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She was like a druzy crystal
And nothing ever bothered me about her
Because she was beautiful
Inside and out
n Feb 12
But this is not ideal.
I don’t fancy him.
There’s no spark for me.
I admire him. I have love for him. But I don’t fancy him.
I find myself wanting to fancy him.
Due to selfish, superficial, unemotional motivations I give him a try.
He’s in ecstasy. Beyond pleased.
I’m in two minds. I’m kissing him.
But why?
Why am I kissing him?
I don’t fancy him.
This is so ****** up.
I tried mum. Honestly.
Giving a nice boy a chance for once backfired.
Badshah Khan Feb 11
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 44

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Do well, and I will live peacefully in this ideal world.
Do bad, and I will undoubtedly quit this ideal world.
Whatever I wisely decide in this mortal life,
I sincerely hope to dearly quit;
Once for all from this mortal life.

But not in my eternal life,
As my soul bond to Your Noble Love’
Therefore, I genuinely hope;
To live wisely in my eternal life,
In Your divine presence,
And in Your fond remembrance
Oh my Loved One! Oh my Beloved!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Alysha Feb 8
Hello Guy Whose Name I Don't Know,

Cuteness is not all look for in a guy, but if you're hot, it's not like I'd die. You HAVE to be sweet, or honestly, you're like hot chocolate in sweltering heat.

There is probably a reason that you don't really exist, whether it be because you seemed as appealing as a fist, or we were just an opportunity missed. It could also be the fact the my standards are pretty high, probably because I'm looking for that one special guy.

You know crush, even though you're imaginary, the idea of you not liking me is kinda scary. You know, rejection is real, and if you hated me, that's probably how I'd feel.

You won't be my first crush, but liking a guy like you would be a rush. A guy so perfect and great, I hope you come along before it's way too late.

It's kinda funny, though you're fake, I can picture as clearly as a calm lake. You have blue eyes as bright as clear skies. Your hair not long nor short, perfect length to play a sport. It's probably colored brown, and also lays down.

You give the best hugs, full of something like love. You're kinda tall, and not so clumsy that you'll fall. You're protective of me, and at the first sign of trouble, you're not going to flee.

Notice how my crush seemed to turn into something that is more lush. You see I don't want a heartless guy, I want someone not afraid to try. To try and be my friend no matter how our relationship will end.

Hello Guy Whose Name I Don't Know, I've kinda learned to go with the flow. So, if there turns out to be a guy I really like, a guy who comes at the right time. I will take my chances, even if he isn't someone who dances. Even if he isn't exactly like you, I think love for me is overdue.

And even though you might not be real, this open letter has shown you how I feel. But, I am in no way in a rush, and this is why I have made an Open Letter To My Ideal Crush.
Just an old and fun rhyming piece
ManxPoetryGuy Jan 17
Snow falling from the sky,
White Winter fleece covers the land,
Warm wooly blanket, hot chocolate and a film on the couch.
Thursday Jan 10
So you know who you are
It doesn't mean you have your **** together
Just because you carry an umbrella doesnt mean you know the weather
You're not the designer just because you bought the sweater
Smothering an animal doesn't automatically make it leather
Besides, there are other things that die under pressure
So whatever
Just because you read a book once doesn't make you the author
You're not a sail boat just because you can float in water
Not fitting in doesn't mean you're from mars
Just like e-cigarette smoke doesn't turn it into cigars
Having a car doesn't mean you know where you are
They said you're bright
You're not a star
You don't have your **** together
You just know who you are
You're doing better than I am my friend
Joseph Lochki Oct 2018
Sell it away
By merry tide
and listen here
Till its ideals
Are wrapped
In parchment
and tin foil
to mock the
prettiest idols.
Mae Oct 2018

Yes, it’s not all about love, or pain but surely it’s a metaphor for the depths of the halls we walk by ourselves amongst ourselves in order to confuse anyone that tries to wander too close to our hearts. Oh come on! Poetry is so pretentious.

To hide through rhythmic syllables, to share a sonnet with thee. To dedicate an entire repertoire of acoustic melodies in order to talk about her body?

Do not get me wrong, I love my fair share of dramatic soliloquies but it seems, to me that honesty has lost its value. Especially with writers. There’s no more truth anymore…no. It always has to develop into a complicated string of ideas. There was a time when writers were able to talk about a woman or lover or whatever, without invoking all the gods.

Learn how to love for what simply is
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
My new addiction
is to write good poetry;
ignoring day job
RH Fists Jul 2018
with the opportunity to fly,
heaven-bound with relentless cadence,
over unbound oceans of endless thought,
i still prefer to glance ashore from a shore,
Standing still with normative idealism,
bound to false securities of pragmatism,
and perpetually doomed to drown,
if ever setting foot in water.
It is in the righteous man's destiny to decided whether he is to become the sheep or the shepherd. How he kindles his ideas will determine his fate.
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