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Man Aug 30
The odd thing
About the constant moving
Of a life grown up on the road

Is the people you meet
Know you will leave
And so you get their best

However brief
Thankful for all of the positive people in my life, and those that have gone
Karijinbba Jun 10
Dearest jewels of my crown motherhood
Go to the nearest FBI office
Accuse all you call friends of a hate crime drugging you without you knowing to make you feel **** and think you are nuts hallucinogens and methamphetamine s do that
Do not go to psychiatrist they will trash you
your Mom and remove your parental rights forever a Susan and Arthur and Elizabeth already bought you from Haralsmbios a human trafficking psychopath sadist torturer like kiriaki and many more in Greece
Those you trust here in USA hide Crimes they are a team of murderers and thieves since 1980
They assimilated Jeff and John through drugs
Free yourselves.

They all are your deadly enemies they document all lies half truths use assassination of character and fear of your Mom to hide their crimes

They are who lie divide you and plan to ****** your Mom too for financial gain.
They made credit cards with your name in it to finance murders for hire ..
And tell you it's Mom buying thousands of dollars in clothes that's a lie from Satan
They are black mailing you.
to extort money to **** Mom.
Remove your blind folds fight for your freedom take your children run to FBI office use me as a living witness I am on your side.
I love you all my children.
~My Story poem.~
The greatest deception is calling everyone
a friend
Today I admit that from ancient times
am blessed to have had his intimate
piece of heart
thus my life was worth while.
I declare that even here
I was blessed with this
Outer Limits De-Javus;
I am forever a grateful Mom,
granted to sacrifice my
love, my life along with everyone
I ever loved the most.

There's still justice to be granted; triumph waived
with defeat acknowledged.
Not only have I waived and yielded to every misfortune
but was trashed to the eleven winds as my evil enemy
lied to divide me among my dearly beloved offspring
planning as in above the law to profit from my demise.
By: Karijinbba
All Rights Reserved.
Dedicated to the Jewels
of my crown motherhood-ERJ
My beloved surviving children.
And the love of my life
ratoncito blanco at Janehiltonmay.

Dedicated to my best friend best lFATHERover best husband best
Carlo C Gomez Jun 12
Beckoning, unhindered

Bending, unbroken

Where the darkness starts
Here is the unseen

Grained out, eyelids closed
In conversations with traffic signs

The spine is quiet in the center
You can't be told it, you must behold it
Mark Wanless Apr 2
dead lizard on the
tumultuos road crooked
under the machine
Karijinbba Mar 25
I feel you golden heart.
I see you in every tree you are mine my nature
your manly magnetic essence on my left cheek.
warms me like sun-shine.

I glow in face feeling lovely
in that paradise you chose
while you pictured us both.
thinking of happily ever after;
true love, fame and great fortune, changing Earth was all ours.
You my crown jewel,
Rich giving power to women.
in a silver platter gold and diamonds you served me
an awakening dream.

It's been keeping me alive daily
glued in heart and mind
to that Road not taken.

In love more and more,
all yours I survive on this yellow brick road's blessings land of Oz lost.
"Believe in me yee wrote,
though yee die, yet shall yee live, and be safe at home with me forevermore my love"
"Think of me and I'll be there"
and I do yes I do..
By Karijinbba.
All Rights.
Zywa Feb 15
Mist, with some shadows

of animals in the side --

of the road, hit, dead.
"Het Bureau - Het A.P. Beerta-Instituut" ("The Office - The A.P. Beerta-Institute", 1998, Han Voskuil), page 870

Collection "Not too bad [1974-1989]"
Anais Vionet Feb 11
I miss the open highway
I’m besotted with quick getaways.
What other sensation can compare
to pulling G’s with wind-whipped hair?

When my foot’s on the throttle,
I feel unstoppable.
Faster, faster, no faster,
that’s the rush I’m after.

Where are we going?
There’s just no knowing,
and no matter where we roam,
the GPS will get us home.

One thing was guaranteed,
the speed limit would be exceeded.
I adored the wide open straightaways
and the feeling of a racing-day at Marseilles.

I remember in the Appalachian mountains
the plunging, snake-like, winding canyons
as the speedometer edged past ninety
how my escort, Charles, would glare at me.

I’d let off - a little - and laugh, I mean,
isn’t freedom the American dream?
To hear the growl of a V8 motor,
as it turns rural-roads into roller coasters.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Besotted: “loving something so much you can’t think clearly.”
Teyah Nichole Jan 22
The water on the ground
Is no longer fake,
As I take a look in the rearview.

Huh, I’m crying.

And it’s in this moment
I take a second
To accept the fact

                  I miss you.

Oh how I wish
I’d known,
Before driving
These backroads   alone
My heart and soul
Are objects of old,
And bigger

                          Then they appear.

That this pathway to heaven
Gripped by desert horizon
Was just escape for a women
Who cannot function
And is blinded
                          By fear.

Well, that’s life.

I tried.
I ride.
Until the end of time,

                          My dear.
A new poem, about the old country and a love past.
Gabriel Sep 2022
The bright ray of the sun
enters through our window
landed directly at your face
unveiling a beauty that captured my eyes
as you slowly wake up from your slumber
I get to catch a glimpse
of what I'll wake up to for the next days of my life
and what my arms will embrace
when darkness falls upon us.

You, my love
a chunk of the endless afterlives I'll take
where my soul wanders the plain
and search even for a hint
of your existence.
My body, like a built in memory foam
that remembers every corners
you placed your flesh onto
and hoping for you to arrive
ready for a home that only craves for you.

Grant me a wish,
Oh God divine and true
for the lover I swear to love,
To have and to hold,
I wish for a road
that in every after life we'll face,
no matter how long it'll take,
how rough it'll be,
she'll find me on that road
for me to hold her once more
Mark Wanless Sep 2022
big is the mind of all
travel the road what else
foam from the ocean is life
mystery is just ignorance
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