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one cannot help start wondering
about some leaders' meandering
rather than take decisive measures
they pander to their selfish pleasures
claiming they are in full control
and never mind the rising toll
of deaths, infections, unemployed
during the crisis
                              they avoid
acknowledgment of actual danger
instead fan hate, divisiveness and anger
ignore all human suffering
but only aim at buffering
their own political survival

it seems high time for the arrival
of real statesmen who can stall
that deadly downward spiral
and save their nations
     from being driven
full speed into the wall
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
I want to love
In text

Possibly in ***
Not with interest
But a blooming ****

Needing to eat a seed
Contracting the cold
Ending the clutch

Of life
In a haven of oil

Sidelined to be controlled
And subordinate
To ambition

Fur is my harvest
Wool, not grain
Or wheat

Definitely not grain
Or a Nissan
The constant Japanese falsehoods

Toyota is Japanese
But it is true and sound
Without regret

And obeying
Its self-check-up

I'm enthralled
By decision
To buy from the dealership

— The End —