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let me rip away the ivory
from the elephant in the room
rebuke its presence
cover my ears
so i don’t have to realize
these anxieties you bring
they long to dethrone me
rip apart each bone
pick apart this broken brain of mine
with each triggered nerve
i scream it’s okay
putrid false indifference
hopeful lies
for the barren sober pain
Suspire heavily, 'tis a garden of demise.
In amid of prolonged night it blooms.
Sea of night shines long and bright,
Methinks the stars are to blame.
Under such folly the garden dwells.
Nigh onto the envious dawn.

I felt the velvety dews,
Lying at peace over the willows.
Owls of Minerva hoot unsung beauty.
Vile are the fruits of life that demise withhold,
Endeavoured with the phantom of false.

Yes ‘tis our garden.
Ornaments of life violate to death,
Under this night where the cursed garden dwells.
It's a platonic love
No fk  fk
A spiritual person
No **** ****
It's a platonic love
No hug hug
No kiss kiss
No hiss hiss
No fiss fiss
It's a platonic love
No fk fk
No sk sk
A spiritual person
Vacuous truth
Hedonistic tendency
Vacuously false
Where and when
Torch beam
Beaming smile
A spiritual person
It's a platonic love
Denise Uy Sep 8
when thunder strikes,
i hear you in my head.
scared, childlike
while you're lying in bed.

tell me what you need.
warmth, a hug from me?
it was what you let me believe
and i was too blind to see.

you tossed me the next day,
from your bed to the streets.
you said we'd be okay

but i guess you really were lying in bed.
Asominate Sep 2
Trust was never a option
But were there any options to begin with?
The paranoia is real, the cake is not
Ylzm Aug 9
Once you've sat at Wisdom's feet
and heard her teach the Truth
Light's unbearable and dark
and Teachers most grievously painful

For there is no error in the plumb line
Any tilt and crookedness is exposed
Every hearts' wickedness and deceitfulness
cries out and stinks as dead men's sores
every night he come like an UNKNOWN,
an go on morning like an UNKNOWN,
what will i do with this dream EVERY NIGHT,
you were not mine!
why do you come like this FALSE DREAM,
sneak trough the DARKNESS of NIGHT,
touching my skin!
rubbing me!
kissing me!
what should i do about this dream,
that never happened!
EVERY NIGHT it come to my dream and leave in MORNING!

This poetry is based on imagination,
Of someones life in the way to express their love.
Thanks for reading.

What should I believe?
How should I perceive?
How should I receive
the ones who deceive?

Both sides like to lie
Where I am the "Bad Guy"
And no one turns an eye
To when bad ones pass by

How can I tell what is true?
Also, what else can I do?
So many thoughts are askew
Please, will there be a breakthrough?

There are too many opposing sides
With these concrete, airy divides
Where the lies need not any guides
And where the devil comes and hides

It has been like this for all of time
Where generations study and mime
Where these acts of maleficence climb
Is there no end to this heinous crime?

My hope is that they will say what is real
When a lie is told, it is a big deal
That they should not stand around, they should kneel
But this is just what I think is ideal

For I just want the wheels to start to spin
And in this long battle, truth will come to win
And the slimy serpent snake will shed its skin
Show off its beauty that was hiding within

I hope I have made my point incredibly clear
And that I have helped you conquer this scary fear
To help yourself, your family, your friends, your dear
To take the great leap onto this empty frontier
Discussions and recitations are on my YouTube channel Vindex's Vids
M Solav Jul 19
Oh how I hate art!
So much noise
And false pretenses,
Such undeserved poise
For those vain promises.

Sure, in everything there’s a message,
Yes, anything you want to acknowledge.

How I hate art!
For it is far too fragile
To dare play so smart
How I hate art!

Oh how I hate art!
Whether I’m missing the point
Or whether there was none;
Whether it isn't what it ain’t
Or whether it’s just for fun.

How I hate art!
For it cannot do otherwise
Than state the obvious
And pretend to be wise.

Sure, you’ve convinced more than a few;
Yes, they’ve all grasped your great value.

How I hate art!
The cliche, the glamour
The whole thing and the part,
Oh how I hate art!
Written in December 2019.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
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