Jesus was my god
Until I realized
That he was my rapist.
So, I started worshiping Satan,
But devotion to Satan
Was more costly
Than it was profitable.
I'm Stuck with You.

It’s Endless
No start no finish
It's God's presence
Through all dimensions
His Spirit

Physical matter embrace
For we are its subject
With-in its space

Without it
We do not exist
With it
We coexist
In a finite

Life’s courses
First breath
Day of birth
Every choice of yours
Every step
Future only God knows

Passes by
Leaving behind
Warning signs
With cries
That we may realize
The issues of life

Gives you opportunities
The discovery
Of how to be
From your enemy

Tick Tock
On the cross
He was mocked
Forgiveness He talks
Grace, He brought

Once it ends
Eternity begins
Once you’re dead
Where will you be lead?

Presence of the Savior
Presence when a deceiver

Come to Jesus today.


Our Words
Are thought expressed
Within the contacts
Of our heart's intent

Our Word
A manifestation
That reveals
Our spiritual condition
The humans friction
Between good and evil
A piercing to our emotions

Our Words
We either speak
To please
To deceive
A blessing
Or filled with profanity

Our Words
Are a part of you
They stick like gum to a shoe
Freely they are used
Floating around like a balloon
Careless and playfully like a cartoon
No clue
Of its true

Our Love
It Hurts
It could bring us together
Or rip us apart
We need maintenance to our hearts
Like a broken car
It has lose part

Our Love
Is blind
Yes that’s right
We only like
What we see with our eyes
Don’t care to hear the truth inside

Our Love
Understanding of it is wrong
With sin, it’s clogged
We toss it around like a ping pong ball
Always hitting a wall

Our Love
Its moral attribute
With self-confused
Everything to gain and nothing to lose
It's the opposite
Everything to lose and nothing to gain
We have to stop playing that mind game

Our Actions
Is a reaction
To the attachment
Of our mental process

Our Actions
Our behavior
In labor
Towards what we favor
Self pleasure
Who cares about our neighbor?
It’s the law that we find better

Our Actions
Or an accident
It was motivated
By sin Influence
Either by self or spiritual darkness
Still, have to face the consequence

Our Actions
More evil than goodness


His Word
The unseen and makes
The physical state

His Word
It's not like ours
For creation is showered
Sustained by its power
Throughout histories hours
It’s been strong like a fortressed tower

His Word
Doesn't change
Always Remains
The same
It's not to entertain
But to heal our pain
For our very being is sustained
By the fulfillment of its grace

His Word
Is true
Holding past, present, and future like glue
its track record not new
Nothing to prove
Always alive never on mute
Let it consume

His Love
Is not random
Nor can it be fathom
Molded by those hands
So that we can all become
His daughter's and sons
Right were we belong

His Love
Is pure
The Cure
The rescue
To our emotional insecure
In its wing of mercy, we are secure

His Love
The human joy
From its core

His Love
Not an imagination
But arms of affirmation
To All person
With no divisions

His Actions
In Him
Who died on the cross?
For you and me
Can not deny
Just the need
To believe

His Actions
Sins forgiveness
Life redemption
Brought out of darkness

His Actions
Against all evil devices
To protect our life
Day or night

His Actions
Eternal judge
For all, we have done
Saved in Christ the one
That died for our wrongs
So we will not be condemned
Let’s not wait until the end
Embrace Him as a father and as a friend

He's rolling down that dirt road
throwin cigs into the brush
spittin snuff, to show he's tough
he's finally had, enough

He watches Foxnews on TV
believes in every word and story
with no need, to apologize
or to ever say, he's sorry

She doesn't know her congressman
no idea what government does
oblivious, and got no clue
texts, and drives, just because

She thinks that there's equality
in every corner, and every country
holding to her liberal views
though reality, is bloody and/or gory

Extremes today, so wild and prolific
no saner thoughts and views
with everything horrific

What if we had, a meeting of minds
and talked our troubles through
maybe, we could finally find

just What Would Jesus, Do?

