Reality is NO PICNIC!
If you want your Life to be Picnic,
It's much less stressful than Reality......
Until you get knocked to your senses,
Of course.

The Rich People
Finally lost their minds.
They hired a Private Investigator
To find their minds for them.
The Private Eye was hesitant.
"I don't think I'm the right type of Professional to help you all."
"Don't you all really need a Psychiatrist?" he asked.
The Wealthy People refused to accept any
Of these sorts of  excuses.
"It was The Poor who  stole our minds," they said.
"They're the Scum of the Earth!"
"We want you to take our minds back from them!"
"If you fail to find our minds,"
"We'll contact your Supervisor"
"And have you canned from your Hob," the Rich people  threatened.
The Private Eye shrugged in Shoulders,
And went off into the Ghetto
In search of the Rich Peoples' minds.
He could hear a husband beating his wife.
He heard a stray bullet go off from a Gang Fight.
He saw men and women,
Sleeping underneath the bridge
After injecting themselves with Dope.
However, he could not find the Minds of the Wealthy
Anywhere in the 'Hood.
His customers were demanding.
He knew he could not return empty handed.
He decided to take the skulls of the Indigent from the morgue
And present them to his Wealthy Clients
As "Their Minds".
When he returned to the Mansion with the Skulls,
His customers still weren't satisfied.
"Aha!" they said.
"You're the guy who stole our minds!"
"Give them back to us right now"
"Or we'll call the Police!"

i am the insanity painted across the walls.
the pestilence growing behind your teeth.
the walking contradiction.

together we are the red string, and i am the seamstress.

i tied us together during my tour of heaven;
after the angels revealed my fate
as a word prophet
sealing our fate.

skirting the fine line between truth and delusion.

I know Positivism is true
'Cause I'm trying to Stay Positive
Even though the System is collapsing.....
People around me are collapsing.
No one gives a fuck about anything any more.
Wait a sec!
That's not "positive"!
What we conventionally label as
Is just a synonym
For self-deceit?

rivers Jun 14

There’s ne'er a need to fleetingly vanish
run out of dreams of grandeur
for life's buds to manifest blossom —
loving is a risk
touching souls sublime
imbibe it ;
breathe it out
unleash it
swill love's sweet and savory elixir
steep its gifts
unconditionally bestowed

. . . it’s okay to change your mind ―

Arise from fear
slip the skin of doubt ,
the unseen chain that binds ,
the unplanned passing of love
prevailing winds of change
disheveled souls
how restless bestirred regrets impose ,
caught between all you wish for ,
lamenting all you need

. . . it’s okay to change your mind ―

Lying on a soothing bed of buttercups
passion burns
like the moonbeams in your eyes
goose bumps veiled by dappled moonlight
shards of moonbeams
caress warm shivering flesh , . .
instead of finding your bliss
let your bliss find you

. . . it’s okay to change your mind ―

Love is a refuge ;
respite from the cold
and lonely nights
do you still favour the memory
from time to time?
the sounds of the passing of love
linger in the forever stained silence
of my world
the quieter you've become
the more I feel your ether tides

Love ne'er wants to be
a weight borne
seasons do change
we crave — what goes away
as changing contentment's wane

. . . it’s still okay to change your mind ―

                © harlon rivers

maybe this is us
and maybe i'm okay

with this surrender
but i'm still so afraid


Don't be blind
And be careful, see what they're trying to find
You might feel flattered, impressed, and excited
But baby, believe me, it's all in your mind

Don't let them lure you into a wrong one-way street
Down the road of desolation and delusion
I've known you before they even heard of your name
And I'll stick with you through all the confusion

They might be adhered by a million or inherit high class relations
But my righteous heart makes us cross nations
Keep me in your heart and someday you'll see
That you belong with me

Can't believe you fell for it...
Alyce Black Jun 28

I have become
or more...aware
that I might die soon.
And I have to
how incredibly depressing
it was,
to realize that
there is no one left
in my life
that I
to tell.

The people I once shared
with have been leaving,
one by one,
under the unbearable
of my self-destructive arsonry.
Though entirely intentional,
this isolation has led
to an
of old paranoias
dark delusions
that only serve to make
incredibly inflammatory
highly susceptible
to sudden termination.

That's really sad,
The idea of knowing
you'll die,
it's time
to make ammends
say goodbyes
and knowing
you have no one
you really wanna
do that

It's all falling apart,
But people continue to hold on
To Delusions.
It's all falling apart,
But people continue to hold on
To Fantasies.
It's all falling apart.
So, people try to hold themselves together
With drugs that dissolve their brain cells.
It's all fall apart.
Some people try to Smash It to bits
So it will fall apart even faster.
Those who can't see that it's falling apart
Also can't see
How stupid they are!

Of course, I was listening to Nirvana's "Nevermind" recording when I composed this poem.

i don’t want to do the same thing every week
anxiety under control by wednesday
is this fun?
i’ll follow you around town
walk in to another shit party
if you're there i guess i might as well stay

but don’t cry
because you’re breaking my illusion

you are every guy I’ve ever wanted to fuck
you are every guy i've wished i could make love me
you are every random desire i’ve ever had
projected on to that rolled up note you are holding

pass it to me

i’m bored give me
yeah you’re very pretty
but i think you need some help.

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