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selina Feb 28
passports, abstracts, and cigarettes
i swear it was all just for the aesthetics
thin walls, smoke screens, and window tints
we crawled through one just for the hell of it

it's nineteen and nose rings, i got asked for an id
we're twenty-one in jersey, you like my con artistry
i borrowed a street sign and failed to book an uber ride
everything is so much messier than i would've liked

i tired of people pleasing, and you never reply
we don't really need to talk about it
i try my best to not really think about it
said that i'm conceited, hedonistic, manipulative

but some nights i just want to drink until i start to lie
see, if coping was a job and paid an hourly wage
i'd be working overtime, id have a career drive
and i'd be a millionaire after six shots, or maybe five
more about the messiness
selina Feb 28
drunk kissing blurry faces under neon lights
i'm sorry that your party had to end with a fight
but that creep was overstepping everywhere tonight

after sharing reservations about people getting high
your friend won't stop asking for my marly lights
these cigs for aesthetics are going to ruin our lives

debrief time: your parents argue, divorce is in sight
romance is everywhere, you're convinced that i'm blind
hey, out of curiosity, have you ever wished on a satellite?
The smell of a cigarette will always bring me comfort
And soon enough
That taste that entered my lips
Bought me comfort too
The melancholy feeling of inhaling that smoke
Exhaling it slowly
As if it’s an unhealthy breathing technique I need when I’m panicking
Breathe in, Breathe out
The sadistic flavour lingers in your mouth for hours
Reminding you of your relapse
Your mistakes
Reminding you that he will no longer love you if he smells the cancerous aroma on your breath
You ******* up
No matter how much it helps to inhale and exhale that smoke
Taste that bitter flavour of tobacco
Breathe in, Breathe out
You quit once before to improve your health
But here you are
Breathing it in and out
Until the guilt eats you alive
And that smell of cigarette
No longer reminds you of a simpler time
But rather that you’re forever going to disappoint those you love
The light on the cigarette goes out
Just like the light inside of you
You’re both dead
And soon
You’ll be discarded too.
Ila Jul 2023
You know, I started smoking because of you.

The availability of the cigarettes you had on hand when I saw you
To be fair, when I was with you, you’d try your best to not smoke as I’d get dizzy
But somehow I always gave in
I asked for one while knowing this

You’re just an analogy to cigarettes
I know how bad you are for me
Yet when I see you I can’t but help to dive in again
Do it over and over again because as good as it feels it is so unhealthy for me

I do it over and over again and I know it’s unhealthy but it just feels so good

It’s toxic through and through
The smoke etched on my lungs
And I drown in you

Now every time I’m offered a cigarette I can’t help but think of you
I smoke them knowing they’re bad for me
But somehow it gives me a connection to you
Somehow smoking one makes me miss you
It makes me feel you again

And I hate it
Oh how I hate it
I know how bad it is for me — how toxic it is
But somehow I can’t stop

You’re just as bad for me as the cigarettes you once looked at me shocked by me asking for some

Smoke fills my lungs and you fill my heart

But as you keep coming back
As I will keep getting cigarette after cigarette
This feeling of self destruction is unfortunately never ending

And truly, how does one find a conclusion to something everlasting?

This pattern is circular. I stop and when I see you it starts again. I probably won’t ever cut you off. This pattern of self destruction will consume me, just as cigarettes take their victim

(12/24/22; 12:45 am)
Warning: Cigarette smoking is bad for your health
Under the full moon after a twilight evening I light this flammable paper I rolled as I hark back to our faded moment in the back of the cab that night...

I lay shirtless on your marshmallow soft like thighs while you caressed my back with a rather fade a way shy but intentional touch which sent sensual chills down my spine
We were both drunk, me more than you trying to decipher if these were just my chimera postulation episodes or a series of real time occurrences? Whatever the reality,  it didn't matter as long as you were here with me  in this moment, I was at a tranquil state in time and finally.. I understood what it meant to hypothetically float in space..

But as the moon faded into the morning sun and the cigarette burned to the filter tip I couldn't help wonder if nights like this could last longer or when will we re-live  these drunk jiffs as sober moments?
Cayley Raven Aug 2022
Who do you think you are
to pollute the air I breathe?
It smells like dead toes,
You smell like ****.
Costs a ******* fortune,
Why are you doing it?

Go find another ******* window,
Window of a fellow smoke.
Maybe they´ll join you
And together you can choke
Your filthy ******* lungs
With instant cancer joke.
I guess I don´t like smokers
Elena Jul 2022
I am hungry
Nicotine addicted
Smell of cigarettes take over my room
I am starving and I should keep on going
Punish myself for all I did
For all you did to me
I cannot sleep
I cannot eat for comfort
I need to smoke most of the time away
My heart is beating too fast
Or no at all
Descovia Jul 2022
I fade into you,
Ashes of my former self, carried away by the wind

Break away from me
Cravings continuously calling for me again.

I can’t go anywhere
Without the feeling of needing you there.

I can’t see anything
Other than what I can taste from pain.
Clearly. The cloudiness in my lungs.
Menthol or Full Flavor. I know it's wrong.

I miss you
You're dangerous for me. I love it.
I can’t remember your face
The filters, makes no difference.

I want you in my life, although you're taking it's place.
I feel your love

It's only temporary, I can say and it's more than enough.
To give me exactly what I need from the buzz.

It’s not there anymore like you
True, what is there once in view.
Our relationship. Is bittersweet.

Hazardous and playing with fate.
Thinking you are helping me be safe.
You're only putting my everything at stake.
You fade away
In the haze, I am still attached to old ways.

If I keep this up, no telling how this will turn out.
This is not an addiction, but if I quit...
I burn out

Dark Descovia & Darko Collaboration

Yes, we both composed a killer poem on smoking cigarettes/
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