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I S A A C May 2022
king of rats
mediumship, situationships
dreams showing me your daily slips
your kiss with her, your lips on his
your hands on him, your striptease
pretty please you begged me
pretty please you strung me along
all along, declined your calls
thank god, he had some sense
thank god, I never sent that text
thank god, I let it drift off into the ocean
nature will take its course, I will heal my corpse
writing stories until my dreams show me
the next thing, my next path
I will align, I build an altar, a waft
crossing the waters, no knife in my back
Jay M Mar 2022
Times turn like the waves
A certain shine of light
Ray on churning waters
Waters of brown and foamy white
Long polluted, sky of grey
Clouds dark, sure to mark
The coming of acid rains

Glass beach, its sands still turning
Still weathering, slowly becoming grains
To sift through fractured fingers
Miniscule cuts, scabs, and scars
Some fragments remain, to be plucked
By trembling appendages
Looked upon by
Sockets of long faded visions
Once so bright, not shy of a spark
Only to be overcome, shrouded by the dark

Skin and bone
Shadow and stone
To stumble about
Hollow husk
Pillar of flesh
Worn, long ago beaten and torn
Canyons and marks
Of days long ago
Gone to some
Whilst the lingering
It is ever present
Every waking dawn
They once again live

A time past the grand game
A time past “theirs” and “ours”
All that now remains
The tattered, the rubble
City rats searching for scraps
Become what they must
Far more than simple pawns
Once a tide of surging force
Now mere observers
Of the ruins of reality.

- Jay M
March 15th, 2022
What are we to become, in a time after the dust has settled?
Man May 2021
the big easy
is hard lives,
what gives

this rainy city
so sublime,
it's almost a pity

that streets are lined with ****
pests and rats in the alleyways
how did things get so ******

or have they always been?

overpasses with people
lying underneath

so many homeless
it staggers the mind to think

bread bags and coffees
floating in the wake of the ferries

outnumbering 10 to 1
the loads that they carry

all the old growth
coming down

all the gold of their headpieces
tinfoil hats fashioned from crowns

no jazz or blues can save them
from the fate that waits

an engraving reading,
here lies what once was a haven
Maria Mitea Apr 2021
that's right, I like rats.
I like them because they're not fussy
They don't turn their nose and they eat anything:
they don”t wonder if it's healthy, organic, ...

- They're not like moths either,
eating only furs, wool, natural silk,
rats eat plastic or chew gum,
the incisors grind
without grinding their teeth
during the day,
or at night,

- they adapt  easily in any home,
it doesn't have to be luxurious,
in the country or in the city,

- when moving to a new home
the first thing they do, - they multiply as quickly as possible,
conquering new territories,… they are many, "where there are many… there are many"

- I really admire rat women,
after giving birth seven times a year, the males abandon them
without leaving a note, a letter or alimony,
and they become  strong, durable, ready for the hole life,

- I also admire the intelligence of the rat male
they understood well how not to turn nature into whining,
"what doesn't **** you strengthens you"

- it is fascinating how the large one are the heads on sewers and basements,
and the little one are the bosses on ceilings and roofs,

- roof rats are named climbers,
astrologers, looking at the stars and moon,
writing poems,
composing music,
cooking like Ratatouille,  climbing,
climbing now, as you read,
climbing on the window of your room,

this is it, not my fault that I like rats
because they're not fussy,…
Karijinbba Mar 2021
Kiriaki Olivia Eleni Mada-lozi
from Piraeus Greece Billy
ugly Marcia, Sherry Shriki, Darni, Judy Gim, Alb- tch, Jeff Albr.. Henry Robert W
Impotent ejaculator precosē. Charles manson's advocates; Henry Robert narcissistic
your sociopath psychopath nurse from hell in LA CA.
You aren't above the law
Poisoners sterile hainas  
Susan WRat no.
**** human predators human traficants to hell with you all- ratas inmundas! Emilia Velazquez thief IHSS should put you in jail And immigration take your green card stealing my savings and stimulus money cashed. Shame on you rata inmunda ladrona.

Filthy rats
Creeping animals
**** of life
Shoddy monstrosity.

Spectres of Hell
**** vermins
How much damaged you've done to me and my daughter's
Poisoning them with hallucinogenic metamphetamins psychotropics without them knowing
Then, blackmailing them to give up their parental rights to sterile haenas jealous medeas
Add insult to injury to my family forcing psychiatric pill intake to hide your ancient crimes
Your hate crime is now public susan ra-t-ano hell *****

You bought my grown daughter from the human predators I had escaped from
Coward filthy **** *****

Vermin word raitano
Poisonous serpent
Waste of life
I hate you and despise you.

