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I have something hiding
Behind my teary eyes
My tongue is twisted
From speaking all these lies
My head is now shining
From loosing all my grey
And I can’t seem to shake
The nakedness of the day

My head is aching
for a peace of mind
My hands grow weary
For the answer they’ll never find
Duchess of divinity,
Crimson casualties,
Biter of brewing dreams

A witch in disguise,
Forever I despise,
Your handcrafted lies
annieohk Sep 21
I can see all the messes
In my life
The ones I made long ago
And the ones
Other people made
Of my life
Of my innocence
Of my trust
And I want to scream
With the injustice
Or perhaps exact revenge
But those chances are long past
Covered over by years of secrets
Lies, and therapy
I really have moved beyond
The pain
But every now and then
The trigger will come
My skin will crawl
And I’ll despise you
All over again
Be careful little mouse
you are dancing with fire.
I have you under my magnifying glass
I decide weather you burn,
so I’d hold my tongue if I were you
your tricks have a way of making me tick
though there will be no warning
when your your life catches a flame
I will watch you squeal and squirm
with a grin upon my face.
so please think throughly about your words
and put them up and zip them away
if you’d rather not pay the price for your words upon this day.
I have the ability to crush a mans life with my fingertips
Arcassin B Mar 19
BY Arcassin B.

Spoken words are beyond my calibur,
but I , can occur in different places,
placing my mind in others and thrusting my
anger forward tactically finding out that
emotions can be stored below my tough exterior,
as long you don't hit hard below the waste,
and further ******* anguish or demise,
its not you , your ignorance is what I despise,
I turn light into dark in my despair when I
fall apart,
entitled to my own failures looking back at my life like
who was I compared to if its not you?
I will make my mark in this pointless corrupted country,
running in and out of the spirit realm,
seeing my true purposes and letting myself grow.

Sharmila Juliet Dec 2019
I wanted to spread my fragrance like
Flowers do. Nothing I did wrong. Just
Strive to make me stronger enough.

Don't know where and why it ***** you,
As the way I am living my dream. You
Started to knit the invisible web of
Despise and slander for me with words.

Without any real facts your defaming
Words made my dreams full of
Nightmares and screams. I started
Fearing to consume which I adore.

My fragrance become poisionus gas
For my ownself to swallow tarped in your
Pointless whispers. Still, Do I need to let
You decide my life? No, Not any longer.

I am going to spurn your bruits
with my
Smile. Make you long for the thing which
Now you despise by achieving my triumph
As I wage a war of one, My armaments
Can't fail me now.
About rumors effect
Aa Harvey Aug 2019
You know

You’re dead to me; as dead as can be.
I hope your life is misery,
So you can join me in this Hell.
I hate you so much I had to tell,
The world how much I hate your guts.
I despise you and your empty love.
I hope you never love again.
I want you to suffer eternal rain.
I need to know you are unhappy.
That would make me incredibly happy.
Just thinking about your memory,
Makes me wish for the end of everything.
Let all the love in the world disappear.
I hate the fact that you are so near.
I hate sharing a planet with you
And all the stupid things that you do.
You had your chance and kissed it goodbye.
You know I hate you…don’t even cry.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Iska Apr 2019
The world is teetering
Tethered by a withered string
And gravity is pulling it taught

And now it’s crashing
Louder and louder
The shards splinter my skin
And rivulets of blood
Turns to rivers

You hear a sigh
Of relief
Of regret
Of release
As you find me
Drowning in a pool of my blood
A broken story
Old as time
You dream to live
I long to die
lunademiere Apr 2019
burning light of golden grace,
peace kisses fly around the Earth,
I see the humans, they are afraid,
filled with hatred and despise,
come catch the flying birds of hope,
aspire high, it's time to grow.
My next book will be out soon.
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