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Sunday evening I feared you
I loathed, I despised, I hated you
from knee high to a spacehopper
to hard bitten bitter nine to fiver

You forced me to panic homework
for Monday morning double maths
to thoughts of cockroached Barmouth baths
of corporal leather punishment
by spittle mouthed ****** heads
of departmental worries and dreads

You turned up every week
to haunt me into a midnight fever
to turn to late teenage ******
to fortify a nascent career
in the blood, sweat and tears
of warehouses, factories, offices
of bosses talking out of orifices

You stank the rest of the week out
the **** end of a weekend of fun
pulling the plug after a sip of
decadence over 3 and a bit decades

I heard some say they liked school
I listened to bizarre boastings and
tales of job loving behaviour
what the hell is that?
recognise it I did not
rarely happy with my lot
only happy when complaining

Well, Sunday evening I'm at the controls now
I drove you off a cliff before
leaping out into a field of shift work
where your evil offspring
Monday morning couldn't drag me down into soulless drudgery
mindless tweeting like a budgeri...gar

So, Sunday evening I've dredged you
from the sea floor to my open door
and into my troubled heart
you're not a bad old ******* now
I've learned to caress your stigma
you can't hurt me anymore
your tail no longer wags this old dog
I've been trying to post this since last Sunday evening!
It is another day
For us to pretend we're holy
And after service today
All the pretends are gone
Stop claiming holy all because its sunday
Aleena Sep 23
Jump to take off
That’s the first step after all
But what if I fall?
It's sunday morning
Doing nothing is kinda boring
Pouring rhymes inside my brain
Writing line from the pain
Feeling ache through my vein
I started feeling again
For you,
With you.

         I miss you  ♥
Take a seat when you're tired,
Wipe thy face till your tears dry.
I just hate seeing you cry.
Listen to me as I sing a lullaby,
And to your concerns say goodbye.
Your weariness takes a toll on me
So do your best and to your sorrows, breakfree
Sleep now, my love, for our tomorrow
Be jovial and leave your sorrow.
Don't let my heartaches get into you
'Cause I'll be fine on a Sunday moon
And who knows, we might see a baboon.
But, in case we see a doe,
Please, don't say **.
Just a note.
Pedro Arthur Sep 9
For the first time in my life

I want to see her colored

Stand on tiptoe

Wait for my thousand tales of kings

Navigate the ocean

All year long just to see her swimming

Oh My life don't stop following the road

Keep walking the alleys

Maybe they can follow you ...

For a long time lived without time

For many seconds lived as a secondary

For many lists lived without being protagonist

I want to be on tiptoe

Get close to your hand

And I will give you my heart

I want to go through the steps

Live in space and abandon myself in my own hug

Knock on your door

I wait for another time

To tell you, look at the time

I want to run through the rain

I get wet in the bunches of grapes

Twirl on the posts

Create new clippings

Ah ...

I want to spend winter with you

Knowing I'm already in my shelter

I want to walk hand in hand

Knowing that my heart will only have wings

I want to get on the big wheel

Speak, I love you with a thousand speakers

Just not to lose you every moment ...

Ah ...

Young people know how they feel

As incredible as it sounds, they've seen a shooting star

The desperate write poems

Lovers write books

Drunks Write Flyers

Writers write about themselves

Ah ...

The lunatics write for you

Not knowing if in any universe will have you ...

Already me?

I can't dream without delighting in the words

I can't drink without remembering you

I can't see but I feel the feeling why

Oh gosh!

Maybe dive into the sea of ​​illusions

Waiting for the sound of beautiful accordions

The one of "s"

Sofia's "S"

Sofia of Paulo

Paulo of Sofia

And there she went ...

Already me?

For now I suffered
It's better if you try to read in portuguese
Laura Sep 8
I want you to
Touch my body
Grab my thighs
With enough force
To take my breath away

Just barely feel
The leather paddle
On my skin
Before you bruise my body
Sending me into submission

Whisper ***** words
Across my chest
Each time you go
From ****** to ******

Shock me with electric stimulation
Feel the sparks fly
Between us
Between my legs

Vibrate my ****
While you find the good spot
The great spot
The most glorious spot there is
And watch me writhe and moan
While you do it

Bite my neck
My *******
My waist
Letting me know that I'm yours
When you leave a mark

Take over my body
And tie me up
Cover my eyes
Lick my body
Until you feel
A river release from me
Until you hear
An elongated opera from me
Until you see
A woman whipped for you
I sleep with a bible in my bed
So I can talk with god about everything I regret

She made me realise there was never too much of me
Maybe there was just too little of you and we couldn’t compare

I sleep with a bible in my bed
Just to keep your demons out

Because you filled my mind with dark thoughts
that sometimes made me think, wanting to die was okay

I like to miss you on Sunday nights
Because on Sunday nights everything feels less like a problem

On Sunday night I can picture us together walking on the beach
Being way too drunk, talking about everything important in life
You would make me laugh and I would kiss you on your cheeks

All these voices and then there was you
A beautiful silence in my world of chaos

Your crazy mind would make mine feel just like home
Maybe you always were like that but I just never noticed

I don’t think I can ever regret you,
You make me smile like no other,

I like to miss you everyday
summer 2019
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