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BSween Jul 7
An apple and I can go on till dinner
A kiss and I yearn to the core for another
Prompting one more still
And while I do not dwell on details of that apple
The kiss leaves me wanting
Luiz Sep 17
your core will always be your core

no matter the external environment
influences or gravitational forces
that may want to distort or otherwise
reshape your fundamental self

your core will remain unblemished
your core will remain unblemished

this is a universal truth
as solid as the infinity
of the sun rising every morning
Aashi Sinha Sep 3
a dry leaf on a cemented ground, me chasing you all around, is really everything fine?

Shocked to the core

i want it, i need it, it’s not
come and go
come and go
come and go
come and go,

entangled legs and intertwined fingers, velvet sheets and sweet lies
searching for you between atoms and skin cracks, you were here, right here, right now, where did you go?

white noise, the crackle of static, rain on me, Joji, the ocean between us, darkness surrounds u-- me.
Dante Rocío Sep 1
good riddance,/
no lyrical sides/
their call, heaven/
with cigarette word-
boat too close to the wall/
circumcising by verbals done/
up dying,/
Child us a sandbox of sense/
stretching holding/
out on a ghostly hand/
We are the walls/
place Poetry finds acute vivid lining/
verses, our eyes meshing/
hole unclenching/
Killing lectures about it, how dictionarising/
And Le Clézio’s wing alive/
Taking flight/
An entry, presentation, to my own self,
With a beige new paper crusting made,
Enduring  benevolent ego  for any who
that paper will find..
Entrust my sense showed again
In my 5 minutes on a lilac,
fragile like old Chinese art,
Nathalie Aug 19
One who repeatedly snarls
at the truth becomes the
very lie they perpetuate over and
over again through time

One who denies themselves
the surprise of introspection
disengages from the delight
of a life filled with interior meaning

One who attempts to free
themselves without courage
lacks the ambition to
entertain true love at its core

Spooks Jun 19
I told myself i didn't want to write about you anymore
But i cant lie, you've shook me to my core
You'll look deep in my eyes
And then your mouth will spit even more lies
I try to run away from you
We both know, you'll just leave me broken and blue
I try so hard to disconnect
It feels like i haven't slept
Don't pretend to love me
We both know, we could be meant to be.
Bhill Jun 16

let's kiss the mind with some flare every day
challenge the very core of your energy by accepting all sensory input
all the visual
all the audible
all the input thrown your way
see if that doesn't leave your mind with more flare

Brian Hill - 2020 # 164
Find some...
LC Apr 29
slash their words by
demanding obedience.
burn them by
shaming their dreams.
cut them to the core
by belittling their feelings -
say their feelings don't matter
as much as yours.
the result?
doubts bring them
to their knees,
constantly questioning
others and their motives.
they wonder if they're
too much and not enough,
if their feelings are valid.
their wounds scare them
into submission.
authority is not an excuse
for abuse.
nothing is.
#escapril day 28!
your feelings are valid, and you are enough.
When this is over
Can't wait more
To be back
With a lesson
Of resilience
What defines us

That normality
Yes, the mirage
What seems
Is a paint of illusion
Or a mask of disguise
Or an abyss of a lie
Or ***** realm
Nothing inside
Worth authentic
Theme: Lockdown Diary
Note: The New Normal
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