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Prachi 2d
What can be bigger a crime,
Than abusing someone;
Who has a heart as you have,
Who is as much alive as you;

Their inability to express,
Through words doesn’t give
You the rights to harass them;
Let alone taking undue advantage.

True utilization of your voice
Would be to speak for those who can’t,
And do not forget that you are
Nothing but a social animal yourself.
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a wish of a sop
Khoi 6d


Winston Churchill
Jim Carrey
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a jump from a route
Evie G Oct 12
Anxiety is an animal
Anxiety is a carnivorous beast
Anxiety grips onto you and doesn’t let go, digging its fangs in
Anxiety has painful fangs
Anxiety has claws (retractable)
Anxiety sits on the edge of a table, meowing morosely
Anxiety digs its claws in when it doesn’t want to do something
Anxiety reminds you it needs feeding
Anxiety hisses, bites and scratches
Anxiety eats ferociously, draining you.
Anxiety gives you disdainful looks
Anxiety reminds you it needs feeding
Anxiety has tiny fangs
Anxiety reminds you again it needs feeding
Anxiety looks down at you with its hairy body from the top shelf
Anxiety will sit with you, out of spite
Anxiety is only doing so to remind you he needs feeding
Anxiety might fall asleep
Anxiety might bite your hand while you fall asleep, he needs food
Anxiety is fed
Anxiety might possibly maybe if you-are-really-very-nice allow you to pet him.
Anxiety falls asleep
You fall asleep

Anxiety reminds you he needs feeding, loudly.
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