For so long the Devil played the strings on my heart
I was a puppet in his hands, feeling this and feeling that
But Christ cut the strings; he replaced the hooks with a heart of flesh

Though still I feel the emotions, I go through the motions
They controlled me for so long, they pulled me along
Like a top, spinning and spinning; now free but it goes through the motions

My heart is free, but resides at pride and hate
My hands are free, and do the devil’s handiwork
My mind is free, but on Christ it does not dwell

Inertia lasts so long; then it’s done and gone
Someday it will be foregone: just hold on!

Little by little, I realize the puppet is free
The sins of my past are no longer steadfast
Spinning and dizzy still, I venture only step by step – but soon I walk freely

My heart is weak and failing, but soon all renewed
My hands are trembling, but reach to embrace the Savior
My mind forgets my sin, and clings to the old rugged cross

For so long, I fought to undo what had been done
Though I was glorified, the shadows of my stains made me tremble
As the spinning stops, so my heart; my sin is finished and I’m made like the savior

From my book, "Aimless Wanderer"

Dear Lord, hear the cry of your child here
She can't defy, please, slay down her fear
bless her now, lord, with your mighty faith
so never shall shake, she in this wraith.

Dear Father, you are the real healer
fend for her, Abba, as you need her
Guide their hands, in her operation
Guide her spirit, in her salvation

Lord, the father of the fatherless
reckon your daughter in her distress
the miracle, it isn't from the doctors
not their will, mercy, but her father's

Let this day be her testimony
for you saved her from her agony
the cancer in her flesh, you designed
for her good, she knows, so will not mind

All in this world prays for compassion
Father, let them see her, your creation
Let them read her life, your rede to them
Abba, claim her spirit, sign with your thumb

Isaiah 41:10 Don’t be afraid, for I am with you! Don’t be frightened, for I am your God! I strengthen you–yes, I help you–yes, I uphold you with my saving right hand!

"Here she rests, now, here in her tiny little nest
Her never ending quest, still, no one can wrest.
You sleep for now, I will join you, that's a vow
It's true, he has a new world for us to sow"

It is sad that I have to write this. But since this is the one thing you want from me at this moment, I cannot choose not to. But again, dear, I love you. And I know that our God will do the right thing for you. And I pray and believe that your recovery itself is his will

You lose nothing in
the Loving Hands of Jesus
You gain everything

Thandiwe Apr 19

I have yet to see the full wonder of God.
Like a big colourful butterfly, with each flap of its wing a new colour is revealed.
I'm amazed and in awe...words fail to capture what lies in my heart.
With every thought, my heart smiles and swells with excitement.
To know this God I hear about...knows me, loves me and created me.
Me. Thandi. Weird and awkward...He still sees me and calls for me.
I'm in absolute amazement that I am His child...that He actually wants the best for me.
Where have I been this entire time...away from this truth.
Where have I been looking, searching because I'm overwhelmed by this truth.
It has grabbed my heart and arrested my remember exactly who Jesus is and what He did for me.
What the scriptures say resound the heart of Jesus....I'm so excited to know Him.
I am too happy to know Jesus. To know and about Him.
I can't believe I nearly missed this unspeakable joy.
What have I been looking for? A god in a box, a saviour chilling at a street corner, what have been waiting for, hoping in, praying for?

Joe and Marie
Had their eyes on one another
Throughout Bible Study.
After the session was over
And the Group socialized  
Over coffee and cake,
Joe approached Marie and said,
"I think I'm confused about certain Passages in the Book of John."
"Maybe, you could help me clarify the Meaning?"
"Why, sure, Joe," Marie responded.
"Why don't you come over to my Place after the Social is over?"
The Elders in the Group smiled at Joe and Marie.
They were certainly becoming Good Christians!
As soon as Marie let Joe into her Apartment,
They started tearing off each other's clothes.
Joe reached down under Marie's panties
And her vagina was already wet.
I guess that was the Clarification of the Biblical Verse
He was looking for?

Betsy Garris Apr 17

Going through the motions
A vast and blackened ocean
Drinking in this potion
They say is for my best
Breathing in and breathing out
Stagnant air flows through my mouth
Vision fading, thirst like drought
No pause, no peace, no rest.

Awoken from my walking slumber
I reach from my realm of under
For a grasp, for a lover
Of my weary soul
New light breaks through ground and grime
I feel a punctured hand in mine
With whip torn flesh, and spear pierced side
He lifts me from this hole.

