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ghost queen Jun 24
a dragonfly
set me off

i realized
i didn’t hear insects
didn’t see birds

just felt
the sun
the earth
my body
sapping away
my will to live
ghost queen Jun 24
i’ve become anxious

i don’t understand why
now I realized
i’m afraid
of what’s about to come
Earth is dying

life will never be the same
normality has gone
this is the day
God died
ghost queen Jun 24
it’s too late
we’ve passed
the point
of no return

we are witnessing
the beginning
of the end

it’s only
going to get worst

we are pretending
was ok

we know
it’s going to get bad
climate migration
some are going to live
many are going to die
tryhard Apr 17
here i am again
reaching for hands
i am commanded not to hold
dreaming of just
a whisper of your touch
and again i ache
a hollow space in your shape

haunting everywhere i go
i try not to search for you
dreading my impending doom
the moment i catch
even a glimpse of your ghost
mocking my mortality
and yet possessing all of me

and god help me
because i cannot help it
a willing captive
fully at your mercy
and i am afraid for my being
because even ensnared
i wish not to escape you

blinded by your light
i mistake you for heaven
i am waiting at your gates
saying all the prayers
begging you will bless me
with an eternity of your love
if only i were worthy

and here i weep
because what use is all this
i see you and i sigh
keep myself at arm's length
because it is not enough
and it will always be like this
i'm too much of a romantic
to see things clearly
JKirin Oct 2021
Don't be scared in the face of darkness.
Let it cloak you inside its blankets.
There is nothing to see nor to hear
in this numbing cocoon - it's safe here.

Fear the light - it deceives, it blinds,
Lures you in with its warmth, but hides
gravest dangers right in the shallows.
Where there's light there're always shadows.

When a shadow crawls, reaches for you
It's too late to run. Your fate is doomed.
about hidden dangers and unexpected comforts
I S A A C Sep 2021
kiss my Adam's apple

then make your way to my pearled necklace

Adorn me with your love like a prince in a castle

Be rough with me, a little reckless

time is only a concept forged by men

who says we ever have to leave this bed again

I am shaken, riddled with desires

I am taken, aback by your torrid fires

blistering heat, unimaginable peak

you are so sweet like freshly picked strawberries

it's your physique and mystique

you read me like libraries
Alpha Aug 2021
They say, you should always embrace what life is bringing
But with all that pain, it's just a lie
In the end, we were doomed from the beginning
In the end, we were just meant to die
D A R K (sorry, I'm really unable to make a bright, nice poem 🤣😅😭 Ooops)
Gerald Aug 2021
I broke silence
to keep me from

But a monster was
lurking on the
Alpha Aug 2021
The bird of time
Sits in the night's vines
And sings a song of doom

Demons and Angels fight for power
Where dust hides the fallen with cover
The Reaper in the shadows loom
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