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Beckie Davies Nov 2020
Tiled Walls
Body Sore
Memories from the night before

***** stains
Bruises on your throat are a dead give away

Empty bottles
****** wrapper
You were sure before but full of regret after

Past noon
Time to put your mask on and face the news
waking up in the bathroom after a drunken one night stand
Elijah Oct 2020
i am planting seeds between tiles on the bathroom floor.
fingers bloodied,
ceramic grouted dust caked under nails
as I dig inch-deep holes
into the cracks and place,
oh so gently,
small dark seeds into the soil of
this apartment's skin.
i am on my knees
i am on my knees
i am just
on my knees.
I use toothpaste to bury them,
i caulk them into place with
my own ingredients.
i take a shower
water puddles under my feet
and i imagine the seeds drinking it up,
gorging themselves on my
***** water.
***** because i haven't showered in days,
***** because i sweat,
***** because i am me, and it has touched my skin.
and i imagine that one day
i will walk into the bathroom
to find a field of blue mums,
marigolds, lavender, daisies, and
bursting up through the seams in the ceramic,
staining the walls, reflecting light back onto
my skin and i'd feel-
god, i don't know-
i think i'd feel alive.
i moved to a new apartment where the bathroom walls are painted a bright yellow.
flamingogirl Sep 2020
What if I don't want
to get better? This hunger is the only thing
I feel anymore. You abandoned me,
so I sit on the bathroom
floor. I drown out my tears
with lyrics to songs we used
to scream out the car
window. While others congratulate
the damage this hunger has caused,
I obsess over the numbers that
light up whenever I step on
the scale. This is the only thing
I can control anymore. Since
you left.
rowdy lee May 2020
I'm dying by hunger
he said
and I remembered about
all these ruined places
and its children
and their mothers
you're not dying

you just still don't have enough capacity
to realize
that you don't need a new jacket
and shoes
you own muddy ones in the hallway
and the others you don't like
give me
a better reason

and try
to swallow your dreams
and keep them
in a digestive tract
to the last second
of not giving a ****

as the ones who are trying to fall asleep now
on the pillow of tomorrow's death
Maybe there is a grammar/meaning mistakes in my poems as English is my second language. Glad if you'll warn me. Thank you.
Becca Lansman Apr 2020
finally; after i have clogged all the drains in my bathroom;

the tub--
stomach acid stained, a lingering ghost of putrid bile.

the sink--
gurgling chunks of yesterday.

i buy four XL bottles of drano
only to empty them within the month.

my poor ancient drains--
begging me to stop baptizing them in electric acid.

my throat pleads  the same.

i dissolve the body of my secret lover
but can't seem to rid her haunting memory.

i cannot pick up my sack of skin to confront the drug store clerk for just one more bottle of drano.

forced to my knees
singing  lullabies into the toilet bowl.

trying to wake myself of this bad dream.

hey God-- remember me?
I have built a shrine on my bathroom floor for you--

a well of unseen tears.

how am I simultaneously less and more body with each waking day?
trying to birth and abort myself with the same *******.

i am the sick twisted joke with no punch line.

i am drowning in my own toilet bowl--
i have built this grave; and now must swim in it.
Isabella Mar 2020
I sit, my back against the wall. Tears trickling down my cheeks.
Then I wash off my face and stand tall, which means that I am weak.
Alone in the bathroom stall, I couldn't control my cries.
On the inside I feel so very small, and the smiles I wear are lies.
blake Feb 2020
the more you use it
the smaller it gets

while you're clean,
it gets ***** while it dries you

while it takes away,
you must take away from it
to keep it clean
I just locked myself in a bathroom stall during our school break and cried, listening to 'Michael In The Bathroom' on repeat.

I don't think I'm okay anymore
A poem every day
Guilty Nov 2019
I wanna pin you against a wall,
And kiss you everywhere.
I wanna pull you into a bathroom stall,
And do some freaky stuff in there.
I had a dream about that. Needless to say, I was sad I woke up.
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