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mjad Apr 13
I watched you pour out the gasoline
I held the matches in my hand
We danced and laughed
Like musical chairs
I won
Handed you a match
Watched you step back
Light it
And we laugh
we were toxic
I am a freak, that’s what I am. That’s all I am and all I’ll ever be. (I have to embrace it)
Haven’t you been told so? Haven’t you been warned?? Huh???
A rebel from birth. A mental, emotional and spiritual abomination, I pray upon my physical appearance.
Whilst making my image rot from the inside out and from the outside in.

I’m going through phases of my own. I have dark times myself too. Very DARK.
I hate the very sight of this world. I have taken on monsters at times and they've beat me. This time for good.
I can’t take this anymore. I can’t go through this another day, another hour, another minute, another second.
It seems that all I ever do is done in vain. Nothing’s really going to change. Nothing will ever get better.

I’ll end up getting killed by my own stubbornness. By my own rebellious stance and natural lack of self-control.
They say free will does not exist and I agree. We are human-machines in a mechanical universe.
Our fate has been decided. Long time ago. By gods who were unjust. Disgusting. Immoral
How do you expect me to be perfect in a world who has only showed me its ugly face?

Wandering through life without any purpose. Without any kind of cause. Without a calling of some sort.
How am I supposed to rise among the world of men and women and win against them? Like this? Weak?? Defeatist mindset on the go???
I’m so sick of people at the same time. I want to **** everybody. I detest every living being and life itself.
I hate to go on living. I just have to accept that my life will carry on being a shitstorm, like this from now and on.

Who the **** made me like this?? Who messed me up so badly?? Who did it??? ****! (Crying)
Somebody ****** me up real good! Some people ****** me up for life! I want to find out.
And the best revenge would be for them to be annihilated! For life! Yeah! That would be good!
Stupid imbeciles. I hate you. They time will come for when I’m going to rise from this restorative sleep of mine and then you’ll see for yourself. Who the **** am I!

Will this fight ever stop man? I’m tired of going against the grain. Swimming against the river.
Tell me, Oh wise man, what have you learned from life? Is it worth the effort? The pain? The tears??
I don’t know if I’ll ever win this game. Again I don’t know where I’m going or what I want out from all of this? Where do I stand in all of this madness???
Maybe I just need to let all hell to break loose and let go of inhibitions and rules. To imbue my body and actions with the eternal magic, of my darkest self.
Forgive my obscene and intense language.
While out on a walk with a seer,
The maid froze while on the first mile.
"This is not a good place to remember,"
She said with a nervous smile.
A fearsome crack
A cry of wrath
A bright red droplet on the path
"This is not a safe place to be stepping,"
The maid said, with a frightened glance.
"We had better run home and regroup, friend;
We shouldn't leave this to chance."
A cheshire grin
A shatt'ring cry
A nightmare socket with a bloodshot eye
"Now, now, dear seer!" I told her.
"Calm yourself, you seem so distressed!
Retreating would be a failure indeed,
To press onward would surely be best."
A vicious slice
A gushing flood
A vital veinage, sweet lifeblood
I quelled her fears and she followed,
Despite her persistent doubt.
"Honestly," I softly muttered
"There's nothing to be frightened about."
A lifeless maid
A slackjawed bride
A headless creature with arms splayed wide
We travelled deeper and deeper
Through the path into the dark wood
We travelled so far,  that if we were to shout
No creature would come if they could.
A loneliness
A fading light
A blackness like the dead of night
Here we stopped. "I need a rest,"
I said to her. She acquiesced.
She turned around. Such woe betide.
And so that foolish seer died.
With all her gifts
She could not see
That I was her true enemy.
My knife did slash.
And she did wail.
I grinned a grin.
I watched her flail.
I watched her fall
Down to the ground.
She made a scream,
Melodious sound!
My work was done.
Her head was gone.
In mine her song
Sung on and on.
I turned and left
That empty glade,
Where no one was
Except the maid.
FloydBrandon Feb 23
Do you know the Ragamuffin
Have you any mange
Worth his weight in traffic crashes
Mage of breakfast eggs

Static with a double edged
razor bladed sledgehammer
Magic if a psychopath had post-traumatic rash disorder

Charismatic flash hoarder
Dynamite snack breathing volatile glass jaw
Rats-fat ******* of an easy baked cave alchemist
subject to the laws of disintegration

Shrunk as a putrified raisin
Grayer than petrified daisies
Mishka Wayz Jan 6
Your mind is hurting your mind is in pain,
Struggle, fight on, but in vain,
I will make you see the truth that you are nothing but rain,
Your mind is turning crazy you're going insane!!!!

Find me in the murky forest full of dark secrets and gloom,
Go quick for while you search for me the thorns will bloom,
The darkness will rise, the forests will go cursed and old,
If you won't be quick enough you will turn to nothing but mold…

Quick enough to accept me as a friend,
Don't worry I have a hand that will lend,
But at the same time I'm a ghoul who is not even worth to be sand,
You are a saint, and!?

I curse the dark and the golden,
Make minds go messed up and all molden,
I deceive and hurt, coz I'm just trash,
I slay others, and I spread pain like rash…

The emerald forest is my happiest mood,
Find me there and I will be good,
I will explain why the darkness is my food,
I will explain why I'm so twisted, dark, and rude…

I always knew I was not worth enough,
Everything was ruined and broken when I tried to work out the stuff,
I hurt others and made others cry,
I knew it was better to hurt thyself and live than just quickly die…

So that's why I took myself to the role of cutting,
My mind is going crazy, my thoughts are rotting,
Turning cruel evil and cold as stone,
Dark thoughts and hatred are surging through my every bone…

I hurt the mind till they get angry and in rage,
Or if not, then I hurt them till the tears wet the page,
I show them how life is hard when you care,
Start living for yourself and finding joy in hurting, it's an order, not a dare!!!!

