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Francie Lynch Nov 30
To begin with,
We have YOU,
And we have Me.
As well, we have:
Gender Binaries
Gender Blenders
Drag Queens
Drag Kings
Gender Dysphoria
Gender fluids
Gender Non-conformists
Gender Queers
Gender Variants
Two-Sprits... and
(Flora and Fauna?)

Genesis has it all wrong.
Got a brochure outlining the above and saw a "found poem" in it.
Caosín Mar 2022
I have, on my youtube, playlists of men.

allow me to excuse myself, but it's not for fun and pleasure
it's quite the opposite, it's for my displeasure
but that's not entirely true.

I have them there
to remind me
that those men
will never be
me. I will never
Kiss someone
Hold someone
Love someone
like they do for eachother.

It's a feeling deep within my bones, a longing not to be ignored, a longing to hold and to be held. To kiss and be kissed.
to love
and be loved...
in a certain kinda way.
hahaha gay funee amirite
I S A A C Nov 2021
Am I a demon?
That is what they're saying
Am I ******* Satan?
Or is Satan ******* me?
Am I the gay best friend, is that all I am?
I can be sassy, flamboyant but never enough to really defend
from the arrows and throes of men
So tell me what I am
tell me what I got to be
So tell me what I am
tell me what is stopping me
From Heaven's end, even if I repent?
Will my sins not be cleansed in the sea
There is not much difference in sin from you to me
I always wondered
Why I didn't fit in
With all the other girls
Who would gossip about boys
Why it didn't feel right
But I still liked guys

My best friend
Who I'd dream of kissing
Not understanding
That maybe it meant something
And I was into girls

I realised something later
Had an epiphany
And decided to come out
It still feels so right
That I liked girls
And not only guys
The people in between too
And why I loved you

When I fell in love with a man
I felt as though my queerness
Wasn't as valid as I'd hoped
Because I wasn't with a woman
And I wanted forever
With the opposite ***

I've learned that it doesn't matter
Either way I'm queer
No matter who I fall for
Whoever I love and marry
And spend my life with
J Dec 2020
arms outstretched,
I reach for the stars
I was always told to want
only to find that I'm
tracing myself against
murky, illegal water
in pink nectar.
I'm too rough
nerves get the best and I
dip down ever so slightly
not bothering to take a breath.
as I slip under the fruity grip
the lake of liquid freedom
clouds my vision.
a calm, calloused hand
hardened from time
from life
from love
cups my cheeks and
breathes into me
with her
petal lips
sticky against mine
a reminder.
I float back up
before I get a good taste
I twist and turn against the current
against the surface
Solidago and Indian Mallow
smeared across the sky
reflecting against me
until I'm nothing
but the fuzz
of a peach
i love when women
Cody Haag May 2020
In a dream,
I saw his face
I knew he was
A boy to chase.
Heart of gold,
Eyes so kind.
The kind of guy
It's hard to find.
I want to be in love so badly.
Max Neumann May 2020
if ya down wit dis listen
to this gayrap swallow it
like a fat jaypack it is anti-macho
against crews like humpty-packo

pitch-black baby ain't no rooster
will **** wit our ****-booster
we are too star for your underground
flows are miles-high and they glitter

it is lipstick-**** we're spitting poison
and your kid sound vanishes
look your raps are always "almost"
you'll be killed by our host

like the impaler this guy vlad
your midlife-crisis is cute
eminem is now called ruth
the new rapcolor is purple
Today is a good day.
April Apr 2020
he remembers the day when
he got called up.
"he's 20,"
his mother said.
"he's my little baby."

even the thought of
his family was
absolutely horrendous.

when he arrived
he saw you.
god, how could someone look
so ****** good
so effortlessly
so innocently
yet not so innocently
as the clothes you were wearing
basically supported the term of

he's a mummy's boy,
he'll cry himself
to sleep every night,
feeling unsafe.
he felt so safe,
dear lord.
even i feel so safe.

offered him
canned beans.
(you also referred to him as 'mate', which is not exactly what he wanted you to call him, but it's fine as long as you're happy)
he finds beans
quite gross
yet he ate until
the can was empty
he guessed it was to please you (?)
and he wouldn't forgive himself
if he ever rejected you.
anyone who
tried to deny you
must be out of their mind.

might be talking *******,
but he really hopes you'd offer him
some canned beans again.
Thera Lance Aug 2019
Snow piles up against the walls, but thin clothes are all they wear
As the boy gardens within the greenhouses behind the school,
Red, bright tomatoes slipping out of his fingers, and popping into his mouth
That grins at the bursts of sweetness.
Inches from him, the man by one month pretends not to glance his way
Instead shifting through the bristling leaves to claim breakfast’s zucchini.

He would complain at the theft if the tomatoes weren’t everywhere
Making bland meals of packaged rice and canned beans a savory impossibility.
It isn’t like little indulgence will take away all of the red little briberies,
The secret keys to a reluctant community spreading its arms wide months after the pair stumbled in.

The man scowls, and the boy glances up
Not hiding his interest like his companion.
The solution to anger is always tomatoes,
So the next slip of fingers is against the man’s lips
As he bites down, the sweetness pops away mild irritation in the flavor of surprise.
Neither gives in to smiles, but their shoulders brush more than once as the tension seeps out with the heat into the snow.
I like tomatoes quite a bit, so of course there would eventually be a little cute moment with cherry tomatoes.
-This poem a part of the "Life Will Bloom in Our Shadows" poetry collection on Wattpad
Derrek Estrella Apr 2019
There was a boy
Who had a girl
And in the grapevine,
Hanging by a pearl
There laid a boy
Stripped free and mild
Four laces entwined
And eyes beguiled

He bicycled
Down from the hill
Grasping a gun
And a feathered quill
He spoke in books
And ailing shouts
‘Neath the moon, he shook
And began to sprout

He said,  “Hush you want me badly, I know
But my lone beliefs are bonafide
You found a love a long time ago”
As he turned, the lover cried,

“I dreamt your call
Dressed in a shawl
I’d lie on your head
In a deathly bed
From dust to rust,
I want the boy
In this I trust,
I’ll love the boy”

He struck a pose
Fits in a frame
He ate a rose
Five hearts he maimed
They pranced around
Their stolen tags
And gave their pounds
For fiery drags

On squandered soil
They lift their roots
Their hands unspoiled
And aim acute
“I want you so
You know me well
But love is sold
'Neath hollow bells”

He said “Hush, you want me badly, I know
But why can’t I call you by your name?”
“This is nothing if you only show
Your incumbent shame”

"I want your call
I’ll wear your shawl
I’ll kiss your head
And lull you to bed”
“From dust to rust
I want the boy
In this I trust
I’ll love the boy”

He said, “Hush, you knew me when? I think not”
As he tended to his burning leaf
“Life is sweet, but it too will rot
I won’t be deceived”

“I want the boy
Give me the boy
Don’t be so coy
I want you, boy
I’ll love the boy
I want the boy
There was a boy
Who gave me joy”
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