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Michael R Burch Dec 2022
** Xuan Huong (1772-1882) was a risqué Vietnamese poetess. Her verse — replete with nods, winks, double entendres and ****** innuendo — was shocking to many readers of her day and will doubtless remain so to some of ours. Huong has been described as "the candid voice of a liberal female in a male-dominated society." Her output has been called "coy, often ***** lyrics." More information about the poet follows these English translations of her poems.

Ốc Nhồi ("The Snail")
by ** Xuan Huong (1772-1882)
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

My parents produced a snail,
Night and day it slithers through slimy grass.
If you love me, remove my shell,
But please don't jiggle my little hole!

The Breadfruit or Jackfruit
by ** Xuan Huong (1772-1882)
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

My body's like a breadfruit ripening on a tree:
My skin coarse, my pulp thick.
My lord, if you want me, pierce me with your stick,
But don't squeeze or the sap will sully your hands!

Bánh trôi nước ("Floating Sweet Dumpling")
by ** Xuan Huong (1772-1882)
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

My powdered body is white and round.
Now I bob. Now I sink.
The hand that kneads me may be rough,
But my heart at the center remains untouched.

Most of Huong's poems were written in Nôm script, a complex Vietnamese adaptation of Chinese characters employed from the 15th to 19th centuries. Through her Nôm poems, Huong helped elevate the status of Vietnamese poetry. A century later, she was called "the Queen of Nôm poetry" by Xuan Dieu, one of Vietnam’s greatest poets.

** Xuan Huong was apparently born in the Quynh Luu district of the north-central province of Nghe An. Xuan Huong means "Spring Fragrance" or "Scent of Springtime." Her father, a scholar named ** Phi Dien, died young. Her mother remarried, as a concubine. Huong grew up near Thang Long (modern Ha Noi), in a male-dominated society in which polygamy was permitted and men were more privileged than women. Huong may or may not have been a concubine herself. Very little is known with any certainty about her life. In 1962, Nguyễn Đức Bính admitted, "I don't know anything about the poetess Hồ Xuân Hương and other people don't know any more than I do." And yet legends do take on lives of their own ...

Keywords/Tags: ** Xuan Huong, Vietnamese, English translations, snail, grass, shell, hole, breadfruit, jackfruit, tree, skin, hands, sap, stain, dumpling, body, powder, powdered, sink, bob, swim, pond, heart, center, red, nom script, spring fragrance, spring essence, concubine
** Xuan Huong, Vietnamese, English translations, snail, grass, shell, hole, breadfruit, jackfruit,
Karijinbba Nov 2021
You in your wait,
me and in mine,
we've brought to a halt
our whole LIFE for awhile
your garden sprouted new seeds
I don't want to live nor die
without you
You've gone willow on me
I blame only me
Hear my plee and re-appear
bless me ágain babe
Pick me up from this dessert land
where only evil passes by to steal
my last portion of bread.
my last earned dime.
I am homeless near your
gold mine and frozen wind
in your power bless me.
Please fortune maker
build me an abode.
  Save me from this homeless
exiled purgatory.
I've paid for my mistakes
I am only human spare me.

need your help need you be my friend. 1678-517-5066
loving you only you eternally bless me only you can stop my slippery slide you got power to stop it help me please
Rone Selim Aug 2021
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..
That's only skin deep though,
what's a common rock to someone,
is another's treasure.

Beauty is the light that shines when you talk, when you walk,
when you do what you love.
Beauty is the way you express yourself,
beauty is loving and accepting yourself
for who you are
and making the best version out of yourself.

Beauty is self love,
self care,
self discipline,
beauty is self respect,
self worth,
self improvement,
beauty is good manners and behavior,
beauty is your hungry mind,
your loving energy,
beauty is the way you view the world,
beauty is knowing when you're wrong
and knowing when you're right,
beauty is honesty,
beauty is humbleness,
beauty is authenticity.

Beauty isn't just one certain type,
beauty is the diversity in mankind.
Beauty is so much more than
just a canvas to change colors and fabric on. Beauty is meaningless if it's just an empty shell. A shell found on the beach is beautiful;

because it holds something precious inside.
Unpolished Ink Jul 2021
Sleepy blue ocean
Hiding in a cowrie shell
I heard her snoring
Wondering what it would be like to re-live the magic of being six !
Cara Anne May 2021
As I walk around the hospital, I hear chatter and laughter.
I am constantly surrounded by friendly faces and warm smiles.
I meet their warm smile with a cheerful hello, and I grace them with the twinkle hidden within my eyes.

But deep inside, I feel hollow.
I feel empty as if my soul contains nothing.
I feel like I am just a shell of a person taking up unwarranted space.

Every day I ask myself
Does my life have a purpose?
Do I make a difference?  
Will anyone miss me if I am gone, or will they notice I'm not around?

As I come back from my  recent travels, everything seems to be the same.
Not an item is out of place besides for me.
No one has noticed the empty desk for the last four days.
No one has noticed that there is a missing friendly face.

One does not realize how insignificant they are until they come back and realize that no one has noticed their absence.
Until one realizes that everyone failed to care.
To them, one is just another working body.
One is just another body filling another simple empty desk.
Disposable, nonetheless
Thomas Patrick Mar 2021
Hope for more
Than individuality
Amongst the throng
Of arachnids
To be the organism
And know what meaning means

Power and fame
Provide the human ego
With fleeting satisfaction

Love is a connection
Outside ourselves
If real
Not man evolved lust

Energy between us is palpable
Passion amplifies
Yet we are all lonely
And yearning souls
Trapped in a shell of life
iamgone Feb 2021
i am not a shell of a man
in fact
i'm looking for my shell
not having a body
means not feeling anything
and i find myself
missing the cold
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