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Yes,  I was born a helper, the Elf,
Though thanks were left on the shelf,
Buddy the Elf is no fighter,
Smiling in peace makes us lighter,
Helpers find solutions, you see,
I am nice to people so nasty,
All I can say is, "Good for me!"
Feedback welcome.
what would i see in the mirror of erised?
it's probably like what dumbledore saw—
him, holding a pair of thick, woolen socks
because one can never have enough socks, eh?

remember dobby, a free elf?
dobby, who has no master
because of a sock harry gave?
you understand now?

socks are needed to become free.
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
And where you walk
and now you lay
None shall ever know

For her you lost
returned to yore
Where your kins awoke

And back you never
came i see
Wistful cry of Elfinesse

They say in south
you stroll alone
Playing magic musics still

A call to her
your sister sweet to
Dance again upon your flute
In Tolkien's book Beren and Luthien , Dairon was Luthien's brother, who got lost in the woods in his try to find his sister Luthien as she had left to search for Beren. So here is a poem i wrote for her brother
Daniel Magner Aug 2018
She’s a dark elf supermodel,
kills werewolves for fun
with daggers, arrows, kicks to the throat.

She’s a dark elf supermodel!
She makes monsters run,
Strikes, poised to run down a foe.

She’s slaying it nightly,                                
She’s badass, she’s art,
My mind is seduced.
She is the only                                          
dark elf of my heart.
Daniel Magner 2018
Riley June Aug 2018
abandoned magic castles coated in dust
broken magic wands lay scattered
centaurs have long since disappeared
dragons no longer strike fear into hearts
elves lost all glimmer and awe
fairies get drunk forgetting how to fly
gnomes just stand still dead in yards
how sad everyone begins to fade
imaginary friends have become forgotten
jesters no longer have jokes
knights have all died in battle
listen to the wind howl in abandoned homes
mythical creatures are just dead lies
no one has felt hope
old and broken dreams litter everywhere
places of joy have been left desolate
quiet cries of all those forgotten
rest in a bed of leaves
slip into blanket of slumber
travel to this forgotten land
under the light of the moon
vanish from your world to join mine
we can walk together
xenophobia infects most who visit
your eyes must stay aware
zealous hate will stalk
Whether virtual or actual paths cross,
     aye great thee ahoy
no fear Mademoiselle or Monsieur,
     thy harried style haint cloy

rather, when embarking
     on introductory acquaintance
     ship, aye employ
swiftly tailored indistinguishable,
     asper this wordsmith mebbe goy

or Jew, yet genealogically
     thine Semitic lineage,
     unknown descendants begat,
one generation after
     stitched another thread,
     whence warp and woof, sans dat

     (moth eaten tattered wool worth
     coat of arms), twas slim and/or fat
chance biologic dice throw
     adumbrated me Matt,
a skinny, quirky,
     and nerdy kid, who sat

alone during lunchtime
     at school pained, plagued,
     and pronounced with extreme,
     where introversion didst agitate
chronic state of misery being alive
     immobilized, hogtied, and forfeited

     natural predilection
     to discover and create
heterosexual relationships,
     viz interpersonal experiences
     re: raison to date
initial intimate rapport

     (anxiety fraught) fate
full situation with a gal
    giving her good grief great
(yes, twas Maryann Sage),
     who understandably became irate
predicated on lack

     of mine demonstrative affection
     quickly becoming an unsuitable mate
though now in retrospect
     (hindsight always 20/20)
     a sudden resurgent spate

finds remembrance of things passed
     (with her) engendering
     cerebral tete a tete
rankling memories,
     hence for death aye cannot wait!
Gray Jun 2018
Boys and girls please gather around,
For today I’ll show you the new coolest thing in town.

This new thing is something that I am very proud to introduce,
Because today i am here to show you how to properly drink apple juice!

Now now, I bet you’re all think I am being cheesy,
Because drinking apple juice is something that’s incredibly easy.

Please settle down and allow me to declare,
That you have been doing it all wrong for awhile now, I swear!

I bet y’all just simply pour the apple juice in a boring old glass.
I’ve gotta say I’d give that way a pass.

The way that’s “normal” is obviously lame.
And if you think it’s fun then I’ll put you to shame.

In order to properly drink apple juice,
You must first go locate the Magic Moose.

Who is this Magic Moose i bet you’re currently wondering,
Well, the Magic Moose is a creature that’s extremely thundering.

Once you find him, you’ll be a step closer to finding your desired fruit,
But next you have to challenge him and ending the most perplexing dispute.

“What member of Magic Moose’s family is vegan?”
To save you some future trouble, the answer is Meghan.

The next step is- wait wait! Where are you all going?
Come on, don’t you want this amazing information that i'm bestowing?

Oh great. Now i'm talking to myself.
How come no one even listens to an intelligent elf?
Xan Abyss Apr 2018
She dances like a diamond in the wind
And sings like a symphony of birds
She knows the ways of Magick
And how to Summon Shadows
with her words
Her blades are like a part of every limb they are attached to
A Natural-Born Performer
with Unusual Tattoos

In every town, she is found
The Raven-Haired Metal Maiden
Wilder Lore is always born all around her
But no matter where she goes, she never stays long

Silver Girl in the Circus of the Moon
The Song and the Dance & the Smile of Doom
A Jester of Death  & a Friend of the Tomb
Silver Girl in the Circus of the Moon

Her Kiss of Steel, most deadly
As Swift and Silent as she is Serene
Seductive & Bloodthirsty
She Slays with Grace like nobody could  believe
One look can **** you faster than a dagger to the throat
But she prefers to Wage her Wars through the Sorcery of Notes

In every town, she is found
The Raven-Haired Metal Maiden
Wilder Lore is always born all around her
But no matter where she goes, she never stays long 

Silver Girl in the Circus of the Moon
The Song and the Dance & the Smile of Doom
A Jester of Death  & a Friend of the Tomb
Silver Girl in the Circus of the Moon

Red is the Color
Of the Lust in Her Eyes
Artistic Brilliance
In taking Wicked Lives
Young & Old
Lowborn or High
All who Fight
None will Survive

One look can **** you faster
Than a thousand burning arrows
One song will make you hers
For better or for worse
One dance can mean disaster
Or a majestic miracle
She can be a Blessing
And she can be the Curse
New lyrics about a character im working on.
Dakota J Dawson Mar 2018
Echoes of yesterday
Where do they end?
Upon the elf on the shelf

Santa has passed
Forsaken my abode
The inner being of my soul

He is the sole provider
My decider
Triumphant tyrant of woe

Must he be my foe?
Glowing with reassurance
Of the personification of hate

I'm a good boy
How about a treat?
It has to be just for me

To eat
Forcibly scarf down
My bitter hole

Santa will want
Me to rake
His' yard

But I will refuse
The suddenly offered abuse
From a passing sore of lore
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