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splinter of existence creepin' thru skin
when judgement day is scarin' ya guys
temples beatin' 888 beats per minute
as dreams of shelter be passin' by

remember merciless bob, the hyena?
used to shoot bullets like rashid stoogie
always mind da project's family tree, b
watts to frankfurt via lima, diz how we be

brothaz, almans, multihood, escalade in chrome
osmans *** some, naber abi, bana parayi ver
you won't survive the massacre of greed
palms grow inside frankfurt's wildlife

dey be too fierce for dem knocko boys
no jammin', silver colts in montenegro
special forces, dejan, heroine, grenades

choki predicted da richness, we be floatin'
ari goldman tower, sandstone, platinum coke
yugos, habibis, moruks, almans, pashto
marokks, habeshas, albans and kurds

man bites dog, anti-traitor, snares
lacerated cable, flashdeath in red and blue
palermo, cosa nostra, secret shipment
da antagonist be chained 'gainst ya brain, bro

we tear up pavements since we rule da planet
massacres, new age, 36ers, crenshaw, headrush
day of vendetta bros, senait forgot how to *** back
street dust be what ya smellin' in da projectz

bent body, similar to deceased city doves
her soul be glintin' among da 5-0 sirens
large scale operation, silverblack corpses
black dots in front of ya eyes, sista

harlem river houses, homeshadows, dough
the ghetto raises fierce and bloodthirsty men
2 for 60, flip it into 90 and mind the cut, kwame
ya peeps gotta eat, and don't forget youse momz

let's build towers from all dem stacks, luv bellywood
our camouflage be immaculate like 90% pure
rides on champagne in times of evil blood
we light up the night and rightfully keep turf

our home be 36 souls away, slums and the hamptons
in the kitchen, da fiend's addiction is boiling
e guitar sounds, we overrun ya people
and don't ya fear jail, we reign institutionz
Left To Rot Jul 30
Jimmy learned that gay was bad,
unnatural, the pastor said,
his friends were all about girls,
so Jimmy played along.
At some point in high school
Jimmy realized
a very hidden desire of his,
he liked a guy.
Jimmy was desperate,
how could it be?
He had been with girls,
never with guys,
but how would he know?
He never tried!
He kept the secret to himself,
a shameful burden of his own,
until one day Jimmy boy came across a term: BI.
Angie Jul 7
I shouted to the world that I loved you like a fool
But I could never confess I was speaking to you
Tried for so long to hate you
Like if I focused on your flaws, I could pick you apart
Into something I would have no choice
But to love a little less

The truth is that sitting out here next to you
On the curb outside my work
My hands ache to touch you, my lips to kiss you
It's selfish and it's miserable and I wish
I didn't yearn to confess to you
That I've been tormented by the ways
I've fallen in love with you

You're telling me how when you graduate college
You plan to marry her, you plan to adopt with her
And you're asking if I'll be slutty at the wedding
And I can almost hear you ask me to be your maid of honor
My honor to stand next to the woman I love
As she says her vows to the woman she loves

Before you go you're handing me
Your little blue cassette player, and my tape is still in it
And my voice breaks when I remind you to keep your ear phones
Because I've got a set of my own
And my voice breaks when I say I love you, too, I'll see you later

And my heart is shattered at our feet
But I found the route to smile back at you
As Im walking away, still thinking of our place
Where you used to sleep in my bed, used to make my coffee exactly right
And I was the coward who never made a move
When I know you wanted me to
Being invisible when I was in school most people didn't bat an eyelash at the things I wrote on the internet because I abstained from having ***. My atheist friend makes fun of me for it, he jokes that I am asexual but he just doesn't understand that I want trust and love when I have *** with someone. Is that so wrong? I am monogamous and a hopeless romantic. When I kiss someone I want them to trust me. I kissed a girl in college and it was worth it. The guys I kissed growing up had nothing on her except for my first kiss when I was 7 years old. Bisexuality is not a phase, isn't a trend, and most certainly isn't an excuse to cheat on anyone of any gender.
N Apr 16
It's a disease.
They want to fix me.
Cure me.
Maybe I am sick,

but I love it
I told her that I am not ready
I am not ready for the world to know
This closet might be limited but I am safe inside it

