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malluraeh Jul 8
Time is limited,
Use it well,
Don’t be bigoted,
live in hell,
Your hours are
Should ring a bell,
Minutes used right
can be pivotal,
don‘t live in a shell,
These few seconds can be

do not create your own cell
jacob charles Jun 30
An enemy to myself
a ******* up book fallen off the shelf
God please help me, save me through hell
my plea, I plead, I need all help
seek shelter from shell
this vessels a flooding jail cell
my fate unassisted destruction foretell
this world's a system, I'm lowly rappel
repelled from the flame up top as well
not dismissive of mission to pass through natural
or worldly but the worry has me shaken but desensitized stiff
mistaken, surly i can't, won't adrift
off course, of course not
Johnny walker Jun 22
All my memories of you Helen and how you help carry me thus far carried
on your dreams through-out my remaining
Sweet dreams of you of Helen  that get me through each day though your ever lasting love that still remains with
And no what ever I do or to where ever I may be always
Helen will  be with me In my heart and in my soul forever she remains together and forever
Ingram Jun 16
Do people ever admit
When they are two-faced?
If not, let me be the first
Because I need to throw away this toxic waste.
The more you get to know
My fake, happy shell,
You will start to learn that under that ****
I live in my own private hell.
If anyone gets this shell open
They always end up leaving
The real me is never good enough
So the shell stays closed and I’m left grieving.
Priyam Jun 15
Oh pretty things
Take me instead and
Make me you
Oh pretty things
I hate the colors and
I'm feeling blue
Oh pretty things
How does it feel to get
The attention of the lovers?
Oh pretty things
Will I ever get noticed
Beyond the shell that covers?
Wellspring May 31
I often get a little bit of inspiration,
Just here and there.
And I can pump out products
With great amounts of confidence.
But soon,
My precious inspiration,
My lifeblood and soul,
Shall leave me just a shell of my former self.
literally the only reason I write poetry is misery and occasionally rain.
MG May 29
Every man that I have ever let inside me is you,
Every man that I have ever let see me,
touch me, open me up.
Expecting them to tear down the walls that are hundreds of feet high,
just to walk right through
as if my guarded heart is a sliding glass door.  
As if they can see right through my frame.
They see me: bold, opinionated, strong.
But They all have all looked right though me, and can see the little girl who wants to be loved.
They told me they loved me.
Touched the hidden places that have hurt to touch,
as if they knew exactly where they could be found.
Only to treat me like a warm body for their cold. Blood.
They take me as a shell.

Because, like you Mom, they exploit me.
Use my weakness in seeing good, reading what makes me tick,
Learn to gain my trust.
Just to abandon me.
Like you.
I am not a shell.
StoryTallinn May 28
Focusing on taking steps after steps
but forgetting to take a breath
Mimicing strength while my shield was rusting
I said I am fine too many times

I know this shell needed to break
So I could shine
This mask needed to fade away
So I could look at myself in the mirror

Admitting my vulnerability
and finding the chemistry of happiness
Admitting my ignorance
and finding the road to knowledge

Where there is room for improvement
There is space to grow
When things seem to collapse
Just an opportunity to start again
Some dreams can never be shared, Some dreams can never be told,
When your old; when your cold.

I look into your eyes, and I wonder where you have gone?
and I pray; yes I pray, that you've made it through the stars !

Some dreams can never......

Song link
These words were lyrics to a song  I have created during a waking dream.
for some reason I have chosen not to alter them  leaving them in the original structure.
There are times thought
I was alone But then
again I can't be for she
still with me the day I
laid Helen to
When I walked away from that  day I didn't leave Helen I left empty shell their I took Helen away
Home In my heart she came home with me
but It's a secret only
Helen, I will ever
know Oh how I
love her so could
never let
It her
For I love her so much more than anyone In this world or even God
could ever know or
to even try
and I had something
very special going on that of a
love once Lifetime time love but so
strong It will
I carried home back hone with me when I laid my Helen to rest I left an empty shell Helen Is still with me
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