Seated stock-still among the unsettled press of pressed bodies, faces tight, eyes tired, all pressed for time, I looked away and took to scrawl, hands shaking for the woman I've hardly met.
There's something to be said for the first impression infatuations that jam the bicycle chain in your vocal cords. She saw me, my sweat-slick palm frantically extended to hers. And then I walked away, curbing the coiled spring in my step with little thought for the fact that her presence would thenforth be no promise.

But by the time I take to the root of life after love, literature, our eyes have met a time or twelve more anyways.

Is it the Earth or is it just me that believes there could be something richer, intangible as a fistful of jam underwater, but sharp and craved as its flavor?

Or maybe I'm shallow. Susceptible to impulse from the first glance in the looking glass to want a few days and no more. Short run time makes a festival no less spectacular. But it’s the closest thing to madness to be so far out for something I can’t put my finger on.

Because our shared sphere makes full moon and silver spoon feel like one in the same: my thin excuse to savor blood.

Til comes from the frenzied beginning the shamefaced end of obsession, quashed like an invasive species trying only to take wing where it shouldn’t.

It’s sad. It’s necessary. Fending off the black bib I’d like to wrap tourniquet-tight round my heart, so I could waste my nights on birdsong to keep me awake until morning.

But that’s another line on which all people are divided: those who delight in the breaking of the house sparrow’s neck, and those who are sorrowful with or without. Well-disguised are these pointed bludgeons to the thoughts that could otherwise last, to the things that shape life.

And what is a proverbial fistful of ******* jam to LIFE?

...In truth, so much.

But that which makes you feel routed, which strips your own mind on which you've always fallen back on of its splendor is far from the best for a person. Never out of casual love upon which I can rest my bare neck could I abandon this heart's fullest brace.

When love is strength, never let there be the moment of deepest weakness when beak meets spine.

This day’s been a spectacle. Marvelous. Frothing at the mouth as it sings.

But now, I’ll plan to put myself to bed at a reasonable hour. Wipe red-stained feathers on my festival attire, and lay awhile to feel new again.

And though I’ll howl—Only howl. Never bite the hand that fed my eyes their twinkle—and think fanciful thoughts even when a long night’s diminished, let it be remembered that love is built barbule by barbule, different from afar to up close.
It's winter. I've trembled these past winters, but this year is warmer than before. The moving landscape feels like progress, even when we move in opposite directions. I know to keep the river out of my lungs.

I'm still pressed in among stressed souls forced sessile.


There's a woman in the West, but horses to the Right.

The day and night and another night will fade in their time, and I'll melt that worn steel to make spurs.
Dedicated to those worth gathering fish from the river with more flavor than strictly professional for.
They say I give to much, and take too little.
I don’t see it that way.
I want love so I give love and yes expect it in return.
But no matter how hard I’ve tried, I’m
always left behind.
Chasing paper,plastic, and silicone.

I’ll still wait for love, even if it never comes.
I don’t deserve picture perfect.
**** it.
I want your flaws and your struggles too.
To them your worthless, to me you want less, which means your worth it.
I’m not obsessed just lonely.
Sofiluvu Jan 13
I can’t live without you
I can’t breath without you
You only what I need
You only what I want
For me it’s very hard
To live life in the lie
My fear is blocking me
My heart is breaking
Do you care about me?
Do you feel me?
Do you need me?
Do you hear me?
AmeriMav Jan 11
Conversation must now subside
The day has been spent as before
Swirling dreams in my heart abide
And I know I'll return for more

Busy day spins, not much time now
We cannot in a barrel store
Wonder, laughter, or smiles somehow
So I know I'll return for more

Oh your voice rings with such brilliance
My heartbeat is going to war
Overwhelms me at this instance
But I know I'll return for more

In the quiet, in the stillness
When as if my heart hits the floor
Must find a cure for my illness
Oh I know I'll return for more
Kyrielle form
Dark Feign Jan 9
got up this morning
after staying up late
I took a couple tokes and I
could swear that **** was laced

something was trippy
in that ****
but I still took a few more hits

i'm always wanting just one more
without it, life is such a bore
more coffee, sugar, this and that
of course, just one more cigarette

it *****, I had a couple nugs
and now i'm almost out of bud
I've never felt this way before
everything leaves me wanting more

I try not to escape too long
but then it's always one more song
just one more work out, one more game
lately it all ends the same

I think I'm gonna disappear
just for a while, to get things clear
and try to change my attitude
so I can have some gratitude

I don't appreciate this life
this lovely dog, my loving wife
I'm far too busy in my chase
to see what's right there in my face

train every day to be my best
take measurements of my success
watch how I eat and meditate
but does that help with anything?
Greg Jones Jan 8
An artist, I am, a creator
Of wonder and marvel form.
I take the blank canvas without objection
See it's beauty before its conception
Then carve away the imperfections
And now I'm left with
My gem.
Something the world can't condemn.

Oh I sprinkle just a bit of honey in her eyes.
Colors of the wind I do apply
And she'll shine like a cloudless sky.
What else, what else could I try?
Maybe love? No not love.

Lovely puppet...
Leave me breathless
Stay for always.
Ever flawless.
Oh how I make you dance
Twirling here and there.
Make me forget all my cares.

Lovely puppet
Don't be silly…
Your whole world is
With me.
Let's keep dancing
Like we're weightless.
Lovely puppet.
Looking out the window, oh,
Staring at the clouds.
You can't leave, even if you leave
You'd get tarnished
And no longer astonish
Nor would you harness
My art, my precious art.

Lovely puppet
I command you
Stop these questions
No more thinking
No more gazing
Don't play with those strings, love.
Be the wonder as I made you.
Lovely puppet.
gabe Jan 7
You’re no good for me, girl
You’re cruel and infectious
You are my wish, this is me with a death wish
I’m smart i should get this

But your eyes, your hips, your lips
To me there so precious, I guard them like treasures
I’d run, I’d drive, I’d fly
Just to witness your gestures
Melvin Jan 2
I loved you beyond the moon and sun
    Till I burned in unknown stars

And every lie ~ that I stopped,
   Burned in colours of black and white

     Stars do die but love is for

  So when skin and bone burned
     Love in its purest form remained

                           ­          Massless
           ­                           A
Love is beautiful, but much of it is often one sided.  I wish everyone  the best in their love life.
Poetry writing for me Is my love but Is fast becoming an obsession
I've to write to
It's a little scary what happens should suffer writers block or just can't write no more, what will I do
It's my life since my wife Helen died I survive my days through poetry writing all my spare time and more
What will I do If the day should come when for me poetry
Poetry writing Is my life has taken over an obsession, have to write to survive my days alone without Helen
Kai Schultz Dec 2018
Intoxicate me with your words,
Put so smoothly into a line
A thin line
I get drunk off of what you say to me
Maybe just a taste
At first
But soon enough I couldn't get enough
I became obsessed,
I'm obsessed
Tell me more
So I may rest easy.
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