Blue bear
with golden teeth -
He took a bite from my neck
when I wasn’t looking.
I looked at him then
and he smiled at me.
I saw pieces of my flesh
in his golden teeth.

I've found myself a chick
The cutest little chick
The perfect brown
With feathers all around
She makes peeping sounds!

Ophelia, is her name
Cheeping, is her game
My chick of love and fluffiness
Makes me grin in happiness!

Vexren4000 Apr 4

Slowly creeping along,
Layers of discarded detritus,
Its reality the muck before it,
The muck its haven,
No concern for human qualms,
Unless the curious child,
Comes forth to crush the snail between their fingers,
Proving that,
even the mud,
Holds no refuge for the creature,
Trying to retreat from the surface

Mane Omsy Apr 3

Then it chirped
for a long time
It spread its wings
and flew away
The squirrel grabbed
and looked at it
Stared for a while
With a deep breath
She took a bite
It seemed delicious
The sweetness drooled
from either sides
and touched the ground
She had no regret
That was so tasty
The bird had a bad day
I swear, by the look
at the squirrel's tiny face
This picture of the wild
enjoying a fruit
Amid the summer heat
I'll never forget

It has been a while since I watched the beautiful events in a day. Just becoz the electricity broke for 5 hours I sat outside for some air. I was so happy to see something this natural and serious.
Diego A S Apr 2

Tonight I had a dream,
a dream of dread and loss.
Everyone on their places,
everyone on their roles.
The homeless Fox,
the maneless Lion,  
and the tagless Dog.
Everyone's there,
everyone but me.
I'm the nameless animal,
all pity and praise on him.
See me as I laugh, see me as I cry.
As I have all of them
as guests in my mind.

Remi Leroy Apr 1

a churning in your abdomen
like the clenching of your fists to show the whites of your knuckles
like the contracting of your heart muscles to pump blood from head to feet

a low growl
like a beast's when it sees prey after starving for days
crouching low, stalking, waiting to pounce

a waft of fresh blood
the animal had lunged; it caved into bestial desires,
incisors cutting through sinews

warm red liquid spilling all over
a bloody mess, clouding vision
a beast devouring, feeding until it's the only one standing
the only one cackling

a gulp
of fresh air clears the mind
is one meal enough to satiate the beast?
through a reflection one sees their beast
lingering, hiding amongst shadows
dormant, creeping beneath stained skin

"Out, damned spot!"
but from head to feet, the damned is me.

Martin Bailes Mar 26

I'm a little funny looking
I must confess,
all chunky boxy & truck-like
with 2 big old horns
that look quite deadly
but really we just
use them for show mostly,
oh & digging around
in termite hills,

I do hear though
that you humans
really cherish them
for folk cures &
help with your
dicks & such,
you know
scientific stuff,

but then again
we can make a fearsome
fearsome charge
at a land-rover
full of folks
all with their
cameras & such,

at least we used to
till we became
fucken extinct!

Vexren4000 Mar 21

Buds, sprouts, shooting forth
From wet soil and melting snow.
The Animus stirring from their slumber,
Creaking open their eyes glued shut by the dark of winter.
Birds beginning to flutter again.
The cicadas crawling from the thawed ground.
Trees growing leaves, bringing with them the shades of summer.
The shades of chlorophyll pouring from the verdant forests.
Sunshine bathing the land in warmth and renewal.
Where man has worked all winter,
Animals have rested, to recover for the summer.
Man never recovered, he has forgotten how
To hibernate for the winter months.

Randy Johnson Mar 17

I have a puppy who loves to run and jump.
I have a Chihuahua that is named Trump.
He was born on the 14th of January and he's special indeed.
I now have two Applehead Chihuahuas, that is their breed.
Trump is some feisty and he's as cute as he can be.
He is my new pet and he means a great deal to me.
It's nice to have two dogs that are purebred.
I love both of my Chihuahuas who are Appleheads.

Vexren4000 Mar 7

Find a fly upon the wall,
Watching, not you but something we will never understand.
The fly upon the wall,
Spiders waiting for an unwary meal,
Dogs barking in the dark city streets.
Monsters of the night musing and mulling,
Over their unsavory deeds.
As for, you
You are there.
As for I
I stand here

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