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There is no need for noble graces, with you, I have none. Just one entreat, request and command: "Come."

'You' see me for what I truly am, behind this regalia of dignity and honour; hides a ****** man. Now come, and heed my command.
You know me, for what I am; and yet still, you accept this broken man.
Orakhal Jun 2020
Suffer not fools  kindly
be straight in command of presence
stray not to soften a vent
let breath be guided to its own air
Poetoftheway Feb 2018
she writes me from Paris

wanting a command,
exactement comme moi
all her own.
to scribe.
in “a style with strength”

exactement comme moi
exactly like me

where the ideas percolate
for the precise gestation period
and the birth-born poems a-coming
without and within silent no belabored pain,
making the child appear as if it was only waiting
already, on its own good time. for saying thank you
for your patient waiting and who is really in

when the overwhelming light orders “write”
I am gone from yesterday and the safe of picayune
does that sound like I am in

you wish to command?

join the navy, the army,
become a paratrooper,
command in poetry is illusory,
for it comes from the bell tower rage of madness
of what my ancestors planted and bequeathed genetically,
and I have wasted the better half of a century appealing for
relief and making it clear who commands and who is the
“poetoftheway” slave

rejoindre la marine, l'armée,
devenir un parachutiste,
commande en poésie est illusoire,
car il vient du clocher de la rage de la folie
de ce que mes ancêtres ont planté et légué génétiquement,
et j'ai gaspillé la meilleure moitié d'un siècle attrayant pour
soulagement et en précisant qui commande et qui est le
“Poetoftheway" esclave

exactement comme moi
exactly like me?

Daisy Ashcroft Apr 2020
Stop with 'you better come here now'
Stop with the 'who what when where and how'
Don't bother trying to break this vow
I think it's fin'ly time for you to take your bow

You haven't said a word
Yet I can still hear your voices
Wrapping round my world
No, I've got no more choices
But to do what you say
Coz I fear the pain is never gonna go away
Haven't written in a while so I'm a little rusty. How is everyone doing in isolation?
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

I did it out of pity.
I did it out of love.
I did it not to break the heart of a tender, wounded dove.

But gods without compassion
ordained: "Frail things must break!"
Now what can I do for her shattered psyche’s sake?

I did it not to push.
I did it not to shove.
I did it to assist the flight of indiscriminate Love.

But gods, all mad as hatters,
who legislate in all such matters,
ordained that everything irreplaceable shatters.

Keywords/Tags: Love, compassion, pity, heart, break, tender, wounded, dove, gods, command, mad, hatters, legislate, sorrow, destruction
monique ezeh Jan 2020
Get your bag for the day.
Fill it with the essentials:  
Wallet Keys Phone Mace Pens Pocket-knife Lotion ID card Whistle Tampons.
Head out.
Double check that the door is locked.
Triple check. (Are you really sure?)
Walk to the subway.
Look at the sky. The sun is shining. (It always is.)
Look behind you. (Double check.)
Stroll. (But not too slow.)
Get to the station.
Swipe your card.
Drop a dollar in the guitar case of a performer.
Avoid eye contact with anyone else.
Don’t smile.
Grip your bag. Tight.
Get off the train.
Walk up the stairs.
Walk into the street.
Look at the sky. The sun is still shining. (It always is.)
I know all
the Shortcuts
And You Know
all the Routes.

But this
doesn’t open
until you

So I thought
getting lost in your
Ctrl+O doors
of feelings.

And I will
RETURN when you

ENTER, as my ENTER key is always
waiting for you to ENTER.
© Feelings Coated
Don’t set your sights on easy marks
Or aim your goals too close at hand
But reach up high, and eagerly
Use every skill that you command

Fear not what others say or do
Pursue your truth and your desire
If others mock, they will not feel
The moving force of reaching higher

What you expect, you will receive
Your fervent hopes are self-fulfilled
So set your course for greater things
With confidence now deep instilled

Achieve by day - by week - by year
Enjoy your dreams, ignite your fire
And show the truth to others now
The fiery power of reaching higher
This is Prosperity Poem 54 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here
menu, commands,
controls and in it a
chip of solace.
© Feelings Coated
You make the journey unique.
With all those software
updates, controls,
commands, that safeguard.

Once enabled
You don't remember
me because
everyone remembers you!

©Feelings Coated
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