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jcl 6d
tes beaux yeux bleu me rappelle du ciel
tes lèvres rouge son comme une rose en printemps

your beautiful blue eyes remind me of heaven
your red lips are like rose in the springtime
fur meine Schatzi
Gandy Lamb Apr 18
À sept heures, Karim prépare son sac.
Karim parle de sa routine du lundi.
Explique å quelle heure il fait des choses illustrées.
Imagine that you write an advice column for the school newspaper.
This week you're responding to a letter from a student whose daily routine is so boring that it is affecting the student's work and overall mood.
Write the sthdent a letter in which you recommend several creative and unusual ways to spice up his or her daily routine.
Je fais ma toilette.
Je me couche.
Au revoir.
Dedicated to my heroes, John DeMado, Séverine Champeny, Marie Ponterio, and Robert Ponterio.
Amy Duckworth Apr 16
L’amour est pour ceux qui veulent prendre le risque et essayer.
I really like the French language and I felt like writing something in it since I have been learning it for a while too! Have a nice day or night!
as is a        
                              French Braid.

Which strand                  
                          should I pick;
which one                  
                         should I use?
Or should I                    
                       just let go
and let them                

   l   o   o   s   e  ?
Inspired by my French Braid...
dani Apr 21
L’eau tranquille
Je me perds
Dans l’infinité
Du reflect d’un moment
C’est quand tu es
Dans ce moment l’a ;
Le plus vulnérable
Tu t’es trouvé

Still waters,
I lose myself
In the endlessness
Of a moment reflected.
It is when
You are in that moment there;
The most vulnerable
You find yourself
Chase Parrish Mar 29
March do we, along the ash and cyprus
While contemplating natures of the moor.
So very full of life, and also death.

Briefly glancing round, the bog seems lifeless,
To walk so alert, danger life obscures
March do we, along the ash and cyprus

But after observation, I confess
Quite lively lies our grand mud-soaked detour.
So very full of life, and also death.

Every creature here exudes unkindness,
And any of them might our death ensure.
March do we, along the ash and cyprus

Yet still, I find their number in excess
Than places having more growth, and verdure.
So very full of life, and also death.

So now my new perspective does egress
Much different than it ever did before.
March do we, along the ash and cyprus
So very full of life, and also death.
This was using a prompt for the weekly challenge in a discord I'm a member of, but I didn't submit it because I finished it late. We were supposed to quite a poem about duality. This is also the third poem in my ****** Journal series. Check out my page for the other poems in the collection, and free feel to check out the discord.  As always comments and critiques are appreciated.
March 23 2019

The monster may look different
But he is himself on the outside
The human may look simple
But his mind is complex. Inside

The angel may look.. Perfect
But their pride will forgo them
In time
The demon may be Souless
But always searching.
For something. But why

A universe pieced together
All of it here
Strings strands melancholy music
The frequencies of life. Lets tune in

Everything in music
Boundless noise and sounds
Do you hear them singing
The voices in the music
Hidden in the background

A song for every soul
What if you cant let a single one go
What if you love too much.
Too many
And yet find your muse.
An epiphany. So so

One song. One singer to another
Two singers. Infinite songs
Together they make more and more

More monsters. Humans
New angels. Demons
Creation in love. Hate. Anger. Calm
Destruction in faith. Confusion. Doubt
Which one is wrong

Its all in your perception
Every soul. Life. A new viewpoint
Whatever may be similar
Know that. We are all a symphony
Boundlesly un-winding. Wow
Whats the point?
Demons are not soulless
But evil and good. They fight
The neutral is like calm
Still looking for a side

People want to be angels
I want to look like a demon
Itd be nice you know
Blue scales. Red flaming eyes. Three
Black claws. Flame tail. Dark mist
Tomplexthis. Dragons are cool dude
Sometimes i guess
Dragons vs Demons.

Dont take this stuff to seriously
MUH po Em...
Ill take my monsters over my poetry
I deleted like 500 or so. Po ems...
Meh. I liked a ton
But 214. Jesus is a ****. Blood on the cross
Yeah. But he wasnt alone
Everyone talks about dude
Not the other thousands
He stopped that. Yes. :|
Chase Parrish Mar 15
I remember how the sky cried
The mournful day my Nene died.
It sobbed and grieved; thought not prolonged.
Soon sunlight, through the darkness, dawned
As thought the tears had simply dried.

At once I wondered, scornfully, "Why?"
How dare you cease your crying, Sky!
How simply could the world go on?
Then I remembered...

My struggle, isn't her's. It's mine.
I hurt because I'm left behind.
For she, you see, has moved along
A better place she's set-upon.
Therefore, with mourning cast aside,
I'll remember.
A couple of days ago my grandmother on my dad's side passed away, and I wanted to write a poem about it.
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