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one day these hungry eyes of yours
will disappear in others:

that's what I count with –

potential pain is a gate to peace
when you'll go through wisely
you can find out
that a man is on the world
primarily alone
than in a company

such knowledge is dignified
it has courage, determination
style too –

and after all
there are too many wars
to take care
of these little ones

you bet anyway, I'll keep trying to keep you
what a woman you are
Maybe there is a grammar/meaning mistakes in my poems as English is my second language. Glad if you'll warn me. Thank you.
FloydBrandon May 1
Fistful of **** and I don’t give a ****
what it takes
to get it the **** out of my hands
Sit over the edge if I have to
and land
in a fat ******* puddle of ****
fistful of ****
Julie Grenness Aug 2019
Today I'm  cooking some steaks,
I do believe steak is great,
I don't care what vegans say,
Maybe they should all ******* today!
Just kidding, believe what you like, I say,
I am cooking great steaks today!
No need to fuss, hold the bus,
Signed, one of the 'carnivores are us'!
bit of fun. Feedback welcome.
MisfitOfSociety Jul 2019
People like to **** in the wind,
But get upset when their clothes get wet.
MisfitOfSociety Jul 2019
You like to **** in the wind,
But get upset when your clothes get wet.
You're not going to like what I have to say,
But I am just going to say it anyway.

A barking dog in high heels,
Stops my voice from raising above my breath.
Changing channels to change our minds,
You should just go ahead and off yourself.

You tell me what to say,
You tell me what I should listen to,
You tell me what I should play,
I can do what ever I want to do.

******* invertebrate!
You can't stand by yourself!
Ron Gavalik Jul 2019
I stood in a pool of ****
in front of the ******
after watching a beautiful film
about a man who gets the girl.
Irrational tears clouded my vision
and blocked the putrid scents
of real life.
My body wanted me
to live in that story
a little longer.
That was nice.

–Ron Gavalik
Yenson Mar 2019
Peps, here listen, hear me out
yeah I know you're all really doing your best
trouble is, your best isn't good enough

You're making us look like Keystone cops
all this haphazard stasis-cating around like drunk Ruskies
staying up late back early morning, obsessive yet incompetent

Yes, persistent is the key
thing is though, you're just too dumb
some of you think eggs grow on trees
after all there are  egg plants, so surely eggs come from trees
yes! and we all live in a yellow submarine!

Now listen to me, you plebs
Don't you know what 'Royalty' means
do you think its some wishy washy label from Primark
or some honor you can buy at a Car boot sale
No, you pumpkins, it's not and don't mention 1066
or that opinionated zealous fool, Oliver Cromwell

If you don't know it yet, better know now
our Royal Adversary is Simply The Best
this man is as good as you can get
we are talking Exceptional here
we are talking, top drawer, creme de la creme
we are talking, One of a Kind, the Real Deal, yes!

We are the majority, yes..fat lot of good, that has done
you're all as common as muck, ******, ******* twerps
that's all you are.
yadda yadda this, yadda yadda that we are attacking his psyche
it's psychological warfare, it's mental and emotional assaults
it's your mother's ***, you dumdum, the man is laughing at you
Christ! what's with you people, how useless are you!

I know half of you are demented psychos
and the other halves just plain simpletons and sheeps
now the blasted public are beginning to see that,
they are fed up, already!

I tell you now what your ******* problem is
you think we humans are all the same, you think he is on your level
you ***** think he thinks like you, sees like you, reacts like you.
You, yes you, are stupid, does he look stupid to you?
If you say yes, then you're even more stupid than I know

Just be ****** honest with yourselves and face facts
you are just common muck, oiks chewing straws
and the man is Class, quality, top grade, the business
gifted, talented, brave, courageous, exceptional and a ****** 'One of'  
The Man is simply ROYAL, that's nobility for you
and say or write any **** you want, that's the ******* TRUTH

Now, get lost and go continue your nonsense
and don't steal anything on you way out, that's all you're good for!
jingoistic trash, time wasters full of dog's crap.
And you men, if one can call you men, with your floppy tiddlers,
put aside your *****-envy complexes and engage your brains.
( What brains, actually? )
This is based on an except from a speech at a local Working Mens club, during the period when King George wanted to abdicate to go and marry Ms Wallace Simpson and the local people were dead against him.
Your stream of thought pleases naught,
And swirls your mouth in toilet style,
It spouts your bile through your smile,
Where we all wish it would not
Sajal Ahmed Sep 2018
O liar lover!
Your biggest lies "I love you babe,  more than me and my father-mother"
I remember your words
And every falsehood will be judged one day!
That day I opened my pants zipper:
I'll **** your ***** face!
What is insult?
I'll teach you.
******* **** girl
No one will look at you;
Nobody will show sympathy;
You will cry,
Nobody can hold your hand,
I'll kick you
In your face and chest
I will kick your stomach!
I will tattoo your whole body
"You are a liar! You are a scam! You're a *****! You're a street nerd dog!"
***** now go to hell....
If you despise me, remember, I do not have time to *******
MicMag Aug 2018
door opened
door shut, then locked
first morning urges
body greets the dawn

toilet seat up
pants unzipped
waste tube carefully aimed
flow turned on

trickling stream
becomes rushed torrent
small splashes
leave no mark

on steep polished porcelain walls
water slowly turning
clear to yellow
light to dark

liquid waste
flushed down the drain
shows signs
of dehydration

advising body
drink more water
restart the cycle
of urination
Everybody pees!
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