Elioinai 16h

My warm friend
You bring me quiet joy

I missed you, it’s nice to know you missed me too

Jesus ain't comin' back
After all.
Humanity has taken
Too deep of a fall.
The Church down the street
Still rings its bell,
But Jesus can't save us ALL
From Hell!
Faith is is a Virtue
We should all try to maintain,
If God is a gun-freak,
He must be insane

This poem was composed at Denver's Mercury Cafe, and was appreciated by the waitress, Tawny.
R 2d

Wiggly fuzzy sweetie pies
canoodling along my toesie-woesies.
Meowing purraciously as they
noodley-poodley awound the really biggy cat chair.
I'm waying on the couchie- ouchie!
Their sharpy nail digs into my fleshy-weshy by accident
but that's okay!
I lovie-dovie-wuvie-very-muchie
my darling widdle biddy kiddy cats!~

Is it Christmas magic
That makes the moonlight brighter?
Is it Christmas magic
That makes him hug you tighter?

Is it Christmas magic
That gives the silver sheen to snow?
Is it Christmas magic?
I really need to know

Is it Christmas magic
That makes you smile for no reason?
Is it Christmas magic
That brings such joy into the season?

Is it Christmas magic
That makes us seem to share?
Is it Christmas magic
That really makes us care?

Is it Christmas magic
That brings out who we are?
Is it Christmas magic
Or is it the one star?

Is it Christmas magic
That makes us act as one?
Is it Christmas magic
Or is it God's true son?

Is it Christmas magic

Leonila 7d

Who He Is

He walks with me in darkness. At my worst, He remains faithful and constant. At my best, He remains ever present and loving. God is always with me through my shadows and my light. In my frailty and weakness, He is a tower of strength and place of refuge. His love is unchanging and doesn't diminish in my bad behavior. In my successes, He remains the loyal Father who celebrates me. That is why I love Him. And in loving Him I realize, that is who He is.


I’ve got a bone to pick with you, Jesus!
Why’d you let all those liars get elected?
Why do you let them collect their bribes
And cheat people they should’ve protected?

They’re poisoned by fame
And they’re invoking your name.
They’re robbing the poor.
What is all this praying for?

A lot of crazy people claim you, Jesus
When they scream out hate and bile.
Where are the thunderbolts and plagues?
We have needed them for quite awhile.

Do we need another major flood now
That wipes out Washington D. C.?
Maybe that might wake the Republicans?
Maybe not, We’d have to wait and see.

They’re poisoned by fame
And they’re invoking your name.
They’re robbing the poor.
What is all this praying for?

I hear you’re coming back someday
To teach the sinners why and how.
Is there any tiny possibility at all
That you could manage that about now?

There are people that loudly claim
You heal people just by their prayers.
Could you open up sone free clinics ?
We’ve got poor sick people to spare.

They’re poisoned by fame
And they’re invoking your name.
They’re robbing the poor.
What is all this praying for?

And could you repeat that stuff, Jesus
About the eye of a needle and the rich?
I think the RNC convention would be
A perfect place to publish that pitch.

Mainly, Jesus, there’s stuff going on
That seems to be horribly unholy.
So, it is about time you spoke right up.
I mean, gosh almighty and holy moley!

Sy Lilang Nov 8


Come awake my soul
Come awake in love
I call You justice in hopelessness
Strong tower in the midst of roaring oceans.

There’re sleepless children in the street
Lying lips in abandonment
Redemption seems has no beauty
Purpose in debris in the cellar of doubt.

One thirsts, one hungers
Freedom has no speech
Oh come unto the Nations
Bring healing in the City of bones.

Our landmark is Your territory
As You left Your throne but You’re never dethroned
Sin and death were left with no pride
No chains of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Death has no beauty until Your blood was shed
Birth has no meaning until You conquered the grave
You tore away the veil of sickness
Everything You restore
Like nothing was stolen.

Your power assures I am free
There’s no condemnation, I am loved by You
Filled in You, I am found in Your Truth
Drowning in grace,
You’re my Living Proof.

You break the chains
As we confess Your Name
Now, victory has a Name
Love has a Name
Jesus is His Name

They say that you know me.

But how could you love me
if you truly knew?

I'm the quintessential frame
of a walking wound

They say you can heal me.

But why would you want to
if you already know?

I will pick at the scabs
and the stitches you sew

They say that you've held me.

But how can you hold anything,
especially me?

When I hammered your hands
to the Hackberry tree
You smile and say,
Because you are my Brother

Unable to comprehend the grace and love I have been given. Feeling more gratitude that I can properly express.

© Mike Mortensen
mystiquemarie Oct 28

Maybe the darkness isn't something to be so afraid of.
Instead, it is the hand of the Lord,
shielding us from the unbearable struggle.
Maybe the weight on our shoulders isn't one from our burdens,
but the weight of His arms around us,
as a sign of comfort to know we are not alone.
Hence when we see the light at the end of the tunnel,
the weight is lifted off.
For He is setting us free,
to fly off and live our lives once more.

Psalm 140:7  <3
Abby Jo Oct 25

some write music
others write songs
some take a run
others take a jog
some scream at Jesus
others cry out to God
I just write poetry
and let out a good sob

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