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Opal Wood Apr 22
I should have died
But I didn't
Now I woke up
On a April
Sunny day
Breathing slowly
Confused inside
It mustn't be my time
That's why I survived
I had no reason to die
Survival is in my blood
Madison Apr 11
I remember that night like yesterday.
When I was on top of the world until I wasn't Suddenly I was brought back unto the bathroom floor.
I rolled over, closed my eyes, and passed out
I remember thinking
"Maybe I was meant to die alone"
I accepted it as I floated out of my head
And for the first time,
everything felt okay
Ronin Mar 19
you only learn to
appreciate your life
when you’re in a hospital bed
vomiting your guts out
praying to god
(you’re not even religious)
to please let you live,
just one more chance.
i’ll take care of myself from now on.
Tizzop Jan 29
**** the river, **** the river of oblivion
past lives are drifting beneath its surface
they are singing a hymn, in kids voices
this hymn was written by the thoughts of ancestors

a human being has more than 60.000 thoughts a day
the psychiatrist who told me that is chinese
i like her appearance, she's my type, sweetly dark
the memory of my poems is implanted into her brain

when the night becomes day, the sun swallows every word
its rays burn down all the letters of the past
and the past is nothing but the last word written
i want to take a bath in the ideal of love

this ideal is tattooed on a person special to me
i have to think of what alejandro said in sicario
a movie is never a movie but a collection of memories
no story will ever be written without experience

the observations of birds make up for a pool of poems
if these creatures could write, yet they sing their stories
every soul which existed on earth, comes back to it
sooner or later, gökhan, reyka, ama and alexander

i would have liked to meet my uncle but he died of an overdose
a man who hated him gave him poison and alex injected it
as a child, i would often look at his picture:
eyes wide open, wildly glowing, as if he was in a waking dream
He floats, adrift over wine-dark depths,
Veins of denial and luciferin,
Dressed in silk ribbons, deceptive in their innocence,
The discarded robe of a fallen monarch.

He glides, elusive, over nothing, solitary in his rule,
Unmoored and untouchable, even to a hand offering solace,
For fear that this same hand may tether him to an unsavory reality.
Lying to himself, the king of falsity and bioluminescence.
GQ James Dec 2020
Girl why you doing this to me?
I can't get enough of you,
When it comes to you there's no limits,
I wanna overdose when it comes to you,
I can't be without you,
Without you there isn't no me,
You complete me and I complete you.

Them feelings I'm feeling I never felt before,
Where did you come from?
Wherever you came from?
You just ain't normal,
You got me doing things I wouldn't dream of doing,
You ain't good for me,
But I sure don't want to let you go.
Josephine Wilea Dec 2020
Two years ago today
Was our one month anniversary
Your father wouldn't let me come over
He never did approve of us.

Two years ago today
I loved you too much
I liked the feeling too much
I hated life too much

Two years ago today
I was surrounded by
Six half-full bottles of

Two years ago today
I emptied those pills
Into my heart and they
Infected my soul.

Two years ago today
I had a seizure in my bed
And lost all memory
Of the week leading up to it.

Two years ago today
I was rushed to the hospital
Lay shaking in the bed
Unable to lift my head.

Two years ago today
You visited me, eyes filled with
Something I'd never seen in them:

Two years ago today
You climbed into my bed and
Held me like you thought
I would shatter.

Two years ago today
Was the very last day
I would ever have
Two years ago today I overdosed on my antidepressants. This anniversary is more difficult than the last. On that day, because of that action, I lost the love of my life, and I will never forgive myself.
Samir Mohammed Nov 2020
Chemical Lover, I offer you a toast
Serotonin, endorphins and all the most
Fill my heart like a sweet overdose
And Take away my pain, tender ghost
Kama Nov 2020
I’ll read this poem in
eleven years
and know that
my first love is
dead , has died
somewhere on this world
his blood saturated
his heart that
once loved me
still .
to my first boyfriend (and last) boyfriend , who will (most likely) die out of overdose , as he wishes
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