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Can’t even stand straight,
but can hit these phone buttons with precision,
equilibrium off can’t calibrate,
the best days are sometimes made by the worst decisions,

I have visions,
so go ahead and make my day,
like Clint Eastwood in Beast Mode,
people know these quotes are destined for fame,

don’t blame the player,
blame the game,
if we all admitted our secrets instead of keeping them hidden,
we could all walk around without shame,

but until then,
we take these Walks of Shame through these Halls of Fame,
as we pass by Walls of Fame trying to stay at least halfway sane,
anyways whatever what was it I was saying again?

an’t even stand straight,
but can hit these phone buttons with precision,
equilibrium off can’t calibrate,
the best days are sometimes made by the worst decisions…

∆ LaLux ∆
kayla 1d
Because who would believe me
15 years old,
and dressed like a slut
I have to tell him at some point, but I do I break it to him that he wasn’t my first that someone took that from me long time ago, that I almost killed my because I thought I was pregnant. I don’t know what to say or how to bring it up. I don’t want to make him sad or worry.
Alaynah 1d
the sand was the softest that night
the sky was as blue as ever
your lips and your touch was just what I needed
to make that night at the beach even better

you spoke to me with your intoxicated voice
and kissed me with your intoxicated tongue

“i want you when i’m drunk
i want you when i’m high
i want you when i'm sober
i want you all the time”

you kissed me after that
then told me
i meant so much to you

from that moment on
i knew i’d be attached like glue

we left the beach to go get food
with our friends
and in the car
with your drunken voice you began
to pour out your soul
like you were singing me a song

i told you we’d finish this tomorrow
so i’d know whether or not believing
your words was right or wrong

that night ended perfectly
i got dropped off at home
you told me to kiss you goodbye

i told you kiss me when you’re sober
and tomorrow came and that’s what you did
which actually made me cry

but i still wanna know
did you mean what you said
when you said what you did
that night?
the fear of being rejected
i never asked
i let your actions
answer my question

instead of getting caught up
on drunken words
and letting it become
an obsession

i’m grateful your words were true
and that’s what made me fall for you
i had never felt this way towards someone
and that’s what made it hard for me
when the universe decided we should be done
The road was windy and the path ain’t straight
In my drunken fantasy where my satisfaction did sate
Fireflies lingering all around and my vision almost drowned
Heard imps laughing and bees buzzing, that annoying sound

I laugh a whimsical laughter influenced by the atmosphere
To a memory that for now I’ll not remember
I only have a single regret in this moment
That this happiness is just transient

The moon was black and the sky was white
As I wake up from my drunken stupor
Mind beating like the heart and eyes filled with blinding light
Slammed hard to the ground from the heavens where I soar

Remember once again what I want to be forgotten
The disappointments and regrets that was once hidden
But I must endure for now and live this damned life of pain
For when night comes and the bottle is uncorked, it’ll be bliss once again
GreenTrees Dec 2014
A poem written while drunk and in under 3 minutes....

True Love will leave you broken

True Love will leave you broken

Unitl all the words remain unspoken

True Love will leave you broken

True Love will leave you broken

Until your hearts wide open

True Love will leave you broken

True Love will leave you broken

Will leave you standing at the door

True Love will leave you broken

True Love will leave you broken

Until it leaves you begging  for more

True Love will leave you broken

True Love will leave you broken

Until you can't take any more...

© Karl V.
True love  the pain that I adore...
Honey brown, smoother than wine.
Loosens me as I start to unwind.
Straight to my head, get out of bed,
I’m never down with honey brown.

Honey brown wants you to see
All the secrets deep inside me.
I lose my grip, words start to slip.
Forever a sound with honey brown.

One more night just with the lads.
Forgetting the life I once had.
The air is young, it hits my tongue,
Another round with honey brown.

Two more shots just for the road.
I’ll follow wherever the wind blows.
Clear autumn sky through blurry eyes.
Wander the town with honey brown.

Back again right at the start.
Dreading daylight I fall apart.
Reality rings, heartache it brings.
Please stay around my honey brown.
I was kissed in the September chill

Half a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc abandoned

by our drunken embrace

Towering over me, shining eyes laugh as

you suggest we walk to the ferry, since

big wave could have you drenched

Sitting on your lap on the public transport
so silly

there were so many seats open

I don't remember most of the trip home

I remember the warmth that filled my heart when you

Cupped my cheek and kissed me. . .
Chills coursing through my body. The crickets are giving the eulogy to my passion for you. You are the only one who can kill me but keep the blood running like ice through my veins. You are the only one who can drive off and leave in the dead of night and I'll stay right where you left me. I'll stay and I'll wait. I'm waiting. I'm right here. Physically im gone, I went in the house and am faking a smile for my friends, telling them you were too tired to stay out any longer, lying on behalf of my hope for us to survive. Mentally there's a pile of my bones made out of all of our hopes and dreams, lying on the sidewalk right where you left me. I stuck them there with the thick glue made up of all of your lies to me, all of the broken promises. So there my spirit is, stuck in that spot, shivering and blurry eyed from vodka infused tear drops. You tell me that's just not how it is anymore, not how you feel. But when you look at me, lighting, it's a storm coming in over the horizon and the moon is screaming through the clouds and the trees are ripping in the wind and there we are, just in a bubble, floating through this nightmare. And you take my hand, and put it over your heart. Your heart beat steadies mine. Just one look my love, one look. One look silences the noise and calms my heart. That is not past love, that is not lost feelings. That is a fucking forest fire spreading through your veins, that is me.
was all true, written years ago
When the alcohol hits
the thought of you is unbearable,
not in the sense of
I cannot stand being in your presence,
but being around you makes me uncomfortably in love with you
and the thought of your lips resting upon mine makes my heart uncontrollably swell.
How do I go on?
Drunken writing
Lin Feb 16
i like informality

beer straight outta the bottle
pizza for breakfast
wearing a shirt 3 times
before washing it

doing dishes by hand
reading old birthday cards  
stayin up til 2
even though i have to be up at 8

gettin lost on the way to a bonfire
because i took a backroad

going to a bar
on a tuesday night
and kissing a stranger
just because i'm drunk

and lonely
and through the years i've aquired a taste
for whiskey on lips.
And besides, isn't that

the only reason we're here anyway?
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