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Marzia Sep 9
i am not lost, nor am i found
simply laying on the surface
my thoughts seem like no longer mine
burying desires deeply inbetween
bringing calamity, or longing for it
who am i to reach for the stars

my nails still miss the scratches
they left around your neck
closing the gap between being
and breathing with you
it keeps me wondering
if we were lost in our time
or have we even never had it
two lost causes bonded with souls

life makes me forget that
your name is burned into my flesh
and it still rests on the verge of my tongue
silently murmurs the day i no longer
have felt the pride of submission
Pagan Paul Sep 3

I wish I could fade,
lay back,
close my eyes,

and fade...

through the continuum,
to a desolate place,
where peace reigns majesty,
and birds sing me awake,
as dawn paints the starry sky,
over a silver mountain lake,
clear as a mirror.

Stone monoliths rise to peak,
feet on moss and grass
make electric natural connection,
the smell of fresh air
and the scents of the flowers,
isolation tastes like honey,
sweet as a dream.

I wish I could fade,
lay back,
close my eyes,

and fade

never to return.

© Pagan Paul (01/09/18)
Its just a poem !
Lakin Aug 27
brought bones to
a gun fight,
cartilage and
Does the rope
around my ankles
make me look fat?
Don't move.
  He already won,
   There's nothing else to prove.

Don't try.
  He's holding back your wings,
   He won't let you fly.

He's hiding.
  You need to be careful,
   'Cause he's lying there; waiting.

Now listen -
You thought he loved you,
  Remember I warned you.
   He just needed you to be there,
    To do his bidding,
     Whatever he asked,

You were enslaved by his c
He stopped you from doing so many things,
Even leaving the house.
He held you in an I.R.O.N. F.I.S.T.
He didn't trust you, see?
I warned you from the start,
But you didn't listen.

Now you see the monster,
And you run back to me for help.
But you're trapped.
You can't run from him,
You can't hide from your master.

You laid your bed in the grave he set,
And sooner or later you must rest your head.
Thank you for reading ❤.
Was it worth my life
Those few moments of pure real happiness
But the reason there was a risk
Seems so stupid to me
Why couldn't you just have
Used your imagination
But you couldn't
And so it is
So it was
Worth it
But I wish it had been different
I wish so much
I want a long and
Healthy life
Full of moments of pure
With you
But I am scared now
You are both the candle

burning in the back of my mind

gently illuminating my every thought

your soft glow always guiding me home

and the roaring bonfire

whose heat and light

are a beacon for miles around

drawing me irrevocably to you

your pulse and energy

burn with a primal force

that makes my blood sing

and flames me to life
My whole self offered up.
Like a sacrifice on an ancient stone altar.
The oldest and most pure ritual in the world,
of one human soul putting itself completely in the hands of another.
You take me as I am.
As I was.
As I will be.
You have made me yours and I will stop at nothing to bring you peace, happiness, contentment...
anything you ever desire.
This is my purpose.
The answer to all of my whys.
The quiet place that was always...
V Exeter Aug 4
Good job. ((fuck you))
Someone's fucking foul. ((i'm the queen of trash))
Why don't you put your filthy mouth on it?
((make me)) Why should I? ((i can tell))
Tell, what? ((see it in your eyes, you want my throat))
You think so? ((i'm starting to think you don't))
It almost sounds like you have a heartbeat.
((i can get sad if i want)) That hidden heart.
((it doesn't make me weak)) The last naivete.
this is a story of her fall into submission
she wasn't aware of her inhibitions
until she lost them and forgot to miss them..

she bought into the idea that she was broken
tainted and hopeless
until she met a man who cut her fears wide open
rob kistner Jul 10

radiant vision silken skinned
translucent alabaster blaze
torrid as a teen's temptation
leaned low here before me

strappened ankles fragile turned
stiletto'd rise
on carpet soft
emblazened vixen
forward bent
availed so boldly

dual swells of fleshen myth
atop two lathen'd stems
they writhe
smooth and lithe
as liquid love
turned by pleasure's gloried angels

stretched taut
raised high on tips of toes
and goddess buff
offered now
for hunger's taking
consumed until
I've had enough

graceful face
brazen aglow
comely raised and tilted back
my fingers tangled in your hair
lifting firm
lusciously slow

swept away in lustful swoon
forearms rest on velvet sheets
eyes aflame in sapphire need
blatant in your fetched seduction

Hedone's daughter lush with Spring
in soft golden fire
that folds upon you soft as satin
'cross nape of neck
arched silk desire

down glistening back
that tempting tapers
to warm and tender
sultry surprise

a wonderland for fingertips
to touch
and tease
and tantalize

to explore
your quivering body

divinely-pleasing sculpted vessel
brought forth by Aphrodite's hand

virgin fruit swells full and ripe
flesh silhouette to hypnotize
enticing in the candle's flicker
fondled by my hungry eyes

I stroke and tweak
the blossomed berries
that burst
engorged with passion's heat

that taunt my tongue to twirl 'round
my teeth to nip the tempting treat
draw to my lips
now lewdly moist
to take
and taste in eager suckle

willful hands
of pleasured probing
wrap slender waist
then slowly slide
'cross pleading hips
to folds of Venus
liquid molten
deep inside

into this angel's fire I'm thrust
to thrust
and thrust
in randy lust

love's raging heart
demands I must
and so I wildly
thrust and thrust
until finally
I'm spent and bust
passion's seed
has turned to dust

and wanton
are snuffed

spring's sweet madness
is full rebuffed


rob kistner © 2010
(revised 2018
Hedone was the personification and goddess of sensual pleasure.
*WARNING! For adult readers only!
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