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Zywa Apr 2019
Something small you see

becomes large: a tiny ***** --

is missing somewhere.
“De vlucht van Gilles Speksneijder” (2019, “The escape of Gilles Whalecutter”, M.M. Schoenmakers) --- Collection "Being my own museum"
Bardo May 3
I think there was something wrong with my bladder
I noticed I was starting to *** a lot
(Must have had an infection somewhere),
It was like every thirty minutes I was going off to the loo
At this rate I thought you'll have the handle of the loo worn off with all the toilet flushing you're doing,
A little while later I'm out in my back garden walking, getting some air
And there's this... there's this great big **** just growing there
And I think to myself "I wonder what'd happen if I peed on that ****
Would it **** it or have any effect on it'
So I started peeing on the ****, and you know strangely it starts to become this kind of obsession with me
A kind of a scientific experiment, this peeing on the ****
(Probably shows how empty my life is LoL)
All through the day I go out to *** on my ****
Even at night I go out with a flashlight just to *** on my ****
And sure enough about a week and a half later
The leaves their all starting to wilt, the whole plant just starts turning to mush
Well that's quite a discovery I say to myself,
*** it's a a potent weedkiller
And then there's this other ****, a different kind of **** and I start peeing on that one too
And y'know the same thing happens
After a week or two of being constantly peed upon
The other **** starts to wilt as well turn to mush
I'm suddenly reminded of the famous old scientist Issac Newton
The guy who was out in his garden one day and got hit on the head with the apple and then invented gravity
(What goes up must come down)
"Well", I thought, "Issac you're not the only one who discovered something in his garden
Us scientists, yea! we got to stick together, we're a rare breed altogether"

Anyway awhile later I'm down the shop and I bump into this neighbour of mine
He asks me 'Are you enjoying the lovely Spring weather ?'
I told him I was, that it was lovely weather
Then he asks 'Are you doing any Spring cleaning, that house of yours ?'
I thought for a second, then said "Spring cleaning...Naw!"
Then I smiled "But I have... I have been doing a spot of gardening though".
A Poem for Spring. More ***.
Psychosa Apr 14
In the witching hour all is quiet except for the beating sound of two hearts entwined with passion and agony beating more angry by the minute.

Blinded eyes try to pierce through the dark abyss to find sanity in a place of cold nothingness and desolation, as the tortured mind cloudy with regret slowly fades away..

nails claw at blinded eyes longing to see the clouds part and behold, his goddess is there basking in the pale yellowing aura of the moon, as he looks longingly upon her..

skin and curves of perfection soaking up the yellowing, becoming golden upon his slightest gaze.
Knees become burning furnaces of pain and torment as he falls to kneel before her, begging with soundless words of an open mouth for release.
Paralyzed, hungrily devouring as her sightless eyes fall upon her brooding brow trailing down to the blinding stars that become her eyes under the harvest moon.

The wind blows fierce surrounding her in a halo of color plucked dead limbs, trailing off into oblivion.
She gazed upon his visage, her fierceness burning his soul in eternal torment she smirks and glides toward effortlessly slowly,
tantalizingly slow,
causing him great anguish and letting her sadistic humor known to all..

he lashed out and traps her in his iron eyes transfixed  on lips so full and soft as crimson color them tricking down her body hungrily eating her perfect curves he kisses her
hard throwing themselves down a bottom less pit entangled in passion he forces her legs apart he slams into her as she drips wet in anticipation..
She moans breathlessly in extract, her ***** like velvet greedily devours his hardened **** of stone repeatedly ****** her innocence, tired bodies continuously fall exhausted.
She tried to flee, but his fires flamed inside hotly he takes her again.
His embrace hard, intense
his iron will dominating her.
Breaking her wild spirit, she gasps as he unleashes a relentless force inside her driving her to the edge of sanity and back again.

Her eyes close for the last time giving into his dominance
she embraced him.
Her wild flaming spirit shattered knowing that as he worships her it is she who is forever a slave of their passionate love,
melding bodies together,
as they fall endlessly in the abyss.
Persephone Mar 27
Darling you need to eat
But to pick up the fork I would have to put down the pen
And I cannot do that

Darling you must have something to drink
Why? The ink is satisfying enough

Darling please, you must stop and rest
I can rest when I am dead
Until then there is too much to do
Too many things that still must be written about him, for him, because of him

But darling, why is he the reason you will die for writing  
Because he is the reason I live for writing
Valya Jan 20
Im scared
Im shaking
Im trembling
How could I allow you to have so much control
Why are you still here
I want to leave you behind
Yet you lurk like a demon
Always coming when I least expect it
You come through your own accounts
Then move onto alternates as you stalk your prey
When I connect the dots to see that it's you
You leave, but only for a bit
You keep on lurking in the murk
Waiting for the perfect time to strike
Sending your friends to incite fear within me again
And it's working
I'm trembling
I'm shaking
I'm scared
ong she needs to leave me along
With Goal in the  mind
you focus your card,  
Forgetting days nights
and working so hard,

What ever has come in
the target your way,
You have always strived
to keep it at bay.

Resources are albeit
but skimpy and low.
You Seldom get worry
and never  you bow.

While eating and moving
or going for walk,
You put your attention
on measures you talk.

Virtues that you own
not common in mass,
Seldom are found and  
tough to surpass.

Perhaps  is the reason
why I have regard,
Your focus certainly
deserves this reward.

But often  I doubt
your fire your zeal,
Queries comes to mind
this what I feel.

Is it your passion that
makes you work hard?
Or Else is pushing you
jumping the  yard?

Since I have also seen
a victim  a prey,
In forest jumps hard
when  lion on way.

Just see if guilt,Fear ,
doubt and remorse?
are not controlling
your action of course?

Ajay Amitabh Suman
All Rights Reserved
The kind of decision you take in your life,  determines the kind of life you're destined for? Is it more important to enhance your phoney ego or to have job satisfaction in your life? What do you prefer: looking at others or working on improving yourself? Between obsession and passion, what should you choose? It's absolutely your decision what to decide.
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