Sewon Jeon Jan 12

What would I do if I was to wake up
And found myself able to talk
With animals who could swim, fly or walk.
I suppose I would spend the day in trees all day,
Or perhaps celebrate a dog’s birthday.
I would ask fish how it feels to breathe
Or what dogs feel when there’s meat stuck in their teeth
I could finally make friends who had no bias
And wouldn’t be swayed to leave me alone.
I could talk with whoever I wanted,
and all I would need would be able to dream.

Crystal Jenkin Dec 2012

Soaring with the wind,
The azure world surrounds him,
Gazing at the wrinkled sea beneath,
Like a thunderbolt, he falls.

I found this randomly in one of my notebooks :)
Crystal Jenkin Dec 2012

Lies perished, lifeless,
Its chance of life taken,
Cruel humanity.

Another old haiku that I dug up.
Crystal Jenkin Dec 2012

Black and leathery,
Flying kings of the night sky,
Fangs glisten and tear.

A random haiku of mine that I randomly found in one of my notebooks. It's fun digging up old poems :D

In whole of the universe is only this man,
Who run after money for hunger & pain.

looking for house or yearning for cash,
Neither such animal nor bird I trace.

Under depression with gloomy face,
indigence in plenty are human traits.

Enough have shelter & enough have wool,
But man never die with his stomach full.

For Quenching her thirst near a Bank,
Bird never worried  preparing a tank.

Deprived of shelter, and wanting in bread,
never with empty gut, found animal dead.

  Ajay Amitabh Suman

All Rights Reserved

an animal i am
they call me man
kill in any my way
eat the foul
and a dessert with porn
an animal i am
disgust in others
not me
love is the turn to open doors
though consumed with hate
an animal i am
money, women
poulty, and beef
not one sits on my throne
while i eat
an animal i am

My mound is wet
Probably due to the weather
Lots of rain

It hurts to be a gopher
Small and furry
Yet sublime

The combo of cuteness and evil
Is damning
Leads to bleeding

Getting stuck in L.A. tubs
Fleeing from Sheba the cat
Fighting for grannies' vegetables

There is nothing here
No noteworthy existence
Just all the disturbances

ahmo Dec 2017

often in days where the sun,
in its highest hierarchy,
still refuses to warm my feet
engulfed in charcoal

the colorless kaleidoscope behind my eyes will become a photo album of the purple-red hue of waterfront nimbocumulus,
jade scrubs not yet bloodied,
and the tea kettle sweetly whistling,
a collective hymn only conjured by your
an antidote comprised of scarlet tablecloth and ballroom reverie within the smallest bones of my wrist.

in this auspicious daydream inexplicably affixed to reality,
i watched a cackling crown absorb the ultraviolet in a stale, forgotten parking lot


as rainbow plumage replaced black,
i thought of your modest palms on my vacant chest,
immersing the colorless into the radiance,
and unafraid.

there once was a girl who fooled many. she had a seductress picture that told a 40 pound lie. but they all drooled because things became desperate and men developed fake accounts to give her credit.

people of such ilk say it best in some mercurial fashion. the fuckin brats on the playground who thought they knew it best. she thinks she so smart because she read fillossophee, but little does she know she's just fails comparably.

this bulging lie continues but she'll post that old photo and her adrenals will continue to bellow like a chimney. she's a lie who preaches to the boring. groucho marx loves her the most as her inspiration display with eyebrows as the host.

she keeps coloring them in and coloring them in and soon the false, fat eyebrows with fly away like an american butterfly suffering for obesity that support her dying dream for fame.

she hides behind make-up because there is no inner beauty. never speaks of the heart and holds no baby. the love of a woman has fooled many men.  i, consoling those who fall for the weighty lie and the far off stare in their eyes. more than likely...fucking insane.

most people can't get their act together so they play pretend in videoland! bitch can't even hold an anxiety ridden cat properly. why? cos she's a fucking mess who shouldn't own an animal.
Samantha Dec 2017

I looked through
A poetry zoo
When suddenly
I heard a
And I fell through
Should I ever knew
When the wind blew
I should listen to-
At the bottom,
It's sticky and gross.
Filled with... something,
That I never wanted most.
A small creature
Walked up to me
Little and fluffy
But looks like a tree.
And it said...
"My, my, Sam!
It's like you stepped on Pam.
Don't get turned into ham."
I replied,
"Please don't lie.
Ham is something I like.
How did you even know my name?
I can't tell, but it's not like we are the same."
"How can you be sure?" it said with a smile.
"For you haven't seen me in a really long while."
What else could I do, I thought to myself.
I watched closely as it sat on a shelf.
It yawned and seemed to be sleepy,
But I found this rather creepy.
I just had to run through the water,
But the air got hotter and hotter.
The farther and farther I went,
The more I longed for a vent.
But soon I found
A dark cave with no sound
With nobody else around.
I stood for a bit
Not wanting to sit
But then I heard a-
The lights went on
As it seemed like a dawn
A cave room for a party
Maybe for a smarty!
Like me...?
Filling the cave were
Little teddy bears... sound, not a stir
They had big beady eyes
And dark red fur
Which I could not despise.
One of them said,
"Happy birthday!"
I was awfully confused,
Was I being used?
"It's not my birthday," I said.
This, I started to dread.
"Who's that behind you?" spoke the little one ahead.
I replied, "Who?"
"Oh, the boy over there.
The one with the sharp teeth
And the creepy smile."
"Wait... WHAT?"
I looked behind me
And saw nobody.

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