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UA Jul 12
Never knew how important you'd be
Until I couldn't move you out of my mind.
Sickened by these feelings, see
you have to be one of a kind.
I rarely ever feel this way,
please make it stop and set me free.
I don't know what I want to say,
you're there, I'm here, split apart by the sea.
I can't even eat, barely think, what a world,
Is this love, is this like, I don't know, but I'm scared.
What if you don't feel the same, now I'm curled,
Will you find someone better, when would you lack the care?
I've never had such high hopes in a scenario least likely to happen,
So, my gut has been highjacked by anxiety, can you see why i'm acting weird?

Please, please...
I don't want to fall in love again.
Falling in love - Klahr Retouch
A moment in time
Far into the future,
On some baran and desolate plain,
A being will blink
With expressionless eyes -
Stare blinking into the night sky;
The very same sky
That you saw as a child
With your father's hand there on your shoulder.
Yet that moment will come
When a flickering star
That burns on a distant horizon
Will brighten those eyes,
Blinking and blind,
That stare in the face of extinction.
My poems often take many hours to write, sometimes months, or years, but this one came together quite quickly. No doubt i will tinker with it at some point, but i like it for now. I told myself i would steer away from writing about existential doom, yet here we are again.
By Gods was it written that life upon earth
That grows by the light of the sun;
All things that have crawled since original birth -
Will suffer, and suffer as one.

Ever since I was young have I longed to disown
These words of insidious verse,
But I can’t lift the weight of that terrible stone
Where inscribed is humanity’s curse.

So with sorrow and anger I burdened the sky
Imploring the end of all pain -
What I witnessed I never could score from my mind
And hardly can speak of again.

With a passionate fury I openly scorned
All sorrow and madness and fear.
But the howling refrain of existence was gone -
Never again to appear.

Abolished was pain and the source of all pain -
Words unsaid, but I knew it was so.
Then a trembling boom bid a thousand stars rain
From the heavens above to below.

And the infinite span of the gaping, black maw
That had spawned each of infinite woes,
Distending its realm of unending abyss,
Yawned wide, then forever did close.

I opened my eyes from that terrible sight
Like an animal gasping for air.
And still to this day am I frozen with fright
When into far places I stare,

For I know there’s no ultimate end to our pain,
Nor an ultimate evil to sever.
We suffer as one - the alternative is
Oblivion now and forever.
Imagine a cave where no human has strayed  
Nor a scurrying creature has crept;
Ever haunting the deep, subterranean glade
Where the bones of the forest are swept;
A piteous icon is carved, drip by drip,
And forever in darkness it sits -
Who beholds of this vision will tremble, afraid
Of the place where Time sat and wept.
Ameed Jun 29
I don't care
I never did
I never will

I don't care about the stabs
I don't care about the lies
I don't care about the loss

I never did
I never will

I don't care about you abandoning me in the middle of nowhere or making me doubt every single person I meet or forcing me to look at the mirror and despise the foolishness I had.

I don't care about all the above.

I try to convince myself every night that I don't.
But, I do;
I fully keenly wholesomely do care and my care was my doom.
© Ameed
ollie Jun 7
Try your very best not to think about humanity
We’re not above everyone and all
Our mock superiority is vanity

And philosophy is made by sanity
The pondering could be our downfall
Try your very best not to think about humanity

We are people and destined for mundanity
We can’t always stand so tall
Our mock superiority is vanity

We must come to terms with organity
When we’re at peace or a brawl
Try your very best not to think about humanity

The only species with concept of urbanity
The death of our planet on us shall befall
Our mock superiority is vanity

And I know this may sound like insanity
My villanelle for class may appall
Try your very best not to think about humanity
Our mock superiority is vanity
villanelle for class abt how i hate humanity :) just boyish things
Dusty old and gray
Always either spinning or perfectly still
It creaks when it spins
Like the bones of an elderly woman  
One bulb is almost burnt out flickering on and off
Wanting the motivation to stay alive but losing it anyway
Losing it,
Losing it,
and now this bulb has run out of light
Now encompassed in darkness
Two bulbs remain shining so luminously Optimistic like they’ll never burn out
unknowing the impending darkness to come
that they are unable to pause
unable to slow
unable to stop
I’ve never seen a ceiling fan and it’s bulbs like this before
Excuse me if when I said an elderly woman instead of human triggered you it just sounded better
No matter what's wrong and what's right
The pouring heavenly light
Will continue to rain
She shows not a drop of refrain
We know you live for the thrill
So go on and drink your fill
Enter the field of doom
As it enters full bloom
ash May 7
heart choking on dread,
my feet timidly crept forth
towards my coffin.
alasia May 4
I feel as though I am a slave to destruction, knees nailed to rickety floorboards that creak against creation. I am head bowed, pleading for pleasure against the cacophony of the ******, washing white floors with grime. I am the harbinger of ends, an omen of unhappiness. I am question marks, red streaks, spilled coffee on loved words. I am torment, tormented by the ways I’ve been tormenting the things I love. I am oceans inviting and striking with no warning, hurricanes gently shaking before swallowing and devastating, promise land offering refuge and whiting out identities because nobody gets to be free. I am shackled to remorse, self hatred, anxiety. A prisoner of pain, daughter of broken glass, born in spider breaks, marked by shards and splinters. I am the whisper of ruin rattled through crows calling home across worlds and realms. I am jutted bones cutting into flesh collecting blood for breakfast and sorrow for supper, feeding famine to families I am familiarly unfamiliar with. I am cast away, fallen angel, victim to the rise of hope and sequestered from safety. Left to forage fight in fields long forgotten, to discover decades of indecency and be punished by punishing the lucky ones. The thinned wrist souls slipping from restraints, to make commodity of clear consciouses, and deliver doom promised by our ancestors. I am an agent of misery, a companion of karma, nothing more than a slave to destruction.
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