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Randy Johnson Jun 28
Frank Sutton was an actor who died half a century ago.
He starred in one episode of "The Andy Griffith Show".
He starred in every episode of "Gomer Pyle: USMC".
Sutton died fifty years ago today at the age of fifty.
People were sad because he wouldn't be coming back.
Sutton's life came to an end when he had a heart attack.
He starred in "The Twilight Zone" and "Town Without Pity".
He starred in "Armstrong Circle Theater" and "Naked City".
He starred in "Love, American Style" and "Valentine's Day".
Sutton would be 100 years old if he hadn't passed away.
Anais Vionet Jun 18
I’m Mz Mortenson, if you please.
I dispensed with the charade
when I went to my grave.

Life can be tricky
if you’re pretty.

My life was a role,
I couldn’t always control.

How unaware the dumb bombshell seemed.
Still, I was labeled the obscene Norma Jeane.

in reel life’s small doses,
the role was emotionally corrosive,
merely etching away my fragile identity.

In real life it proved erotically explosive
destroying my privacy, serenity, and sanity.

I thrilled in some 29 films, I took a few pills,
was a plaything for mobsters and tabloid mills.

When I started a fling with the president,
did I have any idea what I was up against?

Some free advice - beware of counterintelligence.

Homicide, suicide - what does it matter
- which one is sadder?

I knew I’d always be there for you, sensuously beckoning,
at 24 frames per second, like an eternal flame - flickering.
Of course, Norma Jeane Mortenson’s stage name was Marylin Monroe

Written for the 'Lost Poetry from History Challenge' contest.
Where you write a poem in the voice of an historical figure. URL:

To me, she seemed to be white-knuckle bae - experiencing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows all at once. It must have seemed like magical realism or living a psychological thriller.

Randy Johnson Feb 26
It was two decades ago today when an actor took his final breath.
When he starred in Doctor Who, he starred in "The Robots of Death".
His name was Russell Hunter and he was born in February of 1925.
Next year would've been his 100th birthday if he had survived.
Hunter starred in nineteen episodes of "The Gaffer" and one episode of "Born and Bred".
People in England were sad twenty years ago today because they learned he was dead.
In 1976, he starred in one episode of "Play From A".
He also starred in "Daddy's Girl" and "Up Pompeii".
Hunter starred in "The Cockleshell Heroes" and one episode of "The Bill".
When it comes to forgetting him, the good people of England never will.
Zywa Jul 2023
The old actor has

been playing all grandfathers --

for twenty-five years.
Alan Arkin (New York City 1934-2023)

Collection "The Yellow House Museum"
Randy Johnson Dec 2022
You were a talented British actor but sadly, not anymore.
If you hadn't died, today you would've turned ninety-four.
You starred in an episode of "Fawlty Towers" and "Dalziel and Pascoe".
Forty-four years ago, you starred in "The Adventures Of Picasso".
You starred in an episode of "Last Of The Summer Wine".
You starred in an episode of "Mogul" and "Space: 1999".
You starred in a short lived British sitcom titled "Cuffy".
After living a long life, you died at the age of ninety-three.
When you starred in Fawlty Towers, you beat up John Cleese.
Today would have been your birthday, may you Rest In Peace.
Randy Johnson Dec 2022
You starred in "The Visitation" which was an episode of Doctor Who.
Your life ended thirty years ago today on December the 11th of 1992.
You died two weeks before Christmas Day.
You were sixty-two when you passed away.
You were a very talented British actor but your death ended your career.
Time sure does fly, it doesn't seem like you've been dead for thirty years.
You starred in every season of "On The Buses" except for the final season.
I don't know why you decided to quit but you must have had a good reason.
You guest-starred in "One Foot In The Grave" and "Turn Out The Lights".
You also guest-starred in "The Count Of Monte Cristo" and "First Night".
You chose not to be buried, you were cremated.
When you died, all of your fans were devastated.
You died thirty years ago today and your wife died on December the 7th of 2011.
You entertained people for many years and then you went to Heaven.
Dedicated to Michael Robbins (1930-1992) who died on December 11, 1992
Randy Johnson Jul 2022
We've lost a talented actor who was named David Warner.
His friends, family and fans have become his mourners.
Warner's life ended and millions were devastated when they heard the bad news.
In 1991, he starred in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze".
When he guest-starred on "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman", he portrayed Jor-El.
He starred in "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" and "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" as well.
In 1984, he starred in "A Christmas Carol" as Bob Cratchit.
He also starred in "The Man With Two Brains" and "Time Bandits".
We've lost a man who was both talented and clever.
He died at the age of eighty and he's gone forever.
Randy Johnson Jul 2022
Andy Griffith found success when he starred in "The Andy Griffith Show".
That sitcom is still popular today and it was created over sixty years ago.
It was one decade ago today when Andy Griffith took his final breath.
Andy didn't have a funeral, he was buried immediately after his death.
He starred in "Matlock" from 1986 to 1995.
Andy would be ninety-six if he had survived.
Ten years ago today, a famous man died.
Andy had Charisma and talent and that can't be denied.
Dedicated to Andy Griffith (1926-2012) who died ten years ago today on July 3, 2012.
Randy Johnson May 2022
He's a deceased actor who still has plenty of fans, including me.
Dan Blocker died fifty years ago today at the age of forty-three.
He and his family moved to Switzerland because he was against the Vietnam War.
When he had gallbladder surgery, he didn't know that his death was what would be in store.
He commuted back and forth to the USA to star in Bonanza until his untimely death.
On May 13, 1972, a very talented actor passed away when he took his final breath.
He made Bonanza great but half a century ago, he was a man who the world lost.
Fifty years ago today, people had to say farewell to the man who starred as Hoss.
He was too young to die and when everybody lost Dan, it was a **** shame.
Bonanza ended just one season later because without Dan, it wasn't the same.
Dan's death caused his family, fans and the Bonanza cast members plenty of devastation.
It was half a century ago today when millions said goodbye and mourned in many nations.
Randy Johnson Sep 2021
A man has lost his life nearly 62 years after he was born.
We've lost an actor and comedian and his name was Norm.
I'm sorry to have to inform people that Norm MacDonald has passed away.
He died on September the 14th, he left this earth yesterday.
He starred in movies and was a cast member of "Saturday Night Live".
He was diagnosed with cancer nine years ago and he couldn't survive.
He was also a writer who wrote for the sitcom "Roseanne".
Millions will mourn the death of this very talented man.
"***** Work" is my favorite movie that Norm starred in.
He went to be with The Lord yesterday, he's in Heaven.
Dedicated to Norm MacDonald (1959-2021) who died on September 14, 2021
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