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Ayesha 3d
You keep telling your body
that you will stop
but in the end, she does
it all herself.

If you can't stop then don't but please
, take the haunting memories along
as you take your leave.
Owen Feb 23
But I lived,
awoke on a floor and just cried,
cause it didnt work.
I had to go back
to my mind, and grind,
everyday the rest of my life.
A routine of pain,
to feel normal inside.
Ghosts of me
haunt my memories.
Always my own worst enemy.
And I dont want lies
of sympathy.
Just let me feel some
Just want to be loved
Connor May 7
I am silenced by sadness and held captive by the fear that everything will go wrong.....
I wasn't always like this but circumstances demanded I experience pain
But they gave me an overdose and now my mind is comatose
Void of all feeling I crawl through this life of mine on hands and knees
My broken skin letting the blood flow, weakening me even more
And I find I'm addicted.
Addicted to the encompassing emptiness ever present in me because of this.
If I am empty then I am nothing
If I am nothing
Then nothing can go wrong and then what will I have to fear
She's popping pills like candy
A few at dawn, a few at dusk
I look at her, and all I can see
Is a woman fleeing from herself.

Her mind is a raging sea
Her thoughts are drowning,
Unable to reach reality
All because of the pills.

She's one swallow away
From meeting God
One overdose away
From seeing the light.

Is this how she wants to die?
A woman as high as the sky?
Ciara Mar 23
I never knew black could look so dark
A tar like sludge rushing down my throat
They told me I had to
That it wasn’t a choice

Cherry flavored charcoal has ruined my mind
It was a darker black than anything I’d ever seen
It was either that or death
One dark black for another

As I downed two bottles of what no one should ever ingest
I cried and cried at the mess
Dark black in my mouth, on my face and in my mind
In a way it saved be but is another way altered my mind

hold me close
before you lose me
to an overdose
of lovesick medicine

A poem every day
Janice Feb 21
A peaceful, calm, and quiet place
A respite from, this crazy haze
Silent whispers - from afar
Shes too drifted to hear them call
Out to her, from reality
Her comatose tranquility
Surrounds her mind,
In foggy clouds
Protects her from her memories
She doesn't need to understand
Nor realize what is happening
As she slowly drifts, off to sleep
Never to come back
To me.
Ivy Leigh Jan 26
The pain is forever
The love is forever
Life is long
Life is short
Death seems easy
I’m sorry you needed easy
Stay safe out there. When you party. When you drive. When you’re feeling sad.
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