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vinca Aug 1
my colours have become muddy, confused and foul
but now it is our song that winds will howl
creation of yet another distance between you and i
on my journey drowning as you stay high

little by little, lost the sparkle that you devour,
and hopes became frail like a sick little flower
hollow, even meaning has lost its meaning
with me i carry sweets such as love-lies-bleeding

from earth not a sight, not a soul, not a beam
can reach to the depth of my misty dream
now embraced by the waves and foam, i sink
petals escape my fingertips, bleeding and pink

you, dearest colour-eating, joy-******* vampire
forsaken, yet my yearning for you is always dire
even once sweet promises became bitter poison
sunken, my eyelids and heart grew heavy as iron

lilies stay afloat and your light can't reach to me
tongue-tied, lips-shut, no more letting a single plea
my tears now accompanied by freshwater pearls
from my chest to the surface one last daisy swirls
nothing like the picture that my mind painted but yeah, missing him
jay Jul 20
mere strangers are unaware of their own oblivious bliss

engaged by the pieces i have marked as ours

that every yellow flower is only to be held

by the hand that holds mine

that written on every bouquet with baby’s breath

is your name

even the moon that they witness

is the planet that bonded our souls

how clueless they may be, how rude

as they place their own meaning above our own
i'm urged by my heart to be selfish
GaryFairy May 24
Aren't delusions of grandeur just as good, if not better?
Daivik May 13
I believe in love
You, in the god above
I wonder who is more delusional
M Solav Apr 6
I set myself a reminder
For all the times that I err
So that I may always remember
That I am but a prisoner

Delusions are my prison cell
And questions are the key
Yet the gates seem endless
On the corridor to reality.
Written on July 27th, 2019.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
irinia Feb 26
in the depth of human tragedy
there is also this dillema
of tyranny
that either the truth or the lie
is going to crash the tyrant

they play reality games
the delusion will end in catastrophe
how much of the world is going to take with it?

spring is in a rush this year,
to affirm the rationality
of life
I S A A C Feb 10
perfumed delusion, unruly exclusion
time bombs ticking and toking
vibrant illusions, visual pollution
cutting all the ribbons and strings
you tried to tie me up in, you tried to rub the salt in
to my many many wounds
I felt so lonely in crowded rooms
crowded stadiums, your eyes never met me once
I was too nervous to confront your fronts
shy away from topics that we needed to discuss
performing necromancy trying to keep this dead love up
checking the pulse, it's so gone now
we are both adults, you remain disavowed
A M Ryder Oct 2021
If you're always
Telling yourself
How lucky you are

It's probably because
You're afraid
To ask yourself
How happy you are
belbere Jul 2021
call me your imaginary
lover, miss pretend,
your concentrated fantasy,
a night that never ends,
the prettiest delusion
your mind ever made believe,
a pocket full of pixie dust,
your self-prescribed reprieve,
the sandman tried to warn you
not to get lost in a dream,
you took your wishful thoughts
and said, “they look real to me,”
your mind could only conceive
what it thought could never be,
felt better to be trapped there
than lost in reality,

under a pretend sky
in a myth you made believe,
it’s just imaginary you
and imaginary me.
stillhuman Jun 2021
I'm a bit delusional
but i guess we all are

like how we shut the door
to stop thinking of death and the end

just to pretend for one more second
we can outlive it.
Yep, I'm in that mood
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