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My mental ******

My mental ****** sends shivers down my spine.
Don’t speak that word again…It will send me blind.
You are still speaking to me, after saying that word.
I can’t hear you right now.  I’m in Heaven and it’s all a blur.

My body is tingling in anticipation.
Will she speak another word as seductively attractive?
Or will she just leave me in peace, so I can enjoy this?
This pure contentment.  This pure bliss.

This feeling of unadulterated ecstasy,
To be found in her word.
She is still talking and looking,
As I drift through my Heavenly mind field.

Thinking of a context, in which this word would work best.
I shall not think of it again…yet.
I shall simply put it to the back of my mind.
It is filed under ‘******’ and its secrets are mine.

For she clearly doesn’t see the effect she has on me.
Please do not say that word again, yet.  I have had my release.
My jaw dropped open and I let out a sigh.
She spoke.  I gasped.  I messed up my best line.

I was going to tell her, she is so beautiful;
But the words didn’t get past the nerves.  
It’s a little uncomfortable.
Being so close to a Goddess;
But not being able to touch.
So I shall leave now and hope another word,
Can add such fire to my ****.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
It's a slow striptease with words
delivered from a
false idol's
that makes you
fold your hands like you're in Catholic school

because you know you'd sin
with bright eyes and silver tongues
if you
let yourself forget
who you are,

who they are.

So laugh at all the moments
you could have
gasped and moaned
at their touch,
because your defense
has always been
smiles and passing jokes.

Don't get too close, darling.
You know all too well
they'll forget you
in the morning.

This isn't the first time
someone left.
Tiara I S Mar 12
Pose me like I'm your toy
Its better than being thrown away
Don't ignore me boy
I want you to adore me
See me sparkle under the moon
Smile with me- cry with me
Fill me with all that is you
It tastes so fufilling
I want to be what you want
When you dream I dance on the clouds
Interlacing all our lies until you can't distinguish me from you
So sweet- so ****- I'm all that you want
Yuna- Mannequin & I'm a sensitive maneater
Touch her spine,
Feel the cracks
And the bends.

Breathe her in,
The soft vanilla-earthy smell.

Open her up
And feel her softness
Within her bindings.

She’ll tell you stories,
Trap you in worlds with her words,
Paint a paradise out of paraphrasing

With time
Her precious smooth exterior
Will be cracked aged leather.
But loving attention
Gives her smile lines,
And she’ll never lose
Her seductive allure.

She’ll leave you,
Feeling that you’ve finished
With her,
But you’ll be left lonely
In your own head,
Longing for her
To weave you
More wonders.

She’s a temptress,
She’s a liar,
She’s knowledge,
She’s wisdom,
She’s a universe,
She’s a limitation,
She’s an opinion,
Or a truth.

She’s a book.
Lauramihaela Feb 17
Sink your teeth
Into my lips;
I am your bread and butter
Smeared with strawberry jam;
Your favourite childhood treat
When it was permitted,
Or when you could find a way
To reach the top shelf.
She offers up stolen kisses,
Of pilfered **** from other men,
Of lips of empty promises,
To bare her nothingness again.

She clothes herself in nakedness,
Her basic need is to entice,
Her body is her sacredness,
Inviting men to paradise.

She has beauty misunderstood,
Her **** inside permeates.
Skin deep she’s mistaken for good,
By fools that she humiliates.

She’ll gift a night of fantasy,
And all she’ll ask is for your soul,
She knows you’ll give in willingly
She’s mastered lack of self-control.
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Eleni Feb 8
His lips are projecting an inviting scent
A promise, sweet desires will be sent.

A sticky honeycomb with every lock
Exciting the serotonin, a paused clock.

My fingers are dripping with syrupy seduction
As he envelopes me in warm abduction.

Without sight, I smell the tobacco leaves falling
Stroking my skin as I begin calling.

He feeds my Shakti like a deity, crowned
And sugared fantasies are finally found.
Masterpiece of curvaceous precision,
Artwork sculpted and delicately lined,
As beauty’s natural definition,
She is the mold for all womankind.

The redness of cherries based on her lips,
Honey envies the sweetness of her tongue,
Waves aspire to the curve of her hips,
She’s more seductive than any song sung.

The trees model fruit on her perfect *******,
While sunlight was made to mimic her smile,
She’s sensuality that never rests,
Longing for her dwarfs the length of the Nile.

Butterflies wings are no match for her eyes,
Her embrace is lighter than clouds above,
Her perfect beauty makes me realize,
She entered my life so I’d fall in love.
Instagram @insightshurt
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Your seduction has been unfair,
Though you could not help it, my dear.
My heart melts with the thoughts you share
And aloe smoothness of your hair.

Executed so ruthlessly,
You constantly seducing me,
With love given innocently,
You did it all so carelessly.

I’m smitten and I can’t let go,
Seduced by all the things you know,
You made my desire overflow,
Just by affection that you show.

I’m a ***** to your seduction,
Mastermind of will’s abduction,
From our very introduction,
I was lost to your seduction.
Instagram @insightshurt
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