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ShininGale Oct 27
How can I miss someone I never met?
How can I love someone I never knew?
How can someone looks so good even without looking?
How can I say I like you when we're miles apart?

I am not brave enough to say 'I like you'.
I fear not just my feelings but to hurt someone I cherish.
The one that has been with me for almost forever and you that I met for-never, how can I choose when I never met you?
We all have that feeling when we are in-denial of what we are feeling and ended up really feeling nothing, like convincing that you don't like someone and ended up not really liking him for a reason...and that my friend is my thought alone. I really don't know if that's normal or is it just me?  UGH, I AM REALLY COMPLICATED AND CONFUSE A LOT LIKE YEAH...
"no worries guys I'm just
She dreams of the ideal man,
   but the suitor idolizes death in his soulful slumber.
She takes care of herself,
   though she cannot bestow her beauty to impressionists.
She falls in love,
   yet her delusional passions seethe her in disarray.
She finds new friends,
   but a ******* of overzealous poison tarnishes the relationship.
She cooks for more than one;
   ghosts accompany the reserved empty chairs.
She re-models her home,
   driven to impress; however, she is the only one impressed.
She longs for attention,
   craving for a taste of wanting to be loved.
She is she,
   and she is her own canvas.
she only wanted to be loved for who she was ━ that was all this lovely, dear maiden requested amongst those who seek material value rather than marital values.
Nemis Aug 3
In the bed the thorns out
Piercing through my skin
The red liquid flowing, peeling
My body hollow.

I want it, I need it
I don't want to stay so I'm going
Save the blessings for your sins
You don't owe me nothing.

Escaping the purgatory
As the heart bleeds out
Bones shed the skin
Overcoming the impending doom.

Slowly the world fades
As my eyes turns black
My soul subtly rise
To reach the depths of hell.

The last time I breathe in
To fulfil my last wishes
Grant myself death
As it offers me in its cold palm.
An Observation

The aim of Art is to express its own self by the means of its specially codified articulation. Whether one choses to employ language, paint or plastic, as a mean of expression, it matters little in the outcome. Art has always had its way, and never failed – what has is public reception. In this day, when much craving for realism and concrete is asked for, it has embraced the shape of abstract and ideal. By opposing the modern demands of Life, it stirs us from our sensing percieving, and points to the introspecitive and intuitive. Turning to these two, which go hand in hand,  we are likely to find closely associated romanticism. The meaning of romanticism has shifted its form and rules in the past centuries, but it was always present in them. There is in Thebes the young girl professing she was born for no other purpose than to love. Amongst the reeds, there shifts the nymph into the laurel tree, its bark swollen by sweet – liped god's tears. On the island of Albion the king passes into the shadow of Avalon. Back in Italy, the maiden pots her lover's head with basil and mourns for her life. The young prince in the North sacrifices his life in attempt to avenge his kingly father. The doctor's wife ruins herself and her family, to end her life in sorrow and agony. The modern Narcissus achieves eternal youth for the price of his soul. We feel a certain deterioration from this image in the time that came afterwards, which may be attributed to the external circumstances that spun our beliefs, culture, taste and thought. Something deeply changed grew within the contemporary thought, and through Life realises itself by strict exactness. Through Art, it realises by fluid abstractness. As a result, many refuse it, some agree with it, while the minority strives to feel it. The good question to ask oneself, when facing the contemporary Art, would be how to reach for the meaning with what is present in front of one. For, very so often, we might feel an isolated vagueness scratching at our minds and emotions, and turn away from it. The starvation in the incomprehensible frightens us, because it is the answer to the strict exactness – for which we haven't asked a question. In this light and its shades, we search for the long lost ideal of romanticism. „Romanticism is always in front of life“, Oscar Wilde stated in The Decay of Lying. In the past century we have witnessed a few attempts of applying it to the modern Art, but in vain.  Where Marsyas once used to cease in his song, in his being, there came an ever – fulfilling silence. It is not uncommon to see young readers or admireres of Art returning to the old masters nowdays, and it delights their teachers to see so. What should disturb us, is their lack of notice for their contemporaries. It simply urges us to refine our methods, reach for the pure and unbroken visions – untouched - and confront our self – restrictions. We have become overfocused on self – protection and preservation from crude attacks, imposed by the fashion of our time. What is needed, much as ever, is to embrace the emotions, purified by their sense of rawness. This comes to be the vital substance of all creation. Without it how much longer are our inner worlds to endure?

Oh, give us complex beauty, tender beauty, distant beauty – but always, always – our cry is for beauty.
vonny Apr 13
you can't fall in love with a corpse

so you breathe life into a blank skull

one full of wonder and sunshine light

placed delicately upon shoulders

that have mastered every pain

the arms come next

chiseled and carved with attention

soon after follows the chest and torso

which were crafted with care and restrain

legs are after this heinous track

built tall and long and with no regret

the taste of being in love

will follow there sometime

don't get too close
i wrote this about idealizing someone and pretending to like them. this is what i did with my friend. and it kinda messed me up.
Nolan Willett Nov 2019
I’ve been called a freak,
And I’ve been called a creep,
But all I’ve ever done is love,
And a romantic ideal seek.
I’ve been called a sinner,
And I’ve been called a drunk,
But what alternative do I have,
When all my hopes have been sunk?
I’ve been called a loner,
A pathetic person,
That my disposition,
Causes an inevitable aversion.
I’ve been told I’m repulsive,
A disgusting human being,
But I very much doubt that you,
Have seen what I have seen.
So call me what you want,
Call me what you may,
For me it doesn’t register,
All the words you have to say
Ma muse est une mère poulpe italienne
Ascendant méduse kabyle
Ses tentacules sont des bras de mer interminables
Pour prétendre être l'objet du désir
De cette dame au coeur en éternelle couvaison
Pour prétendre dérober le coeur
De cette diva enrobée de charmes
Il faut être juste un homme vrai et honnête
Une personne simple et honnête
Un maxim'homme  de collection
Localisé  à vingt kilomètres grand maximum.
Un énergumène  simple et honnête
Spécimen rare du règne mâle,
Un bibelot de chair, d'os et de sang,
Un prototype de papier bien mâché
Qui pratique la randonnée,
La cuisine et partage sa passion
Foetale pour le règne animal.
Bref un phénomène tout simple,
Tendre et goûteux et iodé dans l'idéal
Qu'elle cuisinerait à feux doux avec ses airelles,
Un vrai de vrai,
Un authentique,
Un certifié, cachet de la poste faisant foi,
Un preux sanglier caméléon  de pré salé
Sans peur et sans reproche,
Telle est  la recherche de ma muse
Colm Aug 2019
As if every coffee cup ever filled was an ocean
So every drink ever drank by humanity was a dream
A beautiful dream with an inevitable end
Like a swirling coffee steeped in seeping cream
Forever mixed are our drinking lives with dreams
One and the same once turned knowingly
For every dreamer who had a cup this morning. You are not alone.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
In an ideal
would government
strive to achieve
the joy and happiness
of every citizen?
Would leaders
feel compassion
for the joy and happiness
of every citizen?
Would every citizen
feel compassion
for the joy and happiness
of every other citizen?
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
In an ideal
would every person in the world
be joyful and happy?
If so,
in an ideal
would every person in the world
have to cooperate with everyone else
to facilitate the joy and happiness
of every person in the world?
If so,
would a world-government
be useful
to organise
between every person in the world
to facilitate the joy and happiness
of every person in the world?
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