It terrifies me
That for months
The pain
And abuse
Molded itself
Into a form of false love
I defined as true love.
Tell me
How ones mind
Can interpret events such as
Drunken break up texts every weekend
Forced physical exercise from not looking pretty or thin enough
Punching walls and bloody knuckles
Thrown objects across the room
Flirty messages with other girls
Pain so encompassing I quite literally took a blade to my own wrist...
How on earth did my mind
Convince me this was love?
Love isn’t my past
And every god damn day
I am reminded
By the three faint scars
Forever resting on my left wrist
Hidden by my bracelet
But never truly hidden.
You see I didn’t know true love
Until about a month ago
Butterflies make me jumpy
And they inhibit fear that sends me running
Yet with her
There are millions of butterflies
Fluttering in my stomach.
And with her
Sometimes I cry
Because I have never felt a happiness so tender
With her
She reminds me of my worth
My beauty
My importance.
With her
I want to hand her the world
And all of it’s wonderment
With her
I am truly in love.
When someone tells you that you're their best friend
You have to ask yourself if they are yours
Written by Sean Achilleos 11 July 2018©
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Is a deceptive god.
Just when when we think
We've done it
We realize
That something about what we've done
Just isn't right!
Gears screeching against each other.
Chains rattling and clinking.
Bony, skinny fingers claw at steel bars.
The smell of metal and blood mixing into an intoxicating stench.
The quiet groans of struggling bodies resonate in the dark cell.
Freedom no more than a legend.
No more.
The cackle of an eagle and
The raspy cry of a vulture
sound the same
to someone who isn't brainwashed with the lies of false freedom.
Brainwashed by the idea of control.
The clanking of a ball and chain against the concrete
is one of the loudest
sound to someone who isn't brainwashed with the lies of everything.
The sound of a key turning inside a lock
is the loudest and the clearest
sound to a prisoner
Poetic T Jun 29
Deities are mans delusions
                     and weakness,
that manifest within our moral

In words that have meant
           we don't see as one.
But only see through the
              moral stance of the writer.

Who is mans own prejudice incarnate.
Blake Jun 29
you see?

It wasn’t my pathetic unrequited love.
Nor was it the vanishing of you.
It wasn’t the sorrow I felt while you faded.
Nor was it the recognition of our expiry date.

O  P  E  N
Your eyes.

It was your kindness
It was them sweet white lies you whispered to comfort me.
To protect my feelings.


You wasn’t letting me down gently.
You wasn’t being noble.
You just prolonged my inevitable misery.
You let the emotion of belonging cement to then just carelessly erase it.

To me

That mutilated me.
That broke and wrecked me.
That made me contemplate everything.


And yes my own love was the executioner
But you tossed me away
Trafficked me to the devil.

His favourite play is the mockery of


You were just his little minion.
Nivine Nahli Jun 28
The stars and the moon,
Have fallen beneath my feet.
You brought them to me and
It all makes sense now.

Since there is no radiance,  
Above me anymore.
In a split second,
My heart has changed.

Thinking it was kind gestures,
But only taking away what’s left in me.
I have nothing to look up to,
No stars to count, no moon to watch shine.

You left me with darkness.
You took away my universe.
You took what you gave me,
Buried it beneath my feet.

And wondered why I was so cold and empty.

jai Jun 21
why is my brain unable to feel any type of affection as pure?
as true?
why must everyone else be using me?
regardless of who you are, some part of me honestly and truthfully does not trust you. and she is neither right nor wrong.
I loathe that I must
Subscribe to the suicide
Of false wealth to live
Amanda Jun 7
Love you find in fairytales
Is falsely portrayed and blurred
Knights and princes do not exist
At least that's what Ive heard

Happiness is a hoax
Impossible to reach in chances
I guess it all depends
On fair or poor circumstances

Boasts of castles are dishonest
There's no such thing as forests enchanted
These are hopeful ideas
Well-meaning people implanted

A story does fine to entertain
Listen closely when I say this;
A frog won't transform into the man of your dreams
And you can't wake from a coma by feeling true loves kiss
I've alwats been a hopeless romantic. Maybe it's all the disney princess movies I watched! Damn you Walt Disney...

Written 4-10-12
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