Nope not religious, just playing on a common bumper sticker :D

President Donald Trump was saying his morning prayers
In the Red Room of the White House
A Lightning Bolt hit the Window
And Jesus Christ came in.
"What are you doing there, Trump?" Jesus asked him.
"I'm praying to God," President Trump said.
"You're doin' it all wrong," Jesus said.
Jesus then handed President Trump a Spider Plant,
A small pot,
And a pail of soil.
"Okay," Jesus said.
"I want you to pot this plant, President Trump."
Trump became petulant.
"What if I don't want to?!" Trump asked Jesus.
"I can't afford to get dirt on my manicured finger nails."
"If that's the case,"
"I ain't gonna' do nothing  for  your country no more, Trump!" Jesus angrily responded.
At that,
Trump got on the Phone to White House Security.
"Security, we've got a Terrorist in the White House!"
At that,
Jesus jumped out the window and flew back up to Heaven,
Leaving President Donald Trump
Flustered and Confused.

Part 2

Two Paths
Two ways
Do the math
God does not play

Like metal to a magnet
We are pulled to do what is wrong
But the right still lives inside of us even as a fragment
This we know all along

No matter what you have done
At the feet of Jesus where you belong
Your past, present, and future sins are gone
Forgiveness becomes you new song

Taking control of your air balloon
Removing the tape life of perspective
Embracing Jesus the absolute truth
Understanding what one faces

The bible you now read
Your eyes now see
Life’s true meaning
Creation, sin, redemption and it’s ending

So your choice makes a difference
Go into the streets
Filled with Jesus presences
Not to judge but the gospel to preach

Planting seeds
Allowing God to make it grow
Because you know
Jesus is knocking on their heart’s door

What awaits the world?
Judgment with fire
To purify it to make it a pearl
Into hell all unbeliever and devil

Your Choices
Could either lead you to poison
Or into fortune
Hell or heaven

Stay with your earthly desire
An eternity burning with fire
Receive the breath of life
Eternity with God to admire

Absolute truth
Let it become a part of you

Part 1

The removal of Absolute truth
It’s like a pierced air balloon
Oxygen and air it will soon lose
Losing control nothing we can-do

Like tape an easy fix
But it won’t stick

Perspective has become its replacement
Humanity’s extinction
The minds Pollution
Animation to our existence

Keeping us in a state of nonsense
Produce a fictional conscience
Logic has been stained by its toxic
Good values are no longer put into practice

Let these words start trends
In the heart and minds of each person
Knowledge and wisdom refocus
Bring it back to the surfaces

Like a body of ocean
Become like the shark
All that’s false rip apart
To see the beautiful art

Universe and stars reveal
The glory of God is real
An Attempt by Evil
The lie of this world wants to steal

What Our heart feel
Time is here
To chose your meal
The deal has been made clear

Follow the world to an endless pit
Or build your house on the rock with everlasting bricks
Continue to be deceived by the devil’s tricks
Or receive Jesus His love and grace

Two Ideologies cannot be mix
Nor contradiction co-exist
Going back to absolute truth is the fix
Choosing to ignore you are at risk

Carson Sep 14

Half dead slaves,
Gold infused pyramids,
and the crocodiles swimming in the lake of blood
His imprints were the scars,
the sweat,
and the stance of formation in the mud.
He explains Moses and Nile River  

Built with blood blistering splinters,
shadows of deep sea life,
and swift waves of animals of his creation
His anger casted the storm,
Gave the family a reason for determination,
and before all man binding extinction.
He explains Noah and his Arc

Corroded from rust is the nails,
millions of pounds weight at his chest,
and the darkness and light met
He gave us his only Holy son,
disgusting sins forgiven,
and a beautiful promise kept
He explains Jesus Christ and the Cross.

Broken buttons with loose string,
fog for what is clear sight,
and alcohol veins with smoke inflamed lungs
Deep with concentrated breaths,
A loving touch without a second glimpse,
and with act of forgiveness pouring from his tongue.
He explains Who he is and his love for us

A bite from the forbidden fruit,
hourglass sand starting for the first time,
and visions of unspeakable blaspheme,
The suffrage, the extinction, or the sacrifice
plaguing him more than the engulfing fire evil caused
and he opens his arms for his loving creation to live with him for Eternity
He explains no matter what, he is there, and this is not the end.

