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lok-hing Oct 7
a spark igniting a wildfire.
we occupy, we burn, we bleed
yellow; we're crying tears of pain
from getting kicked down, no time to breathe.
we're fighting a battle against the odds.

let's stand together
under the yellow umbrella
under the dark and gloomy skies.
stand up, add oil, stand strong.

unmasked, we're leaving
square traces of our existence
on walls of conflict built from scratch.
this could be a last stand
but it won't be our swan song.

let's stand together
under the yellow umbrella
under the dark and rainy skies.
they've bled yellow for us before,
now we must take up the banner.
dedicated to the students of hk who are protesting. be water, add oil, never forget what you fight for.
annh Oct 3
You tilted your halo at me,
While I was polishing my horns,
A twinkle in your eye,
A prayer on your lips;
I can resist anything except temptation.
Can you?

‘There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.’
- Mark Twain

The penultimate line is borrowed from the playful and flirtatious character of Lord Darlington in Oscar Wilde’s comedy of manners, ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’.
i and i wept
by the waters of Knoxville
remembering Zion
repatriation, what a notion
slowly, we came to our senses

the brave new world
closing in around us
we sought our refuge
at the doors of perception

timothy leary and
Marcus Garvey
were on a bad trip
together one day
when it began to snow outside
like grace
from heaven, falling
i was there with them
the angel of death

my thanatalivity
is all i know now
i will make it
to the end
Written ca. 2012
Nylee Aug 8
It is your smile which mirror's mine
I have made the boundaries
To build my own confines
Your footsteps behind mine
They make a rhythm and the rhyme.

The desire will not completely die
but a little more distance
can make a lot of difference
But all efforts are waste
When I gaze into your eyes.

It is just the rush of all feelings
all of a sudden ready to burst
I keep my breathe even
and let out few words to part
Sometimes the resisting is hard.

It is better to just dream at night
design the things getting perfect
Then to face you daily
embarrass myself incredibly
To see your smile mirroring mine.
I want to help him, but he resists and does not accept my help.
He fight against me like I am enemy.
GEM Jul 2
i am in the lowest of the abyss
that whilst i struggle to resurrect to bliss
i know someone has been whispering to me
in celebration of my failure to Thee

i come in white, wavering across my body
well-aware that i am no longer worthy
i struggle a fight in the darkness
but today, I insist I win.
Darryl M May 9
I am what you’ve been avoiding but can’t resist.

Blueprints to your heart I’ve been given,
Constructions of love, I’ve got to make.
I learn,
but chasten me once more.

How do I?
How do I?
To know the weight of my love,
Face to Face is the scale,
Calibration of the heart.

What is a kiss without its sacred contact?
One’s emotion without its nakedness.

You lay your heart on my palms,
Yet I don’t recognize,
Pardon my ignorance.
I learn,
but chasten me once more.

Your heart on my palm,
My love on your hands.

Love is pain in isolation,
Joy in communion,
Built on destruction,
Prepared on rejection,
Unleashed on anger.

I am what you’ve been avoiding but can’t resist.
Completed: 13th August 2018 [18:52 PM]
Elijah Bowen Apr 1
I burn **** between my lips.
one by one.
******* them down with skill.
Skull to lungs,
ashes to ashes.
I am the smoke of myself that  
gathers deep inside
and prowls out, darkly
like faceless men at night
sunken in city pavement,  
pacing towards desire.
And so the word saunters and spirals,
clouding upwards
from my red hot tongue.
I watch it as it leaves me.
I lick my lips of the sting,
and ash drips on my shoe.
I take a deeper breath.
and look ahead.
perhaps smiling,
perhaps darkly.
As it twists itself into nothingness,
sinking headlong,  
like the private history that it is,
into the ignorant, pretty sky above.
The use of the word "***" here is, of course, meant to be a double-entendre. I swear I'm not British, nor do I have an affinity for cigarettes.  ;-)
Sarah Elaine Mar 22
Ever feel like the ceiling and floor are squeezing you in the in between space?
The past just wont let you rest...
The present seems empty with the missing pieces of the past.
Glimmers of happiness keep you on the edge...
Chains tugging,
Inner demons fighting,
Trying to resist and not succumb.
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