I have become
or more...aware
that I might die soon.
And I have to
how incredibly depressing
it was,
to realize that
there is no one left
in my life
that I
to tell.

The people I once shared
with have been leaving,
one by one,
under the unbearable
of my self-destructive arsonry.
Though entirely intentional,
this isolation has led
to an
of old paranoias
dark delusions
that only serve to make
incredibly inflammatory
highly susceptible
to sudden termination.

That's really sad,
The idea of knowing
you'll die,
it's time
to make ammends
say goodbyes
and knowing
you have no one
you really wanna
do that

It's all falling apart,
But people continue to hold on
To Delusions.
It's all falling apart,
But people continue to hold on
To Fantasies.
It's all falling apart.
So, people try to hold themselves together
With drugs that dissolve their brain cells.
It's all fall apart.
Some people try to Smash It to bits
So it will fall apart even faster.
Those who can't see that it's falling apart
Also can't see
How stupid they are!

Of course, I was listening to Nirvana's "Nevermind" recording when I composed this poem.

Lost in tenebrous shadows of past,
Crystallised motion submerges the empty space,
Synapses distorting your organic machinery,
Suspend judgement and sink into dispersed thought,
Percipience cascades from the ends of your mind,
As the skies drape against your cheek,
Impermanence decays the wiring,
Nothingness catches you as you unplug this web of delusion,
Descend deep into the dust,
Neighbour the tenuous thread of perception,
Caress it's eminence in perdurable beauty,
Endure it's breadth, volume, dimension,

desolation fills    you,
The vacuum,
The quintessence of                                                                         .

Who are you?

"I don't belong here."

Is there anywhere to belong?

i don’t want to do the same thing every week
anxiety under control by wednesday
is this fun?
i’ll follow you around town
walk in to another shit party
if you're there i guess i might as well stay

but don’t cry
because you’re breaking my illusion

you are every guy I’ve ever wanted to fuck
you are every guy i've wished i could make love me
you are every random desire i’ve ever had
projected on to that rolled up note you are holding

pass it to me

i’m bored give me
yeah you’re very pretty
but i think you need some help.

you drank it all.

even though there's nothing left
in the bottle,
it is you that feels empty,
like an eggshell that your mother found
in the chicken that your father killed,
that didn't have the chance of the frying pan at least.

you drank it all.
no Juliet around,
no Shakespeare
no talent,
no tale.

you drank it all.
no strippers,
no angels,
no thieves!

you drank it all.

some may call it
messianic delusion syndrome,
but I call it..
cheap Chardonnay.


She pressured him hard
To get exactly what she wanted,
And ended up
Getting pushed
Out onto the Streets.

I want Freedom!
To be in Control of you!
If I can't control you,
I don't want anything to do with you
Any more.

Lip service to Human Rights
Lip service to Christianity
Lip service to Democracy
Lip service to the Concept of Freedom.
The corpses pile up.

This poem was inspired by someone on Hello Poetry who calls him or herself "Anonymous Individual" and accuses me of being a "Fanatical Leftist" without proposing any solutions to the Dilemma

Fallen Angel (Group Contest Poem)  
© Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved


F.. Fallen not felled, and with dignity beheld

A.. Angelic by your own doing not gods hand

L.. Lucifer's envy, felt as you walk the Earth

L.. Life & Land you've freed from their curse

E.. Enigmatic, and wondrous, to visit us here

N.. Nothing left we could regret, scorn or fear

A.. Alluring female, gorgeous, smart, and wise

N.. Nuns pledge faith to you to reach paradise

G.. Gentle and great how you inspire us fools

E.. Enmity lurking at envious Devil's command

L.. Leaving us to return to a salvation at hand

Women, female artists, inspiration & stuff...
imnthea Apr 1

i know my next step
it is right there, as clear as sky
yet i can't seem to move any further
i am hacked
unable to tell
i am not me anymore
somewhere inside
buried in the mess of thoughts
i know i have to escape
take charge of my shell
may be my courage is lost too
in the same puddle
where i kept myself safe
long before when i knew
i am the only one who can rescue me
so i did what i could
i managed to isolate me from myself
and this is as far as i could get
i have been keeping this innocent delusion
that i am fine
no more i wish to entertain this silly idea

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