddy bear
you shake the bag
the lake fills my lungs
i'm going to drown
my fault
your fault

we were both

my apology that i gift to you
is made from the tears i've shed these past few years

my love is this gift
that i hope
you accept
Mari Oct 2020
We believe they
are true friends
until that day comes,
when you really need them.
and they won't be there, of course.
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2020
When she hold
His heart

She chopped it
Into edible pieces
Pour Jack Daniel
Lit 2 Cigars
One for her
One for
Her new lover
Genre: Dark Humor
Theme: Unholy
Styling C. Bukowski
onyx Aug 2020
you see
now this time
i had to leave
i had to leave the
memories ive made
as one
by one
i couldn't trust
as everybody
turned their back
on me,
or tugged me down
into a trap
i was trapped
now i'm free
We must not forget,
The path which here lead,
All the thorne on the bed,
And all the wishes which are dead.

We must not forget the suffering on the way,
Or to encourage you what people used to say
Also not to forget people on the way, who betray.

We must not forget all the learning and experience.
With all the success some of the failure.
That made a big change to our behavior.
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