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Caitlin Feb 8
We're a world and generation set on depersonalization
Where everything is on social media but everyone is scared to socialize.
We all promise we "just need to vent" but is it venting or is it depression?
"He loves me, he's just tired. Its not abuse, she's just tired. I'm not okay, I'm really tired."
We all need to stop and chill without the help of benadryl.
But we need the drugs to feel normal.
A normal that they tell us to be
on the covers of our magazine
When we are all medicated to achieve the status quo
We can't learn from our mistakes if we can't remember them.
Instead of dealing with the guilt,
we soak in a bath as if the lavender suds will rinse away our ****** personality
We do it nightly and call it self care.
And the self care we really need is lunch that isn't Oreos and to join therapy.
We fill the empty hole inside of us with cigarettes and ***** and food
And we don't even know we're empty because our parents are empty too
And the only ones who can recognize the absense
Are the same ones telling us to work harder to buy our first house and car before the age of 25
When really, we haven't even settled on what we want to be when we grow up
Our grandparents and parents beg us to have babies because "I'm not getting any younger."
But I'm quickly getting older Dad, so shut up and let me drink until I pass out without worrying about how much my child will have to heal from, just like I'm healing now with Bacardi 151.
Its a cycle and there's no handle bars
Celebrities writing songs and movies, a fill-in-the-blank series that mimics a horoscope
To drag in the masses with feelings of unity when really we have no idea what our brother went through when we were laying on our uncle's bed at midnight at 5 years old.
They want us to be the same except for when its not convenient, and suddenly the children of rich people are to be scorned but they hate the black people who hate the black rich people
And its another cycle, the chain popped off and the brakes are our feet
Just like when we were kids except now we have no shoes on and we are rolling down a hill that stops at a lake
And our empty parents forgot to teach us how to swim.
Its 2019 now, when will  America be great in the first place?
Luna Maria Jan 17
new year
new beginnings
it's supposed to be a fresh start
but what if it's just
the same
on repeat?
we still bleed,
a new year but it's bittersweet.
I hope finally some things change in 2019.
abc Jan 10
it feels like i am floating in space.
never really sure what day it is,
what time it is,
or how long i’ve been in this one place.
my determination and prevalence
mold the time into one recognizable moment.
and while i continue to run,
i run aimlessly towards a goal
i no longer see.
all i know is that it’s what i want to be.

Deb Jones Jan 2
Taking off my worn cloak
I wore you well this past year
There wasn’t much
That we didn’t handle
While I wore you as my mantle
I fold you up
All patched and thin
Farewell my old friend
I won’t forget the comfort
You enveloped me in

My new cloak feels a little awkward
Most fledglings do
Still I am homesick...
Goodbye 2018
Lilywhite Jan 5
2018 was an extremely tough year for me. I've been through some unfathomable things in my life, but last year was by far one of the most trying.

I learned that boundaries are important and more people should practice establishing and respecting them.

I learned that ultimatums aren't love. If someone cared for you, they would be understanding in their approach to your existence.

I learned that people are going to do what they want to do regardless and the only thing you can do is be a positive force or influence that stands along side someone else in their trying time.

I learned that it is important to always strive to forgive because it relinquishes another person's control over yourself and your emotions. Forgiveness isn't for the person that hurt you, it's for your own peace of mind.

I learned that it's easier to sleep at night when I did everything I could.

I realized that it's okay to have bad days, it's okay to ask for help, I don't have to be so ******* myself, and I deserve the best because I refuse to settle for less.
Just some random rant I guess
s Willow Jan 3
Ive been regretting to write this because I don’t want it to be trye. The other morning I woke up to find my brother died that night. He was 16 and seemed to always be a happy person. I should have seen the signs. My father and Grandmother are torn up. We all blame ourself. We have lost a HUGE part of the family. I might seem fine at one point then terrible the next. The pain of lost comes in waves. I hope you all had a great 2018 and a fantastic 2019. I’ll see you all in the upcoming year of greatness. 2019 is for you little buddy. May you rest calmly and happy just like you seamed to live with us. I’m sorry I didn’t know you needed help. I love you.
s Willow Jan 2
Schools should give out vests
Mass shootings are prevalent
Two thousand eighteen

Eat poison on line
Million view it’s worth the death.
Two thousand eighteen

Last male rhino died.
Say goodbye to white rhinos
Two thousand eighteen

Planet’s surely *******
Earth’s imploding on itself
Two thousand eighteen

Do not show *** pride
Electric shock therapy
Two thousand eighteen

We all will die soon
Death cracks out of his own shell
We are all so ******
I was asked to write about 2018. He’s a few haikus. So this is all tre about what happened. Let’s hope 2019 is better
(to the hours spent
feeling alive;
to the cities i admired
and their streets that changed me;
to the thoughts that moved me
the arts that made me cry
the ideas that disturbed me;
to the unforgettable joy of living a dream;
to the dreams that became true
and the truths that became better than dreams;
to the sorrows that wounded me;
to the tears that didn’t wash the pain away
and to the kind words that did;
to the people who dared to share with me
childhood memories
views on the universe
stories about old lovers
secrets of their beautiful minds;
to the depths of those alluring souls;
to those who offered their days and nights to me;
to the ones i disappointed
(i’m sorry);
to the ones i hurt
(i’m sorry);
to the ones i never apologised to
(i’m sorry);
to all those who never asked
for an apology
for an explanation
for anything in return
(i’m sorry) thank you
for being there
for opening your arms
for listening
for caring;
to the friendships that endured
and the ones that failed to;
to the dearest of friends i loved
and cared for;
to those who stood by me
and to those who understood;
to the foolish heart that loved;
to its courage to break
and its strength to mend;
to the poems i wrote
and the boys i dedicated them to;
to the lips i kissed
and the kisses i longed for;
to the parties i remember
and the sleepless nights i don’t;
to the late-night wanderings;
to the turquoise sunrises
the crimson sunsets
and all the adventures inbetween;
to the drunken celebrations
of youth
of summer
and winter
of brithdays
of weekends
and weekdays;
to all the first times
and all the last tries;
to all the magical moments)
to 2018.
december 31st 2018
Breeze-Mist Jan 1
It's kind of funny
I almost didn't have it
But I'm glad I did

'Twas only a year
But everything changed so much
That I'm not the same

I have said little
So caught up in my life that
I have yet to write

Four school principals
But now I am free of that

Rapid fire news
Three different protests aloud
In response to it

And my views have changed
March I did not tell, but then
I joined DSA

I have changed my world
Flipping between three websites
For my social life

I have changed my town
College is hard at times, but
I love it so much

With chosen family
A punk scene and D&D
I don't want to leave

It was not painless
But somehow I got up and
Finally got help

And then I came out
Free from parental meddling
Finally honest

Still I play fiddle
Still I watch Marvel movies
Still the same workplace

But within a year
My worldview has changed so much
And I can't go back

Nor do I want to
In spite of future challenge
I now love my life

So to the new year
No matter what it shall bring
I will be ready
My annual end of year poem.
The overall summary of this year in my life: I changed, I learned, I grew up.
But I still have more learning to do.
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