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My heart is telling me the telly isn't telling me anything.
I need but it needs to keep selling me,
Besides celebrities lacking in integrity.
Holding up the status quo instead of showing the kids,
That they matter, who are they gonna batter next?
Just keep holding their necks and keep selling them ***?
It’s better if we keep them perplexed,
It's better if we make them want the opposite ***.
And disenfranchised young criminal minds,
In a car park beside where your nan resides,
Are not slow, they've just never been shown,
That you should be...
Loving someone.
Thank you, Matty Healy.
Haylin Dec 3
Dear World,

"I'm like you, I deserve love too." This is a statement all of us need to say.

But my story to you is, I am bisexual. If you don't know what it is, it's when you like guys and girls. Or you swing both ways.

I feel perfectly fine doing things with a girl, but if you tell me to do something with a guy, I'll have to think about it. But I will kiss, hug and cuddle with my boyfriend. I do it because I'm comfortable with him. If you told me to do it with someone else I probably wouldn't because I don't like it. When I was younger I had a girlfriend, we would make-out and I would cuddle with her. When we had sleepovers we would even share the same bed. But know one knew, because I didn't want them to know. But now I do.  

I have been bullied my whole life because of me liking girls. My mom say to me a while ago "You better not become a full on ******* cause I want grand-kids." I started to cry because she said that. Did she ever think that I don't want kids or it's my life not hers.  But now, I don't care. I can do what I want, it's my life.

I am gender fluid. That's when some days you feel like a guy and others feel like a girl. You can be one way for days, weeks, months or even years, then change back to the other gender. And you don't change your parts if you don't want too.

I just came out to everyone last month. Few ask me why I dress like a boy and I just tell them cause I like the style, but the ones I trust, I will tell them I'm gender fluid. But the others frown at me cause of the way I dress. They say I'm ******* or a dude cause I dress like a boy. But I don't care. This is me and you can't change it. My mom said "You have *****, so you are a girl. I don't care if you want to dress like a boy, you are a girl and you need to act like it. If you lived with me I wouldn't let you dress like this." Yes my own mother bullies me. She doesn't want me to be who I want to be. But as I said, I don't care.

But luckily people have become more open to this,

Sometimes I don't know what I am or who I am. But what I do know is that, this is me and you can't change it. If you don't like it, the you can leave me alone and not talk to me. It's that simple.

I guess I'm saying that I'm bisexual and I am gender fluid. I don't care what people say it's my life not theirs. And they just have to learn to accept it.

"I'm just like you, I deserve love too. And this is my story.

Love, @hagilyforever
helena alexis Nov 24
her tongue is a serpent
slithering slowly into my mouth
careful not to let the poison touch me

she tastes dangerous like smoke
and breath mints

i can feel her pumping through my veins,
coursing through my heart

she is now a part of me
aliyahv Sep 17
an angel,a peach a sweetheart
everything you do makes my mind swim with affection
intoxicated with infatuation
stumbling into your arms in the corridor with handfuls of flowers
my smile is growing,my heart is fully showing
i enjoy your company my cherub,my dear.
for an old lover of mine
aliyahv Oct 9
he is not my lover
but yet i weep
he could never love a boy like me
he doesn’t see me the way i see myself
he sees right through me
he only sees me in black and white
and i still weep
I really never knew how i felt
Sexuality free and fluid
Feelings fleeting and shallow
Yet those times i was close it was confusing

The boys always toned
Breath like cinnamon
Voice of pure velvet
And covered in the aura of *** and passion

The girls always soft
Sweet and flexible bending to my will
Voice like the feeling of a rose
Soft smooth but sharp

With guys its about ***
With girls its love
but all the same passion flows
Dominance and submission in perfect harmony as lips clash

Does it really exist?
Jo Nov 10
You're not like the other girls I've loved
Your laugh is like the embodiment of summer
Warm weather and flowers blooming
Two girls with sun kissed skin and strawberry lips, that's us
Please don't ever go away my love
I don't think I could stand it if you did
Another repost from my old account
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