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I thought I knew you but I guess I was wrong
And all the kind words you had were just lies all along

I burned the bridge because I got carried away
I wish you didn't exist in my mind that way

Steve Page Mar 9
When I am seen, I flinch within.
My self makes a choice
between fight or flight
and I'm no fighter
and flight is a risk
that I'm not in a fit state for taking
so I freeze in place,
hoping the sight of me
won't cause offence
or, worse still, curiosity
and, worse case, sympathy.

Just pass by me.
Nothing to see here.
Sometimes fighting or fleeing are too hard.
Kokomikiisoom Dec 2021
And then he said,
in an almost whisper,
‘is this where you start to drift away?’

I could feel
the swelling of emotions
in my throat
and the heat of my tears forming
as I replied ‘no’.

My heart hurt because he knew me so well.
He knew I pushed away
when I was hurt by someone.
This man who knew my soul and loved it.
He knew exactly what I would do.
And that is what I did.

This time
it was away
from him.
Kristin Dec 2020
My feet were too big
so the glass slipper wouldn't fit

I hated housework
so no band of merry dwarves

I had frequent nightmares
so no peaceful sleep interrupted by a chaste kiss

I liked my hair short
so no prince tugging at my hair

Words, too often, hurt
and I am a bigger beast than any man I've met

No tiara for me
I will settle for a sword

No hero for me
I will be my own hero

No fairy dust for me
I will conjure up my own
Douglas Balmain Nov 2020
I listened to an Eagle
speak through a body
that personified the land
he hunted over;
a body stressed, defensive—
In his eyes I saw Reorder,
the burning furnaces
of Universal energy,
the power of stars,
and a coming heat.
Jessica Schwartz Oct 2020
Shes taken so much from me.
I placed her on people
And situations.
But it was simply her and I,
Our voices shaking.

From the beginning,
I tried to escape her.
But she was so rooted
Inside of me.
My only release
Was to turn it all off
And trust the ground
In front of me.

Simple things,
Simple moments,
Became nightmares
And real fears
To look someone in the eyes
And try so hard to feel

I could say it was the loss
I could say it was that night
But its not true

On the best day
With the best people
She tells me
I'll never be enough

And I can feel it,
I feel her right now.
Its the only way she let's herself out
I breathe
My heart races
And slows
So that I start to feel sick
And you're looking at me
What the hell im thinking
And I just want you to see
That I'm strong
But she's winning
As I sink
And I plan for her arrival
I look for the softest ground to land on
I try to inhale the fresh air
Until it fills my lungs
But the room starts to fade
And I know its her time
I count to 10
But usually don't make it to 5
And when I wake
To faces I've never known
They look away and laugh
And I just wish I was home.
I pick myself up,
Dust myself off
And fight the urge to explain myself
to the people that can't see her.
Talia Aug 2020
I hold her tightly
Her skin against mine
Soothing her pain
For I am to blame
for the scars inscribed
on those innocent thighs
And my words are the bullets
that tore right through her
It was my name
etched into the tears
I forbid she shed
And I who introduced
that strong body, to Abuse
But still I wrap her
in apologetic arms
Seeing the beauty and worth
she has always had

We join forces
stilling the battle of two
I am whole,
on my own
in my own
forgiving, loving embrace
Psychological splitting is a common defense mechanism whereby your thoughts aren’t able to form a cohesive realistic conclusion, rather a very black-and-white thinking of extremes. I have certainly done this and the poem explores my bullying and extremely negative alter ego dominating my innocent self. Since engaging in spiritual and mindful practises my capacity to forgive and love has allowed me to uncover and accept my true ‘self'.
CMXIClement Jun 2020
Through the tunnel, distant voices.
Through the tunnel, I see them.
Through the tunnel, the shadows strafe.
Through the tunnel, raging noises.

Through this tunnel all danger is funneled... does this keeps me protected and safe?

The inner walls, are drab and dreary.
The inner walls, comprised of the past.
The inner walls, lined with scars and sores.
The inner walls, are tired, weary.

The tunnel is caving? Yes, from pain I was braving from words, actions, and more.

A foxhole, a foxhole, only as good as its structure.
A foxhole, a tunnel, only as good as its shelter.
A tunnel, a defense, only good when intact.
A defense, a defense, will fall when punctured.

This defense mechanism is a curse and will worsen the person it was meant to protect.

This defense, this defense, is a watery grave.
This defense, this foxhole, is filling up fast.
This foxhole, this trap, no longer has purpose.
This trap, this trap, was not meant to save.
Steve Page May 2020
You kept on pressing down
as if my heart couldn't break at all
As if the pressure you applied
would not take it's heavy toll

You kept on pressing down
as if my body could absorb
Every blow and every insult
rebounding off your inner wars

You kept on pressing down
not believing I'd react
But now it's me who's pressing down
and you who's on your back
Domestic abuse is a greater problem in lockdown.
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