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I know I'm a fool for
running away from love,
especially when love is the only
thing I've been dreaming of.

But I'm afraid of rejection, so I
isolate myself from other's affection.

Time after time I find myself
walking this road alone,
with just the thought of you
to keep me warm.
Juhlhaus Oct 10
You were a faithful friend on many adventures over many thousand miles. Together, we spattered legions of our mosquito foes upon your grille. Within your cab we enjoyed hours uncounted of beloved audiobooks and favorite tunes. But, alas, we were rear-ended and you are totaled. They say, "There's no silver bullet." There was one.
May you ride eternal on the highways of Valhalla, forever shiny and chrome.
Nylee Oct 9
So far,
I have reached here
The path ahead have dead ends
Let's go off road
lake Oct 6
i walked down an empty road
it felt so free and open
i wondered why no one took it
but then the pavements were crooked
and i could see the flickering lights
turning the dust into a glimmering sight
i walked halfway only to realize something
that all these paths, they led to nothing
and i'm not the first to notice it
for all intents and purposes, there were red flags
i just didn't want to be dead last
Bhill Sep 24
When is the time right
Do you look at the future
Do you stare backward

Is it better in the now
You can't change what has happened
You can choose todays pathway
Make today's pathway
A journey that takes you THERE
To the place that fulfills all
The place that gives life meaning
We all need meaning

Brian Hill - 2019 # 240
Where will the road to there take you today?
Danny Sep 23
Take a piece of my heart and keep it in a jar
Let it be kissed at first light by the soft burst of sunshine
If the universe can hear the evening prayers you say on my behalf
Let the light find me on the other sideĀ and lead me right into paradise

Take a piece of my soul and keep it in your glow
About to get taken away so in your hands I lay it trusting it to be safe
Can't stay here no, have to go down this long dark road where in years to come could be my home
It's hard to say if I'll ever find my way out of the filth and clay and see the other shades again

Take a piece of me keep it green daily as you breathe life into it
So if ever I'm lost it in my walk around the walls in search for the elves and unicorn
Let it be that which stills the tempest in my being leading me home to peace
And that soft voice that calls, out loud setting my course right away from the dark where a even a jot of light gets lost
Serendipity Sep 22
Her smile sits
on the curb of a road
between Summer
and Fall.
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