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Adah Price
For all the
CL Fjell Jul 5
Our society wants to control you.
And you don't know it already does:
The clothes you wear, the things you own.
Your creativity and mind become society
It's a clever way of controlling.
A clever way of saying,
You've been had so bad
You would never know,
And that's quite sad.
polyratic Mar 4
Birds of a feather
Migrating to better weather
Through these clouds
Our hearts are tethered

Through storm and bliss
Perched wherever the sky scrapes

Gazing afar for where to fly next
But with this clip in my wing
Racing rats all around
Four walls is all I see now

Yet each time I accept my fate
I see the clouds move in heartache
Perched wherever the sky scrapes
I used the clouds as a staircase
Patrick Wood Feb 6
Advisers, confidants, close friends,
hear my beckoning.
So betrothed to the game i'm wondering
if you ears are turned red
from my constant berating of facts and formula
from my phone, from my bed.
From a far away place, listing all the times I've spit last week
they're all-seeing bloodhounds
trapping me in beloved rat race
..."To Jimmy Turner, Kathy Lintz and Peter Bensinger, advisers, confidants and close friends, thank you." - an excerpt from Ryne Sandberg's induction to the hall of fame
Cry of bird
Interrupts the wildness
Of still days.

Bright orange peel
Interrupts the grayness of sidewalk.
Flicker of rat tail

Hunger of animals
Blind to propriety.
The moon is a cake,
Gnawed by the rats of darkness;
Floats on the sky lake!
Try Sep 2018
my mind on guard
in a world where rats and snakes got cover they are under cover,
but my heart remains unarmed,
even though it stresses me
to where i am having a PM in the pm
that's how free i am not.

its not easy being a helpful person where everyone wants to take advantage of ones kindness not a smoker but slowly becoming one..... addictions in themselves take away ones own sense of freedom.
Olivia Rachel Jun 2018
Rats are in the room right now
And we know just who they are
There's one hiding in the corner
There's one under the bed
Waiting for you to spill you secrets
Then words that have been said

What do you do when there's a rat in your home?
Don't know? It's okay the answers in this poem
When there's a rat in your home you trap it and trap it good
Build a trap better than anyone could

Once you're done with all your fun
And the tears have dried
Just let it go
Or at least just try
Francis Coquilla Jun 2018
I Chase a Rat  
I want It Dead

I Didn't catch it
It went under my bed


Then I saw you walking
Wearing RED

I Stand and Turn
Without a Feeling of Dread

I Stare You In The Eyes
"Shall I **** You Instead?"
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