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Madi Jan 2020
what if today
was only a good day
so tomorrow could be my last

what if today
was my happy ending
God's final wonderful favor

what if today
was a desperate shot
to show someone life is alright

so if today
was my final good day
i'm alright if the end's coming

so if today
was my joyous goodbye
i'll tell God thank you very soon

so if today
someone else learned to love
i'm proud that i taught at least one

is this the end?
if so, thanks everyone
for a good day to end it all
for whatever reason i can't ever seem to accept that i just have good days. i always have a feeling like something bad must be coming soon.
Worst Nightmare Apr 2019
“If you knew that
It was my last day
What would you say to me?”
I inquired.

“Do me a favor.
Give your last day to me
And take my life,”
She replied with a good f*cking smile on her face
That numbed my soul.

She still loves me
Way better than I had ever asked for!!!
N Schulte Apr 2019
The Warrior of Wind
Stands on a cloud and looks down
from the big, blue sky

She towers over all
Waiting for the day when she
Can reveal herself

For now, she must hide
Until the Lord comes down
From the big, blue sky

Then when that day comes
She will soar across the sky
Bringing gusts of wind

She can't wait to fill
The destiny chosen for
Her, Warrior of Wind
5 Haiku poems combined. I'm not sure if there is a Warrior of the Wind, but if there is this is how I imagine her. Standing on a cloud, watching the world and waiting for the Last Day.
Gods1son Sep 2018
If you have one day left in life
What would you do?
Hold on to that grudge 'cause it means a lot to you?
Hold your loved ones close to you?
Weep the entire day wishing it wasn't true?
Be cheerful, enjoy life like it's meant to be?
Squash your beefs and leave so free?
Get busy with work like everyday?
Visit your favorite places?
Enjoy your best meals?
Smell the flowers?
Enjoy the weather?
Spread the message of love?
What would you do if it was your last day to live?
Natalie May 2018
"...and with this, a new day begins.."
this speech i have been dreading
the day senior year ends
the day i leave my best friends
and start fresh again

next year we'll splatter
all across the country
only for some of us to meet again
when two of our high school friends wed

my boyfriend and i had to break up today
for i am traveling far far away
he has decided to stay here
in this town which is very dear

thinking these thoughts
water comes to my eyes
an ocean of tears
as i look at my peers

each one bringing up a bittersweet moment
some i will miss
some i will dismis from my mind
only to one day wish again
that i could be a freshman
and repeat it all over again

oh what i would give
senior year, i wish i could relive
highschool wasn't always the best experience for me. There was ups and downs, however senior year really tied everything up with  a bow. i will miss all my friends dearly but cannot wait to begin the next four years of my life in college.
Dakota J Dawson Jan 2018
Smile with a touch
Growl an innate hunger
Climb the pillar

To see
At the cropped top
Lies the crown

Thorny and sublime
Creation bows
Zeus sings

Cries of Osiris
Echo his name
Pulling away the enchantment

Veils tear
Truth gleaming fourth
Constricted scrawls on papyrus

He is here
Setting us free
Throwing down shackles

The sun has risen
Nero has sung
Peter languishes in torment

First a laugh
Another kiss
A second betrayal

True to the construct
Doom is here
Armageddon begins
Alin Nov 2016
it's my last day
it's your last day
it's his last day
it's her last day
it's our last day
a day a hundred day
99 th of which has already been

it's my last day
it's your last day
it's his last day
it's her last day
it's our last day
a day a hundred day
one left already pending

it's my last day
it's your last day
it's his last day
it's her last day
it's our last day
and still a day
but now even
less than a day
and still a day

it's my last day
it's your last day
it's his last day
it's her last day
it's our last day
*a day which has never been
so much of a day!
Amaya Bhavya Oct 2016
We just have a few months to go
a few more juvenile fights to handle
a few more days of sneaking out of the class
and for the first time
I don't want the bell to ring early

As each second passes
the dress seems to crease
the dust settles
layer by layer
fighting its way through
it's the last time I'd wear my favorite clothes

The pencils start to shorten
erasers still get stolen
those notebooks still have our chats
the green board carries your creativity
benches would be my favorite mini bed
I promised myself
as I lay my hands on it

My hippocampus reached near to full
lacrimal glands prepare itself
tongue waiting to utter words I never spoke
one last time
salivary glands would miss it recess job
coming from the ground
after playing in the sun
sudoriferous glands loved those strokes of light

I could hear the radiating, chirpy , & shuddering voices
coming from the corridor
happy faces, sad faces, frowned faces,crying faces
promising each other to stay in touch -
half lies
the emotional fools who believed it

I remember crying on my first day
as soon as I stepped
I felt like running away
who knew this would become my favorite destination?
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