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jay 1d
you’re just a boy, everyone says, but no one gets it like you do. be responsible, everyone says, but no one knows just how responsible you can be. don’t be cruel, everyone says, but they don’t know cruelty like you do, because you’re just a boy and boys use their fists more than their mouths, don’t they? don’t you? because fists (fists, whitened knuckles, dry skin, salty and sad) fists can hurt a lot, but mouths (mouths, bloodied red, bitten raw, bittersweet) mouths shatter hearts, ruin lives, push you down and tie you up, bare and defenceless, suffocating, rumours and confessions like bullets — and boys aren’t that cruel, are they? are you? (even if you are cruel, you are unarmed. you use your fists because you don’t know how to use your mouth, not like this, anyway.) you should know your way, everyone says, but you’re just a boy and all what boys do is get lost over and over again. you walk with your feathers puffed like a peacock, hips swaying like a courtesan, eyes staring ahead as if you’re too good to see humans, too holy for humanity, or as if there’s a place you’re aiming to reach, a destination dancing in your head. but in reality, you are lost. your confidence is an act, your puffed feathers are a mask, and you’re sitting in the lap of the gods pretending you’re right where you want to be when all you want to do — all you truly want, deep down — is to go back home, back to your mother’s lap, back to your sister’s arms, back to your father’s fists.


you’re just a boy, and you act like you’re a king because you’re possessive and a natural leader; you want to be rich and have pretty things and be listened to. and you **** like a god because nothing satisfies you like being worshipped with sinful mouths and soft touches. and you fight like an animal because once you’re angry, you don’t hold back, and once you feel threatened, you jump with your paws out and your sharp whites bared, and you don’t give up until someone wraps their arms around your chest and pulls you back and holds you tight, until the wild drumming of your heart ceases into a soft, melodic rhythm, until the adrenaline dies down and the craze to spill blood turns into a crave to be held. (to be loved.) and you cry, but you don’t let anyone see you but yourself even though watching your tears fall only makes them fall harder, the same way young little boys sit behind behind their windows and watch the rain punch the invulnerable glass, and realise that it will only keep pouring down more and more as long as they keep their eyes on it. because the sky loves attention, so she rains more when you’re attentive and awaiting her to change, and you love attention, so you cry more at watching yourself in the mirror and at the mere thought of someone walking in and seeing you, in all your glory, a king and a god and a beast, lying on the ground in the middle of a pool of his own tears, his walls wrecked down and his doors wide open, hinges ripped off.

you’re just a boy. you want them to cut you some slack, but why is it harder for you than everyone else?
im gay ? ***
Tizzop 3d
to love a person, is a risk
rejecting this risk, means to
reject love -- what does this mean?

i love a girl called milly
she likes her cousin and
sometimes, i'm scared

imagining her soft skin
these hands, touchin
anotha dude; FUCKK!

but i be good, my friendz
cause i called popz
his old voice calmed me

my popz has become a real
friend by now; he's experienced
listen to dem old ones

you be good, too..
Fo' Life
love with a boy

with the grace of an elephant
i fall in love with a boy
it happens slowly
and then all at once
it is loud and sharp and harsh
like fireworks and explosions
rough hands running over hips
gripping tighter in fear of letting go
harsh love and lust pull closer together
the forms that resemble magnets
drifting closer together from opposite poles
until they collide with touches and breaths
and they lay there
without a care in the world

love with a girl

with the grace of an angel
i fall in love with a girl
it is fragile and new
like a bird’s egg in spring
it is as soft as fresh cotton
and as gentle as her own hands
lips brush in kisses that make you shiver
and fingers intertwine to set
butterflies loose inside of you
begging to burst free at any time
love is scattered across me
like the freckles on her face
and it sits in my heart
light as a feather
little lion Oct 12
I want to come out.
I want to walk out and slam the door behind me
with whatever variation of a rainbow flag
billowing in the wind as I walk past.