She got angry
She got impatient
In the end she could not take it

I tried to say that it was not about her
I tried to explain that she was my 8th wonder

I do have pride even though I hide
I am just not ready to say that I am bi
i do have pride even though  hide
Rhea Mar 29
I don’t think I’ve ever been in love with my past partners.
I think I’ve lied every time I said those words.
I think I was scared to admit it to myself,
But I think I love you.
I will never regret anything as much as I regret saying yes,
Then chickening out.
How different our lives would be had we kissed, had we touched.
I don’t think I’ve ever said “I love you”, and meant it.
Except to you.
I think you're my soulmate.
I think you’re meant to be mine.
I think I’m meant to be yours.
I think you're miserable with him.
I think you’d be happy with me.
I don’t think I’d ever be happy with anyone else.
But I am not a smart woman,
So what I think may just be my mind.
And I can never tell you what to do,
But I hope you see in my eyes my love for you.
I’m scared that if I ever told you,
Everything would change.
I’m scared I’d lose you again, and I’d die without you.
I don’t think I’ve ever understood someone more.
I don’t think anyone has ever understood me more.
If i decided to tell you, what would I say?
How am I supposed to apologize?
I think I’ll have to keep my mouth shut forever.
As long as you’re in my life, I can keep living.
I am in love with my best friend. I miss her whenever I don't see her, I can't keep my eyes off her when I do see her. I wish we had experimented in high school when she asked me to and I said yes. I was scared though, and I hate myself every day for never being braver. I hate myself, but I love her. And I think I always will.
Lyss Brianne Mar 7
To the man on the street that called my ex girlfriend and I ******, I forgive you. We were nineteen and in love, I’m sorry that you were raised in a way that made you look at two girls holding hands and laughing as something that wasn’t to be shown in public. I’m sorry that my happiness made you feel insecure in that moment. My happiness was not on display to offend you. My love life was never an act of rebellion against you. I will forgive you for how you were raised but I will not apologize for showing love in a way you don’t deem appropriate for wandering eyes.

To the people I went to high school with, I’m sorry I never heard the rumours you spread about me until you were already out of my life. I’m sure you meant to break my heart when you called me **** in the hallways but your words never made their way back to me. Your aggression towards who I chose to love never stopped me from falling in love with girls I never imagined could be real. I refuse to hide away my love. I will not let your words shame me back into the closet I was scared to admit I was stuck in.

To the people who used to send me anonymous messages telling me to **** myself I hope you’re in a better place now. I often think about how my big secret made you so upset that you couldn’t stand to live in the same world as me. I’m not sorry that I’m still here now. I still feel sorry that you were so sad with yourself that you needed to make me feel as hopeless as you were.

To the people who voted no towards same *** marriage but watch ******* girl ****, I’m sorry my love is only okay when it’s for your pleasure. I’m sorry that you have such a skewed view on life that you see women as objects and not as people. I would forgive you but I don’t think you’d fess to your wrongdoing to be forgiven. There is nothing to forgive if someone won’t admit that they are wrong.

I’m twenty three now and I’m still not sorry for writing love poems about beautiful girls. I have stopped apologizing for being something that I’m proud of. I no longer hide behind my assumed heterosexuality. I proudly proclaim my attraction to women because I spent too many years being ashamed of being in love. I will never again sweep hatred under the rug to keep peace. I have never needed your approval for my love to be valid and I never will.
Her perfect smile,
Shines brighter than his.
But he is what everyone expects I want.
He is what everyone expects I need.
But she is so beautiful,
She's everything I desire.
I wonder if she ever sees me
Thinks the same.
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