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Dark Dream May 21
You lit the match
Now you can’t Control the inferno
You have awoken the fire
Scaring away your dominance
Your now lack of control
You will never Have control until
You learn that chaos is in control
That the unexpected happens And
You will lose
Then you might gain a sliver of control
If it’s given
You might grasp control Over yourself
Your reactions
What will be Surprising for you to realize
It’s so easy to control you
A few words from me
Your ******* just left you
Bye bye control
I just strung you along this whole time
What you thought you knew
Was exactly how I wanted you to react
The design you wove gave me the ammunition
Before you said a word
Whimsical youth
absentmindedly fell -

Love to the stars,
oath taken to stone;
to help you,
instruct me.


Stillness the moorland
of cherry pie kiss,

Patience, wise virtue
foremothers instilled,
jeune fille
in submission.


Tame was the Beast
at the mountain's heart deep,

Wild was the Princess
in her dreams of pink sweet
sins, secrets,


Long were the years
under fallen rocks over.
Now doubtlessly

Black was one night,
set her sadness alight,
but the ash left
her colder.


Monsters awakened,
set the footpath ablaze,

Freedom I call
you, trying to persuade
you, truth
Spadille Jan 18
You are poison
Hidden in the holy grail
I willingly drank
I fully submit to you

Make me bleed darling
Drink my blood
It is all yours

Suffocate me darling
Take my warm breath away
Keep it for your self

Blind me darling
Engulf the truth
I have acquiesced your will

Deafen me darling
Your sweet lies will be my music
I gave into you

You are poison
That given me pain
I gladly conceded
I am your possession
Dolly Balou Jan 13
It started with a kiss
Hand in sand
He swept me into the mist
That wasn't the plan

The music rang through both our ears

Playing & playing
Delaying, delaying.

What was this
Not dominance
But a mutual self-inflicted full oneness
Acting out not a doubt
Gain some control
While the body suffices & one feels whole.

Wholeness or numbness one will never know

Whilst playing & playing
Delaying, delaying

The inevitable
Flatfielder Nov 2020
I come for you
Will give you sensation
Across your back
Across your front
Most intense places
I give you awareness
Your skin a mighty place
You scratch
Enhance eerie feeling
I disappear like a ghost
You are calm
Your body livened
You heal
I am in your soul
Anais Vionet Sep 2020
My mom, with the green
witch's casual, sour malice,  
can verbally ****.

But she is easily
deceived by disguise
- my body is a mask.

My submission is
but a costume - my calm
the offered lie.

I detest my own
pale, small, adolescent
answers - my weakness.
OK, we had a fight - we made up - but before that... poetry!  =]
Victoria Aug 2020
A drop of regret
in a pool of passion.
A grain of guilt
on a beach of desire.
Touch is intoxicating
Breath is enthralling
Heat is enticing
Painful shocks that consume me
A bite may hurt but pain is passion,
and shows there are things you cannot control.
Your teeth on my neck
Your nails on my back
Showing desire of another level
Just take me
Make me yours
Command my touch
Demand my passion
Don't bother asking
Don't be considerate
Don't be sweet
Be a man
Make me yours
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