I want to be out.
I want to be me and do so shamelessly
without fear of judgement or dislike
from people who may disagree

I wish I was out.
But I don't even know what I am
I want be yours and yours alone,
but there's no flag for that

I wish I was yours...
you have my mind and body and soul
but I'm just here on the side,
because you are still hers.
I wish you would choose me.
Pyrrha Oct 11
You took the Sanderson sisters seriously
When they said "I put a spell on you"
You were there taking detailed notes
For the day our eyes would meet
Because since yours met mine
I've been living inside a trance
An endless dream
Where you ask me my name
And I give you my number
But April love
I can work some magic too
I can make the seasons change
And I'll have time stand on it's head
I will take your breath away
Just like you did to me
When you walked my way
I will steal your heart with my words
I'll keep you captive in my heart
And lock you there with my lips
I met a Girl at earthbound and she doesn't know it but I love her 👀👄👀
Tizzop Oct 8
no love without problems
no problems without love
our truth sets us free
our truth encourages us

land of shattered memories
listen to the stories of the old ones
accounts of experience and wisdom
after that, we can leave for good

i don't know if you feel me
i hope that you feel me
our journey has just begun
trust is encoded in you and me

digits and letters of warm blood
warm skin, warm tongues
glowin' souls, shinin' eyes
earlier, i was sure of everything

you know, certain of it all, fo' sure
dreams, fear and people taught me:
the very only protection is god, you know?
the lord is our savior in the cold light of day

in the warm light of the night, oh yeah
our bodies become the same, oh yeah
scent of greed, let's take a breath, let's leave
let's go babe, into the warm light of the night
For Milly.
Kitten Yvad Oct 2
I appreciate the immensity
of our battle and your smile
through this we are somehow

still beautiful.
Well i speak too soon
only wishing you'd find me so

being being unable
to love every treasured
fiber in your soul
would strike a much lower blow

god I want to touch you
but my love, i maintain patience
i feel so deeply

i burn so steadily
but caress my patience

when I fall in love,
the empathy of it all
heals fractured nations
Tizzop Sep 21
under the skin, there are flames
beneath the flames, our faces
neongreen stars and irises
explosions pamperin' the brain

10 million can't be wrong
illusions become friends
spoken from the edges
rocks and langoliers

in times of hunger,
rhymeless fields grow
elephants and angels
trumpets, bridesmaids

mind the allusions
in times of satisfaction,
people stop moving
Flames under the skin.
Tizzop Sep 17
the snow is playing with your face
our lifes are fast-paced, so fast-paced
stay with you like always, 'till our last days
waking up with you is sunday, sunny sunday

and when i feel jumpy, ****** up or insane
still on the cocktail, still completely awake
you always calm me, my mighty mermaid
happy birthday, our luck is homemade

we don't need a foreplay for play
come on, let's go to your place
i like to place dem dreamcatchers
for dreams captured, mind the screen

hours of a lifetime, welcome to the life style
datin' at nite time, ipod-white, flymode style
lovers of a lifetime, welcome to my soul mode
we be ridin' roads, only talking in codes

fantasies never seen, inhale the galaxies
let's keep it all-flighty, show me your caller id
our knees in high seas, 16 for the diaries
show me your caller id, and stay all-flighty

nite of the niteties, unite me wit dem sprities
dey come so shiny, whisper of a shiver
circle shadows, shoot at 'em wit rainbows
we hug each other and we watchin' our pain go
Tizzop Sep 7
talking 'bout kush, so cali, holy swoosh like nike
doing the right thing: the double truth, spike lee
i am overflowing wisdom and shine out of words
but you'll only see tattoos, my body is a haze

if you're not from me, at the corner of the real ones
i'll be catching whole ones, re-up and ride on
as i put a smile on vivian's face, i live the pace
of something you will never feel, explosionz

wait, i'll be starting the mirror, check out the ring
check out the seal, amber-red, the shining
now, you're acting seemingly dead, eyes winered
after a night with me, you realize your schism

no worries, there comes just a snowstorm, glossywhite flurry
synthies are falling down, bombs are blasting sounds
when i was five, i got bass-addicted, waterfalls splashing
holy swoosh, you are asking for forgiveness

36 souls in a prada bag, the dead, the ashes
morocco and nador, the runner, the hashish
multicultural friendshipz, all the world
16er lifestyle, golden lights, green fog
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