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pable Feb 8
Did you know that elephants can fly?
And fairies never die?
What about, that cows don't cry?
Or even that pigs can fry...

Have you ever seen a snail walk?
A t-rex draw with chalk?
A goose soar like a hawk?
Or a unicorn talk...
about politics?

You haven't heard a penguin laugh?
Or seen a gorilla fold in half?
Found a beanstalk taller than a giraffe?
Not even seen a duck choreograph...
a music video?

Did you see that buffalo fly that kite?
Watched the peacock dive from height?
Met a llama thats actually polite?
You didn't hear the goldfish recite...

Well I must say
you are quite absurd,
for I
have experienced them all.
Chelsea Rae Feb 7
The lion takes the reigns
And I am learning what it's like to take

I do not need a mane to be

I am finding my claws, my strength,
My roar, my teeth.

Watch my lips curl back
And let me show you what it's like
To be queen of the jungle.
cait-cait Feb 6
you could be such a handsome, loving boy,
and live in a
nice house
if you didn’t insist on treating me like this...

you know?

we could be neighbors, the
two of us, the
kind who smile and wave at each other at eight in
the morning before we drive to work.

you at the office, and me...
at the office.

can you even imagine:
laughing at whatever winter wonderland party
they hold
with no worries,
no secrets,
no walls...

but i have given up,
as you have grown cruel,  
still thinking of me in that mean, wretched way,
despite the fact that you probably say you don't really care...

but you're just that animal,
the one
you turned into for him-- what
do they call them again?

written on january 12th, 2019 at 10:38 pm. i havent written anything in a while but i was going through my notes to find a title for something and found this. i love it tbh... dont know why i didnt before even w its flaws...
jcl Jan 28
i would look into your blue eyes looking up at me
kiss your lips still wet with wine
pull you near, against me, feel your body
taste your sweat along your neck
smell your scent, arousing, calming, reassuring
the animal inside of you
The ocean is your love,
Not what you think at all,
And you’re an animal,
To choose to fly or fall.

A dove, so born, you be,
Safe in a nest well built,
No lean, nor slant, nor tilt,
The branches, leaves, all stiff,
Precarious on  - a cliff.

As far as you can see,
The ocean stretches out,
You might be one to doubt,
To jump into the wind,
And trust your fate destined.

Yet the farther now
You’re from ocean low
Deeper into love
Destined fall will prove.

Some learn to fly and glide,
Above the waters fierce,
Above the waves so soft,
Above the rising tide.

Yet should a storm loom near,
Its rain so sharp to pierce,
Even your wings aloft,
Would succumb to the fall you fear.

And as you fall, you think,
Why did I ever fear
To fall this dreaded fall
The wind does snear and leer,
But it does not hurt at all.

Indeed it feels, you think,
As though you have begun,
With heaven wings now new
A journey much more fast and fun.

And as the blue wide sea,
Comes flying fast at you,
You think that it must be,
All you’ve wished for too.

Sometimes the fall is different,
And starts with just a tumble down,
As though it weren’t first sight,
The accident of – a clown.

But in the end you splash,
And lunge, and plunge, and crash,
Into the water deep,
To hide the tears you weep,
Of joy and sorrow too,
For love has come to you.

You sink and watch the sea,
A fish of gold is there,
And asks you quietly,
To swim, oh, would you care?

And should you say “I do”
A bird no more you be,
To swim without air you,
In love, a fish must be!

From there you may not fall,
But that is what love is,
If there you cannot swim,
Things are not right at all.

The sorry sorry bird,
The tells the gold fish “Nay”,
Must struggle straggled up,
And climb up from a bay.

Onto land and back to life,
Of bird and gill-less soul,
You could not take the strife,
Of swimming in that blue sea bowl.

But hope is not yet lost,
You might fall down into
The sea once more again,
To feel the thrill of being two,
And losing wings is little cost.

You might afear the sea,
And climb up far above,
But high as you may be,
If once you miss a step and fall
You will fall deeper into love,
Then hadn’t you climbed at all.

But love is not the fall,
No – no – not at all,
The ocean is your love,
Are you a fish, or dove?
William Marr Jan 8
Chewing the cud
can turn a long-lost spring

The older a cow gets
the more it foams
at its mouth
Chris Jan 4
Skin is but a thin, thin leaf,
Flesh is meat, and meat is good,
Bone is hard, but bone is sweet,
Under that, who knows, who could?

Blood is sour, blood is blue,
Veins are stringy, tasty too,
Heart's a muscle, not the soul,
And I don't mind even lungs at all.

Nerves are tender, tender things,
Pluck them, and make for spicy meal,
Play them as they were guitar strings,
And see how gourmet that soup would feel.

Eyes, oh eyes, exquisite blue,
(Brown and green as well will do,)
Look if what they see is true,
Look before I eat them too.
About human tendency to destroy others and enjoy.I am no different.
Mokomboso Dec 2018
I remember when you were newborn
Tiny fingers and toes poking
From under your mama's arm
I remember that rambunctious toddler
Ambling clumsily with Malaika
I remember that comically high hairline
And those dinner plate eyes
You had a blessed childhood
Your mother let you get away
With all sorts of hijinks
She loved you that's for sure
I remember you becoming a big brother
And how well you adapted
Matured somewhat but still so young
Naughty and goofy and not too cool
To come and play with me sometimes
I've kept track of your budding adolescence  
I've been looking forward
To meeting the strapping young man you were set to become
I never did expect
That I would never meet him
That you would remain the child
In my memories and pictures
I would like to imagine
That your story is still being told
Across that certain bridge folks speak of
With Kakowet and Luo
This is for the late Winton of twycross zoo
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
As I listen to animal collective
I shut my eyes
And I see a pond
Lotus flowers
Each in the colour of a chakra
Floating in the water.  

As I listen to animal collective
I shut my eyes
Thinking I am drifting
To sleep
But my head rested
On the lap of Buddha
Instead of the pillow

As I listen to animal collective
I imagine that
I am in the land
Of my ancestors
My face
And limbs
being tickled to death
By prayer flags.
I giggle.

As I listen to animal collective
My ears
And conciseness
Race from
My being
And coming with the universe.
when i smell their food
i become animal again
and threaten my veins with
adrenaline again
and slip into my sheets again
and think of her again
to rest my soul
while it believes in god
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