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Guntang 12h
oblivion watched me
from the balcony of unknown
so I sat on the moon
dropping needles of doom
until the evil
I forgot
NC Burch May 1
This writhing building contracts
digesting haggard brows and sloughed skin
in a stew of sweaty, fermenting death
as potent and futile as lightning
arcing and lashing until bent
and wound and coiled neatly
turning a cog within a series of cogs
within a series of cogs ad infinitum
producing noise at the cost of friction
spewing endless effluvia skyward
a cosmic howl at the ****** stars
rabid after more paradise to devour
Extended metaphor for an apocalyptic engine.
Inspired by the poetry of Clark Ashton Smith .
Mikey Kania Apr 13
fellowship of doom
rivers loaded with the dead
memories of being fed with a spoon
mental illnesses to be spread

his name is rainbow goon
you find him in levels of twisters
within the thoughts of his sisters
within the fear of his brothers

shattered memories friendships
nobody knows when his end is
right now rainbow goon is writing
on his black arms with white ink

rainbow goon rainbow goon
greed in the eyes of the noon
his face looks like a cartoon
multicolored iris and speed

mentality of hate and rage
fate of a mutant heavy body
every being has a story
rainbow goon rainbow goon
Today is a good day.
grave request
by Michael R. Burch

come to ur doom
in Tombstone;

the stars stark and chill
over Boot Hill

care nothing for ur desire;


imagine they wish u no ill,
that u burn with the same antique fire;

for there’s nothing to life but the thrill
of living until u expire;
so come, spend ur last hardearned bill
on Tombstone.

Keywords/Tags: Tombstone, Boot Hill, grave, headstone, death, doom, graveyard, morgue, final, payment, resting place
Ahmedabdrabo Mar 14
We are the forsaken son of Noah
And   water keeps flooding
we are the small tiny ant we step on
Without even knowing

We are on our own
Scared to the bone
And The end is coming soon

We  Got no ark
And the road is dark
We can't change fate
But surely we can bark.
Najla Nov 2019
I cannot utter what
is bothering my soul

Perhaps it is the fire
of my own mind  

The same fire that
kept me warm was
the one to burn me

Or perhaps it is the
unbearable weight of
my sleepless eyelids
I haven’t been sleeping lately, and I no longer want to take my meds. The downward spiral of doom is back once again.
Najla Mar 2
I’m feverishly lonesome,
and my wounded soul
is yearning for its doom

When I leave,
will the orchids in
my room still bloom?
Nicholas Feb 28
They sit around swapping
lies to spread to the masses
with their agenda sounding whole
and their actions proving doomful.

Failure lead by
atrocity after atrocity,
they hide their mistakes
with the lies they spread.
They are flawed
and can’t be contained
unless it’s all wiped
out and life
starts anew

leaving the rest with some
more fat to chew
maybe how it should've been
in the first place.
Pedro Feb 15
Life as we know
it's close to dying
and how ironic it is
that we are willingly
taking poison
expecting a cure
Pedro Feb 15
War comes
riding his red horse
and fights with a devilish grin
for he, unfortunately
has already won

Time is ticking away
the end ever closer
oh, when will we see
that in ourselves
is where lies our own doom?
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