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Earth yearns for a reboot,
Pregnant women yearn to give birth,
Men yearn for wives,
The sea yearns to ***** our waste,
The moon yearns for her sun,
The seeds yearn for rain,
Chaos yearns for peace,
A dog yearns for his master,
A slave yearns for freedom and
Saints yearn for their transcendent bodies.
But I yearn for thee,
Redeemer of this world.
It is misunderstood how we are to live in the Light
Walk in the Light
Be the Light
When one’s focusing on spiritual things
Reading writing only spiritual
His words
The vessel is insignificant
It’s the power of the Word that brightens the outlook
Darkness cannot stay or deceive in this Light
Of everything or anything that we come across
A higher elevation
Fresh air and a clear view
That’s why we keep climbing higher
It’s a drive for more of this mysterious change of nature
Purely felt and known
We had no idea in the beginning of this romance
Learning everything we can mindfully
But the power has to come from the Lord’s quickening Spirit
One day at a time searching for the Light
Till one day it dawns
Like the skies unveiling the heavens
Seeing becomes a closer watch measuring with the witnesses
Beloved we are now sons of God
Though it has not yet appeared
When He comes in us more we will be just like Him
For all the world to see
His coming
Humility shines
In all grace and truth
Perfect as He is perfect
Bless His holy name


“To whom hath the discipline of wisdom been revealed and made manifest? and who hath understood the multiplicity of her steps?”
The whole world is suffering
Rabid dogs running social media into a horror flick as believed to be true
Energizing the evil surmising
Burrowing indecency to the point beyond red or blue

Whether it be tornadoes or hurricanes
Fires with billowing smoke
Unhealthy living in traumatic methods remains
The world is trying to **** us one way or another as we isolate ourselves in an increasingly questionable options to cope

Always we pray for the presence of His Mighty Arm
To comfort the suffering little ones not understanding what is happening to their security
Parents unpleasant about being cooped up with a family they never took the time before to experience their charm
Love is sliding through holes in the pockets with the onslaught of uncertainty

Stammering sleeplessness devouring dreams of all is going to be ok
Trusting in the Lord isn’t in many who just don’t know where to turn
As the rivers rise and masks run out the questions in between the tears may come to some as a last resort to pray
With all your heart and soul believe in the only One who can help you repent and discern

Times have come and gone since Jesus rose out of His tomb in all Glory arrayed
Go tell your brothers I have arisen as the scriptures spoke of
“Do not let this one thing escape your notice, dear friends that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years are as a single day”
We are now in the early morning of the third thousand day where darkness is still ruling with a firm glove

Transformation so unforeseen by skeptics
Believing their own lofty lies
The grandeur of personified Holy Ones searching for those who believe and waited patiently for eternal aspects
Inwardly fulfilling the unfolding of mysteries known since the beginning recognizes

No outward observation
The world is at its wits end trying to revive a dead corpse
The Word has been spoken and will faithfully be revealed inwardly to those with this honored invitation
Evil will burn out of “self” reproach

“Our real idea of God may lie buried under the ******* of conventional religious notions and may require an intelligent and vigorous search before it is finally unearthed and exposed for what it is.”

The most significant message in silence is often more eloquent than speech
Sitting at the feet of Jesus being filled with the virginity of pure Truth
Preachers have made publicly a carnival of leavening poison in the loaves and the fishes they teach
Though the unbelievable rise will be the innocence of upcoming youth

As the Son begins to rise on the horizon in hope filled eyes
The changes taking place are rearranging the stock exchange
Bringing peace to the poor in spirit and love to the simple I emphasize
The Light will burn in the hearts of the promising few who believe people need a nature change

“Only after an ordeal of painful self-probing are we likely to discover what we actually believe about God.“
People have fallen from believing in God because of the way Christianity has degraded the holiness in their message
Saying they believe yet they do the same things as the unbelievers in their dishonest sinful walk
The taste has soured but the children will hear the true inbreathed essence

Truth doesnt ever have to touch the tongue to be expressive
The anointed light within the soul is our genuine Life giving Spirit whispers Living waters like an artesian well
Once the Love deeply impresses into open hearts there is nothing to stop the intense manifest progressive

Inward journey of unveiling the Divine Mind of Christ
Spreading like wildfire this metamorphosis filling all with the promised new Life
Like a worm transforms into a butterfly
Light swallows up the outward sight
Bringing Life to new heavens and new earth as in the beginning immaculate purity intensified

All emotions aside
We must die to natural carnal mind
Becoming who we were meant to be in Christ Alive
Gracefully this will turn you inside out as everything is inside

Don’t be alarmed or hide
Ditch your pride
Fulfill your purpose
to survive
All will certainly realize God if they are earnest

Reach for the prize
Become little
In His eyes

“The Christians conception of God currently is so decadent as to be utterly beneath the dignity of the Most High God and actually to constitute for professed believers something amounting to a moral calamity.”


