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I was living on borrowed time
But now I know, I’ll find my own
This felt like an unknown building
But now I know, this is my home
I wanted every answer to come
But now I know, to give it time
I used to feel an ounce of guilt
But now I know, it’s just my mind

I’m in the middle
But that is a good thing
It all feels simple
What any day can bring
I’m in the middle
Where I’m meant to be
I’m here for a while
I’ve got a life to see

I dove for affection and attention
I was a small piece of your life
Now I feed on my own acceptance
Where feeling peace brings the light
I’m not in heaven, oh no not yet
But I’ve run past the worst of my regret
I used to think this period was the answer
But I’m an afternoon before sunset
Pockets Aug 28
Wake up
Spill some seed
Dig a hole
Plant yourself at the type writer keys
Water with whiskey
Give it some time
That’s how you grow the best lines
Falling down the rabbit hole
Endless darkness engulfs me
Is this my eternity?

A back slams ******* the ground
It must be mine
My body vibrates from the impact
Have I finally fallen back into reality?
H E L P?
Eating pills like candy
Sweet and tangy
as they glide down my throat
Sunbathing on a mushroom
Taller than a skyscraper
Blisters cover my skin
Smoking hookah
With  the butterfly's from my stomach
The Pansies dwarf me
as the tulips gawk
Their shrill laughter coating my soul

With a heart that's much too small
I  bask in white roses colored with my own  blood
joining the others in outcast
the format got mad ****** up bc this site kinda ***** but its ok
Reach into the hole in your head

          follow the trail that consciousness bled
     leading you down Paths never trod

               planes never Seen by the eyes of man

     unsullied by preconceptions

or illusion of plan

          the Blood flows and the trail grows

spilling over into Colorless Night.
Ken Pepiton Jul 19
Tall tales, memories inerradicated,
other worlds
other ways
other times, no other truth, all possible things are;
all impossible things never were,
no matter

all reroes religate the religious use of truth, in
impossible situations,

the truth frees, but this is the beginning, is it not?
This is the first time your mind found a way
into a common legend
of times when all minds spoke one language,

languages are difficult to perfect but first need known
is patience,
fear, known sooner than patience, is wise-being,
the result of the author seeing how a lie
could get out of hand and imagine an
impossible thing for too long a time.

Madness is the first word I learned for this state.
Imogene, who smote her hubby with a hammer,

ha,ha, ha. that real already was written in another
lie I lived through to now.

We sold them, they bought us. We owe nothing.
We earned our keep, and may I say,
with professorial non-chalance, this is the price one pays

when the script calls for attention,
you were about to mention the state we abide in, when
in default mode
mind wandering, not at all mindlessly, very mindifly, I

flee the pun
ish ment no harm, tis the charm of that wheezing old chump,
d'ja tell'em one, did they

survive. It seems most don't. Most of youse used to gititon
gititup gitiover on the other side,

flip the coin
time and chance, one day up, one day down, depends
on do darkness count as day or not

time being related to states of stop,
stop states, as
sleep states, to the fractal degree of hypernation of
indignation, kanyedigit, digial assistence
national notions

did you jump in
we be we be we be
whoa, selah,
balancing factor, at your service.
Where we wish we was...
And we have lift off, the novel is commited ancillary act gotten to gather idle words to fess up, give account, what are you worrth, we don't give dams, spark until the fire stars, I always say.
Black hole world destroyer and star eater,
You seem ever hungry like a cosmic monster,
You seem like the very nature of anti life and evil itself?
My inner light is mine never your's cosmic monster,
My inner light is mine never your's cosmic monster,
My inner light is mine never your's cosmic monster,
Black hole without mercy or light within itself,
You seem to hate the light and life in the universe,
You seem to like the center of every galaxy to feed you?  
My inner light is mine never your's cosmic monster,
My inner light is mine never your's cosmic monster,
My inner light is mine never your's cosmic monster.
There's this hole
I feel so low
I am not whole
Shot by an arrow and a bow

Never felt this broken
Only been cracked and
Thought that I was given
But no, something was taken

Never felt this lonely
This hole inside of me
It's making me empty
Cover it coz it's draining me

Used to be alone
Now you're here
You carried me along
Never been this happy
I see it in my mind,
I hear it in my thoughts,
I feel it in my dreams,
I'm bringing myself down once more,
Once more into the rabbit hole of nostalgia,
Once more into the pain,
Once more into the sadness that I brought upon myself,
Once more into the sea that I call emotion,
This time is different though,
This time I know,
This time I'm aware,
This time I'm prepared,
I clench my heart and take a step,
Once more into the sea of red.
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