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Guden Jun 13
Sometimes I look at you,
And love runs through my veins.
A love that that brings energy
For my brain,
My muscles,
My spirit.
Sometimes I look at you,
And I don't understand,
What you're doing here,
With me,
Why you love me
So broken
Beyond repair.
Sometimes I look at you,
And I want to drag you
To this hole I'm living in,
Perhaps that way
I won't be so lonely
Perhaps that way
You'll feel what I feel
And discover
You'll be better off somewhere else.
Existence of human life is derived from living microbes,
Living microbes created from carbon, hydrogen oxygen and other elements from earth’s matter,
Cell development three billion years ago has led to creation and subsistence of plants and animals,
Living ecosystem and animals developed from monkeys to apes,
Evolution of apes to human’s transition has been the most controversial phenomena,

Making brains think of black hole and big bang theories,
Bringing Theory of coexistence and Theory of Evolution in place,
Finding substantial evidence is key to understanding the formation of life,
Where 7 theories on origin of life was initiated,
Biogenesis and abiogenesis became the cult of living hypothesis,

Where DNA and RNA has given the living forms to read the genetic blueprint,
Searching for the new theories of existence and evolution,
Developing new atmosphere in the universe across earth, ocean and sky,
Where each process is dependent on natural existence,
Life is moving with the physicochemistry of biological survival.

By Madhusudan Dabhole
Human Existence
today I’m gonna make it

getting done with the stuff I left for days or a week, reading a book once again that I excitedly flipped every page, losing a grip on a string of a blue balloon, today I’m gonna spend all of my pennies to my unrequited wish, similarly to a black hole that keeps gnawing my heart; this is what it cost.

Today I’m gonna find out why they are calling us “black swans”. I will make their blood drain, we will dance at them until their eyes glow green. Today I’m gonna make it, but not the girl who cried wolf at night.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2021
Loneliness steadily chisels away my soul
Colder each moonlit night
Where heart was located is now just a hole
Empty bed without love will never feel right
But where has it moved to?
Purcy Flaherty Sep 2019
I love you honey
I love you're honey hole,
I love your sweet nectar
It satisfies my soul...

When I taste your honey;
It tastes so sweet,
You're my honey suckle honey
and a sticky tasty treat...

Your my honeysuckle honey,
Your my honeysuckle hole
I like to tease the sugar,
from your sugar bowl...

What I like is oozy, gooey,
finger licking good,
You're pure perfection,
sweet confection,
sent to me with love.
Dinesh Padisetti Nov 2021
"You have a nice smile", She said
No! Don't give me hope
Don't make me happy
I know how this ends.

Soon, You'll realize
My heart masks a hole
As deep as the Marianas Trench
There's nothin here but Melancholy & Madness
Sometimes you feel insane for being loved
LC Jul 2021
my thought fibers
push past the clutter,
swirling around until
my brain twists into knots
and my heart follows suit,
its veins tangling like spider webs
until my feet get swept off the ground
and my body gets ****** into the black hole.
Ashanti Jul 2021
There a hole in the bottom of the bucket but I didn’t notice but in that moment I realized it’s in comparison with my bleeding heart it’s been pouring out and I didn’t notice
Sorry for the inactivity
But I’m gonna start supporting your poems more ❤️
Flo Jul 2021
If I could paint
My feelings for you
I would use blue,
For all the hardship we went through
Red, burning passion
Remember those roses I gave you in old fashion?
Green for past jealousy
The fear someone could come between you  and me
Yellow for our optimism and joy
Everything we were about to destroy
Purple for the present dread and fear
The cause of our failure ever so clear
An abstract painting it would be
All this clash of emotion don’t you agree?
Once finished I’d cover it in black
I’d destroy it and never look back
A colour symbolizing the hole
That you left within my soul
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