Two-legged rats
I'm talking to you all
because creeping creatures,
even being the most cursed,
compared to your evildoers
vermin human predators,
a creeping snake
stands taller than you all.

**** leeches
**** cockraoches
you who infects with bites,
who hurts and who kills.
Slanders trashing whoever
is holy good and precious

You Vermin
Poisonous serpents
Waste of life
I hate you and despise you.
I bind to you all my motherly pain I curse you in every life time.
Two-legged filthy rats,
I'm talking to you!
because a creeping creature,
even being the most cursed and ugly, in hell, on Earth
unwelcome in heaven,
compared to you **** brains.
stands much taller.

You're listening to me
Hyena of Hell
How much I hate you and despise you!

**** leech
**** cockraoch
you who infects with bites,
who hurts and who kills.

Poisonous serpents
In everyone's paradise.
Waste of life
I hate you and despise you.

Two-legged my filthy rats
I'm talking to you too ***** donors madalozi charms.bos henry welonek.
because a creeping creature,
even being the most cursed compared to you
You stand even smaller.
By Paquita del Barrio
And Karijinbba.
All Rights.
To my unprovoked filthy enemies
Child torturers may karmic dñnnnebt give you all
an eye for an eye poisonous night shades vampires may my light blast you all out
Double King Dec 2020
I'm a rat inside a cage, struggling to escape;
Unless my body turns cold, they'll not let me out nor let me plead my health.  
Squeaking loudly, calling for help, but they just can't
— If they go out from their hiding place, they'll reach the same ending as I am.

A specie that almost everyone hated— rats,
A four legged warm-blooded mammal hiding behind walls or below the stones;
Stealthily looks for something to eat: anything even a false meat
As long as there's something that can fill their empty stomachs.

Although I saw countless of my kin dying, not returning home
To our haven with a safety of a hundred percent unsure,
We still go out during the night, battling with the phantoms in the territory,
We both are seekers, the only difference— humans and food.

My father sacrificed himself by climbing the thin wire and fell;
My mother sacrificed herself by climbing the fence and had been stabbed;
My brother was just eating when a wild dog caught him;
And now I'm imprisoned in this cage where I thought human will feed me.

The world has turn its back on us,
Now I'm here, dying for something I wanted to ask:
“Were we made by just one God?
Or were we only here to suffer on this land?”

The night comes once again and stars filled the sky,
I'm breathing heavily, I wanted to cry.
But my tears dry before it can even fall
Until I heard ‘someone’ weeping with a hopeless call.

“We both are one, being imprisoned in a cage;
You're in the mirror while I'm in the reality.
Norman Crane Sep 2020
/1975/ My mother died,
And forever cold she burned: cremated
No ceremony, no final goodbye,
Her will leaving me uncompensated.
Alone but for her ashes in the urn,
Which sometimes buzzed like bees and wheezed like breath,
I kept it shut until the day I learned,
That she would be my burden even after death.
Now every day I lift that hideous lid,
Remove the tiny skeleton within,
And place screeching in its awful stead,
Held by the tail, still in its fleshy skin,
A freshly caught rat / Hungry ash covers,
The dead too devour their living lovers.
Guntang Jul 2020
fate once told me
the rats don't care
no thought to spare
the loss of a voice
still rings the ears
petulant days
and broken years
Sabika Jun 2020
Pigs carry giant whips
and shoot bullets
and spray their spit
at bats.

Bats fly and bump into rats.
Rats claim they are cousins
yet eat some bats and
become poisonous in their speech.
Bats cry out that everyone can have
a slice of the freedom cake
take one piece each.

Rats are hungry
because there's a hole in their tummy
so they tell the pigs to steal the whole cake.
Bats bat their eyelids to the darkness
realizing their alliance
was fake.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Imperfect Sonnet
by Michael R. Burch

A word before the light is doused: the night
is something wriggling through an unclean mind,
as rats creep through a tenement. And loss
is written cheaply with the moon’s cracked gloss
like lipstick through the infinite, to show
love’s pale yet sordid imprint on us. Go.

We have not learned love yet, except to cleave.
I saw the moon rise once ... but to believe ...
was of another century ... and now ...
I have the urge to love, but not the strength.

Despair, once stretched out to its utmost length,
lies couched in squalor, watching as the screen
reveals “love’s” damaged images: its dreams ...
and ******* limply, screams and screams.

Originally published by Sonnet Scroll

Keywords/Tags: tenement, rats, unclean, cheap, sordid, despair, squalor, TV, screen, sonnet, limp, limply, screams
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