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When I fall,
He helps me back up.
Only known him for 3 years,
But it's been the best years ever.
My heart was broken,
He helped me get through it.
I wanted to end my life,
But he helped me see through it.
Dallas is my friend 'til the end.
Dallas has been a huge impact on my life, he is amazing!!!!! I`m just so sad that I`m moving because I won`t be able to see him.
Hadiy Syakir Dec 2018
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JRF Nov 2018
The cold winters touch clawing at the window.
The need for change moves with the seasons, but the idea of you stays evergreen.

Hair flutters, beautiful in the wind.
Her power so tough, it's nearly a sin.
She'll wreck your world when she's feeling stormy.
But today, she's calm, not even a stir.
Waking her up just to look at her.
Eyes like two planets, orbiting my soul.
Wondering if we'd run away,
Would her touch still feel the same?
If she's mad, she could destroy. But today for me, she is calm
Each scar is a story to tell
But a heartache is a book to be published
Only the killer can heal this wound
Of distant thoughts and forlorn dreams
Orb of white in twinkled sea of empty
To paint a frame of wonder
The riddle of guidance hidden in our satellite
Cratered land of forgotten giants
The symbol of pursuit and discovery
A world of destiny to be held in the palm

Brush memories like fresh paint
And pike the ground where the sky fell
Let it be known where the dream landed
And remember the burial as death personified
Leave the ache, keep your heart
Bury both and forget who you are
But digress one scratch and let new life blossom
The seed to the breathing, new leaves on bruises
Life needs light to grow without doubt
Goodnight Luna, maybe again you will be sky-high
Today, to abandon the night and await your new phase
For today, to begin a search for soul under kind Sol
Amy Perry Aug 2018
The best I can achieve
To loving you
Is a half-hearted glance
At your heart.
The beating, ****** *****
So pompous in its origin
To feel the twinges of desire
And the throat, so clear
And so precise
To tell me how
You’d think I’d be perfectly wonderful
And nice.
And did I prove you wrong?
Or did I do anything at all
To express my adoration,
Besides tell you pretty silvery things,
Word soup on a platter,
And cutting fierce glances
Across an otherwise empty room?
Did I do anything
To prove love
Even to myself?
Besides take a train
To LA,
To find, of all things,
An **** field
Where I knew I would meet myself
In disarray?
Did I do anything
To surpass spirit and *****
Or am I just going
To be the one
That always wanted you
In darkness and in light?
Did I do anything but dream
The whole unending,
abp 08/25/18
robot mom Aug 2018
heavy head
raise the lever
open eyes receive
light transmissions
signal time and space

je me reveille dans une chambre
qui ne me connait pas

j'attendais la vie me lève
mais il n'a jamais fait
en pensant à la vie, le corps que j'en habite
duncan Aug 2018
i will spend the week
in hourglass torture.
listening to seconds
go bye.
i cant save them
they live as quickly
as they die.

there is no tragedy
in seconds.
no funeral procession
for time lost.
just memories and
blank space.
the bitter blade
of nostalgia just
sharp enough to
pierce weak skin.

there is no excuse
for lost time.
just a .44 pointed
straight at a mirror.
one victim.
one criminal.
i am as guilty
as i am innocent.
so i am really nothing.

just a quarter
in a crisis.

the king of
writerReader Apr 2015
Made it through LA
rush hour, I'm still alive.
I'm almost there, now.
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