She regretted making false stories
when lies started becoming true .

Wordsinalign Apr 13

Standing alone in the courtyard, there she stands swaying in the humid breeze, a yard in the open she is a humble to fragrant Plumeria trees. Oh how I loved the wind before he took you from me, tell me it was all false and stay awhile is my only plea.
You did a swirl and you twirled in white and yellow, only to turn me into a sad old fellow!

Well I’ve waited for twenty years my love, clinging to your hopeless memory, of how there was a day that came where you couldn’t remember me.

Carson Hurley Apr 8

These brawlers becoming celebrities
and the weekend warriors and harlots
being consumed by the limelight
suffocated in the attention
they draw over themselves
they steal the heat
while the artists shiver
in the cold and dark
we are the forgotten
plagued by the talentless
given little more than
a nod of appreciation

Easy Way's Price
© Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

Each false friend
puts a shadow
unto the only Light
you still have left
to find your happiness with!

Take off your halos
Get off your throne
Wounded inconceivably my heart bellows to groan
You white washed tombstones
Prancing entertaining without any truth
Slaying my orphans outrageously uncouth
The Rock has been flown
Between the eyes of the beast
The land has been saved
Not by the skin of your teeth
Jesus alone though an unclaimed king
Showed His power impromptu
With a stone and a sling
Power was given by faith without fear
My own know their Shepherd
Their King and Keeper
With wisdom they follow
Jesus wiped every tear
REPENT you serpents! Your sooth saying is to much to swallow
Awake with the dawn !
Lift up your eyes
My love is unconditional
Just trust and obey
My light shines through each veiled disguise
I AM always forever in a Day
Here to transform and sanctify
In a Glorious array


Abby Mar 30

Lies, lies
lies that spread from miles to miles

Lies that are believe  because of false signs
Lies that spread with different styles

Style of lies
that deceive the eyes

Lies that are across the seven seas
that filled the innocent minds

Lies, lies how can someone make it true
Without putting himself in the person's shoe

Lies can destroy
demolish and Destruct
the trust that was build in careful stack

Lies can deceive you in just a snap but wise decisions and truth shall always prevail :)
Maud Higgins Mar 29
How when electricity gets turned off for some time, when it gets turned on again, the consumption is higher.

2. How when getting through a doorway, there exists a proportion among forgetting something, a change of focus, a cobweb of plans within bigger plans - a mise en abyme.

3. How when he squeezed my right breast, I knew he didn't want my heart.

4. How when he let only our fingertips touch and not our palms, I knew that we were only supposed to be on the tip of something, that our palms have lines embedded on them since we were born and to not let these lines get in the way of each other.

5. How when I pulled his face with both hands and kissed him, he did not open his mouth. Kissing was too personal, anyway when he was just being a guy who can cede then claim that I am his cousin in a jiffy. It's when either Relation, Repulsion, or Reservation get in the way.
Poetic T Mar 25

I collected the currency of my failings inserting voices  
into the deluge of my figurine dancing on the precipice
of my tainted visage.

But I was short of necessitates, fraudulent reimbursement
was reincorporated, and I was woven unwept as the distresses
of what I had done wove upon my silhouette.

Blank verses were woven on my pools of sky blue, now vacant
only snow flakes of nothingness fell on my perception.
I was not as before I was whole but concussed in creation.

Interwoven, incomplete essences of me. I wasn't that which
was reflected outwards, all that was now interlaced in an
abomination of false reflections and I paid the ultimate price.



From *

Mothers day is to commercialised  a gimmick for making you spend your cash..
Saint Titus Mar 18

I used to use a magic mirror to self validate
but it took me far too long
to find that the self hate
had found its orgins elsewhere
Somewhere not so skin deep
And so it makes it quite a struggle
to search out soulfull sleep

But after all the praise was gone
I finally came to admit
Perfection had long since taken me
and was walking in my skin

It was my skin that became
all the home i had to live in

To wit
I ended up on the edge of my own identity
selling my last shred of dignity for some quick fix
A few creepy half glances
I was blind to second chances

Ignorant out of will or spite
either way, i wasnt right


In the subconscious
ignorance may be bliss
but I was too ham fisted
And once I added a slice of lonliness
It cut right through the seam
To find the corpse of happiness

And i near missed it

Or at least i thought i did

Its like an old adage i heard once
You dont know what youve lost till youve had to replace it and you cant find the basics anywhere inside you,
so with nothing left to define
you just give up and go back to hide

Or something like that

Yeah, it's pretty much my thoughts about self image
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