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erin Oct 2018
he strongly gripped the nape of the boy's neck
and in his lips, he found nirvana.
a paradise filled with raindrops and waterfalls he could bathe under for eternity
and pixies dancing in the trees
but the fairies stared at him and their smiles turned to frowns
their eyebrows creased and their hands reached for him
claws extended
and they hissed '******' into his face
so he pulled away and said
"I'm sorry-
it just wasn't for me."
featuring a boy in denial
Bobby Dodds Oct 2018
molly's hair, **** hair.
show's the bi-polar,
but not the bear.
molly's hair, **** hair.
bi-polar hair don't care.
Bharti Singh Apr 2018
Our planet is like
A spec of dirt in the space
Our ego bigger than the space
In the human race

We call ourselves
**** sapiens, the wisest race
Still we fight bitter than animals
Dismissing the nature's grace

Of being unique.
Poppy Mar 2018
I am straight just as you say
Homosexuality? Ha, not today
I'm attracted to men, I swear I am
I'll prove it to you if you give me a chance
Men are soft and warm and squishy
My heart beats fast when I think of kissing
Men, with sparkling eyes and curvy flesh
I don't think about what I'm going to say next
And when her hand does drift near mine
My whole world seems to stop in time
She's the honey and butter, I'm the crumbs and the plate
She's a hydrogen bomb and my mouth is agape
A tsunami and a twister, I'm debris left behind
She's a cyclone of inferno and I'll look till I'm blind
In her right she's a queen, I'm a peasant that knelt
A sphere of velvet and steel while I'm the asteroid belt
If she's the artist and the paint, I'm the brush and the canvas
She's the one that I want, but I couldn't have planned this
I'm the body and blood, she's the gun and bullets
And I'm falling too far into somewhere I shouldn't

I'll admit I'm a coward because in public I'm straight
If I fall out of the closet, I don't know what will await
Will I receive open arms or will it take a turn for the worse
Another story with the ending " young corpse in a hearse "
But I can't help but wonder, if she's the stars I'm the sky
Then she must be the fruit and I must be the fly
Our talks leave me warm like the smile on her lips
I feel most at home with my hands on her hips
If she's a rose among weeds, then I must be the thorns
She's a bull caged in limbo, I'm her dust covered horns
I think I'm trapped in my ink, but I live in this fear
In fate's hands I will shatter and never see her draw near
Lacerated fists I will raise, on concrete feet I will stay
Like the sun, I will rise and reign in the new day
They can try to devour me with their hatred laced bullets
But you can't move a mountain whether you push it or pull it
If she's the shield and the armor, I'm the scream and the sword
She's an implosion of the cosmos, I'm the written record
First of all, let me note that this, unfortunately enough, isn't my own work. It's a good friend's of mine who is just amazing. With her permission of course, I decided to put it out there. She is far more experienced than I, but has never shared her work, so I think this is the start of something beautiful, perhaps her own account. Baby steps for now though.
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
I'm overcome by lust
A sophistication of the soul
Mind bent in two

Where I try
He betrays
Leaving kisses of sin

The Garden of Eden is open
Left alone without regard
Not a regret echoed in time

When will he come?
My knight of splendor
Germanic and full of crystallized juice

Reality makes him a Spaniard
To whom my life is bequeathed
Under the sun for all to see

My dream of an Arminius is unrealized
Traded for an exotic intoxication
Ready is the introduction of grieve

But still, I love
The lips
Constant touch of angelic purity

Forgiveness is the actor's end
Truce to end entry into the heart
Producing gratification of natural optimism
(dribbled the following cheesy tidbit when mice elf
i.e. Stuart Little and thy spouse Minnie Mouse dwelt
at a previous residence).
Against credo, ethos,
   and genuine holistic integrity
   to respond to such an event
as Minnie's or Mickey's, no matter

   a reluctance arises to don role as "killer"
tis with only the means and ways
   to avoid health crisis that i fervent
   lee exterminate existence of other species...

