joseph had a lover before he knew of jesus,
she went by the name of lilith.

she was by lengths and widths the fields of fungus and weeds,
with stiff ribs and taut stomach, more than what he could afford.

yet still he'd stand on her doorstep,
waiting for her to take the rose from his bleeding hands.

she took it
and left the thorns behind in his soft palms.

she harkened a role in the loss of his innocence as a teen,
he indulged himself in fertile soil and dampened moss.

ten days later, she grew wings and flew away, looking for the pit of a peach,
or something sweeter to call home.


he had a lover of the names adam and eve,
he found them in the garden of eden.

they were a pair of lungs,
seemingly carved from the same tree.

they were less than two people, but more than one consciousness
divided by layers of gold skin, muscle, and bone.

both more than willing to step into the flesh of one another,
as they had tasted the forbidden fruit together.

cheeks pressed between molten thighs, licking the ichor of what he imagined to be god between blond curls.
his or hers, he did not know.

he saw the serpent seething, and the next morning,
they had left him while he was asleep, a kiss and several coins pressed into the scars of his palm.


he had a lover before when god was just an idea
and there was no life after death.

joseph had then met mary.

who had the luck to cheat on him with god?

mary had a little lamb, shrouded in fleece and hay,
born in a manger and caroled by holy men.

mary wept tears of joy as the lamb of god / second adam / messiah
was birthed from her womb, warmed in blood.

joseph wept, as healing himself as if he were a blind, mute or demon-possessed man would not help someone like himself, someone who craved sin so desperately.

a woman whom he loved, he did not any longer.


joseph was approached by angels
holographic lenses flicked angrily, the bright lights blinding-

betrayal is not an option.

then they stopped short and dropped silently,
crucifixion to those warning against god.

for who needs anything but a heavenly father?
lily 4d
I can't breathe anymore
darling you were the air
my air
and you left me
my lungs
my everything
and now I'm dying
I'm fucking dying.
So leave and don't you dare return.
Let me die
so when I fall and hit the ground
I can scream out your name as the pain disintegrates the last piece of my broken heart.

I will collapse.

My soul will escape and my flesh will die.

I shall let my spirit mend
and be born again.
But this time I will breathe
through the grace of God.
leaving hell
“And the first beast was like a lion,
and the second beast like a calf, and
the third beast had a face as a man,
and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.”
-Revelation 4:7;

The Sun is the same…
The Sun is the same…
The Sun is the same man as me,
The Sun is the (Say-Ame) Man as me,
No, the Sun is the same…
The Sun is the same…

The Sun is the (Say-Ame) Man as me,
It follows the path of culture’s dream.
The southern skies aren’t what they seem.
The Sun is the (Say-Ame) Man as me,
Yeah, the Sun is the (Say-Ame) Man as me,

The horns of god stab through the trees,
The wings of the bird, -now it’s trav-el-ling,

The Sun is the (Say-Ame) Man as me,
The Sun is the (Say-Ame) Man as me,

A screaming Eagle punish-ing,
Judgment of Lions sets you free,
And the Sun is the (Say-Ame) Man as me,

The Sun is the (Say-Ame) Man as me,
Sky of light, -his shining sea,
Horns of the Bull pierce through the trees,
Eagle, Lion, -Man and Ox you see?

The Sun is the (Say-Ame) man as me,
The Sun is the (Say-Ame) man as me,
The Sun is the (Say-Ame) man as me,
Yeah, the Sun is the (Say-Ame) man as me,
Yeah, the Sun is the (Say-Ame) man as me,

The Sun is the same…
The Bible contains a riddle that is a clue to the origin of the works contained in it. This clue is the multi-faced angel found in the beginning and end of the Bible. Each, "face," is a face of the sun in mythology. Greeks saw the sun as a lion, Egyptians as a bull, Sumerians as an eagle and Celts as a man. Therefore the Bible is a collection of Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek and Celtic mythology. Greeks were, at one point in history, the world's inscribers and would often times write books for other cultures in that culture's language to make it appear authentic as coming from said culture. It is a possibility that Hebrews collected works and had them written in their language as the Bible.
made whole on my dime

ask him

she hates me

we could not

kiss me
its worth

we have
no value
this earth

how sorry do you think

she says
me about
em>"An a
Animal attacks me,
I suffer break and tear
scream, though,
-He is with me"

"I feel no pain."

not for 2
not for 1
for all
gave for all
happy valentine's day
oh why?!

Do I constantly
seek the shade of darkness
when Your Son brings me so much warmth.

"I give you mountains,
to raise you up."

But Jesus,
I'm so tired.

"I'll carry you.
For I did not come
to be served,
but to serve."

So I rest in your arms
as your grace
carries me
to my resting place.

the God of Heaven, Earth, and Space
I choose,
to see your views.
Psalm 23
Romans 5:1-5
Isaiah 55
I know that I hung on a windy tree,


Nine long nights.

Hanukkah, Christmas, Saturnalia

Wounded with a spear, dedicated to Odin,


Myself to myself...

Abandoned by God

On that tree of which no man knows

The Tree of Knowledge

from where it's roots run.

Laws by mankind

No bread did they give me nor drink from a horn,

Suffering, no mercy

I arose with the Word,


and came back down to them.

This is an ancient Celtic poem. No author is cited.  It sounds like the, "son," of God(Odin) lamenting whom in Celtic fair should be the character known as Esus. He is depicted in stone as being a carpenter surrounded by animals. The spear of Longinus from, "Odin," represents the lineage of Kings and their judgement. Odin means, "Father," and God as all earthly Kings descended in spirit from God into their human forms.
I am tied to God’s victorious chariot.
He rides into the World as our champion,
and I,
am a bondservant and son.

Some days I am carried along by His horses
and some days I run alongside.
Some days, I just want to stop.
“Oh God, how much longer must we live in this fallen world?”
“Until, ALL have heard of my name.”

So I stand up, brush off the dirt
wipe away the tears
and look ahead to see those who don’t know Him,
and the tears fall again.
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