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Verse 1:

Tell me
Tell me something
I can

Look into my eyes
So we can see
Into each other's so o ouls

Show me
It's hiding in your smile
A reckoning

A tidal wave
I feel it happening
Light me in your afterglo o ow


We can't wait
For heaven longer
So we made a castle
Out of our bed sheets

A fortress
Now we're safe from
All the ***** men the stinking
Lies and cheats

In your arms
I lose my mind
But I find the truth

Heavens already
Here when I'm
With you
Inspired by the Mindy Gledhill concert I saw tonight
Kayla Gallant Sep 27
Immersed in sorrow
No longer alone
Yet the twinge
Still remains
The hole inside
Burns too deep
Nothing can fill it
But time itself
the deepest wounds take years to heal
I write poems
And second guess

If I don't
Get a single

I feel
Like a free
Sample no one

I get
Close to the
Delete button

Wait! I
The forgotten

All Y'all
**** ***** cause
My words are gold

Not my
Fault your eyes
Are blind to this

Can kiss my
Cherry pie ***

Now, but
Lovers too,
I won't stop you,
Thanks for the kisses
Inspired by Trash
By Tyler
Irene J Sep 8
You reminded me of a dream
that I failed to reach.

Even though I dream all the way
to the moon,
at least I fell amongst the brightest

At least I didn't fall into your black hole,
that eats me alive,
and lives inside space of time,
left waiting for the unknown.
An old poem I wrote 12 weeks ago.
Ginger R Aug 25
I had stitched every hole
Every worn down place
Yes, I was perfectly flawed
But I was sewn tight together

The waves could come
Shake me if they could
But my stitching stayed strong
I thought it always would

There's something new
Hunting me down
Sharp sharp claws
My stitches fall to the ground

Like a torrent of rain
Just enough to crack open
The floodgates

I am lost in the river and I can't see the ground
Praying for a hand to reach out but I won't make a sound
I feel like everything is great
Except I've had more panic attacks in the last week then the rest of my life?
And like I just don't want people to think i'm trying to 'be cool' cause 'everyone has anxiety sometimes you aren't special' but like, hahaha a therapist would be nice.
Cameron Aug 4
Love is a fickle thing,
Though romance has more sting.
Lost in her warm sad eyes,
She stared right on through mine.

I thought that it was me,
That was a fruitless plea
Back against my heart’s walls,
She tore a hole right through.

She drained my heart to naught
No blame stems from that spot
Escaped through the puncture
She searched for a lover

My heart is torn to shreds
All that is left are dregs
Now I finally see
It would never be me.
Von Aug 2
Trying to fill the hole inside,
I crammed in the flower you gave me.
But that's just a thimble-full of water
onto a raging fire of despair
Anastasia Jul 28
covered in vines
and wildflowers
lays the best part of me
with thoughts of you
floating around like clouds
a heart-shaped hole
contains my memories
of when i was happy
of whispers
sang to the stars
and secrets
sang to the moon
of fireflies
in my hands
and sunlight
on my skin
of stretches
in the morning
with anticipation
of seeing you
that what's hidden
in the deepest part of me
if you look
hard enough
you'll see a smile
and a hand
that held
by an angel
by the name of
and if you try
you'll find
I wish I could go deep enough to rescue it, but I can barely swim.
How do I explain to you the feeling of
inadequacy when someone loves or compliments?

How do I explain to you the fear of being a disappointment
or not having climbed up to someone's level of expectation?

How do I explain when without warning I am plagued
with self doubt, layered with chaotic-heavy-blues
and harboring insecurities?

How do I explain when I don't want
these thoughts to matter?
when I just want them to be deprived
of care that they die within,
and never surface to my skin.

But somehow like the crashing waves
they envelope me in the depths and like
the black hole **** me from within.
There is a hole that exists within me,
no pain,
just a sunken hollow.
A constant emptiness
and a feeling of terrible,
terrifying loneliness.

My heart latches onto people,
sometimes even to the ones
who may not know my name.

I can create or feel
love and comfort from them.
I embed them into the figment
of my imagination,
for they are always there to stay.

But once their souls
leave my reality,
the figment starts to fade.

Once the feelings are no longer there
my heart,
my mind
become a sunken empty hole
waiting to be filled once more.

But people,
feelings are so temporary.
For the only fill was self love,
self acceptance,
and connection with god.
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