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S Apr 22
I was there-
I emoted-
I read-
I tried-
But why-
can't anyone-
I mean, I'm not desperate for attention but an acknowledgement would be nice ya know?
Randy Johnson Dec 2020
Something bad has happened, we've lost Dawn Wells.
Her friends and family must be going through Hell.
When we lose such a talented person, it's hard to understand.
For a few years she starred on "Gilligan's Island" as Mary Ann.

She died because of Covid-19 complications.
Her demise is sure to cause devastation.
Her family will find it hard to let go but they will have to try.
Dawn Wells has perished and it's sad to have to say goodbye.
Randy Johnson Apr 2020
Today is Talia Shire's birthday and she's turned seventy-four.
She starred in the Rocky and Godfather movies and more.
Talia Coppola was her original name.
It's not surprising that she found fame.

The Landlady was my favorite movie that she starred in.
She also gave great performances in Prophecy and Old Boyfriends.
When it comes to Talia, there are two things that I know for sure.
She is very talented and millions of people love and admire her.
Carlo C Gomez Feb 2020
A snakepit, a lion’s den,
a second-hand shark cage.
The Big Apple, the Little Rascals,
everything after the Victorian Age.
These things scare me on sight,
but not as much as
Veronica Cartwright.

The Trix Rabbit with a gun,
The Dodgers winning a World Series.
Parallel parking with Mark Hamill,
Sesame Street conspiracy theories.
These things make me shake at night,
but not as much as
Veronica Cartwright.

The White Album, the Black Plague,
toenail clippers, salad bars and Disneyland.
The Richter scale, the Mendoza line,
Any and every last teenage boy band.
These things give me such a fright,
but not as much as
Veronica Cartwright.

Television reruns of H.R. Pufnstuf,
An opened jar of Miracle Whip.
The names of Frank Zappa’s kids,
vacationing on a Carnival cruise ship.
These things horrify me alright,
but still not as much as
Veronica Cartwright.
An older poem.
If you have ever seen the movie 'Alien,' you might understand what I mean.
Arthur Clack Jan 2020
As she steps forward to take the final bow
and as she steps back into the dim amber glow of the fading spotlight
that once shone so brightly
she realises this is her last
she looks out towards the applauding crowd
their eyes twinkling like stars
their claps roaring like thunder
the velvet curtains close
leaving her in darkness
leaving her Alone.
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2020
...Bursting out of
Salma Hayek's dress!

Can someone please
Get her a wrap or shawl?!!
R Dec 2019
That day,
we were riding
in the same old wreckage of a car
that you wouldn't change
because it reminded you of some actress you used to like.
you told me I look like her.
I never liked to be compared to, you knew that
you knew so much about me
that you could shatter
my existence,
but you never did that,
instead, you loved me.
And the next time we met
you came in a new car.
We went to the same places
talked about the same things
but today, you didn't compare me to anyone.
today you accepted me
as I am.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
Is she like Calypso
in The Camomile Lawn,
knelt down and speechless
by the fire, resembling
Jennifer Ehle so closely,
as the camera lingers
at her being naked as a jaybird,
and quite comely at that?

Or is she perhaps
more like Felicitas
in Flesh and the Devil,
a dead ringer for Greta Garbo,
who brazenly encouraged
illicit love and rivalry, only
to go quietly by falling
through thin ice?

Sometimes the siren's call
is more a winsome variation
in its silence.
Note: for those who don't know, Greta Garbo is widely considered one of the greatest actresses of classic cinema. She actually began her lustrous career in silent films. The luminous Jennifer Ehle, on the other hand, is a current thespian who never fails to captivate. She has quietly become one of the more gifted at her craft.
Lenz Nov 2019
Jenna was a seasoned actress.
She never put a fight with colleges or directors.
And fans, they lusted after her,
but she was always kind to pushy faces.
Jenna was well-balanced.

Jenna was a diligent Christian.
In the XXI century, she prayed for the good of every citizen.
She never missed a single mass.
She gave money to dirt poor lads,
and she was a volunteer for UVN.
She was magnanimous and principled.

Jenna was a loving mother.
For breakfast, she cooked bacon and brownies.
Her 20-year-old daughter Kate was still afraid
to go out without permission.
Kate wore classy clothes, but she loved Metallica.
Jenna was noble, and she couldn't allow Kate to have a punk attire.

Jenna was a happy woman.
She took her vitamins every noon.
She loved taking long strolls along the river.
That Friday, she had a script and a Bible in her purse.
Jenna stopped by the stone railing,
and feverishly threw the purse into the stony water.
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