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Is it wrong to write a poem
Warning folks in Ancient Roem
Those Visigoths and Vandals
It'll be a still life Scandal
when they over run your tired little
12,000 horse town
all the knowledge and the wisdom
that you've gotten, Greeks say taken stolen pillaged
(and then added to[o] your own quite special spin)
from the Greeks (and the Etruscans)
(will fade away)
Whom you Subjugated,  Like the Rest of the Known World
using reinvigorated plays
from their own playbook
Yes the Greeks, they saw and noticed
the subtle similarities
between their beloved Phalanx
a Body of men made of men
moving as one
killing as one
and Your beloved Legion
a Body of men with a Mind
moving as one
each man
in turn
Killing Individually
For The Glory Of Rome!!! BELLVM ROMANVM
That's all over now
or...                                       does it live on?????
             in this pome
and in some Western Hearts?              I hope so
KKM Jan 23
i didn't want to paint i just wanted to be great at something so i unghosted my soul, told her to go pick 6 roses out of the garden of my love for the mountains & i pierced my nose w a silver needle that was so sharp i could hear your velvet voice again & it call came back to me in little waves of blue pain and sunflower energy on lined sheets of paper sort of like this one with an orange accent I had to find in Rome behind motorcycles & burnt coffee w out the bitter memory of sugar cookies, only the ones we ate on long weekends by the beach beside the ways in which the sun told us the stories of sunken ships & waves the moon wanted to create at 2:11am on the least windiest days. i didnt bring my brushes w me, but a skateboard and a glass house were enough for a disappearing act & 3 conversations w a wall and spray paint can
A Sad Alex Jan 1
I was a soldier of Rome
and my thoat is now split open
Split it was by a Gaul
Fighting to destroy the Republic.
I hope the earth is nourished by my blood
And life grows from it
For so much has been lost
In this senseless slaughter.
Do they not see the light of Rome?
Civilizations luster?
We bring fire to the shadows of the world
To cast them aside, tear them asunder.
Our cause is just, our will cannnot be stopped
The world shall be roman
We bring justice and order!
My sword may decorate the ground
And my armour my lifeless body
Behind me marches the strength of legions
From it ten more will take my place
For victory! For glory!

I was a warrior from Gaul
Sixteen springs alive
Cut down in my prime
To defend my home
From Rome´s thrist for land
They come forth from beyond the mountains
A ravenous, barbarous horde
They loot, and ****, and pillage
Torching everything they touch
Can they not see our life is just?
And it is peace, not man, who governs this grooves?
We live, we love, we grow
They tend to their business and we to ours.
Yet they now come
And my body may give life to the forests
And from the forests forth shall spring my brothers
To ****! For victory and glory!

I am a crow

I shall feast on them both

Life shall indeed spring forth

The maggots

The flies

And many, many more of us.
I always wanted to try my hand at a poem with historical flavor
Lost Garden Dec 2018
Cleopatra, like Caesar my heart concedes
And even though it is only one sided
The hardest quest would be to get you out of my head
Always dedicated to all your needs

Infamy I have bestowed upon myself
The fire burning the hearth of my soul, never dimming
I would give my self to you for your trimming
A romance that you would leave on a shelf

Cleopatra you are the most pure, the most precious
For your happiness I would play the vicious
To be your obsession I would be cottonweed

Wondering if I have truly spoke with you
Could it be that I mirrored myself unto you
Veritably it is not love but only greed
Euphie Dec 2018
Let's **** Caesar and call it a day.
Brutus is laughing and Mark Antony is crying.

Calpurnia cries and Portia rejoices.
The people sing and some weep.

Wow, what a great day it is to be a Roman.
one of the most sarcastic poems I ever wrote. Still makes me laugh.
A M Oct 2018
Pluperfection of the past
A passive exists yet not to be
King to corruption to the loved
Dogma in the barbarian’s anarchy

New pages to fill
Old ways to rebuild
A birth irreplaceable by mockery
The earth salted yet again

Superimposition ex hollow, hallowed knowledge.
Power in our holy heresiarchy
Fire in the humble hearts of our pious clergy
Closure in our medial devotions

Nocturnality, of the space between passivity.
Thoughts of past and future orders.
Magnificent putrefaction of our holy books
Together beyond the demon-blinded sun
Madeline Harper Aug 2018
There’s a raging storm inside my head:
An all too familiar home
For my mind is my grave and my bed
For the ruins of my Rome

As the tapestries of my sky
Obliterate the canvased sea
The wind howls in a fluent lie
“As you were, you shall never be”
Please let me know your thoughts and insights
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Kidnaped love due to ravenous ****
Brings a thriving city to soot and dust
Villagers armed ready with sword to ******
Defending till their doom due to mistrust
Survivors now trapped in wanderlust
Till one rises and gains all trust
Follow! Follow! Follow you must
Till Rome is found and armor rust
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