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Poetic Eagle Sep 2023
Gradually finding myself ensnared by your words
So much so that your silence becomes a vexing void
Poetry is still a safe haven
SquidInk Sep 2023
dr!nking, sm0king, v@ping
to stop myself from breaking
my mind is in denial
of the toll that this is taking
this isn’t who i want to be
this person that i’m shaping
this version isn’t who i am
the monster i’m creating
my mind is somewhere in the clouds
my dreams are quickly fading
i need to take care of myself
but death is sat there waiting

if i sleep the day away
my world might just stop shaking
but no amount of sleep could ever
fix this kind of aching
Rene Arreola Apr 2023
I love the color Red.
Mostly, when it spreads across my mouth
When I bite myself hard enough.
I wince to draw blood for comfort,
Keeping my mind from racing too much.

I can’t get enough of it I confess.
The splash of crimson red
Compliments the tone of my skin.
Makes my face seem less
Pale I suppose.

As painful as it is,
It slows the raging beats of my heart.
Makes the pressure dissipate for a second.

Serenity is in the metallic taste
That I crave like morphine
To a drug addict
RamblerOnTheGo May 2022

Sweet, sweet morning aroma,
A daily gift many know well
Rich dark grains trickling down
From Ground Black Gold early in the day
Captured in the palm of the filter
Sweet water, heated just right
Turns the grounds in to Black Gold, liquid delight.

Anxious addict waiting for the fix
As the black magic weaves its spell
Desperate, hand clutch the cup
Straight to the lips,
love ....
and peace abide
Trembling hands,
and gain rest

A new day has begun,
Good morning to you all
My mother said Good Morning, I replied not good until I have y coffee
Johnson Oyeniran Nov 2021
Love will never invite
My life.

My place in her eyes,
Is to watch her
Work, on the sidelines.

For a
Decent price,
I pay to have
Good time,
Under the covers
The night.
Lorraine Colon Oct 2021
My mind's like a seafaring vessel,
Ready to sink with an overload
Of volatile rhymes that scuffle and wrestle
And at any moment may explode

Heaven knows I've tried to stem the tide,
But every thought turns to poetry;
I fear, while interred on some peaceful hillside,
I'll be rhyming through eternity!
Timur Shamatov Oct 2021
even after all this time
i’m still addicted
to the poison
dripping from your lips
Lips of join and lips of pain
Tanya Louise Sep 2021
i'm in love with you and it *****
why can't you leave me alone?
everywhere I go, you linger
the memories, they linger

i'm addicted and it *****
leeaaun Mar 2021
a song created by them
that makes you addicted,
shall i name it love?
if love has a name
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