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"Never promise some one what you can't deliver,
       only commit to what you are capable of as a giver,
            or else someone's hope and life whilst waiting might wither"
You don't have to promise the entire rose garden, just one should be enough
Rose wither on the branch but awaits to bloom again
"Never promise some one what you can't deliver,
       only commit to what you are capable of as a giver,
            or else someone's hope and life whilst waiting might wither"
You don't have to promise the entire rose garden, just one should be enough
Rose wither on the branch but awaits to bloom again
I gave you everything not knowing what I was getting myself into. I feel unwanted, used, destroyed. I feel...empty. Being unable to continue and progress in my life has been the worst punishment I've ever experienced, but you...you're able to act like nothing has happened and walk around with a smile on your face. I remember smiling...laughing, feeling happy. I ask, what did I do deserve to be treated this way? what did I do to hurt you? what did I do to make you hate me?
Amanda Oct 28
I am underneath this mask I've made
Down below the smile shown
World within is stony and dim
Think you know how it feels to be alone?

Take my place for a single day
You will realize your life is sweet
There's always effects from mistakes repeated
You have a house to ease your feet.

Breathe me slow, inhale my thoughts
Only I could invade your mind
Occupy another brain for a brief stay
Enough time to leave battles fought behind.

There is no escape from this pain
Don't know  what to say when friends ask
Continue to carry on like I'm okay
Hiding beneath my delicate careful mask.
It's hard to be real when fake is all you know..
Braedon Oct 25
You told me you loved me,
but you really mean it?
All those "You're the one to be"
How did i fall for that?
You fed me up on false
Making my heart pulse
Shoot like the stars in the sky.
I just don't know why
Why you lie?
About your love for me
Love for us
And all my trust is gone,
So is my heart that is torn.
Just another letter of guilt
Andrew Oct 18
Suspicion runs rampant
No trust can be found
Even when lies are recanted
To their nature we’re bound
Releasing the hounds
Silencing sounds
Of victims drowned

Suspicion exacerbation
From false accusations
Causing ****** lacerations
Through spatial relations
Like shared incarceration
Or the local fascination
With public *******
Or child molestation

There are horrible people out there
They lack moral fiber
They do the wrong thing consistently
So in order to feel dignity
They develop extreme compartments of honor
And search so hard for instances to use it
It often comes out at inappropriate moments
And is used as an opportunity to signal masculinity
Imagine the person constantly yelling
“No one talks **** about my family/religion/country”
Then flies off the handle at the slightest perceived insult
This person may care about what they’re defending
But their defense is about themselves
And how badass and imposing they are

Conclusion jumping
Hatred pumping
******* lumping
The convicted with the accused
So with that flawed logic used
They decide to mercilessly bruise
Somebody a liar happened to choose

Why do people not always believe victims of crime?
The existence of liars
Who taint society with their dishonesty
Yet will never have to face their own impact
By apologizing to a survivor no one believes
For it is their kind
Manipulating minds
Turning men blind
Until trust is resigned

The liars mix with buyers
Lighting the world on fire
Creating an awful empire
Where the innocent are *****
And the innocent are slaughtered
I don’t know much more I can take
When no one seems bothered

I don’t have any answers
If we make penalties harsher on liars
We could discourage actual victims
But the injustice victims of false accusations deal with
Fills my heart with immense anger and frustration
People have no faith in our flawed justice system
So they look inside their own incapable minds
Deeming themselves the arbiters of justice
Too ****** to understand their lack of moral authority
That savage nature is reflected in the punishment they inflict
Innocent people die in a dark and lonely cell
While the rest of us must live in this deceitful ****
Where our minds are infected by hatred’s smell
We must pull love up from the spiritual well
To shield us from the ceaseless church bells

Those who lie
Mix with grime
Taking time
Deciding who dies
Innocent cries
Muted by guys
Smart as flies
That hatefully wait
For someone to mutilate
So they can prove they’re great
We must grow before it’s too late
And begin living in an empathetic state
Brent Kincaid Oct 17
In the fifties in the USA
It was sad, but at the time
It was a rock solid fact;
Flamboyance was a crime.
I had to wear a coat and tie
The uniform of every day
Behaving quite the normal guy
In every conceivable way.

To be a good Samaritan
And genuflect at the altar,
Wear the collar of a puritan,
And not shame your father
By being some kind of fool
Who goes against the will
Of a society that longs for
A conformity inducing pill.

I gazed longingly at clothes
Of fashionable panderers
With the color matching garb
That triggered the slanderers.
But more than their profession
I saw their ability to strut,
The fit, the material display,
The magnificence of the cut.

And I had trouble being
That kind of person they craved.
To me it was a boring ride
From birth, right to the grave.
I could not understand those
Who felt life was not for living.
What good were the gifts I saw
If I refused their very giving?

Not for me, even when young
To spend my time mud crawling.
I would rather spend my efforts
In verbal social brawling.
I rejected insulting phrases that
Proper people so often employ
And chose instead the descriptive
And openly proud ‘*** *******’.

I refused to let the common man
Who was afraid of his own crotch
Insist I be mute while he insisted
That I should stand and watch.
No, I would be who I was then
And reject their false packet
Of wearing the coat of social balm
Which I called The Straight Jacket.
Anya Oct 5
Being frank here,
I think a lot

And I think about
my thinking

And I have a unique way of thinking
as do most people

But I combine my thoughts
with analogies
I conceive through
my creativity
And weave them
into words

Which I have learned to love
through my obsessive reading
in my elementary
That's it
I haven't read
enough official

I don't really
edit my

I don't overthink
too much

Just my thoughts,
on a lonely page
I've wondered time
and time again,
is this even

My thoughts
carved with

Rough on the edges
with spots of

As well as
as smooth and cold
as marble
The honesty hidden
other distractions
when the truth
is too much

But it's still me on the page
But what I can't figure out
do I do it
for social approval?
To be heard?
To spill out my emotions?
To make something beautiful?
Just cause?

A wintry night
the wind swirls around
blowing my questions
away with a chill...
This was inspired by the poem on this site "Poetry Reeled me In".
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