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Hanna 23m
I'm drunk and I'm thinking of you.
All those good times and ends we left loose.
I find myself pulling on those threads,
only to unravel what is left,
and there's no answer.

I wonder if it ever could be different,
if I had listened and had been less insolent.
But that's much too easy,
you'd find a way to leave me,
Owen Apr 1
I didnt plan on writing this.
I wanted to diversify.
You said write from the heart.
Well all that's in there is you.
I used to be hopeless,
Now I'm full
of your love,
of all our moments together,
of the future I see.
You awaken something in me.
A part of me.
The best part.
And its you.
Come and spoil me with your poetry
Undress me with words so enticing
Make love to me like I'm the only girl that exists in this world full of insecurities

We found ourselves smiling
In our tiptoed jokes
and in our drunk compliments

You spilled my wine but I don't care
we went down unto a boiling war
now we sat by the beach,
sunset glaring
and your eyes staring
I can finally say,
in your arms I'm home.
Amer Pelides May 19
Lost in the rabble and drunk in the street,
Drowning in beer and gnawing fresh meat,
This is the way all men should live,
Leaving nothing behind like flour through a sieve,
Give me one reason why I should care?
Watch me dance and show off my flare,
The world burns and leaves everything in ash,
I don't give a hoot and to prove it I'll give you a flash,
I'm having fun and don't you dare judge me.
Poetic T May 17
Hit & run..
It only takes one to be over the limit.
bianca May 16
I called you the night my dad was drunkenly following me around our trailer telling me that he was feeling just okay in his slurs
i ended up asking for help for the first time that night since I’ve always looked after him
my tía came and held me tightly in her arms telling me i was too young to be going through this while i watched him deteriorate above her shoulder
my mom picked me up and we drove the hour car ride home with nothing but my sobs and her fixated silence
i told you what happened and you kept asking me if I was okay
you sung me goofy princess songs and we spent the night watching ****** movie trailers and watched horror movies till four am
with the phone under my palm i was falling asleep to your breaths drifting away next to me
and that was the last time I’ve heard from you.
Vedant Pawar May 15
Wasted and lonely bottles aside,

Thinking about him all my night.

I sent a **** load of text and copy them later,

‘Sup’ god and ‘yo’ god I started by.

Told him about my day and how much I missed him

And how I got wasted and drunk texted him.

We talked about love and life

The ex’s I hated,

And the crushes I liked.

But then I asked what is it like?

To hold all people and see their life.

But then I texted to chill and relax,

Have a drink and text me back.

Many embarrassing texts from me to him,

But who cares I was drunk and missed him.

Last night I drunk texted god.
InkHarted May 15
he thuds the loosely held floorboards
and smashes through the heavy pub door
he orders for a bottle instead of a glass
his coat drenched in filthy rain
his breathe smells like the rim of his bottle
and his shoes protruded a toe
wounds of glass from his last endeavors  
and needle marks not from the hospital
his crooked hands and messy hair puts anyone at a distance
once he was a gentlemen a father and a husband
once he had love and loved so many
once he had no need for needles
the bottle in his hand had only lukewarm milk
the bar tender was a stranger he'd never met
and his foot was only weary of legos misplaced
his shoes was stitched with a patch of a bunny
this man who was thrown
this man who was now a widower
and the smiles of her daughters trapped in his wallet
torn to shreds skinned to core
A blotted out smile on a blotted out photo
he now finds comfort in forgetfulness
to not remember the "how it used to be"
he has forgotten their graves and with it his promises
as their flowers wilt and perish
for a life a love an existence
is only meaningful if it has a memory
Jon Thenes May 12
i went looking for you tonite
           in some daring fit of vision
i sought after you in my own flesh
i stared through the screen for you
i near blinded myself in a streetlight

i took on a fierce drinking session
                                      - a pounding of the bellows -
                                   i fought for you in the fire fight
and in a blight of fists
        i fought amongst barbarian company...


                          ...though i thought i'd dredged my fill
                   i was shy by many-many shards
            and   one
                           and still... no you

i stumble

a drenching
i got dazed and a bit ****** up
with sick up in my gory hands
my mates look foreign at me
and i can't  get them words

my friends will not be moulded to assist
they are leaving me behind

you are demonstration, demon and a cost
you wear a fancy shiny sleeve
i love you
leisured up
                 you lure
                drunken ravage
fierce hole
        take some finance
i earned it *****

.......this is not you
    you're not here
(i am adamant)

on a mission
i pummel on the veils
in a fusion i rose the dead for a consult
but they fumbled 'bout awkward
much confusion
they picked at their seems
avoided eye contact
probably wanted brains
or replacement parts :
a useless summoning

looking for you
i am well travelled
time and space and different versions of stuff
it's been spectacular
i've seen the bulk and can make a bigger picture
this odd fella laughed and gave me some kind of herb
i'm massive
i'm quite mad
in my lunacy I'll hunt you down
moon n' sea
gather you
a study
ungut beauty
splay ; enforce you a spread of wings
      and examine
I'll be utter with your subject
be thorough with your data
because I'll never be forgiven
thieving away
the god from beauty....

and i'm sure your just round the corner
a collision in the scriptures
and we'll merge

I'll make the night
      livid mural
stars and crashes
         flee out into the night
now it is milk
and i am tourist
in my own hand
thought fails fluid
old willow May 12
Drunk, I rise and approach the moon in the lake,
There was a peony.
Amidst a solitary night, bound by sorrow,
I Inquire the peony.
For whom do you shed your petals and leaves,
for whom do you bloom?
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