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Sy Lilang May 26
To see You in victory
Regardless of my brokenness,
For You are my one thing.


The war is a good language;
For in every war, there's always a victory --
A victory in a Name who's above all other names.

The Name who's good in defending,
Who's good at perfecting,
In drawing closer those hearts that are calling for help.
Those who plead and trust only Him.

The strengthening of the Lord covers all ages,
It's a transformation from inside out
And it's through the breath of life.

We listen in His voice like lullabies in our ears.
We need not pretend that we are strong by ourselves,
To stop taking the first steps
But instead, allow Him to take us to His ways.

For when John saw the revealed Jesus;
He no longer is the wounded One,
But He is seen as the resurrected One.

Maybe we've been trying out too many schemes
And our strategies always lead us to an end --
The dead-end of our lives.

But tonight, God wants to remind you
That your ending is the new beginning
And that Jesus already died for you and me.

His death became the beginning
Of exchanging meaning of what "victory" is all about.
A beginning that sprouts like a new leaf;
A beginning living in His testimony.

He says, "Come up here and see."
See it for yourself;
Because the Lord already prepared a banquet.

Jesus has an invitation to see Him,
To experience His salvation, His blessings
And so we can be filled with wonders and awe once again.
God is just waiting.
Sy Lilang May 18

Like the wind,
Like the sand —
My heart is hopeful.
To witness Your undying beauty.

I took a picture of the mountains,
And then the oceans
And those people lingering their thoughts
While serving as the highlight of the background.

I can’t deny its raging beauty
But I search for more —
I search for the Sun each day
For what boasting I could have?

I’ve been to the beach so many times,
And in different seasons.
You take me to the shore
And I’m always in awe —
Not by the beauty itself
But by who You are.
Oh, how could I stop praising You?
Days go by
Rainy days
Depressing days
Grey skies
I live in a hotel and I'm bored
I'm very lonely
I am a lonely girl
I paint, I make music
I try to keep myself busy so I don't end up in depression
Life is hard
Loneliness can be soothing as it can be bitter
I feel like my life is defined by waiting for time to pass
We feel alone but we are not
God is there to strengthen us
That's why we need to pray
Pray because Jesus hears us and is there
He protects us from evil
There is no such thing as evil
It's just demons that want to destroy us
But we must fight them thanks to God
God is in my heart and it's thanks to him that I'm alive today
Pray my child and all your demons will disappear
nom de plume May 12
breathe in incense smoke—
swirling carcinogen,
but not my favorite.
not by far, not when
bruised lungs run in the family.
smolder, smoke, ash, original sin,
a debt i am going to make you watch
me pay. i'm always playing the victim.
i read seduction, i breathe in incense,
to maintain an innocence
i never had. it just feels so religious to self-flagellate.
i speak in tongues and don't make sense,
i try to trace myself through the guilt,
and envy jesus.
at least he had
the nails as reference.
how many times you've done this before
is about the only difference
between being a martyr and deserving it.
xavier thomas May 11
Eyes open every morning, see self-made, I was born for it
Jesus by my side every day, walking under faith for it
Bonded from the ground up, sacrifice my time for it
Told him that I have a dream, told me to go work for it
Can't worry to much about the past
Wrote a list under covenant, while learning how to fast
Have to stay focus and keep myself strong
Thought I couldn't make it but he surely proves me wrong
Love’s demands- unending,
And You, my righteousness,
Met them all
You carried the weight righteousness required, heavy upon your shoulders
Yet you did not falter or stumble even ONCE.
Perfect obedience to the Father above,
You loved your God with all your heart, mind, and soul
And You loved Your neighbor as yourself
Perfectly and wholeheartedly You did not regard your life
And I lose my life to you-
And grasp for yours.
Could I really believe, could I truly believe that THIS righteousness is my own?
Sinless sinless, spotless lamb !
In MY place.
My place
Renae May 6
I've seen the news
seen what's on TV
Listened to music
looked at you, looked at me
I learned
all about our history
The only light I see
is in the books,
songs &  letters
written to you and me
They've survived
through centuries
telling us what's to be
No, anxiety can't get to me
I rest peacefully
my mind is at ease
for the illumination is
brighter than it used to be
The writings on the wall
the picture is clear
It's never been easier to see
He cannot cheat,
he will not lie
There's no more time to cry
he will wipe every tear from our eyes
xavier thomas Apr 13
I can’t wait
For all the love to come

I can’t wait
I’m thankful for your mercy & that your “Will”, will be done

I can’t wait
To glorify Jesus for my sins, paving the way as your son

I can’t wait
To meet you in person in heaven, as we chat one-on-one
They say you’ve already given us the answer to our questions.
So how come it takes a long time to see that?
Juliana Apr 13
The waves part
at the speed of light,
all of Heaven gathered together
into a black hole,
ceasing to exist.

This was an experiment, you see.
A multi millennia project,
the greatest, the only,
team-building exercise of all time.

It led up to this, humanity,
but it wasn’t pass-fail.
Every little win, every
act of kindness, every
giggle coming from a small
child’s lips gave us a point.
Every bit of despair
subtracted one.

What was our grade?
All the wars we fought,
collecting coins like glitter
to fill our picture frame of hate,
did we ever once think that when
He came down, when Jesus returned,
it would not be in a simple robe,
the uniform of the stars, but in a
crisp, clean lab coat,
our savor, the STEM major.
evolove Apr 12
I used to think comets were shooting stars falling. Til I grew to understand how our earth was *******. Oder out of chaos. The Masons are stonewalling. But the truth is your true calling. The worship of Cain has left us.
barely abael.
and crawling..
Christian. End times.
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