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"... and we were like parallel lines. We were not destined for each other and will never be."

"It depends on what type of geometry you're referring to. In hyperbolic geometry, parallel lines meet at an ideal point - a point at infinity. I don't mind living in hyperbolic space. Would you?"
xavier thomas Mar 13
Dear God,

I am the ideal of what a man look like that brings protection, connection, while sometimes respected.
I carry open flaws that are continuously worked on daily.
A good 5-figure man , half way to 6-figures, that has his own everything.
My attitude’s attitude is in check,
the power I hold is self-controlled,
never to go on a rampage.
When one sees my character, it defines what a “man” is or can be.
An example of code ethics which give gifts and sacrifices time as if it’s my duty to live for others rather than myself.

And yet, I am not the man she wants.
Not the 60% rich men who lives in a 6-figure + size house, bank account, traveling anytime as one so do please.  
Not the 60% rich men who she thinks she deserves when she has absolutely nothing to bring to the table but only her temporary looks aging through time because she claims, “she is the table”.
The 60% rich men who is an illusion because in reality, social media & society continues to trick and cloud women minds under a false promise that there’s a huge amount of rich men, when in fact only 1% are. Yet, that 1% could care less.

March 13, 2013
I am the “ideal” man; just not the man she wants.
Carl D'Souza Oct 2021
In an ideal
would work
be designed and organised
to be a joyful and happy activity?
Leocardo Reis Jun 2021
Even in bitterness
and deep despair,
I know I am on the doorstep of
great love.

Who, when asked to prove
the genuineness of their affection,
would draw back?
If asked to suffer for their ideals,
who would renounce them?

If I am suffering,
it is for a great cause,
it is to prove that I can live purely,
and feel purely,
to compromise
on fundamental matters
of both soul and heart.
Robin Görtz Feb 2021
The gentle Man

The gentle Man though one of lust
Is whistling only then,
When bonded in a veil of trust;
Not saved by many men
He holds the door for anyone,
He greets you as a fan.
He leaves a tip, he gets things done;
For he´s a gentleman.

A solid ground he offers those,
That tumbled, fought and fell,
When crashing waves of life went lose
And drowned all hopes of dwell.
He is the wall of steady stone,
His body fortified.
No hatred ever moves his bone.
His father lives and died.

His fist, well feared, the burning flame
A nourished by a demon force
Has never struck, but in a game
No human and no horse
Right in his pocket rests all hell
Five-fingered, clutched and nailed,
Yet he is calm 'cause let me tell
At him the devil failed.

His love is pure, is deep, is true.
The last a weapon still,
That pierces hearts like him and you
That crushes people´s will.
His tongue a blade he slowly cuts
Away the cancer lie
By breathing words with courage-guts
That hurt, that ****, revive.
Daivik Feb 2021
Where truth itself defines
The postulates of humankind

Where the blaze of dreams is alright
And burns with all its might
Where humanity conquers over
The darkness deep inside
Where every man is free
And live a decent life

Where the do not die
But are in golden words immortalized
Where the right and just do not succumb
To the devil's evil designs

Where thoughts are acknowledged
The light of hope is shown
Where knowledge defeats ignorance
The ultimate truth is known

Where the river of piety flows
From glacier of purity, undeterred
To serve those all those suffering
Their own illusions' plight
Where sun of conscience glows
And where that glow is bright

Where restless souls find
There goals in this holy life
And are not by sinful desires enticed

Where earth is adored
Life is respected
Good work is appreciated
Goals are met with
Where there isn't any greed
Where corrupt souls are enlightened
This holy mind is freed

Where questioned are reasoned
Reasons are question
Where art still survives
Philosophers philosophize
Happiness is forever enshrined
And unity is on the rise

Where love is maintained
For the hateful there ain't no room
Where peace and joy reign overs
Shadows of terror and gloom

Where truth is in constant fight
With the dragon of a thousand lies
Where the confident lion roars through
The ever anxious night

Where the sincere and honest do not suffer atrocities
Where deprived aren't led to immorality

Where the good actually win
No excuse justifies inhumanity
Nothing shatters our inhumanity

Where crime is unheard of
Where crime is unknown
Justice is for all
Democracy lives on
The tree of wisdom
Covers all

Where love is the key
To all of life's problems
Camaraderie is in the air
And charity in very corner

There is mutual respect
Where there is trust
Apologies aren't shameful
No mind is disturbed

Where all are brave enough to fight the wrong
Every one follows humanity's laws

Where those who take give
Poverty doesn't exist
Where sun of hope rises
And sets only when aims are fulfilled

Where curiosity never ends
We all can friends
Nobody defends
Wars and revenge

Where the helpless aren't left to seek refuge in the evil
The disappointed keep on believing

Good deeds are enough for glory
All are fed, clothed and homed
No job is small
Every talent is honed

Where the light of good sears through
Clouds of stupid follies
Where every self is allowed
To write his own story

Teachings aren't just remembered
But followed by mortal souls
Where to work hard for humanity
For it to perspire
To die for it
Is the only goal

Everyone's allowed to live
Their own reality
Nobody falls into
The abyss of depravity
Every individual
Has equality

Where no one makes
Mother Nature cry
Her children live under her smile

Where beauty, joy, life,
Truth, contentment, light,
Love wisdom, free mind,
Honesty and purity thrive

There everyone's God resides
There true Utopia lies
In our very minds
My first poem
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