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Nina 7d
I spent my entire life
Getting hurt

Being mistreated

What's that
I've gotten so used
To all the bruises
To all the bleedings
I've gotten used to the verbal abuse
Emotional pain
And mental effect

Nothing can hurt my anymore
In fact
I've found comfort in pain

So hurt me
Like how people hurt people
Hurt me
It does not matter anymore
I will still hurt myself
At the end of the day
Pain keeps be safe
Pain makes me sane
spacewtchhh Apr 20
being mad
is being sane
in this
mad world
danial Jan 9
prolonged insanity kept at its barest minimum
will cause unascertained depth among the sanest
my keyboard is broken
like me
so some leer will be missing
hoefllly yo can ndersand
i'm broken
and like my keyboard
i'm missing things which
i can be cant be wihot
if yo can ndersand this
then maybe yor broken o
becase yo ndersand my brokeness which
is more then i ca say abot alot of eole
my keyboard is broken and i do no feel like using the onscreen one.
A Nov 2019
My house has a garden I try to tame
I must’ve forgotten when I turned insane

I say my goodbyes everyday in case I honor them
I am a flower of youth yet I’m breaking at the stem

oceans are on a rise
Thats hope for a fast demise
Clinging to the thought of the end due to the melting of ice
Isn’t it comical?
At least it is to me
I will die with no chronicle
One of plenty fish in the sea

I’ll dance on fire
Let the embers burn and hurt
The soles of my feet are tired  
& blood is soaking through my shirt

A revolution is here! Hold your head up high!
The time has gone where all you do is sit and sigh
you will never know unless you try!
I attempt to join but this land ****** me dry
building dreams like a house of cards
Blaming you for them falling apart

My house has a garden that I’m trying to tame
I must’ve forgotten when I went insane
Inspired by recent events. I am not passionate about anything anymore so I apologize for the quality of this. I just wanted to let things out.
Nolan Willett Nov 2019
Ah, the Spiritus Mundi,
The culmination of what I have searched for,
Finally you unveil yourself to me,
And it is all worth it.
In my dreams,
The world has gone to waste,
Everyone has gone sane,
And I am the one again left behind:
No different from reality.
I no longer care for structure or for rhyme,
Or if my words mean anything to anyone
But me,
For I am finally free,
From what seems an eternity,
Of torment by confusion,
A sentence from a past life,
If you believe that sort of thing.
Like the modernists of the past,
Stream of consciousness,
I am disillusioned, and
Yes, my vision is assisted
By drink, and by drug,
A revelation unplanned,
But not unwelcome.
I can only hope my rhyme
Scheme and my structure
Parallels the nonsense
That I am seeing,
And that it makes sense to some kindred spirit
And I love them.
I will not hide how I feel for your reposts
Hlengiwe Sep 2019
Seeking fame
In the wrong lane
Results in shame
Making you insane
Bre Marie Sep 2016
Oh Mary Jane
  how you whisper my name.
   **** away my pain
  make me feel sane.
   Mary Jane
   Oh Mary Jane..
 Whisper my name.
GulRukh Feb 2018
You are untouchable
like scent of sand after rain
more I breath in
more it makes me insane
I am invisible to you
It’s okay to care about your friends
Roll around with them committing sins
Living every year like your freedom just began
It’s okay to be selfish when the time comes
When you’ve done all to be done
And had all the fun there was among
It’s okay when things change and you slow down what you do on a day to day
It’s okay to save and not go out just to play
It’s okay to change and do more for your sanest
Cause you can’t always do what others do everyday
It’s okay to change
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