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This is not all that I am
All that I can see
My eyes shut close and fade
Into nothing.

I can see you
And all my hinges all my twists.
My bereavements and edges
That I cannot take back

The light can take me
When I decide it is my time
But I am not done
I am not done living.

My feathers can burn.
Into soot
Take all of me that is left
That I can give.

But I am done giving up
What more
What more can I ha-------------
Serendipity Mar 23
You baptized me
in the shadow of the sun,
the water made
from Angel's weeping.

The church bells ring
with the Devil's laughter
as they blind themselves
and call me
Steve Page Mar 19
I wrote a story today
start, middle and end
a tale with a moral
brim full of suspense

I wrote a story today
with purpose and drive
nothing like real life
- the hero survives
A storyteller, at his worse, takes the messiness of life and places it in order – ensures it make sense.
there are times
when the meaning
of a word
is asked
one that
has been read
and regurgitated
used regularly
correctly adopted
as part of
an apparent
   or pretentious
however upon
being asked
its meaning
there is only
a blank
unable to provide
a succinct
or even literate

to save face
to re-establish
the hubris
of this
abashed lexicologist
analogous alternatives
will be offered
carrying a little
less gravitas
a layman's explanation
to maintain
position on his
Alan S Bailey May 2022
Wise person says,
You can't buy happiness
Without learning that something
Always gets lost upon
The return to reality.
Get lost on the way to achieving enlightenment?
Well maybe this can help.

Growing up is so hard to do when growing to become shallow and vain,
may someone find joy in money...? Or whatever that foolishness is.

Simple free-verse wisdom
it could be a sign;
that the ring
didn't fit easily
on the finger
effort was needed
it had to be forced
or it could
just be temporary
joint effusion
perhaps an unexpected
weight fluctuation
meaning nothing
yet i'll assign significance
to fit the narrative
feed anxieties
and support
a predetermined belief
GaryFairy Apr 2022

Check out my profile on Facebook. I started studying science for the wrong reasons and I started with biology and will end with astronomy. I was just looking at proven science in all departments. What I found was some awful stuff about stem cells, plasma, carbon, and nitrogen. I refused to be someone who just believes theories from uneducated people. What I have found is that the planet x nibiru stuff seems true to me. I am seeing ionic clouds form and then change into different things. Like an eagle and a fish, deities of India, and other things that blow the mind. I also saw and filmed other a planet and two suns. One sun setting in the west, while more light came from the south. I have photos and video of this. No camera lens flares at all. Black clouds following a bright moon, or planet, that look like clouds of birds in flight. My friend in town recorded what appear to me to be living bald eagles or osprey that fly in different directions, including backwards. These birds seem to have a triangle or pyramid  shape on them. A crow has been hanging out near where I rent, and flying around me in circles. I have always had a thing with animals and they have let me live on them, and I mean wild animals, including mice in open areas, and many snakes, possums and raccoons. I am not sure if this crow is friendly or not, but it seems to be in charge of starlings and robins. I am off of drugs, for the most part and I take no hard drugs(doctor prescribed drugs) and barely even smoke grass. I was told by a doctor that's would die in a short amount of time if I stopped taking my heart and blood pressure pills. It has been over a year and a half. I had many encounters with buckhannon police and one by the name of angel mccauley has been here many times. She has told me that renters do not have the same rights as homeowners and then actually entered the house as soon as me and the others left, for a welfare check. I have in ones the power of goodness and now the police seem to be nice to me. I have not even saw angel since she entered this home. Wvhas had sulfuric acid spills and the factory next door to me is releasing some kind of gas that is heavier than air. This is so bizarre that I know it is hard to believe, but I have some videos and photos.

I have went through many changes of self and I realized that I was not forgiving others of what I thought was trespasses. I would help anyone I can, but my life of minimalism has trapped me. My friends are all poor also. They are the broken ones that I go to when they need me. People are being ran over by trucks and they are people who really cause no harm to others. Hospitals are calling people to come in, and then those people die. I am not anti American, but the next eclipse is going to be only seen from here and it will be total darkness all day. This makes no sense to me, because the planets shouldn't move together.
Has anyone else experienced this?

Please keep in mind that my criminal record has some false stuff, and I have never been to prison. I don't answer questions for cops, and I have never been convicted of a felony. I take responsibility for my wrongdoings and I have done some wrong things. I have been rude to people on sites also, but I do not think I abused anyone. It was more of a moodiness and me acting like a fool. I was never out to make fun of gays, nor have I ever a used a woman. I got a little bitter with women for a bit, but I know that not all women are bad, and not all men are bad.

Please add me on Facebook if you want

I love humanity and I want more understanding. I have realized that I am not as smart as I thought, and I actually feel like I know nothing at all
I am banned from posting or commenting for two days and I think it is because I got a nerve. This ban is for human exploitation, and it makes no sense. I'd like other opinions on my page. My prayers go out to you all.
Sean Achilleos Mar 2022
I'm really not interested in your bigotry
It's not my fault that you've spent your life standing in judgement of others
You wouldn't recognise God even if you had bumped into Him at the supermarket
Because you're too busy trying to find the devil behind every rock
Written by Sean Achilleos
31 March 2022
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