Blake 4d
Anything is art if you ask it to be
Though eternal it is when handled by thee
She will make the life you live much more
Than any other you have lived before
She brings you here as her guest
A place of heaven and endless rest
Where the world itself burns with desire
Yet not a trace of fiendish fire
A place the earth could not attain
That I will forget once fallen sane
I want to seem sane for him
to prove i have changed
but the truth is
i can't prove i have change if i haven't
Daniel Aug 8
Sanity is like perfection
Each word shares a common misconception
Sanity is what we call normal
Perfection is how we view the greater world
Idealism led to these terms to stay
As the ‘sane’ conformed it led the ‘insane’ astray
It led the ‘perfect’ to rise and the ‘imperfect’ to fade

Although in truth these terms prove false
Yet they pester the mind and agitate the soul

To be sane is to be abnormal
To be perfect is to be impossible
Pyrrha Jul 16
Another glass shatters against the cold stone wall.
Everything you asked for layed in my palm,
I was yours for the taking.
Yet still I could never be enough to soothe your pains.

I kissed your scars,
I replaced your broken heart with my bleeding art,
And still you look at me with those eyes.
Those damnable eyes.

Why are you so angry,
And just who is it you are shouting at?
Can't you see it's only me here?
So much for your perfect vision.

I can't count nor name all the poisons that you contain
Inside that body of yours abused by your shame
Go ahead and continue to corrode the person that you once were
So much for that steady dream

Look at you changing reality into a myriad of illusive lies,
Drowning in all the liquid confidence leaking from the confines of your distracted mind.
Where did all your senses go?
To hell with what you think of me.

Goodbye for all its worth,
I'm just fine on my own.
I'll leave you here to drown alone,
I refuse to let you bite the hand that feeds.

These bandages on my ego conceal so little,
I can't walk out the door without the embarrassment of fearing what the public thinks of me.
And it's all because of you.

So to hell with this leash you've put me on,
You had me wrapped around your finger,
With your words, your love, and your brain
Now they've rotted and I watch as they go down the drain.

In your arms I felt so sane I knew there'd come a day
When the price of that sanity was revealed.
I once believed that if keeping you meant losing myself
I would be lost in your love forevermore, it no longer means that anymore.

If keeping myself means losing you,
Then I will not lose myself today.
For today I no longer live for you,
Today I live for me.
Persephone Jun 11
They tell me the fires are not real
That the sparks sprinkling my veins does not exist
That I am just imagining the insanity in my own world
They reprimand the way I stare as I glare into the devils eyes
As I demand the devil to stop shouting my sins and the ways I have lied
They scream with "it is all in your head" as smoke rolls from their eyes
All I want to roar back is that they can't shout sanity into insanity
But I can't
And with that I glance down looking at the way hell opens up and snatches me into the ground
Maybe we should believe the unbelievable
Jolan Lade May 8
It is noting
It is not being hurt, feeling the pain
Its like it sticks to the outside, like a stain.
That is not what keeps me sane.
Its telling you how lost I am.
Because it is in her eyes
All of my fears dies.
Unable to stop.
Eddyn Apr 29
Slowly falling down,
into madness.
For my mind is not my own.
captivating but twisted.
to think i was once sane
just proves my insanity
i'm completely worthless,
my mind destroyed and my heart now cold...

What use am I to this world anyway?
Amanda Mar 20
I'm going mad for you
The good kind of insane
I would rather go crazy for you
Than be with anyone else and sane
I know I am crazy but I'm also amazing
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