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Akta Agarwal Apr 22
Crush make you smile
Obsession make you feel suffocated
Crush are the attraction
Obsession is the madness
Crush may be for short period of time
Obsession will remain forever until you may die
Crush can motivate you for the one you are
Obsession will suffocate you for the person are
Crush has the power to motivate you
And obsession has the power to take you in the worst state of life
Crush will give you freedom
Obsession will take your all freedom
and will cage you in the emotions of possesiveness
That's the difference of crush and obsession
Crush will let you remain in peace
Obsession will take your every peace of life
Crush can make you smile
Obsession can make you suffocated

Gradually I'm getting possessed, obsessed by thy love--craft, emotionally flew his heart reaching out to her's. He's intoxicated drunk in love.
Lost in the
lovesome thought of her's. His
heart is detained  underneath
the water of
her soul.
So we're
soul mates.
We met as 2 rivers confluences.
what these mean.
I wanted to know the sighs
Of mercy.  On the bed she lied,
Laid bare in the shocking light
That twitches, as she rolls
I hover and cage her in question,
With moist eyes, abandoned
By loves interrogations,
I stab at the untruths and confusions.
I wanted to hear the supplicant
Murmur of indolence and shame.
With windy caresses I break
Her arms, she ropes me red
In tangled hair and I struggle
To let go.  I wanted to taste
The twin defeats of victory
And indifference, when in the light
Of darkest night there are cries of yes
And no and false accusations,
There is consuming pain and excruciating
Pleasure and as we squirm
And seethe, she teases,
Goading me and then,
I loose it.
AbdullaJabr Apr 9
Crashing like an ocean marauder,
Dragging me into open waters.
Engulfing me in love so infinite –
Falling into depths,
So intimate –
As you drain my last breath
Yet denying me,
the horrors of death.
AbdullaJabr Apr 9
I praise her arrival,
I wail at her leave –
I place my love in the sun,
Because I will never grieve.
She would never abandon me –
But if she leaves me be.
Weeing on my knees.
I’ll find comfort in the world,
Crying with me.
how i long so much to be
the clothes that cling so selfishly to your skin
the skinny jeans and t-shirts that lay with your flesh
or the pillow that caresses your cheek
wishing you good morning and willing your nightmares away

i hate the house that contains you
it keeps you safe wrapped in its arms
watches you dress and undress each day
a shameless spy with the perfect view

i am also quite envious
of the warm water that glides down your form
slipping in and out of the crevices
of perfect skin
like a gentle waterfall of pleasure

what i would give
to be the books you finger so longingly
fully captivating your attention
feeling you tremble on each of their pages
And stare at them intensely

perhaps someday
i will become the mosquito on your wall
drinking you day in and day out
appreciating every flavor
until i eventually die in your palm


My Dear Poet Apr 5
I can write
and writing I do
till my pen is bleeding
and my fingers too
but more painful than these
is the brain I tease
yet another idea, I fear
my mind will cease
I squeeze it
and twist
that umbilical chord
to my wrist
care not to tangle
or strangle
this poem styled
and ****
the mother
or the child
...when it should set me free

This poem woke me, in the middle of the night. Within a minute I was back to sleep.
Grace Haak Apr 5
I knew it was bad when my fingernails were ringed
with red
as I ran them over ribbons and excused myself
from confetti cake to make them

my head was burning
a sparkling candle burning
my hands were yearning
a spazzing sticking yearning

my family was singing
a muffled stifling singing
my ears were ringing
a loud ear-piercing ringing

stop stop stop my scalp is stinging

Nothing was clear until my fingernails
were red
and coated with pieces of my head:
rubbed raw and picked clean
You’re telling me
this is something you haven’t seen?

It doesn’t make sense because:
I don’t put pencils in a perfect pristine line
I don’t count my cheerios before I can dine
I can turn the lights on and off just fine
but my fingernails
are red
and apparently that’s a sign.

I can tell you where
every single pinprick lives
and spreads fire down my scalp
into my brain
How it tells me
your math homework can wait
save me
or you’ll go insane

My nails are short
but still red
My brain is intact
but still missing its head

Oh, how I could See the Disorder in a
demented disturbed decision
to forfeit my favorite vanilla cake
for blood

stop stop stop, i’m begging you, brain

you can’t stop; you know you need pain
leave me alone, and you’ll go insane.
Ellis Holden Apr 5
The boy with curly hair
a temporary decoy
guitar gone ecstasy, chords ring out
broke and hollow fears, gone before they could destroy

Let off at the brook
catching feelings off the hook
**** my freezing heartless feet
they’ll drown in the dream of maybe

‘Cause either i’m deadly
or i wanted to die
either i’m deadly
or i wanted to die

Love me as your’s and i’ll meet you at mine

Show up on stage
and i’ll be sure to fantasize
one look in the crowd and one in the eye
play for them and pretend for me

I’ll become the fantasy
you’ll want the flowers i bring for the end
a temporary decoy all too easily
either i’m deadly
or i wanted to die
either i’m deadly
or i wanted to die
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