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maybe math is the foundation
maybe math is essence
maybe math tells us everything

or maybe not

maybe it's a trick
or a bad logical conclusion
based on faulty logic
or wrong assumptions
or poor observations
or just crappy minds
is math universal?

or universally wrong?
Finding it difficult
to find myself able
to have faith in you

Every sentence
laced with lies
lost in loathed

There once was a time
where I took your
words as an oath
never to be broken
and thought the
truth never omitted.

Here I lie in the aftermath
shown the truth to be set free
shell shocked and shattered.
Ola Gia 2d
High walls.

He tricks her to open the gates

She does.
Including this poem.
what is poetry
without a tear
for the dying embers
the distant cheer
for a truth now lost
in chaotic bliss
the magic hidden
within a kiss
the whisper of love
only lovers hear
what is poetry
without a tear
Inday Sep 12
Fur coats, Malboro smokes and fancy labels,
Fabricated faces closed off, segregated, false.
Pretending to be these people, these cloned plastic dolls.

Dark lips, skeletal figures and decadent glances,
Small waists, tall bodies and negative spaces
With hearts going nowhere, only lipstick traces.

You like to talk about people, about insignificant things
Not birds, or mountains or the potential life brings.
But just remember this: you will never tower over a mountain or grow any wings
Ilion gray Sep 11
While we were lying in my living room

Naked on the blue couch, listening to lightning attacking

The stellar clouds
I learned,

how the hearts of men are only a piece of space
clutched by skin,
wading through darkness.

I Delve into time
and I watch, and
wonder, though I knew
that it would end,

Why I  couldn’t stop
loving you
will haunt everything you left in the house,

till nothing is forgotten.
The trouble is if you live in a bubble.
You are not facing facts
That one day you will get a fright when it busts
kk Aug 24
Don’t call me
At seven pm and expect
That my heart won’t race just a little.
When you text like that
How can you expect me not to laugh.
Most of all,
Don’t leave her side—
Her, who stands tall,
With sparkles in her eyes
And chocolate hair—
For me.
Because, boy,
You’re a fool if you think that
I won’t smile even just a little.
I think that
The first (and the second and the third)
Taught me that when one steals your heart,
One also can rob all the love and warmth
That he crafted in the beginning.
They shatter it
And it cries, it wails with heaving sobs
And it hurts so damn much.
They taught me to forget
How a heart is supposed to beat
And that all men
Will be thieves.
So I’m sorry,
But please don’t run your hands through my hair,
Don’t call out my name in front of a dozen others,
Don’t leave her side for mine,
Don’t fool me into a million thoughts.
And don’t blame it on me;
My heart,
It’s tired. And bruised.
And afraid.
to the boy who makes me falter.
to those who were given false hope.
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