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Jammit Janet Aug 29
Time traveling
The love
That's dug
Its way
Inside my memories.
Gerald Aug 15
She drunk his sweet
words like poison;
She knew they would **** her eventually.

She wore his
compliments like bait luring
the demons. She knew they were coming.
Just to know how it feels. "Put dracula in charge of the blood bank"
WistfulHope Aug 14
Everytime you
In her ear
The car swerved
Each time
You slid
Your fingers
Over her shoulder
I grew unnerved
You looked
At me
And said
Your fantasy
Was between us
I never hated you more than then
She sobbed
I cussed
I hope
You know how it feels
To want to
**** a man
And drive away
Please don't drink and drive,
But for ***** sake please dont drink and hitchhike.

I hate that she told you.
WistfulHope Aug 12
You wouldnt like me when I'm drunk
Or perhaps you'd like me too much

Push pins sting
As they slide into my skin
But after long enough
They go numb
Can hardly notice the blood anymore
Fourth skins are shed
Leaving a raw innocence in it's place
Uninhibited by restraints
Such as logic
Or forethought
Blinders on too tight
Choking out anything that would be
Scandalous in daylight
A deafening scream
That's part siren song
Vice grip fingers
Holding on for too long
The Devil's wife has come to dance
Please walk away
Or I promise we'll both hate me sober
You always wanted me to get drunk...
But then got angry when I went home with your friends
Hand me a tall glass
of a swooning potion
bubbles rising to the top
and the foam in motion
as I sway back in forth
my cheeks marked with red blush
uncontrolled laughter
and careless touch

Does the world really spin
as fast as it does?
And does alcohol help us to see it?
Are these just
intoxicated shower thoughts?
Am I conscious enough to believe it?

Everyone's dancing
while I'm standing still
or is everything backwards
no one really knows
swonk yllaer eno on
or do they?
like a tainted echo
of what's really going on.
But I don't know what's happening
so does that really matter?
Do we matter?
What matters?
Who cares besides ourselves what happens?
Is that a paradox?
Will the world explode?
What have I done?
Oh well :1
all that matters now is

to escape.
You say I’m
losing time.
Emotions are
out of shape.
That I’m out
of my mind.

Happiness is
like grains
of sand.
It’s okay to
not be fine.

Love me for
who I am.
Love me for
who I am.
Love me for
who I am.

M. 7/30/21 @ 11:23 p.m.
Creativity hits different when you’re hella inebriated.
Willow SR Jul 25
In the big red house
Lives a man of many words
Usually delightful
But with each bottle
The meaning and intentions blur

And once the bottles gone
No matter how polite
There's still a lingering memory
Of his words
From past
Drunken nights
FiguringItOut Jul 18
I thought expressing how I’m feeling would be freeing.
I told them they were a fraud.
All-knowing, but clueless about ‘being’.
A narcissistic deity with no right to call itself God.

An entity so powerful it can create a universe in six days,
But it created a boy who every time he starts something, cannot commit.
A boy so riddled with self-loathing that every day was a haze.

I  told it,
“I’m afraid.”
That night I laid in bed thinking of more ways to describe the blades I felt piercing my heart.  The jaded and absent almighty father who may as well have abandoned me and left me with the maid.

This is why I stopped being religious in the seventh grade.

And this was a desperate plea.
I can’t get to sleep.
The weight of the world is the weight of my sheets.
Try to get up, but everything’s spinning.
I asked God,
“Is this just the beginning?”


That’s all that it said.
Ghosted by God like it had a hot girl at a bar’s passive nonchalance.
And it fills me with dread.  Like I was just diagnosed with lung cancer.

But I told God, “What I’m most afraid of is losing hwr.”
I meant to say her,
a textual slur,
but at least that plea will live on,
Despite no answer.
Edgy poem about a girl I wrote a few years ago.
Angie Jul 9
I was walking out of the Quaff, roommate by my side
Heading up Broadway to my poorly parked car
And you came running out after me, yelling "John, John wait!"
And I told you earlier, you shouldn't call me that
Just because you can't remember my name
But you couldn't help yourself, I think

A group of drunk kids on scooters are racing past us
I'm looking at you while you look through me  
And John, actual John is glancing from you to me to you to the street
You look like you might kiss me
And John looks like he doesn't want to see it

So I remind you that you meant to head home hours ago
And you laugh and say you just might  
And a drunk woman is calling your name
And your eyes are glossy and far away
And part of me wants you to
And the rest of me just says "I'll see you tomorrow night"
And we go our separate ways
And I worry about you all night
My precious darling bartender, stop drinking red bull when you're hungover, you should know better, but you should also know better on other matters and you might not
Kamal Jul 8
He clawed his way …
Against all odds and their friends
He stood up
Shrugged off hopelessness
Packed his bags
Threw the “whine”
Killed his fear with vengeance
Never ever looked back
He walked one way … and a long way
Looked back
He was alone
And he would do it all over again
because he doesn’t know any other way
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