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If you can't handle me at my brutally honest, then you don't deserve me.
Can you handle it?
You came to me like a fairytale,
I held you close;
I looked into your eyes,
they were deep and full of soul; chancing fate.
I kissed your neck and shoulders,
your belly and your ***,
We took each others bodys and tasted freedom.
I couldn't help feeling this was:
"your one and only"
A secret that you'll keep to your self ~
"A happy thought!"
Secure in the knowledge that you were once utterly cherished;
And that you alone chose martyrdom; rather than embracing change.
choosing martyrdom and brutal familiarity rather than embracing change.
Arcassin B Sep 27
by Arcassin Burnham

In a room full of sinners , there's girls , and there's boys, and there's false leaders
Planning and preying on all of the people,
People are starting to wake up and realize what's going on because of the misguided teachings,
Freeing your mind in this cruel world don't make you any less of a person , man it only gets lethal,
Banding together is the only way in this life , Maybe we should call a meeting.

Times are hard you see,
Suicidal teens , slowly increasing,
Into the furnace,
Brutal memories,
Clashing of teeth , hands out , say please,
Down into the furnace.

I never thought that we would make it far in this condition,
I never thought I could determine what this means,
I never thought that I would see the light of day again.
I never thought that I would kiss like what they did in movies,
I never thought that love would really deceive me,
I never thought that....
Everything would fall into place, at the wrong pace.

Times are hard you see,
Suicidal teens , slowly increasing,
Into the furnace,
Brutal memories,
Clashing of teeth , hands out , say please,
Down into the furnace.

Francis Sep 21
**** how hard you work,
It’s never gonna happen,
Just give up now, baby.
Joy B Sep 14
You want me to bow at your feet.
Give you all the glory
You think you deserve.
Well, I walk in like a storm on a summer’s day

Want me to be completely honest?
You deserve to rot
Melt away    
Disappear from existence

But here’s what I want to actually happen:
I want you to be happy
For you to have joy
To see the world as good

I know what you did was wrong.
You know what you did was wrong.
Just go on in the world spreading love,
Because when my daughter asks about my childhood,

I want her to see the world as it should be

Not as it is.
Full of people like you
Who think they can get away
With things like what you did to me.
Isaac Aug 12
Life is so brutal
It mangles the heart
Beaten and bruised
From the very start
In a world fallen
From its original glory
We need to bring Jesus
Back to the story
His voice will heal
And mend your soul
If you give him the time
He can make you whole
Each day is a chance
To let him touch you
If you open your heart
His words will renew
Written 12 August 2018
Aniq Ahmad Aug 3
Never knew someone would come and take my life
Never knew someone would come and haunt my night
Never knew someone would come and make it all right

Tell me why I can't get no peace
Tell my why I feel like Im on lease
Tell me why you are my show piece

I wake up everyday
I wake up everyday without sobriety
Like whole night you've been my diety

Two hundred bucks in my hands and I'm wishin
I wanna take you out cuz I know Im missin
You caught and lit me up with ignition

Ever since I got your text Im itchin
Like fish outta sea Im twitchin
****, My head's filled like Im lynching

If you trynna run away from my space
I'll hit you like a school bus without trace
Got myself tied and I can't chase
austin Jul 5
One more day is fading away
as we ride this bus to the city
The storm is coming nearer now
And your bliss will turn to tears

We've almost reached our destination
Countless parachutes in the sky
These mosquitoes are swarming
before your eyes,
Just a moment's time til someone dies

The skies are getting darker now
Not a shard of light in this room
You'd better make good choices now
Or meet your impending doom

I hear your steps from the other room
And I'm already locked and loaded
You'd better get on running now
Or I'll destroy what's left of you

I walk upstairs to higher ground
and hear your cowardly whines,
I look in the eyes of my colleague
And said don't move, this **** is mine

I've made my way to my snipers' nest
and my eyes are set to ****
I've got my sights on your head right now
To pull the trigger, you know I will
This may or may not be a Fortnite inspired poem that I wrote for fun, lol
Gray Jun 2
A gentle breeze sways the fragile branch.
The hoard of dead leaves pours in like an avalanche.
Slowly they fall, slowly they plunged.
One green leaf is regrettably expunged.
He lays alone, he sets isolated.  
The sturdy oak is devastated.

A brutal breeze shakes the puny limb.
The sight of the leaves departing would make anyone feel grim.
Quickly they descend, hastily they lunge.
Another green leaf is regrettably expunged.
Both lay alone, both lay separated.
The sturdy oak is devastated.
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