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Siyana Oct 11
If I were a boy, you'd like me so.
I wouldn't feel sad about the way you let me go...
If I were a boy, you'd hold my hand in public,
you wouldn't worry about what the rest of the world thinks...
If I were a boy, we'd be together right now..
You wouldn't be with him, and my heart wouldn't make a sound...
If only I were a boy...
Siyana Sep 29
I never met a soul like hers.
She made me feel wild and free like the wind..
I felt the heat of the sun and the lush of the grass,
as she placed her hands beneath my skirt....
Her wild eyes could evacuate my soul from my body..
Sally's heart sings nights of slow romance
Where eyes and tongues are tapered in dance
Kisses, one at a time
Lasting embraces in rhyme
As women's duet, she changed her stance

Logan Robertson

rebecca 2d
She acted like diamond, and
shattered like glass.
Some odd mix of beautiful,
and terrifying.
I loved her like that.
Rae Sep 2
The shaft of moonlight stabs the
Soft skin between my *******.
I stare at the tips of my flesh
Imagine a babe suckling there.

You once told me you wished for children.
You once told me my hips and soft stomach foretold a healthy and long motherhood.
You once told me I already smelled of milk and sweet breath;
All I lacked was the baby powder.

You once told me.

You once told me the pink and purple of my *** was too mottled and unkempt.
You once told me the space between my eyes offset the masters degree I hung on my office's wall.

You once told me if I put as much time into my job as this family, I wouldn't be watching you shove your clothes into a worn and broken-toothed suitcase.

You used to lie there, between my *******,
The moisture of your breath evaporating off my skin and cooling my ******* to a point.
You'd laugh, press a kiss to each,
And tell me they must miss your tongue and teeth.

I scoot up the bed, sheets scratchy and sticking to my flushed skin.
The moonlight traces a path down my ribcage and navel,
A touchless touch that makes me ache for real fingers and real body heat.

I hear him, moving about the kitchen
Humming that Bob Seger song that tickled the back of my neck when I slid onto the back of his motorcycle,
Voices echoing in the half-empty parking lot.
I can see his hips swaying in the night sky
The slow ****** and long extended neck in the clouds.
I can smell his sweat and ***** on my body, the moist night breeze pushing him further into my lungs.

I press my face to the pillow
Inhale the detergent where you used to sweat pheromones, drool on, and bite when I kissed my way down between your thighs.

He starts to whistle, the *******.

He's tone deaf.

I press my lips flat, contain the laughter my body aches to set free.

You once told me that to be with a man was denying my true sexuality.
You once told me that if we were to marry, I'd never know a day without true joy.

I wonder what it felt like, love,
When he ****** you in our bed.
When he ate you on our sheets
Your *** on him his scent on you.

I wonder what it felt like, love,
To watch me fall apart.
To watch me scream and tear and bash my heart against the wall, the scent of your betrayal still hanging in the air between us.

I wonder what it felt like, love,
To deny your true sexuality.

I promised to love you forever.
I promised to care for you, in sickness and in health.
I promised to give you my all, and protect your heart with my life.
I promised.

He reaches the chorus one last time, and I feel my head begin to bounce
My toes tapping against the cool yellow paint of the wall.
The scent of bacon drifts beneath my door, overpowering his ***** and my sweat
And I roll out of bed, stomach grumbling.

I promised to love you forever, love.

When I **** him, I don't think of you.
When I **** him, he calls my name, not God's.
And when I **** him
I love it
And I don't miss your ***** for one ******* second.

Even his ******* bacon taste better than yours, you ****.

And when I tell him I love him, my lips against his naked shoulder,
My heart in my shaking hands,
He doesn't say that he's been ******* the mailman for the past three weeks.
And our married neighbor Kim.

He says "I love you, too."

And I believe him.
Elle Sep 1
it turns out that we both liked
(at different times, at least)
and that we were both dumber
in that different time

stupid enough to fall for a
smile with no substance
and flat out manipulation
when it came to you

***** that guy, i say maybe
too viciously but it's true

no! you reply, and it takes a second

he can go ***** himself then, i correct.
i always thought you were too good for him

you smile
i love you too,

but anyway, i say
when we are walking closer to the door
the entire male species is dumb
(it's a generalisation,
but after everything that's just happened
it feels comforting, a balm)
and sometimes i don't understand
why i'm even a bisexual with how

low rate? you suggest

low rate, i second,
our fellow **** sapiens are

mood, you say
sometimes solidarity is supporting each other, and sometimes solidarity is trash talking to the guy you both liked. both mean the same thing anyway.
Noah Rein Aug 17
Red, like the blood that runs in our veins

Orange, like the shirt that I ‘accidentally’ took because I secretly like the way it smells like you

Yellow, like the sun that’s dancing across your face, highlighting your freckles as you smile

Green, like the grass we lay on while your old radio plays a slow hum of music out across my yard

Blue, like the ocean we swim in, clothes and secrets left on the shore

Purple, like the butterflies I get in my feet whenever I get near you, tripping over myself as I dance around confusing emotions
Kenji Aug 13
Her lips, soft as velour.
Her skin, silky to the touch.
Her thighs, trembling in slow motion.
The velveteen curtains in between, was left to be desired.
I looked at her, pupils dilated and a moan begging for more.
Passion in emotional intimacy, kissed her neck, teased her sensations.
****** her skin and bit her thigh, licked the lips and hit her spot.
Yearning for more, succulent to the touch, she held me close, like her wet dreams were a future vision.
Hazel eyes, olive skin, chocolate hair, and an earing on one ear.
Her kisses, luscious and sweet, long and mesmerizing.
I longed for her taste.
Libra was her sign, yet, dark was her mind.
Gently enticing and exotic to the touch.
Hair long and flows like a river.
I long for her in my dreams and waking nightmares.
Slim body and a fruity classical scent.
The woman in my head, I see you in other dimensions, like my soul calling out, for you.
Where are you?
Woman in my head
I see you, in my dreams. If you read this, message me please.
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