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You do your I do mine
in such religious norm
that’s not meant to force
no respect one could find
could this be a healthy mind?
Salut et bonjour,
Mon amour,
Comment ça va?
Fine as a silver chime,
Moi aussi...
Pax Romana?
Miss me, Minerva?
Don’t flatter yourself,
You’ve shattered the dreams,
Of too many beings,
You were Poseidon,
Most of the time,
Sooo, you want to make the poem rhyme?
Duh, you’re not tryin’ to make it sublime
Acting out and writing a collaborative poem for an honors assignment...not submitting this, obviously.
Of course...I always get assigned with the popular least this one had some wit...
*Everyone nicknames me Minerva. Lol.
Cross Boundry Sep 24
i'll sketch you, mon ange
i'll draw you on the page, my pencil giving you immortality
poem four: french beauty
Cross Boundry Sep 24
i'll love you even when its cold, mon ange
i'll share my warmth, you'll never shiver in my arms
poem three: french beauty
Cross Boundry Sep 24
let me love you, mon ange
let me pleasure your slow, soft days.
poem two: french beauty
Cross Boundry Sep 24
you don't have anywhere to be, mon ange
slow down and love the world.
poem one: french beauty
Kitten Yvad Sep 14
to which hour do I set the clocks,
this depends on you.

I dont know where the sun goes
lost within you and sheets smoothe blue

i fear i'll be shocked by what
ive already seen
on your silverscreen

Its like when the sun and moon
fight til dark hours in between

I fear i'll be shocked by what
ive already seen
your voice drifts up into
your mind , a soprano scene

To which hour were the clocks set
before your touch, which I choose?

To which hour would I set
the clocks when I dream of you?
Were the clocks set at all
before yours was a touch I knew??

I don't know why I set alarms
when I dream of you!
its like the stars
that combust and shine in space
burning below us bright blue

I fear i'll be shocked by what
ive already seen
your voice drifts up into
a soprano scene

what were clocks before your touch, when you are all I feel?

to which hour do I set the clocks?
this depends on you.

I dont know where the sun goes
lost within you,
beneath sheets smoothe blue

this is my own interpreted translation of a song I really love, "J'sais Pas" by Johan Papaconstantino. I'm barely fluent like a first grader.
A king once told me a story,
Of a lost king that once had the mind of a visionary,
Attained glory & his identity became supreme,
The world loved him for his accolades and eminence,
If only the world would have handed him an umbrella,
he was secretly drenched by his own agony,
At midnight, his inner demons made his mind unstable,
conversations turned into a blasphemous ceremony,
His looking for a exist out of his mind,
A young woman appeared before him,
he became swayed by the taste of her lips,
Medea was her name which he overheard through the systematic paradise,
Her tender voice become severe in his mind,
Staring into her eyes led him to the abyss of confusion,
She searched his pockets of his heart for the keys to the well of his sanity,
Temptations she poured in his mind intensified & he gave in,
hypnotized by her voice, his one step from being lost,
conquered by his vices, his one step from paying the cost,
She held up her own vices and plunged it inside of him,
What a fatal decision,
“Somebody rescues me” he screamed out,
The words unsaid slit his soul,
The vine of life detached from his heart-shaped rose,
Getting insomniac,
Paranoia shifting in his mind,
Selene seem passionate tonight with her bright lights.
Blooming without illuminating nothing sincere and true,
He sat in his palace trying to,
Bend his mind towards the truth but he resisted
Pockets Aug 28
Te amo means I love you
Wǒ ài nǐ means I love you
je t'aime means I love you
I love you means I love you
But when you say it
It don’t mean ****
sharks in
Trafalgar Square
throw hats
of Danbury
yet antebellum
in London
is a
column yet
the public
cityscape in
her democracy
yet anarchy
in a
high sea
stake of
Latin Tribe
is now
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