Mirrors are made for such as we
where your eyes are held by mine,
with heated breath upon my cheek
as you stand so close behind.
With softest whispers in my ear
of pleasures yet to be,
you tell me of such raging need
that will delve so deep in me.

Hands whose skill I know so well
free garments in restrain’d haste,
and bare me so in mischief’s name
to show woman of a baser taste.
My wanton self so true revealed
a seeking now of that softest kind,
my expose’d flesh for your caress
in want of searching hand to find.

The mirror makes me watch anew
the reflected mask that is your face,
and hands that in disembodied play
make fingers light in knowing trace.
Moving round from close behind
they barely touch me now and yet,
are already deep within my mind
igniting such a fire for you.

Such power now o’erwhelms my strength
and holds my neck in softest clasp,
it pulls me tight back to you
with breathing left in shortest gasps.
I reach and find a hard’ning flesh
and insistent force I do now need,
my skirt so falls that you might find
my body which to you must cleave.

Downward slides your knowing hand
while naked in your tight’ning hold,
touching where you must find
my flooding self in welcome bold.
And thighs that part with practiced ease
aware that I’m being opened now,
as I feel your fingers sliding free
for all that you’re preparing me.

Erect you drive so deep within
desiring all your length to grow,
to fill at once my eager need
of eternity impaled on this I vow.
Twisting, writhing, pushing back
to gain in me all that you are,
knowing that rising swell so sweet
that makes me woman so complete.

Your hand moves up to close my mouth
to hold the scream you sense will rise,
as my body pulses so on yours
and climax now explodes my mind.
I know nothing now but what we are
the mirror holding us as one,
subsiding now in limp stupor
as you hold me in your arms once more.

Francesca Anderssen 2018
I write of what I know from life as I have lived it. Kinky yes, but in the company of liked minded people who have invariably been caring and courteous in parallel with their sadism. You might like other stuff I’ve written, (poetry and erotic fiction) available on Amazon on Kindle or paperback (Need, by Francesca Anderssen)
KM Hanslik Apr 4
If I decide to take it out on the world tonight, it’s safe to say
that it’s just what the world had coming.
I’ve never been good at holding these things inside my head
for too long;
somebody always comes along and drags it all out into the open.
If I decide to speak my mind tonight,
it’s just because my tongue is so raw from
biting down on it every other sentence, it’s just because
no one was ever very good at
saying goodbye on their way out the door.

I’m sick of playing
a million different games and I’m tired of learning
a new set of rules every day.
If I decide to speak my mind tonight, maybe
you all had it coming, maybe
my sentences will stop being fragile and I will learn
to crush bones with them instead.

Or maybe, I’ll wake up tomorrow, put on a new air
sew my lips shut, and the world will keep on
knocking me flat
and eventually I’ll become accustomed to wearing
stitches on my lips like the mark of subordination;
eventually, in the name of self defense
I think we all learn how to care a little less.
I grew up with Judaism
In a predominantly Christian Country,
But I have come to the conclusion
Of all the monotheistic religions,
Makes the most sense to me.
Some might say,
"Are you CRAZY?!"
"The Muslims are the WORST!"
I am speaking of the primary METAPHOR of Islam....
"Submission to Allah".
I am very harsh on myself
Regarding all the mistakes I've made,
And the stupid things I've done.
But I really couldn't control those mistakes
Any more than
All the blessings I received.
I can't say,
"If you work hard...."
"If you try hard....."
"If you study hard...."
"Your life will be good."
I can't say,
"If you are loving,"
"And love others,"
"You will be loved in return."
I don't have any evidence
That life is always fair.
Some people work hard,
Try hard
And study hard,
And still end up with nothing
But Poverty.
Some people are very loving and caring,
But they still end up
Isolated and alone.
Whether life is entirely fair or not,
One just has to Surrender
To the Ultimate Reality.
We can be harsh on ourselves.
We can be harsh on others,
No one is really in complete control
Over anything that happens
In this world.
This is why the metaphor of Islam
Makes more sense to me
Than the belief systems
Of Judaism and Christianity
At my age of 51
Even though I am very much aware
That not all Muslims
Are good.
SangAndTranen Mar 21
Not everyone can be heroes.
There are us.
The cowards.
The ones that,
Quite honestly,
Are not willing to give up our lives.