so please no unsolicited mouse a lean nee barbs
   against this august gent
tis a marvel to evince the behaviour
   of rapaciousness, when nary a hint

extant within me -
   except, at a cross roads arises
   when vermin take residence
   asper an unpaid inhabitant,

this one mortal mwm loathes
   to distribute deathly lethal instrument
distribution of d-com
   doth not make me feel jubilant,

   this chap doth newt
   deny pestilential buggars
   ought tub beep hoy sinned,
   and charged with heinous crime such
   as ****** committed by a litigant

   slapped unfairly
   suffer being poisoned
   imposing forfeiture reprisal
   tomb the tinker-bell tolls
visa vis a role in the realm

   within flora and fauna not meant
   for humans decreeing
   vermin lack purposelessness,
   and must be exterminated
   to own rights qua life,
   liberty and the pursuit of
   quietly when staking out an alcove,

   cupboard, or mauve wainscoting
   reproduction of species would nonchalant
take place if left to their biological devices
   this millennial saga

   of mice and men perhaps noah occident
and no matter what
   means one approaches pursuant
to rid the house of mice,

   these creatures reboot toxic tolerance
   to incorporate schemes
   quite innovative within floorboards,
   deep chambers viz zit ting
   expansive domestic quadrant

this Brie zee, cream cheesy,
though temporarily dislodged per demise,
   the recurrent adaptation reverberant
and stupefy supreme survival skill re:
   by a modus operandi

   with adaptive qualities salient
ta dum me little nimble,
   opal and quizzical rodents
   lacking redolence tubby mammals,

   though their existence
   and devil's blue diet tribe curd dish rant
might be diametrically opposed
   to American ethics committee, who slant
the bald (also balled),

   bold, and brazen cordon bleu appearance
   analogous to a vagrant,
   unrepentant truant
sans more than one
   little furry Munster of scurrying critters
   spur this heir force deputy
   issues a poisoned search warrant.
Nigel Finn Sep 2016
"A man is a wolf to another man",
What utter nonsense! What a silly thing to say!
I see no wolf-like qualities in the hearts of men,
No shy, retiring qualities, or unerring loyalty,
And certainly haven't noticed that men ****
Only when absolutely necessary for survival.

Perhaps it is I who am being foolish though?
As I stare deep into the noble eyes of the wolf
And see no hint of malice, or greed,
Or religious and political ideologies,
Or desire for such petty things as man wants.

Yes, indeed! Surely the fault lies with me,
For I am human, and can't begin to understand
Such simple things that those wild beasts can
Seem to so effortlessly comprehend- compassion,
Love, respect, and sense of unity.

Men are not wolves in the eyes of other men. No,
It doesn't describe the potentially ruthless way
We act upon meeting a stranger of our own species.
I wish such accurate statements as this held sway;
Men are like men to other men- **** homini ****
Since we've proof that men will oft rip men to pieces.
"They mean that men act like men towards other men, and the worse they are the more they think they’d really like being wolves! Humans hate werewolves because they see the wolf in us, but wolves hate us because they see the human inside – and I don’t blame them!" - Terry Pratchett
Emma Sims Jul 2015
I'm not used to unwarranted critique,
from dear friends or family.
Their views of me must be pretty bleak,
A **** abnormality.
With them, my relationship is pretty weak;
Merely a formality.
It feels to me like they have formed a clique,
To cure me of depravity.
Peer pressure is a cruel technique,
This is just insanity.
Matthew Randell May 2015
Tentpole, stature tall and strong and
Firmly placed between the thin sheets
Members of the boy scouts, boy clan
Flames extinguished, his body heats

At dawn it rises, makes me wake
******* for the fire he gathers
Morning wood, embers of the stakes
Soon home; disapproving Fathers

Morning **** calls, but we're busy
Pack our bags, get all the work done
Juice of life makes me quite dizzy
Mem'ries of our weekend of fun

I'll be dish and spoon to your spoon
Spend nights together o'er the moon
John-Chris Ward Mar 2015
Challenge my pride;
'Cause  I refuse to look in my eyes and lie,
Pretend that I am content.
If this is the end, then let it be the end
'Cause I can't hold on to unsupported content.
Prefix. Un-
Root Word: Support
Suffix. -ed
E-N-D, you and me.
If we can't start right then why even begin.
Give me substance or give me nothing.
You're starting to look like my future ex-boyfriend.
Future Ex-Boyfriend, boy on boy terminated relations.
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