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I am the one who blocked the sun!
I was created by you!
You slit your own wrists!
Now you bleed ink into the blue!

You were once many,
Now you are so few!

Look at you all,
You are ******* nothing,
Nothing at all!
You are just specks,
On a spinning ball!
You are ******* nothing,
You are so small!

You are just a slug!
Drying up under the sun!
Bodies hit the ground,
After the smoke of a gun!

You think you will live forever,
But that is a lie!
Short you live,
Soon you will die!

Drowning in every cup of water!
Eaten alive by every human flower!
Killing every son and daughter!
Sprayed by the punctured capillaries of a sick mother!

You are all sick!
It is in your nature!
You devour one another!
You are a carnivore!
No different from the animal!

Artificial clouds are where the sun used to be!
The blank hand of death chokes the sky!
You were made for this,
You were made to die!

Breathing through lungs with gaping holes!
Pumped through thinning blood vessles!
Stored inside her dissipating muscles!
The craft of dying,
This is how it feels!
Writing some incredibly dark poetry that even made me sick when writing it. But feel like I needed to write this for an idea circulating through me.
austin Aug 30
Outside, it's cold as ice
But I can feel the blistering heat around my neck.
The burning grip, I can't escape
leaving me mutilated as I cease to breathe

These are the hands of a murderer
inhuman and inanimate
I thrash through the embers
in attempt to escape
the vicegrip that leaves me bleeding,
burning amongst the flames

I am a brutalized, bleeding corpse.
Pain and indifference drips onto the floor
with every worthless step that I take
The demons have stabbed me repeatedly
I've lost every drop of humanity I had

Everything I've ever loved has been destroyed
This is not what was meant to be
It's me and my demons, and I've just lost it
Someone's going down, and it's not me

Today I will tear the hands of my demons from my brutalized, mutilated face
I will pull the devil's crushing deathgrip
from my lifeless corpse.

I shall watch the blood pour from his body,
Listen to his bones begin to shatter,
and the screeching sound of his
inhuman, brutal wretching
like the squeals of a pig.

I'll set him ablaze and watch him burn.

The devil's vice-grip hands couldn't hold me down.
I'm ready to start my mission.
I'll tie my demons to a tree
and do unto them what they've done to me

I'll tighten these chains around their neck,
Just like they tried to do to me.
I'll watch them suffer, struggle to breathe
Then I'll tighten these chains some more.

and when they think they've reached the end
I'll stab them with knives a hundred times.
Soak them in gasoline, light the match
I'll watch the flesh fall off their burning bodies.

And I'll do it with a smile on my face.

This job will not be done
until each and every one is wholly
Skulls shattered into a million pieces,
Bodies thrashed, cut up and burned

They thought they were certainly
stronger than me.
But they would soon meet their demise.
I put a bullet in all their heads
and they all hit the ground, dead.

They should have listened to what I said.
Should have ****** with someone else instead.
I put bullets in all their heads.
Now they're all ******* dead.
A brutal interpretation of claiming victory against depression.
Kenji Aug 22
It shouldn't hurt this much to be your angel.
It shouldn't bleed this much to be your guide.
It shouldn't pain this much to love you.
It shouldn't scar this much to be by your side.

I'm torn between obsession and hate, for the mess that we made.
But, they come, they go, so replaceable.
I can only have you in my dreams, it seems.
Because reality strikes and you leave me in pieces, ripped apart, wounded, my wings, fallen off, I am burning in loathe.
Carl D'Souza Aug 8
Is joyful and happy
never brutal
and always kind?
دema Jul 22
she is the happiest girl
on the playground,
when the hurt is the
most in her heart,
blood flows through
her veins,
but so does a brutal reality,
her kidneys ran out
of tears,
so laughter is the
only thing that pours
out of her.
Jodie-Elaine Mar 14
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I push through in pure stubbornness
leave us be
lots of love,
Manipulated stream of consciousness poem from the 'PERFORMANCE ARTIST POETRY...' collection.
They said there would be a day,
When rivers become oceans,
Boats become airplanes,
And mountains become islands.

Well that day has come,
Got to climb to a higher ground now or drown.
The rain is drumming down,
Covering over every ground.

They said there would be a day,
When God would toss a stone.
Hurtling It across space,
To crush every bone.

Well that day has come,
No where to hide and no where to run.
The end is here and it is coming for everyone.

The sewers are overturning drowning the vermin in their own ****!
It’s the end of the mother ******* world, and I’m welcoming it!

They said this day would never come,
That the world would always be the same.
Well the day has come.
The world needed a change,
So God tossed a stone at it!

It came like a thief in the night.
People looked from the ground and looked to the sky,
And saw rain, hail and asteroids coming down!
It took all of that for them to raise an eye.

This is the end,
And also the beginning.
Welcome the change,
Or be washed away!

Woe to the *** offenders;
Woe to the paedophiles;
Woe to the *****;
Woe to the ******;
Woe to the politicians;
Woe to the cultists;
Woe to the tyrants;
Woe to the killers;
And woe to all those who call evil good.
Mother earth has had enough of your ****.
She is putting and end to all of it.

They said there would be a day,
When all of this evil was washed away.
And now that it is here,
I have never been so happy to say:
I’m watching the ground give way into a chasm,
I’m watching the vermin being swallowed by the ocean.
I’m watching bus sized hail leveling the cities.
I’m watching an astroid hitting earth off it’s axis.
I’m warching earth being hurtled across space.
I’m witnessing the change.
I’m welcoming it with open arms.

Don’t just call me an anarchist,
Look into what I am saying.
You really can’t accept change,
Well, it doesn’t accept you either.
Chris Feb 16
At some point, you have to realize
Some people stay in your heart
But can't stay in your life
Such is how live works
Love, a fickle mistress
Love, hate, one cannot exist with out the other.
For to love, one must hate
To hate, one must have loved
To love, is to set yourself up to fall
To fall in such a way, you may never get up
For see? You fall in love, and it's a trap you never escape
This year's Valentine's was brutal, let's leave it at that.
soldiers are brave, they said,
how am I brave,
it is more of courage to take the risk,
because I fear every day,
I fear of never seeing my loves,
I fear the lost, I may cause to the nation,
this horror is what keeps me going,
facing the cruel, brutal war

Sometimes you need to be afraid in order to survive.
in the book of her past,
she had pages,
she once wished to be tore down,
but now she knows,
without those dark days,
she couldn't have been,
what she is today.......
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