Lost sight restored to all fullness
My thirst is quenched, the air now fresh
I see Him there, my soul's found rest
My savior, it is He.
And now I will forever praise
The one who saved my life with grace
How beautiful, the bloodstained face
of Jesus, Lord, and King!

Written in 2012, Edited in 2017.
Glory to God.
For more of my old poetry, check out
Brian Densham Apr 17

There’s some that have a story
While some bring but a tale
Some come in search of glory
Some come escaping hell

All those who come are wanting
Yet none will be denied
And though His path seems daunting
The journey starts … inside

You enter in His household
By opening your heart
Let Jesus cross that threshold
And your salvation starts

So be at peace my brother
And do not fear the end
For soon you will discover
An everlasting friend

Copyright 2003 B. Densham
Brady Friedkin Apr 16

The morning came slowly on that third day
The sun wondered how it might be able to shine through such darkness
The tears of the earth came early in the dew that morning
The flowers began to bloom in an open defiance to the earth
Perhaps the decaying body of the Lord gave them new life

The birds sang songs of jubilee that morning, as if there were reason for joy
Did they not know that the Light of the World had been snuffed out?
Did they not know that the one who fed them had gone away?
Did they not know that their creator lay below them dead in the ground?
Or did they sing defiantly knowing what we yet did not know?

Much like it had been in Bethlehem decades before, the world was silent
Breaking the silence like the Divine Child’s cries, somewhere a child cried
As if this child knew that his Lord lay dead below the earth
As if he could feel the thick darkness that surrounded him
But then, in defiance like only a child could bring, the first laughter in days

The new world was cold, dark, and bitter, and a child dared to laugh
While the rest of the world cried and mourned the death of their only hope
This child laughed while the birds sang and the flowers bloomed
It was as if they did not know that the Life of the World was still dead
Rather, though, it was as if they had read the prophets of old, and believed

When the sun finally rose, it could not shine through the thick darkness
We lived in a dark purgatorial world where we awaited the judgement
What a terrible judgement that must be coming toward us
We, who drove the nails into His hands, and gave Him over to death
But then, a glimmer of light comes upon the horizon

The light was not the rising of the sun, but some holy other
Those disciples who had run away while He hung on the cross ran again
This time not away from their Savior, but toward that otherworldly light
When they came to where He has been buried, they fell upon their faces
The brightest light to ever grace this old world poured out of the tomb

Then they heard a voice, the voice of the Risen Lord
‘Rise up you men of earth’ He said to the men lying facedown
‘Rise up oh you sleepers!’
‘Behold the Light of the World is upon you’
It was then that the world began its slow change

The cosmos, which had fractured so long ago in Eden, began to mend
Dead men rose to new life
Dark places were then filled with life
The world became a new place where the old had passed away
Every crack and crevice filled with an uncreated light never before seen

For the Lord has risen from the dead!
Indeed He has defeated death!
And forever, we shall keep the feast !

Sarah Lane Apr 16

All is dark except I see
These extended arms in front of me
They are waving, trembling
I barely have the sight to see
These open hands in front of me
They are reaching, searching
I hardly have the light to see
These stretching fingers in front of me
They are straining, grasping

As I watch, how strangely familiar I find
These arms, these hands, these fingers
What could fill them
That would still them?
As I look, I realize that they’re mine
these arms, these hands, these fingers
What could hold them
That would console them?

In this darkness, am I the only one who sees
The struggle in front of me?
It is desperate, helpless

All is numb except I feel
This empty space inside of me
It is widening, deepening
I only have the sense to feel
This growing hunger inside of me
It is pressing, aching
My nerves are acute just to feel
This enduring famine inside of me
It is agonizing, deadly

This pain worsens with the sight of
These arms, these hands, these fingers
What would occupy them
That would satisfy them?
I am feeling exhausted by the fight of
These arms, these hands, these fingers
What could nourish me
That would flourish me

In this void, am I the only one aware
Of the pain inside of me?
I am in anguish, pleading

Through the darkness, I finally see
Two different hands reaching out to me
They are calloused, scarred
Closing this void, I begin to feel
Such merciful love consuming me
It is boundless, overflowing
I find new life the moment I take
These hands that defeated death for me
It is abundant, eternal

The fullest joy He freely offers with
His arms, His hands, His fingers
His love fills me
Peace stills me
His gentleness holds me
Grace consoles me
To this joy I’ll always cling with
My arms, my hands, my fingers
His presence occupies me
Truth satisfies me
His word nourishes me
Hope flourishes me

In those depths, why was I so unaware
Of Him standing right in front of me
He is my stronghold, Deliverer

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