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Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
A Russian
For one day

And paint

In gold
Draped in satin

Beware of hope
It will grip you
Make you into a Mongol

Control your mind
Destroy your abode
Invade the holdfast

Become neat
Fight to breathe
Travis Hornsby Sep 2014
I scream through my teeth
With ink spilling out
From all those times I
Licked you while you slept
Tasting your nightmares
Tasting your wet dreams
Tasting the tiger
Sprawled across your back
That always claws me
When I embrace you
My tongue is blackened
By decomposing
Biblical verses
On fleshy pages
On a spineless book
And my tongue is raw
Raw and bleeding ink
From licking away
At your stigmata
At your malignant skin
At your one tattoo
Of His name, not mine

— The End —