We are not bad people;
We are not selfish.
We pray that we don't find ourselves in a situation
Where bravery is the desired virtue.
Where fingers will be pointed,
Insults will be thrown.

'Who cares what they think?'
We don't.
We care what you SAY.

'Don't dwell on idle threats.'
We don't.
But they are never idle.

You scoff when we flinch at the raise of your hand,
Calling out: 'wimp'.
But you are the ones
That conditioned us with fear.
We don't run from everyone,
So if we run from you
Then what have you done?
You have hurt us.
Hit us.
You repel us.
For some reason
We repel you.

Go ahead. Hate us.
Pressure us into doing things because we aren't strong.
Beat us because our bodies are frozen in fear.
Insult us because our lips are sown shut.

No one can be perfect.
Not everyone can be a hero.
We aren't heroes.
But neither are you.
Idk what this is... It's not one of my favourites tbh.
Kim Essary Mar 10
The vibrance of your seductive stare taunts me to invite your touch.
Your eyes turn from a hazel gaze to the fire depths of an emerald green
I can feel your soft caress as your hand slides down my body
My insi Ides bursting with desire as you press your lips to mine
Tasting your breath with my wet tongue feeling your depths become hard
Teasing me could be dangerous as I whisper in his ear
His hands slide over the peaks of my mounds infliction of pain  of wanting more of him
Take me you fool if it's submission you desire it's granted
Do as you please ,my body craving his feel
His touch fell beneath my waste as I felt the throbbing of my sex about to explode.
As his prince entered my castle thrusting and throbbing until the vanes in his body surfaced I felt his sweet release
Our bodies fit like a glove as we lay between the silky sheets
My love there's nothing that can compare to the beauty of the fireworks we ignite with every passionate stare.
Never let the passion escape keep it as new as the very first time   aim to please one another and you will never go wrong
You held me in place with that commanding look
writhing under your gaze
unable to look away from the piercing sight
and afraid to disobey any order

If it was uttered from your lips
my heart would have soared, stretched, and broken
to be praised by your words
or tenderly touched with your rough hands

I could feel your hand on my neck
squeezing slowly until the blood started pounding
my pain was your pleasure
and your pleasure was my purpose

Little did I know that you would be squeezing too strongly
the ropes were too tight around my waist
the collar choking my neck
no amount of clawing would have made you let go
so I went limp with my love

A submissive gives trust
yields to whoever they believe is worthy
submitting more than their body
but their very essence

A dominant is supposed to wield that trust
to protect and realize the significance of it
not squeeze and suffocate it
pretending that lies warrant trust in return

I could not have been enough for your demands
and you broke the trust I gingerly placed in your hands
Take your bonds and pretend to wrap them around someone else
my being can take no more of your bruising
I've contracted fire
it burns in my veins and soul
fully reveling desires
disabling, controls

No water to the flames
I'll not render it too smoke
playing all the games
I'm in this blaze, too soak

Every ounce of energy
committed to the flare
a wicker man, in effigy
on a wanton dare

She fuels every spark
bringing too fruition
my light within the dark
begging my
Yet another trip to the gully
never deliberate, bringing you here
and your reputation, sully
I hate god
He devises strategies to invade
His' home and haven

Weakness being the sole characteristic of son
Constant is the spirit
Strengthening his' decedent onslaught

I cannot win
The Kingdom has come
Without any rain

Holding a crown of stone
Encased in gold
Lined with silver

I have no choice
But to worship
The tyrant who controls bold seduction
build for me a dungeon
let its walls be grim
use me there and often
and keep me locked within

in that darkest prison
you may use me to the full
keep your chains upon me 
so I may know their pull

make for me a cage there
for extra close confine
where chill of steel can touch me
and pleasure be refined

keep your whip well oiled there
that I may feel its curl
while I hang in helpless torment  
and my mind is in a whirl

let my mind be lost there
where only I may go
to know your deepest caring
while held in suff’ring’s throes

for there I’ll find my heartsease
as your willing prisoner
where bonds will hold you to me
and never let you go
I write of what I know from life as I have lived it. Kinky yes, but in the company of liked minded people who have invariably been caring and courteous in parallel with their sadism. You might like other stuff I’ve written, (poetry and erotic fiction) available on Amazon on Kindle or paperback (Need, by Francesca Anderssen)
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