I hate god
He devises strategies to invade
His' home and haven

Weakness being the sole characteristic of son
Constant is the spirit
Strengthening his' decedent onslaught

I cannot win
The Kingdom has come
Without any rain

Holding a crown of stone
Encased in gold
Lined with silver

I have no choice
But to worship
The tyrant who controls bold seduction
build for me a dungeon
let its walls be grim
use me there and often
and keep me locked within

in that darkest prison
you may use me to the full
keep your chains upon me 
so I may know their pull

make for me a cage there
for extra close confine
where chill of steel can touch me
and pleasure be refined

keep your whip well oiled there
that I may feel its curl
while I hang in helpless torment  
and my mind is in a whirl

let my mind be lost there
where only I may go
to know your deepest caring
while held in suff’ring’s throes

for there I’ll find my heartsease
as your willing prisoner
where bonds will hold you to me
and never let you go
I write of what I know from life as I have lived it. Kinky yes, but in the company of liked minded people who have invariably been caring and courteous in parallel with their sadism. You might like other stuff I’ve written, (poetry and erotic fiction) available on Amazon on Kindle or paperback (Need, by Francesca Anderssen)
Pagan Paul Jan 22
the void yawns,
teasing and exciting me,
as I float serene
in an endless grey fog,
a timeless relapse,
murdering the will to live,
embracing and fondly
kissing eternity.

© Pagan Paul (21/01/18)
I did not know such thoughts
till I lay here tightly bound
and pleasures that I knew not
till I felt your ropes around.

I did not know the freedom
that bondage could so bring
or of eager anticipating
how a riding crop might sting.

I did not know the beauty
of being in your chains
as nothing but a slavegirl
to use as you intend.

I did not know the silence
that a leather hood could give.
locked in isolation
where nothing can intrude.

I did not know the feeling
of fingers touching so,
bringing deep caresses
to inflame my inner self.

I did not know the flowing
that would be drawn from me,
as hands I could not see there
might reach so deep within.

I did not know the warming
that would so rise inside,
to make me gasp with wanting
as I your knowing fingers ride.

I did not know the parting
so widely of my thighs,
that would accept your loving
as you hard against me rise.

I did not know how deeply
you would slide into me,
as my moist and eager welcome
would take you in so free.

I did not know that bondage
could make me feel like this,
to be loved in this special way
was my need you see.

I did not know the rising
that comes from deep within,
with unstoppable explosions
that blow my mind away.

I did not know of subspace
that place you send me to
where I am in another world
until I return to you.

You have been my teacher
of things I did not know,
and that I was unaware
of the need I had of them.

I thought myself so worldly
yet was so innocent,
of such dark pleasures
that you brought to life for me.

You have taught me much
of things I did not know,
that freedom’s an illusion
and incarceration’s me.

Francesca Anderssen 2018
I write of what I know from life as I have lived it. Kinky yes, but in the company of liked minded people who have invariably been caring and courteous in parallel with their sadism. You might like other stuff I’ve written, (poetry and erotic fiction) available on Amazon on Kindle or paperback
is a story of
her fall into submission
wasn't aware of
her inhibitions
she lost them
and forgot to miss them
bought that she was broken
no good for any man
she learned of a lover
who also loved to use his hands
loved him breathlessly
Micah Alvarez Dec 2017
Even in a room full of people did I feel lonely,
no one really cared for my testimony,
when it came to love I felt like someone’s trophy,
and no you never knew me,
‘cause if you knew me then you’d keep me closely,
as if I were your one and only,

But it’s too late now ‘cause I’m dead,
I know you weren’t crying in your bed,
bet no one even cares about my death,
no one even spared a breath,
if you are reading this poem,
to think you care is so dumb.
This is my submission into the community.
Leila Shearer Dec 2016
Slack cords tighten
As fingers curl
Each stroke
Producing another pitch

My personal instrument
Controlled by me alone

Pretty rich girl, softly dreaming, 
a woman is so newly waking
no use at all for dad’s financing, 
consumed by flesh that is desiring 
of wanton flows that force such rousing
to be taken far from here for using 
by men unfazed by city counting.

Then sudden blackness o’erwhelming, 
all sound and vision swiftly clouding
strong arms unseen and grasping 
to sweep her off her feet and making
sense of ropes around her tight’ning, 
with her arms together jerking
forcing back to ankles spreading
with ballgag muffled screaming 
she should now be strongly fighting 
instead there is a wild arousing.

Stripping cutting all that’s hiding 
until she’s held quite naked finding
that there’s a hood that’s closing 
round her head and isolating
from any sense of air that’s cooling
and rampant need that’s now arising
she feels excitement in so being
where she feels no fear abiding.

Put down hard after easy lifting
a lid above her slamming
the sound of engine starting 
spinning wheels now are speeding 
bound in dark she’s left a-lieing 
with mouth that gives no screaming
instead a wet arousal finding 
knowing of her inner needing.

Climax rising almost blinding 
fighting, writhing, needing tying 
her tortured form now pounding
forcing every sinew twisting
with such unsought pleasure giving 
this wanton slut who has such thinking
of brutal taking and ill using
by men she should be hating.

How could juices start their flowing 
as crude hands began their probing 
carrying to places far unknowing.
Rough voices talking of their doing, 
arguing ransoms for demanding
then finding her with wet arousing 
cruel laughing at her needing
until there comes a sweet dividing 
of her eager self though darkening
roughly forcing them by wanting 
that she is newly there for taking
captors now in forced confronting.

There can now be no disguising 
that this is life not fantasizing 
these coarse brutes so crudely using
think they’re forcing her submitting 
now she wants them by satisfying 
her every silent wanton needing 
of each to feed obscene desiring.

An iron bed prepared for keeping 
till the time of ransom paying 
fully tight is now her strapping
legs apart, wide spreadeagling
ignoring all her protests mewling 
but her bucking body thrusting 
makes her needing so enticing
till they give her what she’s wanting.

There is now for each unseen taking
a welcoming and wet demanding 
so there can be no inflicting 
that but which is urgent wanting
opening each hole for filling 
not once or twice but oft repeating
taking turns in fully using 
till they are all quite lost in spending.

With captive bound there’s no sating 
screaming begging ne’er abating 
always there is more demanding 
screaming all despite her gagging
each time her body hits climaxing
fighting , dragging now and forcing 
wearied jailers for more pleasuring
ignoring all their worn protesting
incessant in her primal wanting
who is using whom in this not knowing
when captors should be really scaring
but they have never known such needing
standing round and jointly fearing
of chewing less than was their biting
with this nymphomaniac in bareing.

Words in anger, muffled voicing 
some with reason in conferring
then a quick release of bindings 
a body hot for blanket wrapping 
with a fiesty female grappling
cursing now her wild desiring
yet unstilled with needy struggling
tossed in the car for rapid driving 
some miles back by unknown routing
while in the trunk much banging
till on daddy’s doorstep dumping 
ransom now in quick forgetting
as captors with relief escaping
while pretty rich girl leans back smiling
anticipating her next kidnapping.

From my Francesca Anderssen Poetry collection: BDSM Verse (Amazon)
I have written novels and verse about the interaction between lovers, and consensual activities that form the rich tapestry of living and loving between people who care about each other.

I Hope you like my thoughts.
Tell me if you do---or don't.
Criticism is my lifeblood
The complete book of BDSM Verse by  Francesca Anderssen (101 kinky poems) is on Amazon in kindle and paperback,

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