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A M Ryder Dec 2021
The first step is
Radical honesty
With ourselves

We don't intervene
We invade

That's not
"Collateral damage"
Those are
The corpses
Of children
And their parents

Ours is not defense
Ours is war
Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
Wednesdays are solitary shadows

Stretching across my skin

Imprisoned in this week and you caught me off guard again

Where your smile is a hello and my face is your doormat

Lay you baggage down and welcome in problems

I listen, listen, listen

Until everything floods in with a kiss and I tell you

What you want to hear

Then you fade with Thursday

Leaving a photograph as your calling card

Black and white, we are

And I am left waiting to hear your laughter

Feel your touch

And changing the locks
nick armbrister May 2020
Bountiful Land
They invaded this land because they thought it was rich
With bountiful natural resources and endless wealth
And a population to be enslaved against their will
The battles were long and arduous but they finally won
Another victory carved on their war axe
With thousands of soldiers killed or wounded or missing
This was nothing compared to the defenders
Destruction was almost complete and off the scale
Scorched earth policies and a will not to lose were to blame
But lose they did to a superior enemy force
Who now controlled a land of ashes and subjugated inhabitants
But that was fine for under the ground there were riches
Oil, gas, diamonds, coal, varied metal ores and much more
This would further their wealth and war production and killing
But it was all a lie…
Rock samples proved it was a second Japan
A barren land of nothing except dust, grit and dirt
The invaders fell for the biggest lie in human history
They had conquered a barren infertile land
Involuntarily following the Devil’s actions to the letter
His puppets on Earth killing for the lie of plunder
And watched all the while by the witch
Satan’s biggest enemy in the biggest war there was
She waited and got ready to strike her blow
With weapons never yet used on Earth
from Juniper’s Daughter: Fookin' Weech

Nick Armbrister
دema flutter Oct 2019
my thoughts
have invaded
long before
descending on
this mind
of mine
Em Mar 2019
I was home alone
Sitting in my room
When ringing invited itself into my home
A package has been delivered

I jumped  up
My feet barely touching the ground
And made my way to the door
It was another summer day
Soft wind blowing
Trees rustling in the distance
Birds singing joyful songs of freedom

As I open the door
The smell of summer morning slaps me in the face
Telling me it’s time to wake up

I grab the package
My fingers swiftly graze the tape
My eyes wonder
And fear holds me tight
An invader
I realize I’m in grave danger

A scream leaves my lips
Dropping the package
I run inside
I close the door and look through the sparkling glass window
There he sits
On the side of my fence
Chirping knowing that he’s in power

Behind me walks my knight in shining armor
Calmly making her way towards me
Minding her own business
Fear takes the lead
And I reach for help

Quickly opening the door
I swing her short furry legs
And on the third time
Target is down

Tears find themselves in my eyes
And camp in for a while
I thank my cat
For saving my life
And we go back home to eat
Never to speak of what happened again
a silly poem i quickly wrote
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
A Russian
For one day

And paint

In gold
Draped in satin

Beware of hope
It will grip you
Make you into a Mongol

Control your mind
Destroy your abode
Invade the holdfast

Become neat
Fight to breathe
Kerri Jan 2017
I look into your eyes  
And I see so much love.
The love that you hide,
That you hope the world
Will not notice.
But I notice.
The love you possess
Rises from your perfect skin
Like a morning mist,
That few get to actually enjoy.
You might have told
Yourself you don't want me to,
I feel your love all around me
In everything that I do.
I feel it
When my eyes first open
each beautiful morning,
I feel it
With each necessary breath
That I take,
I feel it
With each choice
I blindly make,
And I feel it
When the
Blackness of life
Starts to invade my soul
And it rescues me...
It's always there
Like a quiet shadow
Following me on an empty street,
When the world
Makes me feel so lost and alone,
It saves me everyday....
Whether you know it or not,
Holey Nov 2016
What am I to do when you invade my life?
What am I to do when you refuse to say goodbye?
What am I to do when you lie, lie, lie?
What am I to do?
What am I to do when you overstep your boundaries?
What am I to do when you can't seem to stop?
What am I to do when I feel all alone?
What am I to do when I want it all to end?
What am I to do when I just give up?
I give up.
That's the end.
The end.
Melody Claire Jan 2016
I find it a bit intrusive how you talk to me in my sleep
simply to hear the secrets I keep.

— The End —