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God Blessed Aug 3
How doth the merry little lamb
     Whose fleece is white as snow,
And who was born a very ram,
     A-frolic to and fro.

He sports and plays, doth safely graze,
     And spots a busy bee;
And then a minute he doth chase
     The bug with mirthful glee.

A minute more, he's crying out,
     And bleating with dismay.
The bee has stung him on the snout
     And marred his splendid day!

Beware, the bee is only friend
     To others of his kind.
The stinger on his latter end
     Was made for lambs to mind.
sofija Sep 11
0 1
numb numb numb
oh dear drug
break up the pulver
line it up with my card
numb numb numb
oh dear drug
make me feel
make me flee
take my pain
bring me feels
line up another one
just to feel numb
you took my pain
you took my love
oh dear drug
anestethize me
tell me how you feel
tell me do you feel
tell me you feel
they still believe i feel
numb numb numb
smoke one more
play me more
take my pride
take my pain
numb numb numb
leechyna Sep 7
'''She is becoming  more addictive ☺️☺️
Maybe she is heroine
She smells funny
That's why I call her bunny ☺️☺️☺️
Simple round full lemons🤲🏽🤲🏽
**** am grateful to the farmer
Okay with then I like them more than melons😂'''
Jasmine Reid Sep 4
i swallowed a pill today.
a happy pill, the others said.

i felt no joy, only my pain.
so i took two the next day.

still no change,  they said
it could take a few days.

so i took another pill today.
and i feel like it's stuck in my throat
Tizzop Sep 2
glossily white attitude, princess and rainbow goon
how i'm feeling you, don't have to lie, last night
we were blasting off, flying, watching our city
when i woke up, you were laughing, you are lifestyle

i'm your drug, like beat and melody, djset and rapz
we are totally white like the meetings of escada
24/7 way of life, the pulse of days flashing past
look, my name is tizzop, look, how i'm splashing

this waterfall is soaking you, powerful pressure
jason is stuck to the mirrors, drive-bys and k.o.
100.000, 00 $, spent on a party night
you can start hating me, you better go skating

i am excessively ray ban and i love to fill mouths
enuff talking, let's go, for sure, 3:05 am
mercedes maybach and chauffeur, life is easy
i deal with twelve souls, soon to be trippled

all the kids are trippin', pearly white nights like frippin
i am writing on snowwhite cliffs, ocean full of glowing fishs
i got the magical pillow, you may fall in love with me
always hitting the center, mansions for your longing
Frippin' freely, my frippy friends.
Alja Aug 23
You are my drug...
I'm addicted to you...
I'm starting to lose my mind...
Letting myself be hurted again....
Myrrdin Aug 19
Is it relapse if it's not a drug?
Is it a drug if I have to hide it?
Mitch Prax Aug 14
I love you sober
I love you high-
you have a kiss
that money can't buy.
Giovanna Jul 24
Writing this piece was a trouble,
says the story of a lovely couple.
A dinky apartment of 2 BHK.
Each day as lively as a flower in a freshly made bouquet.
First light was marked with peck.
Followed with looking for specs on the head.
Before the office came a hug,
that was addictive as a drug.
Their love moved the machine,
and so was their routine.
Today was no different,
For the going to be parent.
The peck, the spec, the hug and lunch.
All love showered in a bunch.
An extra kiss for the bump.
Promised to be back before the moon came up.
Had to return early,
to take her to the hospital securely.
The staff started to prepare.
Sat reciting a prayer.
That happiness was no lie,
when heard his baby girl cry.
Their eyes were full,
when saw their daughter beautiful.
Did it remind you of your partner?
I write about you like street artists sketch strangers on subways. Using diction only found in the speech of brush strokes. Your water color eyes sink ships like sirens — and I was drowning, watching the kaleidoscopic surface give way to your naked abyss.
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