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Lady Ace Sep 6
Sober too long
A thousand pictures fill my head
Nothing I want
All I deserve
A failure encrusted shoe
And a dangerously deep hole
A yearning
A yearning fit to burst through the confinement of narrow walls
Or the confinement of a narrow mind
The genie took two of my wishes
So I’ll leave you with this;
If I ever sleep again
Please don't wake me up
Rose Aug 29
You come home stumbling
grabbing me as the toxin numbs

I pretend I’m not sober
so I can feel your skin against mine

I pull you closer as you pull away
and we crash into sheets

I pretend not to feel your confusion
as you touch the curve of my neck
and remind me that I need you
more than you need me
a real truth for a lot of people out there. i found out before too long that i was just a pretty face. some men are just assholes who when intoxicated- decided your suddenly worth it. but when the morning comes... you are nothing.
NC Aug 23
Something different in your eyes
Isn't it a fire?
What are you prepare?
Then why do I care?
It can make me melt, I wouldn't dare.

You introduce me to our river
So I can see you clearer
There's a poison and water
Unintentionally became a power

A couple things I compare
Between you and the scripture

A couple things I aware
When you and me already perspire

It's strange, we bring our bodies to suffer
Why don't wait until we sober
And we can start over.
©anecstatic 2018
jas Aug 20
vodka and whiskey
mind gets slippery
uneven slopes down your body of..
one day, to understand
pessimistic feelings
fading away in the distance of ones thoughts
for moments of time
moments of life
within the reach of my fingers
i can feel the exit on the tip of my grasp
subzero liquor bottles numb my soul inside
as i take a sip that drips down my spine
over an uneasy stomach
words vomit as i open my mouth to
certain sentiments boiled deep into a gut wrenching void
of living with distant reflections
intoxicated thoughts tangled in the brain.
Vrinda Aug 9
Clear days feels so good and free.
So light as a feather can be.
Seeing flowers, river, trees and birds
Watching plays, music, singing a verse!

Another day with bright sunlight.
Everyone woke up, dealing with their personal fights.
Concreted world, grey and white.
Darkness everyhwere, whether it's a day or a night.
Throwback to when I was an 12 years old.
Arcassin B Aug 8
By Arcassin Burnham

The earth , it hurts,
The sun , it burns,
The darkness, it lurks,
Can't see, further,
Ya mom , ya dad , ya sister , can't save,
Turning away from a long display of
emotions as fast as they came,
Be you , not them,
Reality , A sim,
Don't answer , to him,
Not her , not them,
They don't , want you , to be , the best,
Follow yourself and your guide and I
swear that your physical will be beat the
Session , is over,
Confused, not sober,
Just my luck , leaf clover,
Fight , like a soldier,
Put , your rage , and ego , aside,
Make the decision and put yourself first in whatever you will decide,

Sometimes I need a little head space.
I don't know how long the healing takes.
But who here wants to be the middle man?
I guess its time for us to take a stand.

Liyah Bella Aug 5
my therapist asked me how it felt to be bipolar
i never answered but i have been thinking about it
it feels like you are in a plastic bag, and the oxygen is gone and you can't help yourself and it feels like everyone who tries to help you gets trapped in a plastic bag too
it feels you are swimming in an ocean on top of the world and suddenly something grabs your foot and drowns the life out of you and fills your lungs with water
it feels like the sun is so bright it's staining your eyes' point of view
like the earth was made in your image and nothing feels, taste, sees,or hears better than this moment, it feels like you want to rip your clothes off and be touched by anyone's hands.
it feels like you are watching yourself from a different body, and you are wondering why you are acting out like that! and there is nothing you can do can stop you from this mess you created
it feels like someone is controlling you like a puppet on strings  
it feels like you have no control over anything
the lows make you think of creative ways to die
and the highs make you ruin your future plans
Cana Aug 2
Ripples riddle the mirror,
Below, faint shapes shift
Elegant forms float here and there,
Little legs thunder, leaving a gentle wake
in lieu of turmoil.

The air is thick, the sun falling,
Already lost behind billowing storm clouds
Etched chaotically on the horizon.
Invisible but for the ubiquitous light.

It is the dragonflies time,
A darting zip and an effortless flutter.
From surfacing weed to towering Reed,
Searching for something we can only pretend to know.

Determined housewives, faces set,
Arms pumping and hips swaying
Their Anatidean waddle so fitting
Their quacks, a wall of stereo.

A lone rusted sign warns of gators,
but of signs, there is that one alone.
No rogue bubbles or beady eyes,
no ticking of swallowed clocks,
no suspicious splashes.

My battery is now as low as the sun,
and my pen is as empty.
A not so subtle poke in the ribs
from a universe in protest of the
bad poetry being inked.

c'est la vie
or as we say in English
Fuck it
Tuesday evening park sit. Waiting, watching, and stuff.
I wrote his sober, so I cannot be held accountable.
Liyah Bella Jul 31
today is one of those days
where i want to bury myself in a bottle of liquor
engulf my lungs in smoke until they feel heavy and full
today it is hard to be sober
Liyah Bella Jul 31
I ran into him today
the boy who took advantage of me when I blacked out
he stared at me like a zoo animal
he greeted me with a smile
he looked better than he normally does, he looks clean
but that doesn't fool me
he asked about my overdose and if i was okay
okay? i am healing more and more everyday
I am learning to love myself because he taught me what self hatred was
i felt dirty after him
the kind of dirty you can not clean
no matter how many showers you take
you gave me wounds that can't heal
but today you looked at me like you were sorry
and for a second i forgave you
but i forgave myself
you hurt me
but I put myself in that position
but everyday I heal more and more
and We can't go back to strangers
but we can both move on
this is a goodbye paeten
I have changed
i am not the same girl i was last year
black out high
overwhelmingly depressed and a dirty addict
I am healing
i am overcoming my addiction and mental illness
and at one point we were friends
but only because we connected over drugs
now what is there left to say besides i am sorry
i forgive you
because i forgave myself
i don't have words to show i have changed
but you will see one day
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