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belbere Jul 6
call me your imaginary
lover, miss pretend,
your concentrated fantasy,
a night that never ends,
the prettiest delusion
your mind ever made believe,
a pocket full of pixie dust,
your self-prescribed reprieve,
the sandman tried to warn you
not to get lost in a dream,
you took your wishful thoughts
and said, “they look real to me,”
your mind could only conceive
what it thought could never be,
felt better to be trapped there
than lost in reality,

under a pretend sky
in a myth you made believe,
it’s just imaginary you
and imaginary me.
stillhuman Jun 8
I'm a bit delusional
but i guess we all are

like how we shut the door
to stop thinking of death and the end

just to pretend for one more second
we can outlive it.
Yep, I'm in that mood
Left To Rot May 4
She thinks all she ever stole from me
were a few shirts and some pens.
She thinks all she ever got from me
were objects and bitter words.
Little does she know how much more
she took and could've taken if she had stayed.
Ruchira Apr 14
All they want is a delusional truth ...
Madisen Kuhn Mar 27
someday i’ll be too busy to notice the vampires
the sun wakes me up and i know who i am
maybe the chaos will always be there but
i’ll find a way to break it down into mulch and grow
pears and herbs and gardenias from what’s left of me
it takes a while to accept that the shadows matter
and i can’t pretend to know the watermelon lollipop
without the tongue that exists only to melt it away
to turn it into nothing until all that’s left is a paper stick
it might feel like freedom now but it can’t forever
i’ll pull down the curtains and never snooze an alarm again
the worst thing i can think of is writing the same poem
each day for the rest of my life and everyone knowing it
but me
Angela Mar 2
I'm sorry for nightmares
buried so deep
I screamed in your face
for what you did in my sleep

for thoughts that diffracted
and times I despaired
over heartbreaking moments
that weren't really there

I'm sorry I promised
and failed to awake
while my sleepwalking heart
found problems to make

for trusting my eyes
when the lies reappeared
and the limited days
when delusions had cleared

for leaving you lonely
in the world that is real
while I slipped off the edge
into deep dark surreal

for how I'm still sleeping
and have failed to escape
the mirages of monsters
when love is at stake

I wish I could keep you,
confirm you're enough,
but these nightmares within
won't let me wake up
When mental illness eats your relationship, who can relate?
Hannah Oct 2020
Leave them,
Leave it,
Watch out,
Move in,
Not enough,
Close the door,
Open up.
You will die
You will not cross their minds
They will spit on your grave
Few will visit with flowers
Few will drop their tears
Down on the mudd that emerged with
your remains.
I blacked out when
I was born.
My eyes were black
My future is black
It is dull
It is foolish to think
It will ever get better
Mood swings,
I take it all out on myself
Nobody will ever understand
but myself.
And they will still be blinded by
Plans and traditions and so and so.

Pretend I am dead
Although, I feel dead
They still see me,
Hug me,
Kiss me.

I go look in the mirror to
Make sure it is all real.

Or maybe
Just maybe,
I am in the daydream nation.
Alice Oct 2020
the birds are flying backwards
(you and I are still together)
the fish swim on land
(you unpack your bags)
the attic is below ground
(you walk into my room)
the sky is red
(you tell me you always loved me)
the grass is gray
(you tell me you still do)
I cannot process the world the same way anymore
Beckie Davies Oct 2020
Once there was a woman who had a mental illness.

Everyone supported her.

Her husband completely understood her and never yelled at her when she forget her medication or had an expected attack of the giggles.

Her family checked in every day.

The medical staff in her community always did their job in a friendly and professional manner, never making any mistakes.

All of the community were accepting and understanding and every employer she ever had were educated on mental illness and full of empathy.

This is how bad this woman's mental illness actually was.

She actually believed this delusion.
I wish this delusion was real
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