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Broadsky Dec 2020
your head laying on my chest in the still hours of the night reminds me of tree branches dancing in the moonlight

your lips moving over the peaks of my ******* sends memories of us flowing into my head like water rippling up to a river bed

your love is like skipping stones on a calm lake, when you look at me I feel these walls I’ve built start to break, and the barbed wire around me start to deteriorate

I’ve never known a love so true

I’ve never fallen for a boy like you

when you kiss me I see comets and cosmos, and shooting stars too, I feel the pull of the earth and the coolness of the moon, I feel the ground shake beneath me and flowers start to bloom in all the cracks and crevices, can’t you smell the perfume?

if you are truly mine, now and forever, then I’ve loved you since the dawn of time when we were just visions and thoughts in God’s glorious mind

you are the wind rushing through my hair, you are the creaks in the steps going up the stairs

you are the home where I want to rest my head, just to wake up in the morning and do it all again.

I love you effortlessly, like the clouds love the sky. I’ll say it again and again til it’s etched in the scrolls of time

your love keeps me high, it’s pure and utter bliss; can you feel the butterfly wings flutter as we kiss?

like the dew on a blade of grass at dawn, you kiss my palm, I love you baby because you’re warm and sweet like cardamom.

like chamomile and kava

like ashwagandha and marijuana

like rosé and champagne

after tasting you, I’ll never be the same.
Written for a boy I love
Lu Wilson Jun 2020
Everything sounds better in french
On this belief I can surely rely

They have the gorgeous Pomme Frittes
While we have the boring french fry

In France a crispy, fresh and warm baguette
At my house just a mediocre loaf of regret

There is quite nothing better than a glass of French Champagne
Our domestic impostor "Sparkling Wine" isn't winning that game

Naturally to seal this case I will end with the perfect French kiss
Because a plain peck or a smooch is so much easier to dismiss

Clearly I have a sophisticated foreign thirst to quench
Mon amour, because everything sounds better in French
Heard a french song and I've decided everything sounds better in French
Hamies May 2020
i woke up
alone again
and the last sips of champagne still rest in the glass we shared drinking from last night
the bed sheets still carry your fragrance
which otherwise wouldn't have been remembered
and the ashtray, laying within two burned out cigarettes, smoked after the sensational miracle of love

but anyways,
no goodbye note
no message
i woke up,
after lust without love
JaxSpade Jul 2019
Under the cherry moon

She gave him
Burgundy kisses
In an hour glass
Of ****

As the sands fell
On solicitude
The time ran
Like a lovers fool

The sun wouldn't rise
The blue wouldn't sky

And the ice was so cold

It never melted
When her eyes pelted
Their baby blues

There were smiles

Under the cherry moon

They made love in the daffodils

There were no clouds
There was no loud
To rain on their mood

For the only sounds
They would allow
Were of sideburns
On perfume

And the ice was so cold
Jason Adriel Jun 2019
you are now nineteen
look at your reflection on the mirror
how much have you matured
like a blooming sunflower

you are now nineteen
your hip's growing
your lips full
and now you get bored quick

now you are nineteen
your face calls me
ah, lady, I can't look away
in your face I am frozen

now you're nineteen
happy birthday,
my unattainable queen
c Apr 2019
I only called myself a writer
After I tasted the idea
Of champagne
On your lips
A Doubles Feb 2019
I'm bottling up all my feelings.
I know you noticed that,
I've been holding back,
There's something inside I'm concealing.
You put me on ice for no reason.
You make my heart stop,
When you pop my top,
I'm bubbling up to the ceiling
I think you know what I mean and,
You know I'm just teasing.
I can't keep it a secret
Grapevine, gettin' too seedy (juicy)
Overtime my soul is primed,
You're so divine
Intoxicating my sober mind
'Til I'm,
Ready to chill for the evening.

Strictly for the VIP
Tipsy when you lean on me
Lipsin' up we don't need a cup
It costs a lot but it's free
I feel like champagne when I think about the love of my life. Everything bubbles up inside of me until the perfect moment.
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