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Blue 20h

on the vine;
silent whispers
now are
thorns protect
do their
twisting, turning
in yearning,
petals open,
to warn
gifts of
—crying out

s u b m i s s i o n
My ****** **** flight of floral fancy
Anais Vionet Sep 10
My mom, with the green
witch's casual, sour malice,  
can verbally ****.

But she is easily
deceived by disguise
- my body is a mask.

My submission is
but a costume - my calm
the offered lie.

I detest my own
pale, small, adolescent
answers - my weakness.
OK, we had a fight - we made up - but before that... poetry!  =]
Victoria Aug 28
A drop of regret
in a pool of passion.
A grain of guilt
on a beach of desire.
Touch is intoxicating
Breath is enthralling
Heat is enticing
Painful shocks that consume me
A bite may hurt but pain is passion,
and shows there are things you cannot control.
Your teeth on my neck
Your nails on my back
Showing desire of another level
Just take me
Make me yours
Command my touch
Demand my passion
Don't bother asking
Don't be considerate
Don't be sweet
Be a man
Make me yours
Lulu Aug 17
Submission is your mission.
Submit both your heart and soul.
Submission is your mission.
Submit your mind, all you know.
Submission is your mission.
And you, do not dare you lie.
Submission is your mission.
Follow orders with no sigh.
Submission is your mission.
You will give your whole being.
Submission is your mission.
Get rid of any feeling.
Submission is your mission.
You are our gun, ours.
Submission is your mission.
We hope, for more than hours.
Norman Crane Aug 15
Stick your knife into my crown,
Slice down to the chin,
Dig your fingers in,
And unwrap the skull within.
Stretch and dry this ****** leather,
Draping it over a conical framework of bone,
Ends glued together or sewn,
Next: sever
The skull from the spine,
Polish to a shine,
And ***** into the base of your lamp,
Plug in: electron flow illuminating my mind,
Aglow with ideas
Of a submission radiantly divine
Carlo C Gomez Mar 31
You're an afterimage
You shine so bright upon me

You're an inducement
Your eyes draw me forth

You're a vibration
Your voice shivers my spine

You're a compression
Your legs wrap about my will

Here I am now
My fatal sweet
Waiting to be consumed
Ruchi Sinha Apr 18
Her submission is Eternal
Not for the moon, not for the sky
Not for someone she loves
Not for someone who may die
Her submission is for God
And she trusts His ultimate plan
Guided by her sacred instincts
She believes the choosen one is different
She is wise enough to know
Not to throw herself at anyone's feet
Her Submission is her choice
She shall bestow the one
Destiny sculpted her for day & night
Her eyes speaks
She can't be Woman for an ordinary Kind
Tara Apr 19
Find me, chase me, pin me to the ground
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to hunt and hound
Hurt me, hit me, throw me to the wind
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to scar and skin
Toy with me, free me, let me run away
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to mark as prey
Watch me, stalk me, make me ******* fear
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to catch like deer
Wound me, eat me, use me for your game
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to **** and maim.
Tara Apr 19
Gentle, gentle, she sets the snare,
gentle, my love, soft strokes in my hair
Careful, careful, her kiss ghosts across mine,
careful, my darling, tongue dripping with wine.

Caress me, gentle now, don't be afraid,
show me your sweetness, show me you're brave
Kiss me, careful, give me your touch,
show me how you love me ever so much.

Soft, gentle little thing, expose yourself to me,
I can show you what it truly means to be free
Play with me, dance for me again and again,
dance with me, my darling, in the cold, dark rain.
Tara Apr 19
Eyes like fire, burning with hunger
She has found her prey in you
Run from her or fight her
You stand no chance,
you are hers.

Body lithe, rigid, focused
She will toy with you
You are powerless in this game
The cat will catch the mouse
and the mouse will submit.

She barely moves, she is confident
You can't escape
She will do as she pleases with you
That is her purpose, her role,
she loves this play.

If you fight her, she grows bored, dull
You don't want that
Her fire excites you, sparks a fear
Fear that sparks a pleasure deep inside,
you do as she bids you.

Pretty little thing, she purrs
Her claws long, her teeth glinting with fresh desire
Her eyes even more so
She wants to taste your pure, soft flesh,
and she will.

She cares little for the aftermath
You are spent, she has just begun
Finished with her prey, her ego craves yet more
The game is won, she is the victor,
time to find another mouse.
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