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Marilina Sep 2021
It felt like a trick
But there was no evidence
Just a feeling

I guess I always expect the worst
Or maybe I’m blind
Adriana Makenna Mar 2021
The night washing over our heaving, fleshy carcasses. Like two crayfish in a current.

So you are telling me.
We ****** in a whirlpool of sound. In a dilapidated guest room.

There. Moaning into you with my eyes, I ravenously endowed our fevers.
And you make it into pretty words.
Prettier than I could ever polish my sprawling lobster legs into sounding.

Who talks like that.
A poet’s muse does it seems.
jiwon Mar 2021
you would light the candle on your desk
just as your mother told you
and you would pray
just as she told you.

i wish i could have been with you.
Jamesb Jan 2021
Pain I can take,
It's just nerves firing when all is said and done,
A few tiny tiny electrical impulses
Advising of damage or of hurt,

If it's not my head then
I can grasp it and isolate it and mitigate it
And bring the problem under control,
Mostly and more often than not,

Even a heart attack did not
Preclude a presentation duly prepared,
Albeit quieter and more hesitantly delivered
Than my usual confidence,

But the turning of friend
To unreasoning and un-listening foe,
This thing cannot be grasped nor quenched,
Even by a horse sized aspirin,

It leaves ones heart
Pierced with a jagged blade
That rips and tears a hole beyond
Imagining or control,

Faith and care and love
Hemorrhage uncontrolled
Like the tears that course down my face,
Or will if I permit,

The pain I cannot contain
But stoicism is my friend
This day and stoicism
Will stem the flow

WhiteWolf101 Nov 2020
I still feel your presence
although barley an essence
and one day I'll forget
will be the day I regret
and you will simply be
Hennessy 5260 Jul 2020
So you accidentally cheated,
***** a young girl to death,
Preying on other's wives
Stole your employer's cash

Committed several atrocities,
You were all smiles till you got caught,
Someone got to your head,
It's witchcraft

So you play the victim
The demons were at play
Beg for forgiveness
While you blame it on the devil.
colette alexia May 2020
I wish that I could meet the me inside your head
I don't think I'd like the things that she says
I wish I could erase the stencil of me you traced
Free your mind to see a different shape
I would deconstruct the shadow that has taken my place
And help you see the real me that has somehow been replaced
Paint a new and clearer picture, however long it takes
I want to stay until you see her, however high the stakes
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