Cné Dec 2017

From below
Desire climbs
Up the channels
Of my mind
Shot of whiskey
Glass of wine
Now the ladies
Are looking fine
From the top
Going down
Love strikes fast
When I'm around

From within
My idle mind
Sparks a flame
Of desire design
A shot of whiskey
A glass of wine
Now all the men
Are lookin fine
A little flirt
A little smile
I think I’ll stay
A little while

Traveler Tim
& Cné

Angela Rose Dec 2017

My hands feel cold like ice cubes
They are shaking and awkward
My hands are aching for contact
They are yearning for the touch of your hands
My hands are confused because they don't know what to do when they aren't intertwined with yours
They are incoherent because they now only know what it feels like to hold on to a bottle of liquor

Olympia Nov 2017

here and now i have your hair tangled in my fingers
that soft warm embrace that keeps pulling me in
i dont bother stopping this feeling because i know you
i know all the emotions we went through before
i know all the mixed drinks we shared in between
long ago when a dishwasher could clean our dirty souls
way back when love was so uncomplicated and gentle
gentle like the way you look at me when its raining
careless like when the fire is burning bright and its cold outside
keep on coming closer
each time i see more of your eyes
each time i wonder how you got me to my knees
but i honestly dont care about that anymore
because words build prisons and i am a captive to you
forever more

Svode Oct 2017

I made a cocktail.
It's 40% tears,
30% despair,
20% regret,
and 9% doubt.
There's a hint of hope somewhere in there also.

And I'm getting drunk tonight.

Aditya Roy Sep 2017

What do you do when you’re alone
Feel the necessity to indulge in something
A drink or a cigarette
Always blowing away the vulgar in swirly smoke
Or downing your business deals in piss
Maybe if it’s your birthday
You’re still alone
Probably because you’re a businessman
You may occasionally take hashish trip
And imagine yourself on a minaret
There are plenty
You could choose the one of the three Pagodas
That resemble the Taipei 101
Or the CN Tower
If you’re looking for something modern
But after your escapade of solitude you need a routine for your return

The side-effects of being alone in business. Without a family you can't seem to appreciate the smell of sweet lily.

there is something
about those wooden chairs
at the Jameson's Bar.

the way they consume the
yellow brights, I believe
they could have consumed the
sultry nights,the spilled whisky,
the cheap tips and the unspoken

it's like a polished reflective
demon,that asks me to sit on it
and begin the satanic act of
dissolution of liver.

the way it does so,
I might have lost a hundred stories
to it in the most painful nights
I saw and swallowed within, with only ice.

but I never regretted.
nor shall ever be,
for they have read my stories,
when no one ever could.

Maria Etre Jul 2017

I have read and seen
written and tasted
all the letters
in a cocktail
of words
with the after-taste
of meaning
the effect
of a poem
and the resonance
of a

Jacob Jun 2017

They always say time's not wasted when you're wasted, but well
How can I find the girl I wanna be with
When you're not yourself?
Hope you feel what I have felt,
And though it's you I'm still all about
It's still hard to tell you that
When half the nights you're passing out.
But go on, party on until you drop
As you raise up your glass, yelling "Give me one more shot,"
Hoping that'll hit the spot, won't you please just stop?
Because I don't think this is right
I can't just watch you make mistakes
While you think that you're living life
You got me over-thinking
But I know I'll still be there whenever
Looking past your wrong decisions
And underneath I know you're better
I'm no knight in shining armor you were dreaming
I'm just a boy willing to take a chance on someone I believe in

I always fall for you.
Ceyhun Mâhî Jun 2017

Drinkers of devilish drinks at times of night,
Are drinking nightly, behind bars imprisoned.

Sobriquet May 2017

tumultuously drunk,
in no particular order
on love
on wine
on loneliness,

but I remember too late,
it makes me sick
when I mix my drinks.

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