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Mark Wanless Feb 19
Divine your soul's degree        it is the sucker
Of rotting mind flesh off the bright light core
A red flashing neon exploding door
To heaven is causally over
Looked for excitements and anger little
Rubber hammers of perception tap mind
Tendons born formed or this life conditioned
And we **** **** **** our days away as chattel
To fault-full man-made process rationaled
Buy this! Get wet for this! Dream this! Consume your
HOLE LIFE CONSUME!!! and sigh the wish for more
Stoppage is not in time just now crafted
Body movements speak louder than words blow
Chunks!!!      there's a full heap of actions to go
yann Sep 2021
today i went in your room
time stopped counting itself since you've been gone
but the dust collects and the
pink shorts on your bed
are still pink, i admit
i picked them up just to see if things
changed as fast as me,
they don't really.

i put them on just like i promised I'd do a month or so ago
it's not as fun, this color,
without you.

so i let them back on your bed,
but i changed the placement, changed the movement,
you were there once and now you're gone
and we're both the witness of it all.
july 8th 2021, 02:50
FC Azaele May 2021
Remorse, the thing with chains
that keeps you awake
A viper that swallows you whole,
leaving all and nothing unseen;
Everything had been a mistake
So it tells me, it’s eyes so keen;
The feeling of being unloved,
and having nothing left to take
passing by shattered windows and desolate lanes

It raps at your door
holding its hand out, expecting more;
The hearts an ache,
Tears pour, the eyes sore
as it lets off what’s enough to fill the mothers lake;
The body’s tired,
giving no more than what’s reaped;
The soul’s betrayed, feeling the fall of being falsely repaid

Grab it by the thorns,
and you’ll bleed once more;
There’s no escaping it, let it sound it’s horns!
As the soul heaves it’s last breath, shattering at its core.
Remorse —
A cry so loud, and a pain so poignant
It deems you dull
A sore
hard to mend
Twisted enough
To make the mind bend.
Can I ask you?

With vice and disguise,
Are you happy with what you are?
Inflated with pride,
Knotted with jealousy
The unknown balloon burst
With a just ***** of words.

Camouflaged beauty as you were,
Coated and polished to be the society,
Mastered were the words,
With strokes of affection,
Appreciated as I  felt.
I swam in the pits N holes
While thinking of the oceans

The deeper I tried to discover,
Shallower did you get.
Layers and layers of faces,
None uncovered to the core,
What you are still a mystery

I breathe in the pain of phrases,
Toxicity of incoherent love,
I feel the wrenching smirk,
Once which was a curved smile.

I hear the Echoes of my wails,
Strumming in the veins,
Tears were never there
But unseen scars dug deep.

In brighter days,
Darker shadow growing,
In hours,
A nightmare breeding.
You were what dismayed me,
Much more than breaking,  
Maybe a peaceful shattering .
Deciphering what you were ...
TIZZOP Feb 2021
under the core of time, there's the beach of dreams
bathed by the water of wishes, attachments and fear
nothing can you bring to this place, it's all there
guarded by ancient creatures, made of clay and stone

everything a being knows will be forgotten there
all abilities and skills will be unlearned for good
misunderstandings will be solved, time stops ticking
the word "why" loses its function under the core of time

pearls of rain fall on the ground to stroke people
to redeem them from the arrogance of living on earth
and a mist of gold and light belts the sleeping ones
under the core of time, space becomes infinite and clear

a kingdom, where love shall be king and law, peaceful
Idklove Dec 2020
Poetry is the blessing 
Like a girl standing under the sky full of stars
Tell all the truth
Just right in front of me
And kissed me 
Hold my hand until I recognize her touch 
Down to my core
Mariyam Ridha Dec 2020
I don’t chase love,
but I,
rediscover love from my core,
and make people chase it.
im doing it i guess
Poetry Art Nov 2020
may you
never get tired
of loving the core
the universe–
and everything in between
i love you
BSween Jul 2020
An apple and I can go on till dinner
A kiss and I yearn to the core for another
Prompting one more still
And while I do not dwell on details of that apple
The kiss leaves me wanting
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