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Alan S Bailey Mar 29
So you want to lead me, "us all," to the "truth,"
That there is no excuse and that every day
We need instantaneous "failure proof,"
But I know what you are, you can't hide.
You've taken so many to an early
Retirement already with your "sane" logic.
Please give me a moment so I can find out
What it's like to be on the
"Winning side,"
While I sit here, head reeling,
Strangers passing around at every turn on
This city street, completely and entirely aware
About it all and don't want to let you just
Simply pass for normal. It's like this feet that you must commit
To, I'm a victim of your shameless charade,
Lucky me, I am the bad one who has to get out of the car.
That every thing I have ever accomplished means
Absolutely nothing
Simply because it isn't
Jeremy Betts Nov 2023
My head is everywhere BUT in the game
Existin' and livin', my very own ball and chain
I walk the walk, a strut of shame
I wouldn't recognize a day without a cripplin' amount of pain
Physical or brain
Far more damaged under this fleshy terrain
I've lost the safety line between insane and sane
I'm lost beyond what I could not contain
Low to no visibility, can't see through the fog and rain
Not a chance in hell I'm coming out of this the same
A constant strain on this average Joe camouflage membrane
One I've made to hide what I'm made of, keeping the real me out of frame
I'll take the skill, you go ahead with the fame
If it's destiny who needs a strategy, why train?
What happens to the rest of me when there's no more life force to drain?
If I knick a main artery vain would you then know that I am not playin' around when I say all pain, no gain
Don't need no stupid prize so I won't play your stupid game
It's rigged anyway but that's why you came

I S A A C Aug 2022
kissing silence instead of pushing her away
running away from any type of pain
night-crawling, snoozing all day
night-crawling, losing my days
smoke, smoke, smoke it all away
i can already feel myself elevate
they want me to pay for pills to fix my brain
i shouldn’t have to pay to stay sane
CIN Mar 2022
There must be madness swirling inside me
My stomach aches
A sickly urge in the back of my throat
I imagine it whirls around in my blood
Surging through my body like morphine
It spreads to my hands at first
A tremble of my fingers slipping glass from my hold
It glitters before my eyes
i feel it travel to my forearms creeping up into my biceps
Scars reopen and red spills
My fingers now coated in crimson
Then it's clogged my chest all to fast
It's getting harder to breathe but still my lungs fill with air
Heart squeezing, ribs popping out of place
Yet my body stays the same
From there it splits in two ways
One drips down into my stomach
then pooling in my feet and weighing me down
The other creeps up my neck
Taking the oxygen from my head
It starts to spill out my eyes
In tears of panic
And i remember the ways to stay sane
None of them work now
Nothing is working now
why must you call me crazy?
Hamna Jul 2021
Imagine if nobody felt pain?
Would any of us be left sane?
Why do I say so?
Because once upon a time,
There lived a stranger.
In order to quench his thirst,
He drank boiling water.
And to quench his hunger,
He lusciously chewed his mouth.
Once upon another time,
A little girl lived in a famine.
The night-snake came and bit her.
But unlike you, she didn't throb.
And deemed that he was simply playing
Both of those people plunged into pain.
Yet, they never felt pain.
Instead, they unknowingly became inhumane.
So thank God for having a conscious brain.
Is there such a thing called not feeling pain? Yes, unfortunately. People with the extremely rare disease known as Congenital insensitivity to pain and anhydrosis (****) causes people to go through this sort of torture. Unconsciously, they self-harm themselves which leads to a short life span.
                                        The ability to feel pain is a blessing, indeed...
Raven Feels May 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, are we really alive-or on hope for?:>

I feel like the lunatics must be
the superiors in life from you and me

all of these roundabouts on the way
seems like a price for not being ones that we pay

how in the planets do them know that we are the sane?
how in the universe do them define what absurd to them as insane?

I'm not ought in this humanity to believe in vain
that what we lack is a disgrace to the hearts in pain

violins know how to play to me a menace
like for the haters who disrespect on block of distaste they penance

Raul M Murray Feb 2021
I am so sick that I feel
I am so sick that I hear
I am so sick that I smell
Sick of the patented experience

I am so insane I can read books
I am so insane I can converse
I am so insane I can see
Insane because of pseudoscience

I am mentally ill because of what I hear
I am mentally ill because of what I write
I am mentally ill because of what I see
Mentally ill because of segregation & isolation

I am mad because of audio software
I am mad because of video software
I am mad because of editing software
Mad because of channels & mixers in a studio

We are sane because of witnesses
We are sane because of kindness
We are sane because of love
Sane because of strangers
xavier thomas Jan 2021
You can look at it
You can admire it
But you can't touch it
To expensive for your taste
*WARNING*--Do not Touch
Àŧùl Nov 2020
If our paths never cross again,
I want you to forget the pain,
Forgive me and be sane,
Do spare me of the bane.
My HP Poem #1899
©Atul Kaushal
MM Nov 2020
What is the real meaning of being ‘sane’?
I know this may sound a little lame
Maybe even somewhat strange
I can assure you though
I don’t mean to be so vague
I’m just curious
You could say a little bit furious
To think I have not experienced it
What it really is
To be
I’d like to know if it means peace
To be a little bit more at ease  
Just wait
Maybe even some space
Time where you get to take a break
From all the stresses
Things that often seem depressing
A time to finally get to know yourself
At your own pace
Not stuck in third place
Not stuck at all
I mean
This is no race
Life is not a chase
For something more  
We can’t keep battling
To escape
Our minds
Our thoughts
But most of all
When we’re already spectacular
Despite all the factors
Some of life’s minor disasters
That make it so hard to believe  
Maybe we were already free
Before the battles of life came by to make us mean
Now we’re not so keen
So please
If you know
Help me out
I’d love to know
What it really means
To be
In today’s
Day and age
•jumbled late night thoughts•
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