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You stay where I live—
no I live where I stay, as livelihood is doing in my head.
Girls with pictures—pictures with girls, so few
left in my phone. These are just running thoughts,
as I’m chasing dreams; as a working mind in them.
Skeleton hours; dead in the night, as it’s just another shift.
But it slips in these grinding gears, like winter rains slipping on
the road.

Under the cold whispering of previous night’s wind,
reminded of a cold world out there.
Be it truth to live by—amongst liars to speak such is dare,
and quite frankly rare. But I’m none impressed by trends,
tread your grounds carefully of where you walk.
Don’t slip up on your feet, bruising your knees on the
winter rains slipping on the road.

A side note of my love to rhyme...
by second nature to plan the ending word to second line.
Bringing it back this time to the starting rhyme,
and referring to the second rhyme by the fourth line.
Words slip easily off the tongue, dented like
winter rains slipping on the road.

This poem inspired was inspired by my walk
through shortcuts to work. Black wet tarmac,
holes in every direction. Back and forth, cars roam and go.
My breath visible in this morning cold. A sight in dilated
eyes; towards the sight of the winter rains slipping on the

This winter is cold.
I’ve never found my way back
to a place I’ve never been

I’ve never known which way to go
On a path I’ve never seen

I’ve never gone to go again
But this one thing I’m keen

To live and learn on my return
and every road redeem
Snipes May 31
I fall too deep in the sleep
Veer off too much I hear beeps
My alignment is slighted
All these other lights
Shine in my eyes so bright
Idolization has me in idles
I still sly to the left of my
Gin stirring in cupholders
Killing all the evil grins outward
The innards are in narratives of the lost road
As I’m throwing it all out the window
Eyes gleaming off on what’s shielded the heart
Imitation of immortalized well beings
and if I’s
Steering the questionable mind
My direction is reckless
They call me by my meaning
They call me on my time
The answers are worth being
Alive on an unknown road
Named after the lost of scopes
The road in front of me
Oh how beautifully constructed
The road in front of me
Oh how purposely corroded
Mark Wanless May 7
sept. 2018?

dead dog
on the hot road
Mathieu Apr 6
Lately, I've been stronger, than I've been

The ghosts don't creep and nights don't sew together,

Every rising sun, casts a shadow.

I shouldn't think about you, I know

The seasons change, but my love, it grows.

As we wind along the ocean road,

just to see how far it goes.

But it always sets.

It always



Ahmad Attr Feb 3
I saw it coming,
The rickshaw was slowly halting
And the driver wasn’t looking
I shouted at him pointing my fingers towards the impending doom
He twisted the handle of the bike, for nothing, we collided
It was all too slow,
I saw everything
The distance between my arms and the concrete
Being eaten up as the time ticked
The merciless coarse surface of the road
Lacerated by bare arm, on which I fell
I didn’t feel a thing though

I picked myself up and looked at my friend, the driver
He was still lying on the burning ground, groaning
His white cotton clothes tangled up in the bike, obliterated
I stood with nothing in my head until the wound swelled up, sizzling

I wrapped my bleeding arm under rim of my yellow shirt
And walked towards the third of us, he was silent
We stood on the hem of the road, watching men picking him up
I studied his body from his head to his toes
Dreading flesh spurting out or skin-piercing bones
But I only saw bruises, wounds and his face full of fear
Not of death but of disappointment from us
We laughed after the pain peaked and plateaued
I wish I could tell him the it was my fault
Because I saw it all coming
Before we were even on the road
I had a premonition about my accident last summer
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2021
I try to view as just a bump in the road
Wish silently the right way to be shown
I've been walking this path for so many years
Other directions seem to disappear
I sit and wait for opportunity's knock
It doesn't
Continue to walk..
Against wall my back is pressed
Is this destiny or simply a test?
I should be alarmed
The darkness closing in
It's nothing compared to the blackness within
What lies before us and what lies behind us are tin matters compared to what lies within us
Jay M Nov 2021
If I have you
And you have me
Perhaps we can see
All that we're meant to be

The road is long
With cracks, ***-holes, and detours
But we'll always be singing the same song
Even that little thing reassures
That we're on the right right road
Less traveled, but it's home
Even if it's not your typical abode
It's ours, in this place we roam
We'll go together, and call it home

- Jay M
November 3rd, 2021
Go on your own road, even if it's the road less traveled. Leave your own footpath in the forest.
Dinesh Padisetti Nov 2021
The night is young & sweet
The highway stretches to heaven
Rain kissed & just dry enough
To cruise around my motorbike

Cold wind blowing through my hair
We climb into the hills of Deccan
And we find a scenic spot to camp
To welcome the songbirds & sunrise.
It's one of those beautiful nights again.
Andrew Rueter Oct 2021
Trying to avoid the routes everyone else travels
I take remote side roads and superfluous detours
seeing sights unseen and grass that’s green
until gravelly roads are met by tired tires
breaking down in the middle of nowhere
with nobody around to help
I can see the freeway from here
where cars flock together
while getting to where they want to go.
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