How am I going to write,
now that I’m sober?
How will I place each
in a profound, meaningful way?

How will I relate or appeal
How will I feel
when I have no fucking material
because the chaos driving my themes
is slowly leaving
my life?

And how am I going to write,
if I’m not coke and mentos
when you shake them up together

What if I can’t write,
if I’m happy?
John AD Mar 11
My world is getting insane, my eyes are getting blurred
I feel so tired everyday ,  I am almost getting asleep in an hour
I woke up every hour I don't know why ,Dreaming about everything
That related in my life , this is the day that waking up is fucking annoying!

I almost forgot the coffee I have made,when I hit the hay I probably dead
Maybe this is the most adventurous experience , but it's still haunting me
Talking to myself and asking why I get easily tired right now,and I
Can't drink whiskey anymore,I just want to get some rest and I don't care what will happen "Tomorrow"
Head Hurts Since the day I forgot my meal, can't focus my eyes I'm fucking dizzy
Thomas Feb 25
Mistakes are teachers
Life lessons learned
Unseen doors opened
From bridges burned

Allies turn enemies
Friends become foe
Death do us parts
Now have knives in tow

Brown eyes on faces 
Green with envy within
Bestowed the smallest of power
True colors now show

Virtue is earned
Loyalty shines bright
When you're the lowest
Stalwarts join the fight

Brutus now exposed
Healing has began
The ides failed in their treachery
Adversity defines the man

Now rise, rise up
From the ashes of hate
Your future has just started
With happiness it's never too late
Valerie Feb 13
her pin-up figure drifts from body to body,
eyes red-rimmed from rum and ketamine;
you can taste the hurricane when you kiss her,
and know from the very start, this is your destruction.

everybody loves her- or rather, the idea of her,
infatuated with the caricature of her depression,
her cherry-pink mouth and bottle blonde demons;
those bambi eyes streaming tears down her apple cheeks

you think you're the knight in shining armour-
hell no, you're merely a victim of her wildfire,
a statement made to anyone who dare enters her hearth;
she's a heartbreaker, made out of vices and poison.
inspired by effy??? from skins??
Dark Delusion Feb 12
Everytime I wake up it feels like I'm hungover,
Cause I've been drunk in love for so long.
if you ask me sober,
i'll say nothing.
i feel nothing.

if you ask me drunk,
well i like a lot of things
and feel even more things,
but i wrote this buzzed,
so you might be able
to trust what i say
for once.

and i gotta say this;
it's on my fucking chest
like his two hands have
been for the past
few weeks.

i like
i like like
i likeeeeeeeeeee him
but, jesus fuck,

& that has made all of the difference.
Amanda Feb 7
I will not let my
Sobriety define me.
I am more than that.
Although recovery is a big part of my life, I would rather focus on other things like the people I love and my passion for writing. I don't want to be seen as an addict for the rest of my life counting days til her next relapse, I just want to be seen as someone who had to go through some stuff to become the amazing woman she is today. Addicts are people too.
(the smoker you are,
the drinker you get -
never vouchsafed by this
ill eagle non substance
nor amber liquids
of the dogs imbiber).

as a mathematical abbot
weeding thru bathroom rag
i.e. regular toilet tissue paper
prior to completing important
private business matter

on the sacred porcelain chamber pot
more revered than the king’s throne
molded from a gold ingot
which the heady Mary Jane
made more than hit token appearance
and quaffing
inxs of one hundred proof shot,

Nonetheless, boy gnome hatter
her inebriated state,
she still looked smoke kin hot
asking if I wanna marry
her attired in drag
at a joint where bong

banged on by the hands
of a phenomenal drummer
taut as a hemp knot
with music in his blood
while blowing fractal rings –
holy marcal scott

the immediate utterance
and rather creative bon mot
found me stock still
like stone wall Jackson,
who unfortunately got shot

unwittingly by his own
(confederate troops),
whose demise an awful blot
per the southern cause
during the civil war

and if anachronism
to receive medicinal aide
available instead
of primitive treatment he got

as well as other wounded soldiers
of misfortune on the battlefield
whose faith the any almighty
power could do little to save their lot,

yet availing my imagination
to twist time like that mobius strip
mortally wounded Rebels
and Yankees free from
facing death on a cot

might be successful hemp
entrepreneurs cultivating a little spot
of land hemp would outstrip
cotton as king as export to trot
back to lady gaga who

scorches throats yet delivers bagged
illicit goodies with bo diddly squat
narcotic as sweet
as savory kumquat
palliative that hits the spot.
Amanda Jan 13
I'm trying so hard to stay sober,
Taking it one day at a time,
But I'm barely hanging on,
Struggling on this uphill climb.

I'm on the wagon for good now,
But isn't that what I always say?
It seems like no matter what I do,
That is the one place I never stay.

Too soon, I'll fall off onto my ass,
And flush all my progress down the drain,
The landing hurts, but not for long;
The drugs are there to numb the pain.

Maybe this time I'll do better,
Tomorrow will be day twenty-three,
Although it feels so good to get high,
Sober is what I'm trying to be.
This is something I wrote today, I took some artistic liberty, this is only the second attempt I've made to get clean and I was barely hanging on but I actually feel really good now. It is day eight for me in reality, but that didn't rhyme. Writing about my journey helps, I usually don't share because it is so personal but hopefully I can help others struggling with addiction as well.
Pearl smoke Jan 12
He feels he needs to breath
From the problems he’s caused.
Yet feels he needs air
As he sees her be the cause.
Lately he’s thinking,
wondering Off.
Not wanting to but
slightly thinking of leaving her off ..
The problem isn’t his Part, or nothing he ever Cause.
He just sees the main parts, the ones he disagrees on.
He already dislikes the issue
Now involving the girl that’s supposed be his wife soon ?
He’s not wanting but wandering off
Thinking a slight different of leaving her oif.
He’s never truly proven how strong his love is.
Which adds more the conspiracy  
Of leaving the love ..
Not that he ever felt Bad
Or try to correct anything
His emotions have been 1#.
Besides he didn’t like her all that much
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