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Ayesha 5d
You keep telling your body
that you will stop
but in the end, she does
it all herself.

If you can't stop then don't but please,
take the haunting memories along
as you take your leave.
Ayesha 5d
"I just want it to end."

We say that not only in angst of despair
but in its temptation as well.

Despair and desperation might just be sisters.
Robyn 6d
I love you for eternity
oh my soul
my sacrifice
I'll give you my life

Just promise,
I love you too.
Light me up,
fall in love.

I will follow the moon
I will stalk the earth
I will find you
I will be right here.
freyja 6d
noun | the way his hand rested on the small of her back. the curve of her hip pressed against his side. the soft click of a lock, keeping her in his gilded cage. it was nice at first, the way he spoke about her as a belonging. perhaps it was her own loneliness that made her crave his. the allure of fixing him was too enticing to deny, so she dove headfirst, recklessly swimming against his nature. but the explosion of a thrown wine glass on the wall behind her when she needed to leave, needed to get out, made her hate the naive girl she once was. and still she loved the way he pressed gentle kisses on her tear stained cheeks, apologizing and begging her to stay. and, despite herself, she knows she will.
When your strung hair drops,
In any chamber, all is opened,
All is lithe, flowerfield of mirror
To the gathered stars unto fire,
Below as above is a universe,
Your eyes asking in surrender,
Were never so fair as your face,
My soul drowning in those blue
Orbs, what oceans of sparkle, so
Like jewels in a thousand temple
Reliefs of gold and safire offered
By flesh and thunder, waits to roll,
To wash and crackle firmaments,
Of earthly desires and obsession,
In your temples above and below.
I am lost in the desert
where the high sun
shapes shadows
sending them sprawling
across the parched land

I can see your silhouette
against the setting sun
darkness lined with brilliance
illuminating the horizon
burning your image into my eyes

I hear your heartbeat
as the moon rises
and my lonely spirit howls
calling out to you
my mysterious stranger

I wonder...
who are you?
Poetic T May 17
When the hands motion words silent,
                               but full of forlorn grief.

They cry for love that was muted,
    but looks are glazed
   as there last breath whimpered silently.

And the words dead to ears,
                        "I love you,

As they walk out the door,
                                  crying at there loss.
Äŧül May 17
Some parents try to control their children,
There's nothing wrong with controlling them,
No, there's nothing wrong with it, they think,
And they keep on doing it and dictating them.
As they find nothing wrong with it, they do it.
They satisfy the unrelinquished egos of their own,
Suffocating the children even after they grow up.
My HP Poem #1844
©Atul Kaushal
Sema Uzun May 10
She is obsessed,
About achieving herself;
Getting over with this messed
Mind rushing by the side of
She kinda like it,
When things get blurred
****, when did you get this cute
Thinking about loves she miss
Due to the chances she missed.
She looks at the highway
Goes to the hell all the way.
Yet there is a quick solution
Jumping into the conclusion
With a car driven by
This is a poem of a girl who is experiencing an unconditional love!
Anybody who can relate?
Roda Mahmud May 8
She would wake up every morning, wondering if the picture she posted last night got enough likes. If the likes didn't impress her, she would even second guess herself, her worth and say something in the lines like "am i even pretty" . You may call her an attention seeker, but i 'd say that she is just another victim of this superficial world we live in.
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