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Äŧül Jun 10
Robert Clive.
He was an agent of the Brutish British,
And he brought misery to my Bhaarat.
My HP Poem #1854
©Atul Kaushal
Fheyra May 8
In the swirling zephyr,
The grass dances weakly
I heard an escort,– Awaits my way to the Wolf Hall.

A triumphant sinister;—
My broken pleasure,— How lovely to see thy scraps again..
Such a bounty hunter
What the gods want now?

Doth not turn me around!—
Doth not hang me!
If thou loose my ties,—
Thou wilt be a murderer of all vines!

Spare me!— I am not thy prey;
I am not one of Greek's peccant,
Please, off loathing my purity!

This predator devoured me..
The ****** of his dark matter, stabbed me..

The mob held me captive,— by net traps
The culprit lies next to me—
Acted one alike raw; then I was sacked,
I felt the bethel was mocked,—
But my Lord won't despise me.

A paralyzed arrest screeched me
I was stroke— by a vermin quenched for meat..

Thou art the most cherished
It is still me..
Scattered with mud,
Dressed in a blanket;
Hoping to kiss thee
Bend for belief,— and not forgiveness
Wherefor thy body shivers?
Thy cup is condensing,
Lips ill-looking;
Red flames changing blue—
Am I still the hue?
I sensed—
Thou fell into the pit
My shreds, thy lust
The roots art on the tip of thy nails!

An ancestral plague poisoning whoever sits,—
And bridesmaking is a promiscuous habit—
To grasp a braided hair,— for an accessory
Behold, the lineage of romantic paintings,
Whence the bonds turn to heist
Looting innocence and staying in history...
In this 4th sequence, the queen met her former lover, but it turns out to be a nightmare rendezvous. He ***** her, for a reward, that she could be dethroned. He made it look like thaf she made love with him by making her unconscious, and after, some people saw it, and thought she committed adultery. Her husband was there when the people saw his wife and the man. Who would ever thought himself, the king, planned this, for he has another woman. The last stanza reveals the political and immoral ways of monarchy.
Sarah Feb 15
Liberty liberty
We chant
Peaceful peaceful
Our voices rise
Seeking a dream
Seeking a homeland
Blood blood
Is all I wipe
Eyes wide open
But they see no light
Chasing a dream
Chasing a homeland
Tears tears
Sobs and cries
Gone forever
My beautiful man
there is no dream
There is no homeland
This is simply the story of our demonstrations. We protest peacefully, we get killed, we weep the ones who died, and protest peacefully the very next day.

As I mourn the strangers, I can’t even imagine the pain their loved ones are feeling.
He walks the streets like the rest of us, wishing for nothing more than a quiet life. But he holds a sinister secret, one he's not ashamed of but one he cannot share with others. He is a Lady Killer, and he spotted the next woman to make his "wife". As he studies her schedule, his hands lust to wring her life from her body. He waits for a moment to strike until he sees the one thing he fears and withdrawals cooly as she gets to live...for now...
I've been watching a lot of crime investigation shows lately and I wanted to write about the lady killers and how they saw their deed through their eyes
Tizzop Nov 2019
it took him two hours to
count the bills; would you
believe that?


global network
state's attorneys
transnational trucking

not to mention the

entrepreneurs like him
timeless my dear!

he descends from
a lineage of


quite brutish well but who
wouldn't fight for money?

you see?

moreover as far as
i'm concerned
we are talking about a well established
name here; engraved above monuments

you mustn't worry
good people
clean reputations

don't look behind you
don't mind the reflection
don't try to feel the hole in
the back of your head

it's just your blood
it will be over

you have to die now
Vachaspathi Sep 2019
The day arrived.
Violence raged in my heart.
Thunders deafened my internal voices.
Lightning blinded my senses.
Magma flowed across my veins.
With a single jolt, I decimated all my opponents.
With their blood on my face, I looked at the sky, smiling.
That day I experienced the sky's real blue.
I killed all the fears lurking inside my head for a long time. Things were very different from then.
I'm shooting
.   .
.   .
.   .
Drop in the Sea Apr 2019
I'm a murderer
I already killed so many times I can't even count on my fingers anymore
I should be arrested but I'm obeying laws with such elegance no one ever saw

But they will judge me
Just as I jugded before
but they won't **** me
Cause I'm the one , cutting me at millions pieces
Or maybe more...
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