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JaxSpade Jul 2019
Under the cherry moon

She gave him
Burgundy kisses
In an hour glass
Of ****

As the sands fell
On solicitude
The time ran
Like a lovers fool

The sun wouldn't rise
The blue wouldn't sky

And the ice was so cold

It never melted
When her eyes pelted
Their baby blues

There were smiles

Under the cherry moon

They made love in the daffodils

There were no clouds
There was no loud
To rain on their mood

For the only sounds
They would allow
Were of sideburns
On perfume

And the ice was so cold
Jason Adriel Jun 2019
you are now nineteen
look at your reflection on the mirror
how much have you matured
like a blooming sunflower

you are now nineteen
your hip's growing
your lips full
and now you get bored quick

now you are nineteen
your face calls me
ah, lady, I can't look away
in your face I am frozen

now you're nineteen
happy birthday,
my unattainable queen
c Apr 2019
I only called myself a writer
After I tasted the idea
Of champagne
On your lips
A Doubles Feb 2019
I'm bottling up all my feelings.
I know you noticed that,
I've been holding back,
There's something inside I'm concealing.
You put me on ice for no reason.
You make my heart stop,
When you pop my top,
I'm bubbling up to the ceiling
I think you know what I mean and,
You know I'm just teasing.
I can't keep it a secret
Grapevine, gettin' too seedy (juicy)
Overtime my soul is primed,
You're so divine
Intoxicating my sober mind
'Til I'm,
Ready to chill for the evening.

Strictly for the VIP
Tipsy when you lean on me
Lipsin' up we don't need a cup
It costs a lot but it's free
I feel like champagne when I think about the love of my life. Everything bubbles up inside of me until the perfect moment.
Broadsky Jan 2019
It's the first hour of the new year and I feel whole.
It could be because of all the champagne
Or the fact I realized that **** happens and you can't control it, so you might as well just smile
I'm pushing the thought of you away
I'm smiling and laughing with my mom and sister
I feel happy
I'm a tad drunk but you guys dont mind right?
astraea Jan 2019
it’s new year’s eve,
let’s set the house on fire,
a respite from the fireworks,
the cheer and sweet kisses,
a shield for desperation -hopelessness,
lifetimes of cobbling together spare change
from thankless jobs.

let’s listen to music,
predicting the apocalypse,
anarchist revolution coming back,
desert rebels and cheap masks,
plastic laser guns and old comics,
signs of washed out revolutions.

and we’ll talk and wonder
-about our lives,
wash ourselves down the drains with
the blood red wine,
toast with triumphant roses,
rising with the bubbles
dreams encased until they drown and

can we call ourselves rebels,
revelling in the moonlight,
dancers under stars,
wrapping ourselves around our bodies,
to the music,
the champagne,
the thankless year’s,
as they go on and on.
happy new year! this came out more dark than i thought. seriously though have a good one.
Ezra Yelverton Dec 2018
you have more beauty in you
than any one woman in the world.
intimate moments lie
in the shape of your eyes.
champagne and roses
fill the air in wake
of your stride.
wonder meets perfection
in the fullness of your lips;
the cutest little nose
awaiting a lover’s gentle kiss.
bearer of heart
seemingly made of stone.
stunner of men
made of only flesh and bone.
We can dance all night
Drinking cheap champagne
Pretend it's alright
And feel no pain
We are two bubbles
In the glass
Soon we'll be flat
Because all good things
Come to pass...
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