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Dahlia 1d
I know what freedom is.
I've heard that tune before.
Freedom is shaving your head, and watching your old, glittering self flutter to the floor.
I know what passion is.
I've felt that yearning.
Passion is when you come up for air and keep going even though your lungs are burning.
I know what triumph is.
I've felt it lift me lighter.
Triumph is peaking the final wooded hill, looking down with sudden tears, and tying the tourniquet tighter.
Karen M 5d
They were laid in the road and ****** to death.
Seemingly innocent sins of yesterday yanked
Them from the pedestal stacked high
With promise. Stolen glances stuck
To eyes so warm, so soft, so quick
To deny. Quick to forgive his fault
Of the heart for carving Scarlet
Letters into the skin of young girls.
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 52

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

On your chosen road towards your noble destiny,
Your chosen road may look like a majestic peak,
You may not discover the familiar path from the below,
But there is consistently a possible path above the majestic peak,
You naturally need to climb and see properly by yourself!

On your chosen path you will typically encounter with those,
Who are positively a unholy and a dear saint, each and everyone will;
Naturally direct you diverging the path in many possible directions,
Towards your noble destiny, if you are mystified or undoubtedly lost
Then rest and hold your breath and listen politely to your noble heart!

Listen carefully towards your almighty creator who heartens your dear soul,
He, the specific one who certainly cause you walk, naturally make you climb;
And undoubtedly discover the unknown path above the majestic peaks,
Who divinely revealed the moral truth about the dear saint and wicked to you.

Carefully hold your faith firm and walk towards your noble destiny.
Remember keenly, every noble destiny promptly provide a direct path.
And every chosen path gratefully acknowledges an ultimate end.

Either it’s yours or mine!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
I love it when the sun is yellow
And over a crescent hill
It doesn’t hurt much, you see
It has no eyes to fill

But my driver cannot stand it
On this part of the highway
She says she cannot see
She rejects the light of day

But the sun smiles so wildly
And the roads are so hostile
That I could never stand to be
Something sullen and senile

Drive with your head open
Burn love into your eyes
Drive with your head open
And let the day suffice

I’d hate to die on beaten grass because of the glare
And make the news on Marda Pass, breeding despair
When crossing the road look.
Look left, look right.
When you're kissing your lover,
Don't look stay blind.
Chris Feb 5
I am no one's master,
Or ever wanna be.
I am free, and you are free.

So take caution if you
follow me.
You are still on your own road,
but still,
I will give you a hand when I ascend,
And I will call you over if you stray.
But you don't have to fall with me.
You chose your own way.
Umi Feb 3
Today, I closed my open eye of the heart,
To hide from this terrifying world, saddened by corruption,
I wander unnoticed, unseen, forgotten, like a rock beside the road,
Selfless love, whimsical wandering, a carefree dream,
Looking past all this hatred sealed in each heart,
Past all worries and troubled faces along the throughfare,
Unanswered love calls for growing pain,
While losing ones thoughts and motives may as well spirit them away, into a scenery unrivaled, unseen far from imagination,
But like a subterarean rose wishing to see the comforting sunlight,
I cannot be remarked but by the strong, brave feeling of hope,
Walking into the remote future, at last I can feel alive,
For, I can now no longer be hated, or even be loved,
By the people who saw me, knew me,
I am truly by myself now,
Below the conscious.

~ Umi
You can't save me
from the road I took
I've chosen mine
You've chosen yours
Our paths will never cross
like they used to before

I am me
You are you
We are like
day and night

Don't try to
fix what is broken
For that you are
but simply another

solfang Jan 23
I wish it's my father's road,
For my father,
He'll take the right actions;
When strangers make a monkey out,
Of themselves, and induce fear
onto his daughter of flesh and blood.

I wish it is my father's road,
For my father,
Would not allow atrocity
To happen when he's on guard.

I wish it is my father's road,
For my father,
He does not have a vile temper,
But shows real anger when
I'm hurt.

And I'm hurt,
By names my father did not gave me,
On the road that does not belong
to my father.
Grandfather/father's road: A retort to druvera/pedestrian who act like they own the roads. Commonly heard, and said as part of Malaysia/Singapore's street language.

Feels like cat-callers owned the road these days. I live in fear.
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