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Donna 3d
iPad is charging
Waiting to play candy crush
Time for a challenge
I blame my sons they got me hooked on candy crush lol <3
nightdew Mar 12
there's something about the way you smile,
that makes me tingly and bares me warmth,
so do me a favor and never stop
smiling at me.

it's a drug,
and i've become addicted,
to the way your lips quirk upward,
so look my direction and smile,
just promise you won't stop.
Trying to move on from rejection
Is like a drug addict attempting to come clean
In your mind you think you can do it
It will be easy and won't take too long
But moving on is a great struggle
Removing yourself from the chemical that pleases you
Doesn't seem to make any sense
You ask, "why can't I just stay with it? It makes me happy?"
A real, physical pain lingers in your body for the first few days
They say to take it one day at a time
But seeing your object of affection drives you mad
You want it so much even though it's wrong
The pleasure that comes with it will make everything better
The consequences afterwards don't matter
For it is outweighed by the few minutes of peace
Lovers aren't thought to be blamed personally
They didn't choose love
Drug addicts, on the other hand, are blamed for their choices
Their pain was caused by their actions
Both are not to be blamed
They are the same
Lovers and drug addicts suffer the same pain
Ainnoot Mar 7
She has put a halt on my somber nights.
Every blood cell coursing
through my veins participates
in a race to no finish at the thought of her.
It should be established that
if she should vanish
this adoration could never.

Photographs seldom capture
the spellbinding allure exhibited.
She has filled a void and I have lived without her,
so I fear not if I lose her,
but fear the emptiness of my past.

The only one there, if she would take
a glimpse inside my mind,
she’d see nothing, but mirrors.

My tortured soul now in healing
is the blessing I’ve received with finding her.

Claims of being broken
if that need be the case,
I’m addicted,
I guess we both need a fix.

A triple beam scale
couldn’t weigh my love.
If our passage is just another chapter,
she’s become the main character
in my favorite read.

A story encapsulated
with pleads of planting my seed.

Hopefully, she never leaves
I’ve fallen before autumn,
sprung before the flowers blossom.
I know winter will be cold
without her summer warmth.
The rain hits the ground now that
I’ve weathered my storm.
Mountains having nothing on me.
My head’s in the clouds and she’s the only one there.
i wrote this to entertain myself, but i hope someone else likes it.
I forcefeed my body a poison in the name of peace
When it coughs and begs please don’t  
I hold my hands over its crying mouth and say just one more
The sweet aroma only I can smell when it’s been so long
My lungs cry at this smell
The putrid tears of tar seep into my stomach
It moans a low growl and gurgles it’s insults at me these slurs
                               these tubes of mine whispering
over one another as if those  tar teardrops had turned into small souls clawing at me until their grave
My soul lying at the bottom becoming darker and darker
As I continue to try to quit smoking cigarettes I’m both aware of the damage I’m causing my body, but at the same time the release I feel when I smoke. This is a constant fight with myself.
Sky Feb 23
you're the poison apple
I'm incapable of refusing.
I took a bite,
it cost my life.
Aurianna Feb 19
I am suffocating.
I can't get you out of my head,
please go away.
So I can go back to my simple life,
the one without your smile,
without your brilliant blue eyes,
without your voice.
Why would God put you in my life...
if it wasn't meant to work between us?
The thought of your shiny blonde hair,
your mouth sliding in and out of mine.
I can't breathe.
I stay high,
so I don't have to feel you right.
I'd have to say I'm addicted,
I should stay away.
But these urges I can't fight.
I can't breathe

I am suffocating
Raleki Jan 30
Just like nicotine I’m addicted to you
Just like smoke your scent lingers on my sheets
Fun as a cigarette but unhealthy for me?
Out in the cold you linger in my mind
Missing the warmth that you provide
Even though you are gone, my receptors still crave you
For you are the key to, my intropin release
Addicted to your toxic love, yes indeed I am
Burnt out with ashes is how I've been left
saffronne Jan 30
It’s like a drug,
Or like a blade.
This burning love,
Would turn in it’s grave.
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