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Let's talk animals
I don't know if you'll agree
but since I'm doing nothing
I'll write some lines about these.
Aren't sloths the best for some reason?
I can never get over those guys,
looking fancy, always in slow motion,
the cute smile gets me everytime.
As a kid I could spend all afternoon staring at their cage, moving just as much as they did.
ducklings wander
on the pen
California napkin
Morgan Vail Apr 25
This form
Like a dead cat in the street, I
Am roadkill, I am whatever you need me to be
A puppet
Shards of pink tinted glass under my nails
Under my skin
Love like a dream
Feeling like a dream
To the dream
Give me water, blood
I tear apart this carcass
Slick with the allure of death
Release me from this casket
Lined with silver
labyrinth Apr 15
I’ve never heard of a dishonest leopard
Or a cheating cheetah for that matter
I haven’t spoken with a corrupt eagle
Doing things I find rather illegal
I didn’t meet with a warlord grasshopper?
Nor a giraffe being the nastiest plotter
Never seen an ethnic massacre of sparrows carried out by pigeons
Or Panda’s killing koalas in the name of panda religion
Neither did I hear a drug-dealing squirrel
Nor a cat applicant with fake referral
Newspapers never read an alligator
Acting as the river’s agitator
No birds to sink so low being the bid-riggers
Or fish terrorists pulling the triggers
These are the problems that humans face
The ultra-superior, ultimate, master-race
These are not even problems, man! Just basics
And we succeed to fail in all. Let’s face it
Being the only incompatible creature
Of the whole system, we call nature
Answer me this! Who are the irrationals?
Honestly though! Us idiots or them animals?
Creativity makes a man a thinker. And the best way to raise your standard of living is to raise your standard of thinking.
Thinking faculty is the only diversity between human and lower beasts. Everyone is an animal positive thinking turns a person
a human. It's scientific universal known that we are higher animals and a dog like is classified lower. So therefore every persons have to be optimistically positive. That's true quality of human. It's how to become a human. Upgrade your standard of thinking.
labyrinth Mar 24
In the tiger mood
Fox acted airy and rude
It did not look good
Juliana Mar 18
A glass box, sitting on the wooden shelf carved
by an unknown soul, in an unknown time.
The box is solid, invisible, humane.
The creature who lives there is trapped,
yet he does not know anything else.

This box, his glass prison, is his whole world.
His freedom, his nature, it is here he travels
from one side of his spaceless cage to another,
searching for a purpose; a meaning.

Yet how can there be any meaning
when one’s life consists of a water jug,
filed down wood trimmings, a few brown
pellets, and a spinning wheel.

The wheel, and its monotonous motion,
saddens me. There is no destination, no
ending goal, just energy wasted on a lifetime
of potential. The poor creature had such
potential. If only he could leave his cage.
early spring
for chimes of pink
on belle snow
Amy Perry Feb 26
Love is the universal element.
Attention is the universal currency.
Together we embark on celestial
Missions of ordinary urgency.

Gathering up mountains,
Effervescently iridescent.
Cloaked to me like thunder
Clasped to a forlorn crescent.

Details of blue,
Flashes of indigo,
Orbit the thoughts
That think through their howls.

Reminding us the wrongs
That we’ve fought.
With patience and wisdom
Of spiders and owls.
abp & icp
early clang
for sache of peaks
on goats' catamaran
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