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I’m giving you just the tools you need to break me

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I Dare You
ryn Sep 2
Open mind

but closed doors.

Take my breath.

And make it yours.
zebra Jun 3
do you know
how much light you have to have
to play in the dark

ask the lady of the moon
my trilling lover of comatose dreams
**** queen dressed in fallen roses
on her knees

her head a cocked jaw
throat; a giraffes
for shirts of skin and magic wands

she prays to be broken
split saliva jewel
kink clutch
little crying angel
hugging her ball and chain
shawled ***; a trussed cathedral
bound in silk
a vomiting flower of *******

her feet bound
puddled black crimson
crumbling at every teasing cuddle
and darkened bite like ghost fire
flame on flame

her ******; buttered Kasbah dark fruit casaba
i take a bite
red teeth and stretched tongue
adorn the hood of lust
and sink flying
into blood scape's womb
she screams hooked on satin's *** nail
wailing; hideous mirth
and folds sweet and sour
siracha tang

her mouth a gagging river
of ***** and oleo tubes
eyes gazing globe video games
****, brewing perfume's of delirium
**** star ships at apogee
riding the glitter rim

my ****
a rabid swoon of towering babble
is full tonight
brimming with white blood
red and trembling milk
to fill your mouth my love
and the bitter honey of my soul
Darryl M May 27
Left index finger pulling up her chin,
"Submit Love, I'm in control now."

Don't scream, no need to be too loud,
But don't hold it in,
Sigh, moan, release the gulp of your desire.

I come not to tame the beast,
But to **** it off.

And here I was,
In a world where
She fell in love with words
I wasn't even saying.

Every ****** stroke
Led her closer to the inner man,
I was hiding.

Suddenly tranced to a place
where less is too much...
Completed: 26th May 2019
Lyndsey May 19
Look at me, he says.
And I'm melting in pools of blue.
Eyes have never been so captivating.
A flash of something sinister,
something ****.
I forget how to breathe.

Let me see you, he says.
And I've never been more naked.
My skin his to mark or caress,
my soul laid bare for him.
And I don't think I have ever truly been seen before.

Let me hear you, he says.
In secrets and sighs
I whisper that I belong to him.

Let me hold you, he says.
Arms I ache to be wrapped in,
hands that already hold my heart.

Be mine, he says.
And my submission comes without question.
With a twitch of his lips
his fingertips
I'm a melody to be played as he pleases.
Renée Casey Mar 9
that's the paradox of
submission, isn't it?
how can you take
what's already yours?
Badshah Khan Feb 11
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 45

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Either Divine Wisdom or Unique Knowledge
Either Eternal Love or My Beloved!
If I sincerely desire it for my gentle soul
I must properly obtain it myself,
With my sincere submission.

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Greg Jones Jan 8
An artist, I am, a creator
Of wonder and marvel form.
I take the blank canvas without objection
See it's beauty before its conception
Then carve away the imperfections
And now I'm left with
My gem.
Something the world can't condemn.

Oh I sprinkle just a bit of honey in her eyes.
Colors of the wind I do apply
And she'll shine like a cloudless sky.
What else, what else could I try?
Maybe love? No not love.

Lovely puppet...
Leave me breathless
Stay for always.
Ever flawless.
Oh how I make you dance
Twirling here and there.
Make me forget all my cares.

Lovely puppet
Don't be silly…
Your whole world is
With me.
Let's keep dancing
Like we're weightless.
Lovely puppet.
Looking out the window, oh,
Staring at the clouds.
You can't leave, even if you leave
You'd get tarnished
And no longer astonish
Nor would you harness
My art, my precious art.

Lovely puppet
I command you
Stop these questions
No more thinking
No more gazing
Don't play with those strings, love.
Be the wonder as I made you.
Lovely puppet.
Indigo Dream Nov 2018
You are everything to me yet nothing at all
you love my duplicity it’s a part of this game
what are we willing to sacrifice
behind these rented rooms and stained cotton sheets?

you know exactly how to lower my morale
and keep my mind wandering back to you
you had me before I had time to understand
you don’t just want to control me
you want to own me

i am what you allow me to be
i’m left here with nothing but your intentions
as i breath in your air i feel it rising
am i merely a game to pass the time?

no, we were meant to be together
i was made for this violent retribution
i would die if you denied me

i should be scared.....
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