🐑 “If anyone  says  to  you, ‘ Look here  is  the  Christ ! or , ‘ There  he is!’  Do  not  believe  him. For  false  messiahs  and  false  prophets  will 
appear and  they  will  perform  great  signs  and  wonders  so  as  to ­ lead  astray if  that were  possible even  the  elect”
With a grateful heart I pray
Sincerely Dear Lord
Help me please from always being afraid
I trust You are in control yet why do I feel so all alone not in one accord

Gracefully we admire the frothy determination
Stretching the coastlines limits at times reaching for more
Yet the harmony has been written and sympathized in so many years of desperation
Still the generosity of the salty heirs wade in the obedience of the wanton shores

With the raging waters and winds blowing In indecisive destinations
This world is restless
Chaos and devastation is an on going persistent evil in the souls of unknowing vessels
Carelessness has filled the cup to confusion in all the darkness pridefully boasting

My heart aches in knowing that so many don’t know or have been told
Truth that leads to Salvation and Life everlasting
Heavenly billows of snowflakes tip toeing Into the depths of my innermost being assuring me
“Peace be Still and Know”
“IAM God”
Bowing my head in humble reverence notwithstanding

Step by step softy moving closer to my first Love
Always being comforted by His tenderness I adore
I’m in awe of His immaculate irreproachable glance from above
Suddenly my heart senses that same whisper on the shore

Elegance is simplicity graced by the beauty of composure in the soul
Knowing and trusting in the power deep within where Your Love is endless
Just as the tides ebb and flow
Whispering the shorelines song eloquently breathless

“The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice; let the many coastlands be glad! Clouds and thick darkness are all around him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne. Fire goes before him and burns up his adversaries all around. His lightnings light up the world; the earth sees and trembles. The mountains melt like wax before the Lord, before the Lord of all the earth. The heavens proclaim his righteousness, and all the peoples see his glory”
Planted upon Mount Zion
By the Ancient of Days:
A Magnificent Tree seen – beheld –
By withering grasses’ gaze

Seasons come, go, and change;
The Tree is here to stay
Withstanding time and weathering,
Won’t bend or ever fray...

Word is carried by the Wind,
Sent forth through gentle whispers:
"The Tree of Life is here indeed,
Let ears who hear be listeners"

Prepare the heart! Prepare the way!
Find Rest down by the River…
Where running sweet…is scarlet sap...
And fruit that will deliver...

Mystical is this passing through
Seemingly natural although the Presence felt and known to be ultimately fragile
An essence of the invisible purity my soul craves
An underlying drawing unto
Innocence as violins tenderly serenade the silence
Truth unveils in the motion of a gentle breeze
My heart flutters in humble delight as a rose gracefully unfolds her virginity
Only to Him her first Love
Born from above where Light rules as an immaculate new dawn
We are the instruments being individually formed for our plan and purpose
To please the Lord humbly bowing at His service
Eliminating self and all the emotions that lift us up in pride
Everything that is not in Him hiding inside
Will be illuminated one day at a time by our obedience
Blessed are those who abide in His presence
To live in Christ
The ultimate sacrifice
To die is gain returning to our Father
Christ in us our hope of glory
The promise made before time began
Being revealed now in His sons
Hallelujah to become a New Creation
Living in peace and joy knowing we belong to the great
“We love because he first loved us”
May the Lord's loving hand
Guide you home safe every night
And may he shine upon you
And bring happiness and delight
As you go along your way
Remember to stop and thank
The lord every day..
Lord 🙏 Jesus Christ
God Blessed Sep 18
The tree of life is watered with her tears
Who mourns the Word of Truth denied by fools.
She weeps amid the sounds of jests and jeers:
While mockers mock she spends her sorrow's jewels.
Her jewels return to dust whence all jewels come.
She owns the dearth of destitution's store.
Deprived of Him worth more than any sum,
Give her the world and yet she will be poor.
A bleeding heart and broken, her heart's quake
Trembles the earth and splits it; streams of blood
Divine and purest tears into a lake
Puddle and pool with sorrow, dust, and mud.
Within her heart a sea of bitterness swells.
Her grief, the ocean's roar, resounds in shells.
All hope was lost when I was alone,
I cried a prayer that reached the throne.

Addicted to tears shaped like the cross,
I wept aloud and found that which I lost.

Like a baby without a breast
I was hungry and starved, I needed to rest.

Weak without food I could barely see,
that The King had prepared a feast right before me.

Bestowed a place at his table,
I found grace that was fatal.

"Eat and drink and be joyful,
by faith my hope is bountiful."

When Jesus made me cry,
I knew, that for me he had to die.

By grace, through faith we are saved,
by the blood that Jesus has paid.

Completely God and completely man,
this Jesus was killed by human hand.

A sacrifice he was,
Jesus loves you, just because.

Resurrected from the dead,
Jesus is alive, no matter what is said.

Living and strong,
Jesus is with you, all your life long.

Jesus is building his house so big,
he wants you to come and see his Kingdom gig ;)

You are loved.
You are blessed.

In the Kings righteousness,
you are dressed.
Copyright 2020 coup de grace by Austin Woodruff

coup de grace (n.)
"a single blow or stroke, dispatching one condemned or mortally wounded to put an end to misery," 1690s, from French coup de grce, literally "stroke of grace;" the merciful death-blow that ends another's suffering. (Etymonline; Online Etymology Dictionary)
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