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Aa Harvey Aug 1
You know

You’re dead to me; as dead as can be.
I hope your life is misery,
So you can join me in this Hell.
I hate you so much I had to tell,
The world how much I hate your guts.
I despise you and your empty love.
I hope you never love again.
I want you to suffer eternal rain.
I need to know you are unhappy.
That would make me incredibly happy.
Just thinking about your memory,
Makes me wish for the end of everything.
Let all the love in the world disappear.
I hate the fact that you are so near.
I hate sharing a planet with you
And all the stupid things that you do.
You had your chance and kissed it goodbye.
You know I hate you…don’t even cry.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Iska Apr 25
The world is teetering
Tethered by a withered string
And gravity is pulling it taught

And now it’s crashing
Louder and louder
The shards splinter my skin
And rivulets of blood
Turns to rivers

You hear a sigh
Of relief
Of regret
Of release
As you find me
Drowning in a pool of my blood
A broken story
Old as time
You dream to live
I long to die
burning light of golden grace,
peace kisses fly around the Earth,
I see the humans, they are afraid,
filled with hatred and despise,
come catch the flying birds of hope,
aspire high, it's time to grow.
My next book will be out soon.
Amanda Feb 27
It must be so easy for you
To brush past in the hall
Keep your eyes straight forward
Like I never knew you at all

I bet not once did it cross your mind
The thought my pain might last
You were wrapped in selfish problems
Trying to escape the past

Now take a look where we are
Two strangers living side-by-side
Maybe it wouldn't be so bad
If our feelings had been rectified

I despise your false air of confidence
Your proud eyes won't even look my way
I'm the only one who sees you for what you really are
Everyone else sees the part you play
Written 9/4/11
Pyrrha Dec 2018
"I love you"
I hate the sting as this hangs in the air
"I hate you"
I despise this followed by my hands in his hair
"I despise you"
I dont know if its cold because he's gone or because I don't care

"I don't know you"
Well neither do I, love
Its like 3AM and this isnt about anyone I just get weird poem ideas late at night
Quotedbykayla Nov 2018
"She empowers time to abandon her,
awarding her the desired detention needed
to escape her companions,
therefore making it unachievable for
thou to witness her world-collapsing massacre.
She sobs so deep and profusely
to the peak of taping her mouth shut
to repress her whimpers ensuring that
no soul pay attention to her throttling tears
cheered on by the toxic oxygen
inhaled each second she still animatedly exists.
She sharpened blades,
turning her head as she engraved
thou blistered name into her delicate flesh.
She held up her gory wrists in
search of thou heavenly face,
and in dreadful return,
she felt tarnished chains
wrapped, encompassing her forearms.
In the midst of a dark storm,
yanked was she across the cold streets,
Dragged from rusted shackles.
She still held on,
hoping to be hoisted by her unrequited love,
but her presence was nonexistent.”
Continuation from Pt. 1
Quotedbykayla Nov 2018
I distress myself not.
Vote legitimate if only thy true fate be known.
Spotlight awarded to thou unfavorable,
rather than attainment awarded.
Could'st cheerfulness no more become thee?
Yearned is thy cheerfulness to wax
a particle within thee.
stuck be not.
Concern it no longer that my presence
be present or nay,
nevertheless what thy art feel remains of substance
to me.
thy stratagem ploy thee play
composing me the villain all round?
Absurd much?
Ventured me out of me restfulness
in search of contentment
thy mental stability.
Yet it be my fault.
All be unceasingly my fault.
Me make thee despise me.
Me make thee shove me away
Authors note:
Her lover chose to focus on the negative parts of their relationship and  pushed her away because it was "all her fault that she couldn't love the way she was expected to"
Kellin Aug 2018
i seriously despise the man, would do just
about anything not to obey him, at
least if i thought i could get
away with it or even that
the sure consequences
would be sufferable.
but when daddy
decides to make
you suffer,
it’s more
than any-
one can
nish Jul 2018
i despise you more by the day infiltrating my
every thought, have you no shame?
even as i drift into sleep, i hear
the baritone of your voice, a
passing in the night breeze,
confessing your love,
i know it’s not real
a simple illusion
brought upon
by delusion


i always reply
because I love you
and I wish you loved me too.
another 2o16 revamp
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