When you care you got no time for yourself and your troubles,
They pile up and they won't pop away like bubbles,
You get hurt when you care, you feel pain,
You always have thoughts of drowning in rain!!

So why don't you come and join the fun?
Brush away those silly thoughts of suicide and drop your gun,
Come on, live for yourself and only care about your life,
Someone bothering or annoying you? Well don't be stupid, stab them with a knife!!!!

We all have a dark side, we all have a piece of mind,
Why don't we start thinking only of ourselves and come to bind?
We can leave the emerald forest and share our secrets not,
We all, all are just meat that should just rot…

That's right, if you feel hurt, useless, and alone,
Then love the feeling, for you have the cruelty and darkness that you own!!
You know you are trash,
But at least you can spread on others the pain like rash…

Make them be lower than your soul,
It's alright. We are trash, but here is the cruelty and the darkness that plays the role,
We can hurt others till they go screaming and crazy,
Make them see the truth, make their vision be to the reality not foggy and  hazy…

Show them what they really are,
Whether it takes a time of peace or a ****** war,
We will be trash from near and far,
Like reality shows us, we are a rusty nail, not a shining bright star…

We all hurt and deceive, hurting with truth and not lies,
Isn't it always pleasing to watch a child who knows the truth and cries?
We all are ghouls to the people who don't need to die,
We are demons and ***** to darkness, we make others scream in anger and from pain just cry…

I am just a rusty nail that hangs off from the belt,
Oh if you knew how much the pain felt,
Come on, I wanna say hello, open up the door,
Who is it? It's me, the thing that is nothing but to the darkness a simple nasty *****…

~Mishka Wayz~
Do you get what I mean?
Mishka Wayz Jan 6
Ruined by memories, ****** by life,
Burned with a torch, stabbed with a knife,
Standing on the mountain and staring at the blue,
Remembering how I killed you, thinking of you ~

My face burned with hate, my voice gone,
I'm all alone, a quadrillion against one,
I was born with death inside me, coz I'm a ghoul,
But I'm still a slayer, not a fool…

Remembering how I came to life coz of you,
You made me, you loved me too,
But I was born with darkness inside, whispering in the deepest corners,
Having thoughts to **** the weak, I wasn't into mourners…

I remember how you gifted me with a soul,
I was dying before, my heart a gaping emtpy hole,
You made me see love, see what is life,
But I was born a psychopath, so when I had a chance I stabbed you with my knife…

The soul you gave me, I made it dark,
Made it lifeless, cruel, and rough like hard bark,
I know I played my cards like losing Hell,
But hey, at least now, I live so well…

Getting to leave simpleness behind, getting to be crazy,
To the troubles and pain, my vision is going hazy,
I no longer care about others, I am all on my own,
The world against me, look at what I have grown…

Killing my mother gave me joy,
Coz I'm no longer a mother-******* boy,
I'm a ghoul, a psychopathic *****, who loves gore and pain,
I have now only one thing in mind; the blood is my rain…

Chewing on the gold I steal and get,
About what I did I never regret,
Coz a life is a life, it is not two three four five six seven, but only one,
Better enjoy it before it is gone…

Using the streets as a toy, by hurting ignoring and lying,
Wishing to **** someone, wishing to see them dying,
As I pull the hood over my face, I remember one thing,
My name is Illanth, and I stand as one, and live like a king.…

~ Mishka Wayz ~
My made up character
jee May 2019
it was all tendons;
an eyeful of baleful beating heart.

the grinding of bone on bone,
cymbals against the bloodlust melody.

rorschach in the red sheen.
kandinsky on the wall.

a crime of passion, they called it.

passion in the hartman hemisphere
and confidence in the nowak nerves.

da vinci in the veins; decorum.

and when the night air warms
with a rust colored sky,

my finger paintings brighten with shades of red.
see you in hell, darling
Chris Apr 2019
Larry walked to the store,
To buy a pack of smokes,
He's had enough, he want's no more,
He's sick of everything; so he walked.

He entered through a stain'd glass door,
asked for his brand and waited a while.
He saw reflections on the floor,
He saw his ugly crooked smile.

He paid and was ready to head home,
but suddenly, there was a sound.
The glass broke as a brick was thrown,
and blood splattered all around.

Larry got up, his head was red,
He dragged himself out of the store,
Laughing loudly as he bled,
He lit a smoke and laughed some more.

He saw the guy who threw the brick,
Was it him,... well nevermind,
He yelled : ' Oi stop there you *****!'
And started rushing from behind.

They ran a good mile and a half,
before the guy was too weak to run,
Larry smoked and let out a laugh,
And said to his victim:'now you're done!'

Now, Larry angry as he was,
didn't go straight for the ****.
He wanted to have some fun,
And he knew then that he will.

'Kneel' he screamed at the guy,
as he drew close step by step,
'Kneel or I swear you'll die!'
He shouted out this final threat.

The guy afraid beyond his mind,
kneeled and looked him in the eye,
The kick that followed made him blind,
And he only let out a sigh.

Again the blood shed on the floor,
As Larry struck the final stroke.
A man's life was here no more.
And Larry lit another smoke.
Pointless Catharsis
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