Peter Balkus Sep 14

Someone crucify me, please,
'cause I can't longer look at this.
If it helps and could bring Peace to the world,
then  why not?

I won't be crying while dying and I won't be in pain,
if that only helps to take all the pain from them,
then I'm up for it.
My arms are stretched, and my mouth are zipped,
I'm ready. World has made me ready for it.

Hey, mate, can you do this for me?
Here's the cross, and the nails.
Do you mind? C'mon, help me out,
I can't crucify myself.

Oh, please don't be scared.
Let's save the world together.
If that could only help, I wouldn't mind to be dead,
for I can no longer stand the pain of people,
I can't stand their tears.
Someone crucify me, please.

Let's hope it will work. Let's give it a try,
I have nothing to lose, I wanna die,
even if I fail,
I wanna feel nail in my hand.
It's my time, my turn.

Someone crucify me, please.

In my little time on earth
I've come to understand a few things
That Solomon was wise but ended up being foolish
That Samson was powerful but died with his enemy
That Judas was chosen but betrayed himself
That Miriam was loving but ended up being proud
Those Nadab & Abihu sons of the priest could offer strange fire
That if like Joseph, my dreams could always come true not minding opposing forces
That Moses with seeing God only saw Canaan land
That Joshua with his status as a messenger could be separate
That Gideon in the least town could be mighty and famous
That the forsaken Jepthah could become a ruler over the haters
That fear could get up with someone like Elijah
That David could be King after everything
That Daniel could excel in a strange land
That Jeremiah the stammered could be a prophet
That Hannah needed only one Shiloh to get Samuel
That only one wholly no to Delilah might have saved Samson
That you have to always flee from Potiphar’s wife
That like Jehoshaphat you have to praise God only in face of impossibilities
That like David only love for God would make you see insult to God as to you
That even Prophet Samuel could be deceived by his eye
That like Paul the prophet persecutor becoming a prophet present for perishing Gentiles
That like Jesus, prayer and fasting is needed for journey through life
That like Adam, i always needs to double question down my Eve & say no
That if my Eve sins i shouldn’t blame her
That i should not be jealous as Cain
That like Abel i should drop the right offering
That like God i should release my beloved for the gospel to the world
That like Esther i should not forget where i come from
That like Daniel and friends i should be ready to die for the truth
That like Abraham i should know when to zip up
That like lots wife i should not look back
That like Lot i should protect strangers from harm
That like Sarah i should not doubt
That like Manoah i should not keep secret from my spouse
That like Zechariah i should remain ever steadfast serving the Lord
That like Hosea i should be ready to obey God at all cost
That like Jonah i should not run from God
That like the Apostles i should be obedient to my master
That like Paul and Silas i should praise when prayer doesn't work
That like Jesus should be ready to die for the gospel sake
That like Eli i must correct my children
That like Ophineas and Phineas, i shouldn’t make God people to sin through me
That like Judah, my word must i keep when i give it out
That like Thomas, i must ask God to show if i don't believe
That like ruben, no matter how fine she is untouchable, should remain steadfast
That like Jacob’s daughter i should not mix with the world
That like asahel, i should respect elders
That like Jacob, i should leave vengeance to God
That like joseph, i should be forgiving and not forget family
That like Moses, i should always respect my Aaron and Hur
That like Jesus, i should go up to the mountain
That like blond Batimeus, i should shout out
That like John the Baptist, be mad to make difference
That like jezebel, evil doesn’t pays
That like Abraham, faith is needed in this short journey supposedly long
That like prophet Aizah, i could stand out among lying prophets
That like Phillip, i can light up a town for Jesus
That like Stephen, i should see the prize and forget the pain
But this one thing i never forget
That with Jesus, i would be fishing men
I’m more than conqueror
I have dominion

lessons you learn that should stick
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