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I placed his hand around my throat, “is this what you want?” he asked,
I honestly couldn’t answer so I lied, I just couldn’t let him take up this task.
I can’t let him know how wet it makes my underneath just by putting his delicate hand around my throat,
If only he knew how such a simple gesture made me soak.
If only he knew how dark I am, if only he knew that I am a freak,
He’s too innocent to be ****** in my dark world, he need not know the type of pain I seek.
How can I explain to him how much I want to be choked while being kissed?
How can I explain to him that dark pain is what causes me bliss?
I won’t, I don’t think I can,
I hope he understands that hiding this part of me was never my plan.
How can I ruin such an innocent boy?
He sees me as his wife and not just some toy.
He won’t be able to cope with the things I want him to do to me,
For he’s not the type who will demand me to go on my knees.
But despite this I love him, I really and truly love him,
And if keeping him means caging away this part of me, then without hesitation I’ll keep it within.
I’ll still be the dark person I am, but I love this man, and I am not willing to jeopardize what I have with him,
So if lying to him about the person I really am is what I must do, then I guess it will be my only sin.
Sometimes we are afraid to tell persons who we really are, we are scared that they might mistreat us or not understand us, but sometimes you must take the risk. If they really love you then they'll understand.
I want to be submissive to him,
He knows what I want, I want him to be my Dom, my master, my king.
I want him to be in control of my body, I want to be his *** *****,
I want to pleasure him, even if to me it is pain.
I want to let the freak inside me reign,
For whenever he is close, I can feel it pumping in my veins.
I want to fulfill whatever ****** desires he has in store for me,
I need him to take control of my body, I’ll let him do whatever he please.
If only he could see how submissive I am or can be to him,
I doubt he knows how easy it is for him to get under my skin.
I am submissive to you by choice and not by command,
I want to be under your control, I’ll do whatever you want as long as you demand.
Blindfold me, spank me, do whatever you please,
Choke me, punish me, after all, I am your freak.
Whatever ***** things you desire I’ll go through with it,
If me gagging on you is what you want then sit back for I’ll give you a proper fix.
My submissiveness will give you all the pleasure you desire,
Please take me dominant one, bring a calm to my raging fire.
Tie me down sir, spank me if I disobey you, finger me until I get oversensitive and my legs start to shake,
Please don’t stop until I’ve ventured out into subspace.
Allow me to beg for you to come inside me,
I want you to see how much I need you, how much I need this, how much I need “Us” please.
Be my Dom I’ll be your sub, I’ll be submissive to you alone, I swear with other guys I won’t flaunt,
I’ll wear a collar that says your name if it is what you want.
My submission to you didn’t just appear,
I tasted you once and from my mind, it can never disappear.
My submission and my love is the greatest thing I could ever give to you.
I wanted him to take my submission, but he made it waste.
Take me to that forbidden place,
That place where you spill my blood and cause me such blissful ache.
Lay me on the table, gather your tools,
While I reminisce on your words “those who fear pain are fools”.
Lay your bruising hands upon my yearning body,
After you’re done with me feel no remorse, say no apology.
I'm begging you for this,
Give me that painful bliss.
Sharpe pointy cold knife,
Run your tongue over every slice.
Strong caring hands gripping my throat,
As I repeat your unforgettable oath.
Spank me while I count,
Increase the amount if something other than numbers escapes my mouth.
Gently kisses turns into dangerous blood rushing bites,
The painful pleasure you give me has endless heights.
Trembling legs, oversensitive ****,
Bleeding body, throbbing ****.
Master use me to please yourself,
I know I am addicting to you, I may even be bad for your health.
But are you willing to take me on this dangerous voyage?
Please say yes, I need this, please agree and honor this as a solemn pledge.
I don't even know what's happening to me, but I can't deny it.
Before him there was you,
I’d usually follow you around, stare at you for long periods, there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do.
But you ignored me,
And yet still I stayed on my knees.
Then one day he came, and he took me away,
Then immediately after you started paying me attention, you started to play.
I started staring at you once again,
My mind thought about you every now and then
The more I visited your favorite quite place the more I changed,
I completely transformed when I found out you were a ****** when I found out you could give me pain.
I shared personal stuff with you because I could relate with you since I was a submissive *******,
I trusted you because you were a ******.
I admired you a lot, I still do,
But what you did, I honestly didn’t expect it from you.
What am I even saying, you’re a ******, and causing pain is what you do,
I just didn’t expect you to break my heart in two.
“Will you humor me sexually, be subject to my ****** whims?” this was what you asked,
