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Dark Dream May 19
my hips Ache
they need to be
over and over
by a body
on me
or riding
a ****
need that
Loosen me up
from behind
or below
Hold me down
Pound it out
then do it
and Again
erase the Ache
replace it
with another
Dark Dream May 6
Hidden things

To opened eyes

Pathways not taken
Freeways of thought

Caressing the hand
When starving
Tickled breezes

A tornado of scent
The taste of life

Minds for experience

listen for your bravery
She didn't set out to be a seductress
Until she became a seducted
She was afraid of love
Not wanting to see her heart
Being devastated in stitches,
By a thousand cuts
You're a seducer, she said to him
Why do you say that? He asked politely.
Because the first time we met
You melted me like a mountain of snow
Melting away in the summer.
I must confess: I thought I built giant walls
To protect me from a man like you.
There you are, tearing them down altogether
without allowing me the benefit of a fight.
Really? he exclaimed
Tell me more.
you walked up to me
you touched my hands flirtatiously
you look me straight in the eyes
and compliment me with a calm, balanced,
Masculine and confident voice.
I didn't expect it,
I didn't want it,
I was blown away.
She continued:
I was a lost soul; you shelter me.
I was a lost ship; you seize me.
I was a lost bird; you cage me.
I was a diamond in the rough,
You dig me out and make me yours.

And what do you think of me now?
You're a happy man.
Why do you say that? He asked.
She replied:
You know how to give and receive pleasure.

Down memory lane,
If you elect to remember one thing about me
What would that be?
She answered:
You intrinsically love women.
Β© 2021copyrighted material provided for educational purposes only.
This poem is a tribute to men who value and love women and the women who value and love them back.
This poem is for all the beautiful Emmas of the world. If your first name is Emma, this is for you.
i miss the feeling of being held
your strong arms around my chest
muscles flexing
grasping around my throat
pulling my ponytail
eyes looking up eager to get rid of this love drought
your fingertips tracing my thighs
hands pinned down while you look me in the eyes
a hard ******
to soothe my craving lust
heart racing faster
breathing increasing
...and faster


like a tsunami of relief
washing over me
ridding me of my misery
all my senses heightened
my vocal chords tightened
let out a scream
Lyndsey Jan 20
you're stealing the air I surrender
while we're twisted in tantric sheets
I'm falling back into myself
on fire
melting with you
I forget how to breathe.
Soni Jan 17
Read my mind, and you have gotten my attention.

****** my heart, and you have gotten my body.

Decipher my soul,Β Β and you have gotten me for eternity.
I’m waiting for you to have gotten me... ALL of me
Dercio Lichucha Dec 2020
I dance in the fire
And never burn.
The flames
Roll off my skin.

Like in a dark room
He sees me.
Spinning like a ball of fire.

His breath, shallow.
His shirt, wet.
His eyes, red, with my image.

He stands and walks
Round flames.

But as he leans in for a kiss
He catches fire
And goes
From black to ash

I laugh
As I watch
The wind carry his ashes
Because, I never burn.
Manfred Kriger Nov 2020
I have some bomb *** nudes
that I didn't send to you

Its such a liberating feeling
knowing how much I wanted to
but I chose not too

Letting go has been an
extremely slow process and I
have been my own worst enemy by allowing you free access to come
back to me any time

But this time
I took some bomb *** nudes
and I seduced myself with them
flamingogirl Oct 2020
You pulled me in tighter
and calmly whispered to me
how scared you were
of going any further
because you didn't want to
fall victim to seduction
and lose control because
you love control.
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