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I am so sick that I feel
I am so sick that I hear
I am so sick that I smell
Sick of the patented experience

I am so insane I can read books
I am so insane I can converse
I am so insane I can see
Insane because of pseudoscience

I am mentally ill because of what I hear
I am mentally ill because of what I write
I am mentally ill because of what I see
Mentally ill because of segregation & isolation

I am mad because of audio software
I am mad because of video software
I am mad because of editing software
Mad because of channels & mixers in a studio

We are sane because of witnesses
We are sane because of kindness
We are sane because of love
Sane because of strangers
You can look at it
You can admire it
But you can't touch it
To expensive for your taste
*WARNING*--Do not Touch
Äŧül Nov 2020
If our paths never cross again,
I want you to forget the pain,
Forgive me and be sane,
Do spare me of the bane.
My HP Poem #1899
©Atul Kaushal
M Nov 2020
What is the real meaning of being ‘sane’?
I know this may sound a little lame
Maybe even somewhat strange
I can assure you though
I don’t mean to be so vague
I’m just curious
You could say a little bit furious
To think I have not experienced it
What it really is
To be
I’d like to know if it means peace
To be a little bit more at ease  
Just wait
Maybe even some space
Time where you get to take a break
From all the stresses
Things that often seem depressing
A time to finally get to know yourself
At your own pace
Not stuck in third place
Not stuck at all
I mean
This is no race
Life is not a chase
For something more  
We can’t keep battling
To escape
Our minds
Our thoughts
But most of all
When we’re already spectacular
Despite all the factors
Some of life’s minor disasters
That make it so hard to believe  
Maybe we were already free
Before the battles of life came by to make us mean
Now we’re not so keen
So please
If you know
Help me out
I’d love to know
What it really means
To be
In today’s
Day and age
•jumbled late night thoughts•
Sakura Nov 2020
I'm insane
Yes , I'm not in the right state of mind
I wanted to **** myself yesterday
I want to **** someone  today
All i see is death
all i see is pain
The world is so dark
So does my soul
I'm breathing but I'm dead inside
I feel no sympathy
I feel no mercy
This is my reality
I feel no passion
I feel no emotion
This is insanity
And i am insane
I am a  psychopath
But i haven't lost it all
Am i  sane
If i say ,i am still breathing
Am i sane
If I say , i haven't killed myself yet
Am i sane
If i say , i haven't killed God yet
The agony of losing loved ones
The agony of life long sufferings
The agony of all the failures
The Agony of all the regrets
I feel numb, disappointed, and lonely
And It's making me insane
You Know That Being Happy Is Easier Said Than Done
 happiness is just too much work
And I'm too lazy to work on it
Are these the signs of being insane
Or am i still sane
Standing still with all my insanity
my sanity is in that
I haven't screamed yet
I haven't cried yet
I haven't killed somebody yet , haha
I'm struggling to stay sane and not go insane
Can i ask you...
What makes a difference between being sane or Insane?
xavier thomas Feb 2020
You wanna hang with the kid?
Well come through, I’ll be waiting for you.
I know you can’t say no to me cause I can’t say no to you.
Don’t be indecisive, be delightful.
Take your time & I’ll let you in.
Don’t pretend nor hesitate, keep that confidence.
Come take a chance with me.
I’m your lover cause I can deliver.

You ready to take this ride?
Chicago Boy
dailythoughts Sep 2020
all of you
good and bad
sane and insane
VibeActivist Sep 2020
my mind said
you write when you are bothered
you write when you feel pained
you write when people fail you
so you write all the time
whether it's in the morning or dawn
whether it's in the night or in darkness
you write to silence your feelings
believing it's the only way to remain sane
even though you are not wrong
you write to be the best version of sane
as though the world keeps you trapped and your words keep you save
as though the earthly forces want you pinned and your stanzas keep you afloat
xavier thomas Sep 2020
She need me on set to direct
I need her on the scene to organize
She love it when I take lead
I love it when she feels satisfied

She make me feel sane as we get to touching
I make her feel sane as the camera start rolling
She prefers waiting here patiently
While I take my time because I aim to please

let's get to it
Lights✨- Camera📷- Action📽
Ashlyn Yoshida Sep 2020
My love is wrong in the eyes of the sane
to them it seems my love is irrational
possessive, obsessive
chained to my wrists
I suppose it's my fault
I suppose it's all their's
I think I'm forgetting the normal thoughts
and feelings a person is to have
Clinging onto the familiar
and what was thrown at me when
I was younger.
It scares some away
and brings others closer
Insanity goes unnoticed by those inflicted. Don't go on thinking I'm a terrible person for not understanding social constructs the same way as you do.
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