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Nylee 4d
My inability to stop my self, it is showing
It is a compulsive disorder, nothing can stop me now
I cannot control my self, I've tried million times
Resisting this urge, it is increasingly difficult
Mind won't listen, and hands don't too
I've searched your name in every space of internet
Learn new things is an accomplishment,
Look through the same old, to understand you
I am obsessed, I admit
Find me cure of this addiction now
I cannot go on like this forever, or can I?
Let me know.

Put Satan in his place
or he'll find a place


Safana Aug 23
Staying single
is a loneliness,
I tried to,
I can't resist.
I want to marry
Someone with
a green face and
white clothe,
she is someone
with a giant smile
and, behaving
Will you marry me? Someone question me
because someone want to marry
Homunculus Aug 23
After all, it has come to this as our
Laughter falls dumb and a mute glum persists while
A once gorgeous flower now reeks of rank **** in

An **** of power that seeks to dismiss that
A siren song hides a great serpent's grim hiss in
A dire long ride to a fervent abyss, but

A glorious hour now seems to persist as
A warrior throng's rising insurgent bliss
Is igniting wrong's righting, with glee

In a fight long and tiring they refuse to desist
In the night they stay strong as abuse gives its kiss
But they KNOW what is right and must make it EXIST
and when new order comes:

Gary Cuming Aug 21
Shallow waters seldom hide the blackened sand below

Rocks and land, erodes in tides, defiled by ebb and flow

The calmest waters, clouded up, by a river built on lies

The purest shores, shrouded over, engulfs an isle that cries

The years weep past, the time goes by, the waters seldom turn

Every second bleeds, through wasted lives, the oceans start to burn

As memories close and the truth is lost in waves of spite and shame

Hope breaks through, no matter the cost, drowning eons of blame

The storm batters on and the swell can’t contain

the depths of the ocean below

The current rips across all the doubt and the pain

As the strong waters start to flow

The tide starts to turn and fresh water renews

The life force inside the abyss

Resurgent, re-splendid, the water refuses

To be held back, to be held down.

Joliver Jul 21
Resist now, my friends
While you still can, blissful fools
They will burn it all
M Solav Jul 19
I won't speak again
Once I cast this stone,

I'll leave
This whole train of thought
To a lost memory.

Feeding this enemy;
In enmity we may conquer
Anew our identity,

But I need you to resist,
For strength grows in anger
Despite the fatality.
Written in March 2020 - as experimental lyrics for a song.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Poetry Art Jun 3
you can try
to cover my mouth
close my eyes
block my ears
and put my hand down

but you can never stop
a heart
that shouts for her rights
a heart
who wants to resist

because a heart that loves
loves so hard
and if she fights
she fights so hard
old willow May 9
Some say that life cannot be controlled by oneself,
for it is within the grasp of Fate, and Time.
I laughed!

Laugh, because I can’t resist.
Laugh, because I can’t resist..
Laugh, because I can’t resist...
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