I wanted to, but you knew what was stopping me from carrying out your tasks.
I wanted to say yes, I wanted to be your toy,
But I couldn’t, so my heart you destroyed.
You told me to forget about you,
And this is what I can’t do.
You blocked me before my last message could go through,
How will I handle seeing you?
I am sorry for not being able to fulfill your request,
Honestly, I tried my best.
I guess this is goodbye,
now I will cry.
cry for the loss of my ******,
what else can I say, this is tragic.
Words cannot explain, only tears.
So you say you’re sadistic, I think you’re perfect,
You might be creepy in some way, but knowing a ****** is worth it.
I don’t know if you are this way by choice, or if it just grew on you, but I like it,
I like your weirdness, your playful aura, your personality and the fact that you’re a ******.
I want to know something though, I want to know what goes through your mind when you stare at me,
Do you **** me a thousand ways in your mind, do you eye **** me or do you imagine me at your knee.
Do you want to have me helplessly begging for your pleasure?
Or would you rather have me all ******* and waiting for you to discover every inch of me like a long-lost treasure?
Must I give you my body so you can carve your name on it?
Would you find pleasure in choking me while I moan out your name like the ******* I am? Would that make you feel pure bliss?
Your ****** is growing within you, it yearns to get a release from the cage you’ve placed it in,
Don’t you want to feel the blood on your lips while you view the art you’ve created on my skin?
You find pleasure in hurting me, I find pleasure in being hurt,
A ****** and a submissive *******, do you think that will work?
Do you like whips? Or you’re the restraint type?
Are you a ****** just for now? Or will you be this way for life?
Either way, my mind imagines a lot about you,
I wonder if these sinful things will come true.
My body yearns for your bruising touch, please master, please touch me,
I long to be sexually hurt, I long to bleed.
Tie me down, lay out your rules,
I swear I’ll follow them, after all, I’ll be in your school.
Use your paddle and spank me mercilessly if I misbehave,
Don’t feel remorse for me after, for even the spanking will sexually arouse me just the same.
Command me to go down on my knees,
In the end, if I fail to swallow every single drop I want you to punish me.
Honestly, I just want you to make me shudder under your touch, I’ll still crave more,
Take my body and do whatever you want, even if it leaves me sore.
You favor the color red, slice me open and you’ll see the color you so desire,
We both know we can put a calm to each other’s raging fire.
Please, Master, make it hurt, make it hurt in a way which will have me begging you for more,
Please don’t ignore me, don’t leave me on the other side of the door.
Yes you are sadistic, you know you’re
You might be creepy in some way, but knowing you is worth it.
Inspired by someone who makes me crazy
I need a ****** who will cause me great pain,
I need a ****** who’ll not just let my eyes but also my underneath rain.
Sadistic lover where are you,
I need you to let all my deepest darkest desires come through.
Give me the relief I need, I long to feel the cold silver blade slicing open my skin,
If only I had a ****** who would’ve done to me such a thing.
I want to beg you to choke me harder, can’t you see the need in my eyes,
I yearn for you to punish my underneath, let me feel something other than blood running down my thighs.
Command me and watch me obey,
Take me on a painful voyage each and every day.
I hate it when you walk away instead of putting me against the wall,
I know you want me, you want this, you want us, why not just answer the call?
you're sadistic to the point where you want to stay away from me,
but I am a submissive *******, why can't you just accept that and make me bleed?
you yearn to see me helplessly begging for you,
and here I am, take me, and allow you're darkest desires to come through.
A ****** and a submissive *******, isn't that something worth the try?
or would you rather leave me here alone to cry?
cry, yes, because you are withholding yourself from me,
please my ****** friend, come and make me bleed.

A. Johnson
French rose Nov 23
The most powerful thing a women has is her brains.
And the power to ****** men to submission.
I Am Indigo Nov 11
You are everything to me yet nothing at all
you love my duplicity it’s a part of this game
what are we willing to sacrifice
behind these rented rooms and stained cotton sheets?

you know exactly how to lower my morale
and keep my mind wandering back to you
you had me before I had time to understand
you don’t just want to control me
you want to own me

i am what you allow me to be
i’m left here with nothing but your intentions
as i breath in your air i feel it rising
am i merely a game to pass the time?

no, we were meant to be together
i was made for this violent retribution
i would die if you denied me

i should be scared.....
See me
as a conquest
an obsession,
your possession.
Collect me

Whisk me
away with fanciful vagaries
be abounding to
lift me to new worlds.
Excite me

Call me
late at night
when you are alone,
beguile me with passion.
Want me

take me
Obligor: One who bonds, a person who issues a bond to another.
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